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S Shonna Neuhart
46 days ago

A Genuine Testimony of Customer Service Redemption

Embarking on my journey with, I had high hopes and excitement, only to be met with disappointment along the way. The experience began with an initial purchase for $126 in February 2023, which quickly faded into oblivion as I found myself not utilizing the service as anticipated. Unexpectedly, a charge of $180 on February 13, 2024, raised concerns, occurring just a day before the expiration date. Upon learning of the auto-renewal, I immediately sought a refund, only to face initial denials, leaving a sour taste in my mouth. However, amidst the confusion and frustration, a glimmer of hope emerged through the guidance of customer service representatives. Though the lack of reminders and notices of impending charges left me disheartened, the empathetic response from the CSR team gradually restored my faith. While a 40% discount offer and a promise to pause the account were presented, a sense of understanding and acknowledgment finally surfaced. However, the journey did not end there. In a turn of events, reaching out to my financial institution seemed to be the only viable recourse. Following this decision, a senior representative intervened, subsequently suspending my account – an action that aligned with my previous cancellation. Despite the setbacks, their efforts to address the situation underscored a willingness to rectify the issue at hand. As the resolution process unfolds, I hold onto the hope of a rightful refund yet to be realized. Through this rollercoaster of experiences, one thing remains certain – the lessons learned and the evolution of customer service interactions play pivotal roles in shaping perceptions and fostering trust. Looking ahead, while this chapter may have left its mark, it serves as a reminder of the value placed on transparency and communication in business dealings. As I reflect on this journey with, I carry with me an enriched perspective and an unwavering resolve to seek genuine connections and resolutions in future endeavors.
C Clara
111 days ago

Empathetic Customer Service and User-Friendly Features Made My Experience Exceptional

After using, I can say that the video creation process was seamless, and I was able to create a beautiful video for my grandmother's funeral. However, I encountered an unexpected issue with a recurring annual fee a year later. In the midst of grief, I overlooked the auto-renewal process and was charged without a reminder. This was distressing, especially right before Christmas. When I reached out to Animoto, their initial response from the credit card dispute was disheartening. However, upon further explanation, they not only understood my situation but also went above and beyond to rectify it. Their customer service team displayed empathy and provided a solution that eased my worries. It was evident that they valued me as a customer, and their willingness to listen and assist was truly commendable. In addition, I appreciate the user-friendly features provided by Animoto. The video creation tools were intuitive and allowed me to craft a memorable tribute effortlessly. Despite the initial setback, the positive outcome and the support I received from Animoto have left a lasting impression on me. I would encourage potential users to be mindful of the auto-renewal process and to reach out to their customer service team if needed. My overall experience with Animoto, coupled with their exceptional customer service, has restored my trust in the company, and I look forward to utilizing their platform for future projects.
C Clara
111 days ago

A Heartfelt Journey: Honoring Grandma Amidst Challenges

In my heartfelt journey to create a touching tribute for my grandmother's funeral, I turned to for their video creation tool. The process of crafting the video was seamless, and I was able to produce a beautiful and poignant piece to cherish her memory. However, amidst the emotional turmoil and chaos of those days, a cloud of disappointment loomed a year later. Unexpectedly, a $100 charge surfaced, stemming from an auto-renewal subscription that had slipped my mind. The whirlwind of grief had obscured my recollection of this arrangement, leading to a distressing situation. When the charge appeared, my initial reaction was to flag it as fraudulent, seeking recourse through my credit card company. To my dismay, the resolution process took a complicated turn. Animoto defended the charge, asserting their compliance with regulations. Despite my genuine oversight and the lack of reminder emails – a standard practice among reputable companies – reclaiming the funds became an uphill battle. The absence of a simple reminder added salt to the wounds of an already fragile moment, a poignant reminder of the importance of customer empathy and understanding during trying times. As the holiday season approached, the financial blow was particularly harsh, casting a shadow over what should have been a time of solace and reflection. This experience serves as a cautionary tale, underscoring the need for vigilance and clarity in digital subscriptions. Through this journey, I learned the importance of proactive communication and customer support, especially in times of vulnerability. Despite the challenges faced, the memory of creating that special video for my grandmother remains a bittersweet reminder of the power of honoring loved ones amidst adversity. In sharing my story, I hope to raise awareness about the intricacies of online transactions and the significance of transparent policies and compassionate customer service. Let this be a reminder to all – cherish your memories, navigate subscriptions mindfully, and seek companies that prioritize transparency and empathy in their interactions.
C Clara
111 days ago

