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P Paolo Lioce
61 days ago

Going Above and Beyond: Exceptional Service Despite Part-Time Availability

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing's customer service, and despite my initial hesitance towards "part-time" availability, I was thoroughly impressed. The support team provided me with comprehensive, timely, and incredibly kind responses. Furthermore, the packaging was impeccable, and the delivery was exceptionally fast. Their dedication has undoubtedly earned them a loyal customer in me. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to all.
P Paolo Lioce
61 days ago

Going Beyond Expectations: Exceptional Service Round the Clock

As a habitual online shopper, I value seamless customer service, yet the notion of "part-time" assistance initially gave me pause. However, shattered my doubts effortlessly. Despite their unconventional hours, their responses were not only thorough but delivered with utmost kindness. The impeccable packaging and swift courier service only elevated my experience. It's safe to say they've secured a loyal customer in me. I wholeheartedly recommend them to all.
P Paolo Lioce
61 days ago

Customer Care That Goes the Extra Mile: A Review of

Venturing into the online shopping world, I stumbled upon, intrigued yet wary due to their part-time customer service availability. However, any doubts were quickly dispelled as I experienced their dedication firsthand. Despite their limited hours, their responses were not only prompt but also comprehensive and exceptionally kind. The seamless shopping experience continued with impeccable packaging and lightning-fast delivery by the courier., with their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, not only secured a purchase but also gained a loyal customer in me. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking reliability and excellence in online shopping.
P Paola
64 days ago

Exceptional Service and Quality Products at!

I cannot rave enough about the exceptional service and high-quality products I received from I initially placed an order to test if my cats would enjoy the Essential food, and to my delight, they absolutely loved it! This prompted me to place a second order. While there was a slight delay in the delivery, the customer service team was incredibly proactive and kept me informed every step of the way. When the package did arrive, I noticed that the expiration date was approaching. I reached out to the customer service team, and without hesitation, they promptly processed a refund for me. Their professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction were truly remarkable. It's rare to find a company that genuinely values its customers and takes such pride in the products they offer. I can confidently say that I will be a loyal customer of for years to come. Thank you for restoring my faith in exceptional service!
P Paola
64 days ago

Unleashing My Feline Frenzy: A Cautionary Tale

I was initially thrilled to stumble upon, hoping to find the perfect essential food for my beloved feline companions. However, my excitement soon turned to disappointment. After placing an order and eagerly awaiting its arrival, I was dismayed to discover that the package had been in transit for over 15 days. Upon its belated arrival, my dismay deepened when I realized that the contents were already expired. Venturing to seek recourse, I made an earnest request for a refund. To my dismay, the silence was deafening. No response, no resolution, and certainly no accountability. It's regrettable to have encountered such a disregard for customer satisfaction. After all, by neglecting the needs of loyal patrons, a business not only loses its clientele but also tarnishes its reputation. I sincerely hope that reconsiders its approach to customer service. While my experience may have been disheartening, I remain optimistic that this cautionary tale serves as a pivotal reminder. Paying heed to the needs and concerns of customers cultivates trust and loyalty, which are indispensable in any thriving business. In closing, I urge to examine its practices and prioritize customer satisfaction. For in the end, a customer's contentment resonates far and wide, shaping the narrative of a brand's success.
P Paola
64 days ago

From Disappointment to Delight: Turning a Negative Experience into a Positive One!

After reading Maì più!!'s review, I was hesitant, but I decided to give a chance. To my surprise, my experience was vastly different! I placed an order for some essential cat food, curious if my feline friend would approve. The first delivery was prompt and the product high quality, but my excitement dwindled when my second order took over 15 days to arrive, only to find the package had expired! Dismayed, I reached out for a refund, and to my relief, their customer service team was understanding and quickly processed my request. Not only did they rectify the situation efficiently, but they also went above and beyond to ensure I was a satisfied customer. It's true what they say - a company's true colors show when things go wrong. Thank you,, for turning my initial disappointment into delight. Your dedication to customer satisfaction has not gone unnoticed. I will be a returning customer, confident in the quality of your products and the care of your service.
P Paola
64 days ago

From Disappointment to Dismay: My Experience with

Upon stumbling across, I was hopeful to find a reliable source for my feline companions' essential dietary needs. Placing my first order was a leap of faith, a simple test to discern if my discerning cats would approve. Alas, the subsequent order turned from anticipation to frustration as days turned into weeks with no sign of its arrival. When the package finally graced my doorstep, my excitement deflated like a punctured balloon, for what lay within was not a fresh feast but a container of expired goods. The disappointment lingered as I reached out for a refund, only to be met with silence. The echoes of my unanswered pleas resonated, leaving me disillusioned and disheartened. It pains me to witness such disregard for customer satisfaction, for in neglecting one, you deter many. The mantra of "what's good for you is good for all" should not be a rationale for complacency. Every interaction, every transaction, holds the power to forge lasting impressions. Regrettably, my journey with left me with a bitter taste, a cautionary tale of unmet expectations and unaddressed grievances. The lesson learned is invaluable: in the realm of customer service, integrity and accountability reign supreme.
T Tiziana Scrugli
75 days ago

