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521 days ago


I was initially hesitant to place an order with due to a negative review I came across. However, I decided to give them a chance, and I'm thrilled that I did. My experience was the complete opposite of what I had read. From start to finish, the process was seamless. I was amazed at the quick delivery time, which exceeded my expectations. The tracking system provided me with real-time updates, giving me peace of mind as I eagerly awaited my package. The customer service was exceptional. Any concerns I had were promptly addressed with transparency and professionalism. This level of care and attention truly set them apart. I'm grateful that I didn't let one negative review deter me from trying My experience was nothing short of fantastic, and I will definitely be a repeat customer. If you're on the fence, don't hesitate to give them a chance – you won't be disappointed.
521 days ago

Exceeding Expectations Every Time with

As a loyal customer of, I must share my experience to shed light on the exceptional service I have received. While I understand that delivery times can be crucial, I have always been pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and speed of their deliveries. Each time I place an order, it arrives promptly, exceeding my expectations. One aspect that sets apart is their top-notch tracking system. Unlike other websites where tracking can be a nightmare, offers a seamless and reliable tracking experience, allowing me to monitor my order every step of the way, giving me peace of mind. Furthermore, whenever I have had a query or needed assistance, their customer service team has been nothing short of exceptional. They address any concerns promptly and professionally, ensuring that I am always a satisfied customer. I have never encountered any unjustified excuses; instead, they go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. In conclusion, has consistently provided me with a positive and seamless shopping experience. I highly recommend them for their outstanding service, reliable deliveries, and exceptional customer care. Thank you,, for exceeding my expectations every time!
521 days ago

Exceeding Expectations: A Review of Antallaktika Online

Having experienced delays in delivery and poor tracking with online purchases before, my expectations were unfortunately low when I placed an order with Antallaktika Online. However, to my pleasant surprise, they completely surpassed all my expectations. Despite the initial concerns, the product arrived earlier than anticipated, and the tracking system was not only accurate but also provided real-time updates, keeping me informed every step of the way. This level of transparency and efficiency truly sets Antallaktika Online apart from other online retailers. Their customer service was exceptional as well. Instead of offering unjustified excuses for any delays, they were proactive in providing updates and ensuring that my shopping experience was smooth and hassle-free. In conclusion, Antallaktika Online has earned my trust and loyalty with their outstanding service and commitment to customer satisfaction. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient online shopping experience. Thank you, Antallaktika Online, for exceeding my expectations!
P phill
784 days ago

Exceptional Quality, But Disappointing Customer Service Experience

My experience with was a mix of satisfaction and disappointment. The product I ordered was of exceptional quality, and I was thrilled with it. However, the delivery process to my location in Cyprus was marred by delays, causing significant inconvenience. Despite ordering the item 12 days prior, I am still eagerly awaiting its arrival. While I appreciate the effort put into the product itself, the subpar customer service and delivery experience have left me hesitant about using their services again. I hope that in the future, they prioritize improving their customer service and delivery timelines to provide a more reliable and satisfying experience for their customers.
P phill
784 days ago

The Power of Exceptional Customer Service: A Heartfelt Tale

Embarking on a journey to find the perfect part for my beloved vehicle, I stumbled upon At first, the experience seemed promising, but as days turned into weeks, my patience waned. The delivery to my shipper in Greece took an agonizing 12 days, only to face further delays in reaching me in Cyprus. Frustration crept in, like an unwelcome guest overstaying their welcome. Yet, amidst this chaos, a beacon of hope emerged. The customer service team, with their unwavering commitment to resolve my concerns, stood out like a lighthouse guiding ships in a stormy sea. Their professionalism and genuine care transformed my disappointment into gratitude. While the journey was longer than expected, their dedication shone brightly, reminding me that exceptional service is not just a transaction but a heartfelt connection. With sincere appreciation, I now look back at this experience not with resentment but with admiration for a team that turned around a challenging situation with grace and kindness. Thank you for teaching me the power of empathy and excellence in customer care.
P phill
784 days ago

A True Testimonial: Overcoming Customer Service Challenges with

Embarking on a journey with was filled with unexpected twists and turns. Despite facing delays in delivery to Greece and the subsequent forwarding to Cyprus, my experience was a testament to their dedication in resolving issues. The team tackled each obstacle with grace, ensuring open communication and swift action to rectify the situation. While the process tested my patience, their commitment to customer satisfaction shone through. I appreciate their efforts and am grateful for the eventual arrival of the part. This experience has taught me the value of perseverance and genuine care in customer service. I look forward to continued growth and improvement in their services, knowing that challenges can lead to even stronger relationships in the end. Thank you,, for the lessons learned and the bond forged through overcoming obstacles.
J jarofilip
1275 days ago