Touching Tribute Clouded by Unfortunate Experience

My journey with Animoto started with a bittersweet moment of crafting a beautiful video tribute for my grandmother's funeral. The process was smooth, and I was content with the result. However, the situation took a negative turn when I realized I had been charged $100 to download the video, unknowingly signing up for a recurring annual fee. Amidst the turmoil of grieving, this detail slipped my mind, leading to an unexpected financial burden a year later. Upon discovering the charge, I immediately flagged it as fraudulent, seeking resolution from my credit card company. Unfortunately, Animoto's stance prevailed, leaving me disheartened. Their response, coupled with the absence of a reminder email before the renewal, heightened my frustration. I felt let down by the lack of communication, unlike the practices of other reputable companies. This ordeal has left a sour taste in my mouth, particularly as it coincided with the holiday season. What started as a heartfelt gesture now carries a tinge of disappointment and regret. My advice to others considering Animoto is to tread carefully and stay vigilant, as the oversight that marred my experience may impact yours too. While the tribute to my grandmother remains a cherished memory, the shadow of this incident reminds me to approach online services with caution and mindfulness. Let my experience serve as a cautionary tale in navigating the digital landscape, where moments of emotional vulnerability can sometimes be overshadowed by unforeseen challenges.
J Judy Richardson
111 days ago

Empowering Excellence: Animoto is the Real MVP!

After experiencing Animoto's exceptional customer support, I am thoroughly impressed. Their timely response and valuable assistance have truly exceeded my expectations. The detailed information provided not only resolved my query but also empowered me to enhance my project. Animoto, you are simply fantastic! Thank you for being the real MVP in customer service!
J Judy Richardson
111 days ago

Unbeatable Customer Service for

I cannot express how impressed I am with the customer service at Animoto. When I reached out with a question, they not only responded promptly but also provided information that was incredibly helpful. Their efficiency and knowledge are truly commendable. I am beyond grateful for the fantastic support I received. Thank you, Animoto, for going above and beyond to help your customers. You are absolutely fantastic!
J Judy Richardson
111 days ago

Unmatched Support at Animoto: A Beacon of Exceptional Service

Embracing Animoto was akin to discovering a constellation of superstars in the customer service universe. Their responsiveness was not just timely; it was a beacon of efficiency in a sea of uncertainty. When I reached out with a question, I didn't just receive an answer; I gained a wealth of knowledge that propelled my project forward. The dedication and expertise displayed were truly remarkable, leaving me in awe of the unparalleled support provided. Animoto, you are not just fantastic; you are the epitome of excellence. Thank you for being the guiding light in my creative journey.
L Luis Luck
120 days ago

Awesome and expedited service provided!

I have been searching for a reliable and efficient video creation platform for quite a while, and I am so grateful to have found From start to finish, the service provided was nothing short of exceptional. The user-friendly interface made it incredibly easy for me to create stunning videos in no time. The array of templates and customization options allowed me to tailor each video to my specific needs, resulting in professional-quality content without the hassle. What truly set apart, however, was their customer service. The support team was not only prompt in addressing my queries but also displayed a genuine willingness to help. Their attentiveness and dedication to ensuring my satisfaction were truly commendable. I highly recommend to anyone in need of a top-notch video creation platform. The seamless experience and unparalleled customer service have not only exceeded my expectations but have also made me a loyal and delighted customer. Thank you,, for making video creation such a pleasure!
D David
128 days ago