Aquazoomania Shop: A Genuine Disappointment

As an animal lover and a responsible pet owner, I take great care in providing the best for my feline companion, especially considering his dietary restrictions. With high hopes, I turned to to source a specific type of cat food tailored to my pet's needs. Regrettably, my experience turned out to be anything but positive. On December 4, 2023, I placed an order for four one-kilogram packs of cat food. Despite my repeated inquiries, the shipping was consistently delayed, and it wasn't until December 21, a staggering 17 days later, that the goods were dispatched. This left my cat depleted of his usual supplies, forcing me to resort to alternative, unsuitable options. The real disappointment, however, came upon the delivery. To my dismay, each pack contained only 800 grams of cat food, a shortfall of a substantial 800 grams per pack from the product I had initially ordered. It was a clear case of deceit, leaving me feeling utterly cheated and my trust violated. The blatant discrepancy between what was promised and what was delivered is disheartening, to say the least. As a consumer who genuinely cares about the well-being of my pet, this experience has left me not only frustrated and inconvenienced but also deeply disillusioned. It is my sincere hope that reconsiders its business practices and upholds the integrity and honesty that customers like me expect and deserve. The ordeal I have endured should serve as a cautionary tale for others who place their trust in this company.
T Tiziana Scrugli
75 days ago Delivered Inadequate Products And Poor Service

As a devoted pet owner, I was devastated by my experience with My cat has severe food intolerances, necessitating a specific type of kibble that I found on their website. Placing an order for 4 one-kilogram bags of kibble on December 4, 2023, I repeatedly faced shipping delays despite my urgent requests. Eventually, the goods were dispatched on December 21, a staggering 17 days later, leaving my cat without his essential supplies and forcing me to resort to unsuitable alternatives. To add insult to injury, upon receiving the package, I discovered 4 bags of kibble, each weighing 800 grams instead of the 1 kilogram ordered, resulting in a shortfall of 800 grams. This can only be described as fraudulent behavior, and I am appalled by their lack of integrity. My sincere advice to fellow pet owners is to avoid at all costs. The inconvenience, disappointment, and potential harm caused to innocent pets is simply unacceptable.
T Tiziana Scrugli
75 days ago

Unveiling the Truth: My AquazoomaniaShop Experience

When I stumbled upon in search of specialized food for my cat's dietary needs, little did I know the rollercoaster ride awaiting me. Placing an order for 4 one-kilo packs of crucial cat kibbles on December 4, 2023, seemed like a relief. However, what followed was far from satisfactory. As days turned into weeks, my repeated pleas for prompt shipment fell on deaf ears. It took a whopping 17 days, until December 21, for the products to be dispatched – a delay that left my furry companion in jeopardy, resorting to inadequate alternatives. But the real blow came upon unboxing the package, revealing not the ordered 4 one-kilo packs, but 4 packs weighing 800 grams each. A blatant shortage of 800 grams in each pack, leaving me astounded and betrayed. My heart sank as I realized the depth of deception – a feeling all too familiar during such moments. The term "truffa" resonated in my mind, echoing a sense of shamelessness from AquazoomaniaShop's end. It's moments like these that reveal a company's true colors, and sadly, AquazoomaniaShop failed to paint a picture of integrity and honesty.
I Ire
85 days ago

Life-Changing Customer Service Experience at!

I cannot express how grateful I am for the exceptional customer service I received from I was initially hesitant to reach out due to a previous negative experience, but the moment I connected with their team, my faith in online customer service was restored. Their representative, Laura, not only addressed my concerns promptly but went above and beyond to ensure that I felt heard and valued as a customer. The level of professionalism and care I experienced was truly life-changing. It's rare to encounter a company that genuinely prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers. Laura's patience and willingness to assist me left a lasting impression, and I am now a loyal customer for life. I encourage anyone in search of top-notch customer service to look no further than You won't be disappointed. Thank you,, for setting the bar high and for making a profound impact on my online shopping experience.
I Ire
85 days ago

Turning Frustration into Gratitude: A Transformational Experience with

When I first encountered, I was met with challenges in reaching their customer service team. Frustrated by the lack of response online, I took a leap of faith and decided to call the store directly. To my surprise, it was this phone call that turned my experience around completely. The individual who answered my call not only provided the assistance I needed but did so with a level of attentiveness and professionalism that exceeded my expectations. Their willingness to listen, empathize, and resolve my issue showcased a dedication to customer satisfaction that I hadn't encountered before. Despite the initial hurdles I faced, I left the conversation feeling valued and heard. The transformation from frustration to gratitude was profound, and it served as a testament to's commitment to customer care. Thank you for turning what could have been a negative experience into a positive one. Your outstanding service has undoubtedly earned my trust and loyalty.
I Ire
85 days ago

Exemplary Service Exceeded My Expectations!