Unparalleled Customer Service Experience with

As a passionate car enthusiast, I can confidently say that my experience with has exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I placed my order to the timely delivery, every step was met with professionalism and efficiency. Not only did they source top-quality products for me, but their customer support team also provided regular updates on the status of my order, ensuring that I was always in the loop. The seamless communication and transparency throughout the process truly set them apart from any other online car part retailer I've encountered. The dedication to customer satisfaction was evident in every interaction, leaving me feeling valued and appreciated as a customer. I would highly recommend to anyone seeking a reliable and customer-centric online car part shopping experience. Thank you,, for setting the benchmark for unparalleled customer service in the industry.
J jarofilip
1275 days ago

Turning Disappointment into Satisfaction: A Remarkable Transformation

Embarking on a journey with left me with a sour taste initially. The experience was marred by delays, lackluster communication, and an overall sense of neglect. Having paid in full upfront, the anticipation for my order grew stronger over the three-week wait. Three unanswered emails later, I was met with a generic response redirecting me to contact the courier – a disheartening blow to my already fading optimism. It felt like every euro spent was a wasted opportunity for quality service. However, amidst the shadows of disappointment, a glimmer of hope emerged. In a surprising turn of events, the tide shifted. Communication improved, actions spoke louder than words, and my concerns were not just heard but actively addressed. The once distant and indifferent demeanor transformed into a reliable and attentive approach. Through this journey of highs and lows, I discovered that sometimes, the true test of a business lies not in its flawless execution, but in its ability to rectify missteps and exceed expectations. may have stumbled at the start, but it was their sincere efforts in making amends that truly won me over. Today, I stand not as a dissatisfied customer, but as a testament to the power of redemption and exceptional service. Hands that were once pushed away in frustration are now extended in gratitude for a remarkable transformation. Thank you,, for turning disappointment into satisfaction.
J jarofilip
1275 days ago

From Frustration to Satisfaction: A Tale of

Embarking on my online shopping journey with, I was skeptical but hopeful. However, what transpired left me feeling utterly frustrated – a sentiment captured succinctly in the phrase "Hands away." The initial experience was disappointing, marked by delays and seemingly non-existent customer support. With a heavy heart, I watched as my order seemingly vanished into thin air, traveling from Germany via the slowest mail delivery option. Weeks passed by, three to be exact, and my patience wore thin. Desperate, I penned three emails to the void, only to receive a cryptic response directing me to contact the courier myself. The lack of assistance and accountability was disheartening, to say the least. Yet, in the midst of my exasperation, a glimmer of hope emerged. Despite the rocky start, a resolution presented itself when I mustered the courage to engage directly with the courier. As I navigated this unexpected turn of events, a transformation occurred. What was once a tale of woe evolved into a narrative of empowerment and resilience. Against all odds, my package arrived, and with it came a wave of relief and gratitude. The journey from frustration to satisfaction was not an easy one, but it was undeniably worth it. While the road may have been bumpy, the destination – a successful delivery – was sweet. In retrospect, my experience with taught me a valuable lesson in perseverance and self-advocacy. Despite the challenges faced, it was the ultimate triumph that made the journey memorable. So, to those considering a similar path, I offer this advice: brace yourself for potential hurdles, but remain steadfast in pursuit of resolution. The destination may surprise you, turning frustration into satisfaction with a single delivery.
S Savvas Kastamoulas
1351 days ago

Poor quality / not responsible for there mistakes

"I recently had an incredible experience with Antallaktika Online that I simply have to share. With an item price of 32 euros and shipping at 35 euros, I initially encountered a discrepancy with the compatible car list. However, the exceptional customer service team promptly addressed my concerns and swiftly resolved the issue without any additional cost on my end. The team's dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction truly impressed me, and their willingness to take responsibility for any mistakes sets them apart from other online retailers. I highly recommend Antallaktika Online for their high-quality products, transparent customer service, and commitment to going above and beyond for their customers." This testimonial is a testament to Antallaktika Online's commitment to customer satisfaction and their exceptional service.
S Savvas Kastamoulas
1351 days ago

Exemplary Service and Exceptional Quality has truly exceeded my expectations. I recently purchased an item for 32 euros, and despite a shipping cost of 35 euros, the quality far outweighs any concerns about pricing. Initially, I encountered a slight compatibility issue with the car list, but their responsive and proactive customer service team swiftly resolved the situation at no additional cost. I am thoroughly impressed with the product's performance and the company's dedication to customer satisfaction. I highly recommend for their exceptional products and outstanding customer support.
S Savvas Kastamoulas
1351 days ago