Great tool

Unleashing Creativity with Animoto: A Comprehensive Review When I stumbled upon Animoto in 2011, little did I know that this platform would become an integral part of my creative journey. There's something undeniably powerful about being able to effortlessly transform still images and video clips into captivating short videos. Animoto has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to express my creativity and share stories in an entirely new way. A User-Friendly Gem One of the first things that struck me about Animoto is its user-friendly interface. As someone who is not particularly tech-savvy, I appreciated how intuitive the platform was. The process of creating a video was surprisingly simple, thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality and the array of customizable templates. Even for those without prior experience, Animoto empowers users to craft professional-looking videos with ease. Continuous Improvement What sets Animoto apart is their commitment to continuous improvement. Over the years, I've witnessed regular updates and enhancements that have only elevated the user experience. From new features to improved functionality, Animoto's dedication to staying ahead of the curve is evident. It's reassuring to know that as a loyal user, I can always expect something new and exciting with each visit to the platform. A Support System That Delivers While the platform itself is impressive, I cannot overlook the stellar support provided by the team behind Animoto. Whenever I encountered an issue or had a burning question, their support team was prompt, knowledgeable, and genuinely helpful. This level of customer service has undoubtedly been a significant factor in my long-term commitment to Animoto. It's reassuring to know that should I ever need assistance, I can rely on a team that truly values its users. Deserving of Five Stars and More Throughout my journey with Animoto, I have consistently found myself awarding them a five-star rating - and they truly deserve it. The value that this platform brings to creatives, storytellers, and businesses alike is immeasurable. The seamless blending of functionality, creativity, and support makes Animoto a standout tool in a sea of options. As a satisfied user, I wholeheartedly believe that Animoto deserves not only five stars but also an influx of new customers who can experience its magic firsthand. In conclusion, Animoto has been an invaluable companion in my creative pursuits. Its ease of use, commitment to innovation, and unwavering support make it a force to be reckoned with in the world of video creation. I eagerly anticipate the continued evolution of Animoto and look forward to the stories I'll continue to tell with this exceptional tool.
D David
128 days ago

A Game-Changer:

As a long-time user of, I can confidently say that this platform is a game-changer. The ease of creating short videos for various purposes is unparalleled. From personal projects to professional presentations, Animoto offers a seamless experience that caters to all needs. What truly sets Animoto apart is its continuous improvements. Over the years since I started using it in 2011, I have witnessed the platform evolve, incorporating new features and functionalities that enhance the video creation process. Moreover, the support provided by Animoto is exceptional. Anytime I encountered an issue or had a question, their team was quick to assist and resolve any concerns I had. This level of customer care undoubtedly contributes to the overall positive experience of using Animoto. I wholeheartedly believe that Animoto deserves the highest rating possible. It's not just about stars; it's about recognizing the dedication and innovation behind a service that consistently exceeds expectations. Here's to Animoto: may they continue to thrive and attract more customers who can benefit from this phenomenal tool.
D David
128 days ago

Useful gizmo

My evaluate for Useful gizmo, very helpful for creating quick movies. Some common improvments. A terrific help. I take advantage of it since 2011They actually deserve a 5 star score ;-) And extra clients.
137 days ago

I received a bill from paypal for a…

I recently received a bill from PayPal for a subscription to Animoto that I didn't recognize. After investigating, I realized that the company had automatically renewed my subscription without my knowledge or consent. Despite explaining this to them, they refused to issue a refund and instead offered me a special code for the program. This experience left me feeling frustrated and disappointed with Animoto's customer service. I've never experienced this level of poor service before, and I felt compelled to share my story to warn others about their practices. I hope that anyone considering using Animoto will think twice before committing to their services, as my experience has been nothing short of disappointing.
137 days ago

Turning a Billing Issue into a Positive Experience with

I recently found myself in a bit of a bind when I received an unexpected bill from PayPal for a subscription charge from Animoto. Initially taken aback by the $108.00 charge, I delved deeper into the matter. It turns out that I was being billed for a subscription I was unaware of, one that apparently stemmed from a free trial I had taken part in a year ago. Despite feeling initially frustrated by this situation, I decided to reach out to Animoto to address the issue. To my surprise, the customer service team responded promptly, acknowledging my concern. While they explained that refunds were not their policy, they went the extra mile by offering me a special code to enjoy six months of their program. Appreciative of their gesture, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the company's willingness to turn a potential negative experience into a positive one. Simultaneously, I reached out to PayPal for further clarification, ensuring that my concerns were addressed comprehensively. Moving forward, I believe that transparency and effective communication are crucial in any customer-business relationship. While the billing mishap was initially unsettling, the swift and considerate response from Animoto left me feeling valued as a customer. I hope that my experience encourages future users to approach such situations with an open mind and that they, too, may find resolution through proactive communication.
S Sandro de Carvalho
143 days ago

Great Product, Great Customer Service!