From the moment I navigated onto, I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and efficiency of their customer service team. Contrary to previous reviews, my experience was nothing short of exceptional. The seamless browsing experience and user-friendly interface made finding what I needed a breeze. I had a few questions regarding my order, and to my delight, the prompt email responses I received from their customer support team were beyond impressive. Their attentiveness and willingness to assist me every step of the way truly set them apart. While I understand that some customers may have had negative encounters, I can confidently say that my experience with was outstanding. The dedication and care shown by their customer service team have earned my trust and loyalty. I would highly recommend this website to anyone looking for a top-notch shopping experience. Thank you for surpassing my expectations!
E Elia Santoni
89 days ago

Impressed by the Exceptional Service and Fast Delivery!

After my recent experience with, I am delighted to share my glowing review. From the moment I reached out via phone, I was met with the most cordial and accommodating customer service. Despite the holiday rush, my order arrived swiftly, surpassing all expectations. I highly recommend to anyone seeking top-notch service and speedy delivery.
M Marta Tebaldi
90 days ago

Unexpectedly Disappointed: An Honest Review of

As a customer, I value reliable and effective customer service. Unfortunately, my recent experience with's customer support left me unexpectedly disappointed. After encountering a significant issue with the courier, which they attributed to AquazooMania, I promptly reached out to their customer service for assistance. Despite my earnest attempt to seek resolution, I regrettably received no response. While I had high hopes for a swift and helpful resolution, my experience left much to be desired. The lack of response from's customer service team left me feeling frustrated and disregarded. As a loyal customer, I had expected more from a brand with such a strong reputation. I hope that my feedback serves as a constructive opportunity for to reevaluate and improve their customer service processes. In the future, I trust that they will prioritize prompt and effective communication to ensure that all their customers feel valued and supported, especially during challenging situations. Overall, my experience with has been overshadowed by this disappointing interaction. I sincerely hope that they take this feedback into consideration and make the necessary improvements to prevent similar experiences for other customers in the future.

Introduction is an Italian online retailer that offers a wide range of aquarium products, supplies, and accessories at competitive prices. The website offers a wealth of information on aquatic life and how to care for fish and other underwater creatures. offers an impressive selection of aquarium supplies, including everything from fish food to aquarium decorations.

Pros and Cons

  • A wide range of high-quality aquarium products
  • Competitive prices, compared to other online retailers
  • An informative and user-friendly website that offers detailed information on aquatic life and how to care for fish and other underwater creatures
  • Reliable customer service, quick response times, and knowledgeable staff
  • Shipping costs can be high, especially for larger or heavier products
  • No loyalty program for frequent buyers or customers

User Experience

The website's user experience is highly positive, intuitive, and easy to navigate, with customers being able to conveniently browse and search for products using various filters. Clear and detailed descriptions of products, as well as photos and videos, help customers gain a better understanding of the products before purchasing.

Pricing and Value for Money provides competitive prices when compared to other online retailers. Even though the final cost can significantly vary based on the chosen product, the website offers quality products, making it easy to ascertain that the products offered are excellent value for money.


Some alternative online retailers and marketplaces include Amazon, eBay, and Chewy. Customers can find a similarly comprehensive range of aquarium supplies and products on these websites, however, offers a more targeted approach to aquatic life.

Customer Service

The retailer has an excellent and highly responsive customer service team that addresses customers' requests and concerns, provide highly informative advice or support, and quickly responds to inquiries raised via the live chat feature, phone, or email.

Product Quality and Selection

The products sold on are of consistently high quality and suit the aquatic world's needs. The retailers offer a wide selection of products, from filters to decorations and plant varieties.

Website Usability

The website is highly responsive, intuitive to use, and enables customers to find items easily using the search function, product categories, and filters. The website design is sleek, modern, and attractive enough to make customers want to visit again.

Returns and Exchanges ensures that all products it sells are of high quality and reliable. They have stricter terms and conditions on returning items, with a strong focus on eco-friendliness. Customers can receive a refund or exchange if they return items within 14 days.

Promotions and Discounts

Customers can benefit from regular discounts and promotions, mainly when they subscribe to the newsletter or make their first purchase, and the website has periodic flash sales.

Reputation enjoys a positive reputation, evident from the numerous five-star reviews both on their website and across the web. The brand has a strong focus on transparency and sustainability.

Payment Options

The website accepts several payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express Card.

Loyalty Programs doesn't offer any loyalty programs, meaning customers don't get to benefit from discounts or reward points.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews available online about are overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising the reliability and quality of products, ease of the online shopping process, and knowledgeable customer support.

Community Involvement

The company maintains a blog that covers a wide range of aquarium-related topics and engages with customers on social media to get feedback and build a stronger sense of community.

Shipping Costs and Delivery provides fast and reliable shipping options with a range of prices depending on the size, weight, and destination. Items are shipped all over Europe with shipping costs starting from ?7.

Conclusion is a reliable and trustworthy online retailer that provides high-quality and comprehensive aquarium supplies to customers. While the website may not offer some of the features provided by competitors, such as a loyalty program or free shipping, it truly makes up for that with competitive and high-quality products, fast, reliable shipping, and excellent support.