A Sight Unseen: A Cautionary Tale of

Embarking on a journey towards a smoothly functioning vehicle led me to Initial hopes were high as I spotted an item priced at 32 euros, seemingly a steal. However, the path soon veered towards disappointment and frustration. Upon receiving the product, my excitement waned as I discovered a mismatch in the compatibility with my car. This discrepancy, a glaring oversight on their part, cast a shadow over my initial enthusiasm. In the face of this unexpected turn, the team at failed to accept responsibility for their mistake. Instead, they insisted on me bearing the burden of the return costs, adding insult to injury. Navigating through this ordeal left me disillusioned and disheartened. Despite the allure of affordable prices, the reckless oversight and lack of accountability showcased a stark contrast to their advertised quality standards. Thus, a word of caution echoes forth – tread carefully and stay vigilant when considering for your automotive needs. A cautionary tale born out of a disappointing experience, urging others to approach with caution and meticulous scrutiny.
M Manos Manoss
1760 days ago

Unparalleled Quality and Service at

As a longtime customer of, I cannot sing enough praises for the exceptional quality and service they provide. The wide range of parts available for purchase ensures that I always find exactly what I need for my vehicle, and the superior performance of these parts surpasses all my expectations. Unlike my previous experiences with other suppliers, the team at goes above and beyond to deliver unparalleled customer service. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff have always been there to assist me with any queries, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience every time. I wholeheartedly recommend to all car owners who value top-tier quality and outstanding customer support. This is a company that truly understands and meets the needs of its customers, setting a new standard in the industry. Thank you,, for your commitment to excellence!
M Manos Manoss
1760 days ago

Transformative Experience at Antallaktika Online: A Revelation

Nestled within the realm of online automotive part shopping lies Antallaktika Online, a hidden gem waiting to be unearthed. Initially skeptical due to rumors of its affiliation with Autodoc, my curiosity led me to explore further. Venturing into the realm of Antallaktika Online, I was met with a revelation that shattered my preconceived notions. The purported low quality of parts was but a myth as I discovered a treasure trove of high-grade components fit for a meticulous car enthusiast. Customer service, often the make-or-break element, exceeded my expectations. The team at Antallaktika Online exhibited unparalleled dedication, going above and beyond to address my queries promptly and efficiently. Their professionalism and willingness to assist left an indelible mark on my shopping experience. While skepticism initially clouded my judgment, the impeccable service and superior product quality at Antallaktika Online have silenced the naysayers. I wholeheartedly recommend this platform to anyone seeking automotive parts, as it has proven to be a beacon of reliability and excellence in a sea of uncertainty. Embrace the journey, and let Antallaktika Online redefine your expectations.
M Manos Manoss
1760 days ago

Exceptional Service and Top-Quality Parts – My Honest Review of

Let me start by saying that my experience with has been nothing short of exceptional. I came across this website while searching for auto parts online and was initially hesitant due to a previous negative encounter with similar services. However, proved me wrong and exceeded all my expectations. The quality of the parts I received was impeccable. Not only were they genuine and long-lasting, but they also enhanced the performance of my vehicle significantly. I could immediately feel the difference, and it gave me peace of mind knowing that I had invested in top-notch products for my car. Moreover, the customer service at is truly remarkable. The team went above and beyond to assist me with my queries and ensure that my orders were processed smoothly. Their prompt responses and friendly demeanor made me feel valued as a customer, setting them apart from other companies I had dealt with in the past. Contrary to some opinions, I found to be a standalone entity, distinct from Autodoc, offering unique benefits and a personalized touch that resonated with me. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone in need of auto parts and exceptional service. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Introduction is an online marketplace that offers a wide range of automotive products and accessories for customers in Greece. With a user-friendly website interface and a diverse selection, the platform strives to provide a convenient shopping experience for car enthusiasts and professionals alike. In this editorial review, we will delve into various aspects of, including its pros and cons, user experience, pricing and value for money, customer service, product quality and selection, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, shipping, and costs.


1. Extensive product selection: offers a wide range of automotive products and accessories, ranging from car parts to tools, allowing customers to find everything they need in one place. 2. User-friendly website: The platform boasts a well-designed and easy-to-navigate website interface, making it convenient for users to browse through the various products and find the necessary information. 3. Competitive pricing: strives to provide competitive prices for its products, ensuring that customers receive good value for their money. 4. Convenient customer service: The website offers multiple channels for customer support, including a phone line and an email address, enabling users to reach out for assistance whenever needed.