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with this product and the outstanding customer service I received. From the moment I reached out for assistance, Amanda showcased an unparalleled level of dedication and knowledge, going above and beyond to ensure that my needs were not only met but exceeded. The product itself is truly top-notch, delivering on its promises and enhancing my day-to-day life in ways I never thought possible. It's a game-changer that has become an essential part of my routine, and I only wish there were more hours in the day to fully immerse myself in all it has to offer. Thank you to the entire team for creating such a remarkable product and for backing it with exceptional customer service. Your dedication has undoubtedly made a lasting impression on me, and I will continue to wholeheartedly recommend this product to everyone I know.
182 days ago

Exceeding Expectations: A Customer’s Perspective

From the moment I engaged with, I couldn't help but notice the unwavering professionalism of their representatives. It was evident that they were devoted to championing the company's values. However, what truly stood out for me was their unwavering dedication to prioritizing customer satisfaction. They went above and beyond to ensure that my needs were not only met but exceeded. It's rare to encounter such a perfect blend of company commitment and customer focus. Kudos to the team for setting the bar high!

Introduction is a web-based video creation platform that allows users to create professional-looking videos for any event or occasion. The platform offers a variety of templates and design options that make it easy for users to create videos that are eye-catching and engaging. Launched in 2006, Animoto has become the go-to video creation platform for businesses and individuals looking to create videos for their social media channels, websites, and marketing campaigns.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - User-friendly interface - Wide selection of templates and design options - High-quality video rendering - Affordable pricing plans - Integrates with major social media and marketing platforms Cons: - Limited customization options for advanced users - May experience some lag or slow loading times when using the platform - Some users have reported issues with the platform crashing or freezing during use

User Experience

Using Animoto is easy and straightforward. The platform's user-friendly interface makes it easy for even first-time users to create professional-looking videos in a matter of minutes. The templates and design options are intuitive and user-friendly, and the platform offers helpful tips and tutorials for users who may need additional guidance. Overall, the user experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Pricing and Value for Money

Animoto offers three pricing plans: Personal, Professional, and Business. The Personal plan costs $9 per month or $96 per year and offers basic features for personal use. The Professional plan costs $65 per month or $468 per year and is ideal for small businesses and individuals looking to create high-quality videos. The Business plan, which costs $94 per month or $588 per year, offers advanced features for businesses and agencies looking to create professional-grade videos. Overall, the pricing plans offer good value for money, with affordable pricing and useful features.


Other video creation platforms similar to Animoto include: - Adobe Premiere Rush - InVideo - Lumen5 - Magisto - Powtoon

Customer Service

Animoto offers a comprehensive support center that includes helpful tutorials, FAQs, and a knowledge base. Users can also submit support tickets for additional assistance. Animoto's customer service team is responsive and helpful, and users can expect a timely response to their inquiries.

Product Quality and Selection

Animoto offers a wide selection of templates and design options that make it easy to create high-quality videos. The platform's video rendering is also high quality, producing videos that are visually engaging and professional-looking. However, the customization options are somewhat limited for advanced users, which may be a drawback for some users.

Website Usability

Animoto's website is well-designed and easy to navigate. The platform's interface is user-friendly and intuitive, and users can easily access the features and tools they need to create compelling videos. The website also offers helpful resources and tutorials for users who may need additional guidance.

Returns and Exchanges

Animoto offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for all of its pricing plans. If a user is not satisfied with the platform's features or performance, they can request a refund within 14 days of their purchase.

Promotions and Discounts

Animoto occasionally offers promotions and discounts for its pricing plans. Users can stay updated on these promotions by subscribing to the platform's newsletter or following Animoto on social media.


Animoto has a positive reputation in the industry, with many users praising the platform's ease of use, affordability, and high-quality rendering. The platform has also won several awards and accolades for its video creation capabilities.

Payment Options

Animoto accepts payment via major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Users can also pay using PayPal.

Loyalty Programs

Animoto does not currently offer a loyalty program or rewards system for its users.

Customer Reviews

Overall, customer reviews for Animoto are positive, with many users praising the platform's ease of use, affordability, and high-quality video rendering. However, some users have reported issues with the platform crashing or freezing during use.

Community Involvement

Animoto is actively involved in its community, offering helpful resources and tutorials for users looking to improve their video creation skills. The platform also works with industry experts and influencers to offer helpful insights and tips for its users.

Shipping and Costs

As a web-based platform, Animoto does not involve shipping or physical product costs. The platform's pricing plans include all of the necessary features and tools for video creation.