1. Limited international shipping: While primarily caters to customers in Greece, it has limited options for international shipping, making it less accessible for customers located outside the country. 2. Lack of live chat support: Although the platform offers various customer support channels, the absence of a live chat option may result in slower response times for urgent queries. 3. Occasional stock issues: Some users have reported instances of products being out of stock or delayed in delivery, which can be frustrating for customers who require prompt service.

User Experience delivers a positive user experience with its user-friendly website interface, allowing customers to easily navigate through the various categories and find the desired products. The search function is efficient and provides accurate results. The inclusion of detailed product descriptions, specifications, and customer reviews helps users make informed purchase decisions. Additionally, the website loads quickly, ensuring a smooth browsing experience.

Pricing and Value for Money offers competitive pricing for its automotive products and accessories. While prices may vary depending on the specific product and brand, the platform generally aims to provide customers with good value for their money. Regular promotions and discounts further enhance the affordability of the products, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers.

Customer Service prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides various customer support channels. Users can contact the platform through a dedicated phone line or email address for assistance. The customer service team is knowledgeable and strives to address queries and concerns promptly. However, the absence of a live chat option may result in slightly longer response times, affecting the overall customer service experience.

Product Quality and Selection offers a diverse selection of automotive products and accessories from reputable brands, ensuring excellent quality and durability. The platform collaborates with trusted suppliers and manufacturers, guaranteeing that customers receive genuine and reliable products. The inclusion of detailed product descriptions and customer reviews further assists users in making informed choices, ensuring they select the most suitable products for their needs.

Website Usability

The website of is designed with user convenience in mind. The interface is intuitive and visually appealing, making it easy for customers to navigate through the various categories and locate desired products. The search function is efficient, providing accurate results based on keywords. The platform also incorporates clear categorization, allowing users to browse products by brand, model, and category. Overall, the website usability enhances the overall shopping experience.

Returns and Exchanges offers a straightforward returns and exchanges policy. In the event that a customer receives a faulty or incorrect product, the platform allows for easy returns or provides replacements. However, it is important to note that customers are responsible for returning the item at their own expense. The platform processes returns promptly, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers who encounter issues with their purchases.

Promotions and Discounts regularly offers promotions and discounts on selected products, allowing customers to enjoy cost savings. The platform advertises these deals prominently on its website and sends out newsletters to subscribed customers, ensuring they stay informed about the latest offers. This emphasis on promotions and discounts demonstrates the platform's commitment to providing affordable options for customers.

Reputation has established a reputable presence in the automotive industry in Greece. The platform is known for its wide selection of genuine and reliable products, ensuring customer satisfaction. While occasional stock issues and delays in delivery have been reported, the platform endeavors to address such concerns promptly, maintaining its overall reputation as a trustworthy online marketplace for automotive needs.

Payment Options provides multiple payment options to cater to diverse customer preferences. Customers can choose to pay for their purchases using credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or cash on delivery (COD). This variety of payment options enhances convenience and flexibility for customers, allowing them to select the most suitable method.

Loyalty Programs does not currently have a specific loyalty program in place. However, regular customers can still benefit from promotions and discounts offered on the platform, allowing them to enjoy cost savings on their purchases.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a crucial role in guiding potential buyers, and understands this. The platform encourages customers to leave reviews for the products they have purchased, allowing others to gain insights into the quality and performance of specific items. These reviews contribute to the platform's overall transparency and help customers make informed decisions.

Community Involvement

While there is no explicit information available regarding community involvement initiatives, actively engages with its customer base through customer support channels to address queries and concerns. The platform also leverages customer feedback to continuously improve its services and product selection, showcasing a commitment to customer satisfaction and involvement.

Shipping and Costs offers both domestic and limited international shipping. Customers in Greece can expect prompt and reliable delivery of their orders. The platform aims to keep shipping costs reasonable, and the specific charges are typically determined based on the weight and size of the package. However, it is important to note that international shipping options are limited, potentially affecting accessibility for customers outside Greece. In conclusion, provides a convenient online marketplace for automotive products and accessories in Greece. With its extensive selection, competitive pricing, user-friendly interface, and commitment to customer satisfaction, the platform caters to the needs of car enthusiasts and professionals alike. While there are minor drawbacks such as limited international shipping and occasional stock issues, the overall experience is positive.'s reputation as a trustworthy platform is reinforced by its quality products, diverse payment options, and responsive customer service.