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Katie DeHaven 4 days ago

Made a purchase of 15 trees in has been my goto for all things tree planting. I recently made a purchase of 15 trees in September with high hopes of receiving them by November 27th as indicated on their website for each individual tree. Anticipating the arrival of these trees I eagerly awaited the fulfillment of my order. However despite following up with their customer service in November and receiving multiple assurances regarding the shipment date I was disappointed to find that my trees had not been shipped by November 28th. The process leading up to this point had been smooth and promising. I carefully selected the 15 trees I wanted to purchase excited at the prospect of contributing positively to the environment and adding greenery to my surroundings. The websites detailed information on each tree including their individual ship times gave me confidence in the planned timeline for my order. I appreciated the transparency and clarity provided which initially built my trust in As November 27th approached I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my trees. However as the promised date came and went I found myself increasingly concerned about the status of my order. Having invested time and energy into selecting the perfect trees and eagerly looking forward to their arrival the delay was disappointing and left me feeling frustrated. Despite their initial efforts to reassure me about the shipping date the fact that my order had not been fulfilled by the specified time was disheartening. The communication and followup regarding the status of my purchase fell short of my expectations and I felt let down by the unmet promises. In the future I hope will prioritize consistency and transparency in their shipping processes ensuring that customers are kept informed and deliveries are made within the specified timeframe. While I remain passionate about tree planting and the mission of my experience with this particular order has left me wanting in terms of customer satisfaction. Overall I remain optimistic about the potential of to deliver on their promises and look forward to the opportunity to support their mission once again in the future.

G PR 16 days ago

Shippped Mite Infested Trees

I ordered 4 pecan trees and 3 hackberry. The first two pecan trees that arrived Sumner and Pawnee had mites on them. I contacted the Arbor Day Foundation and after a few goarounds and a lot of pictures they agreed to send replacements. The replacements were worse than the original. There were more mites and webbing. I contacted them and was told that this was simply stress from being shipped. They refused to give me a refund or respond to me. I went to our local county extension office WSU Master Gardeners and they agreed that this was a major problem not only on these trees but a cause of infestation to my walnut trees. They said that they would provide a statement as soon as they processed my samples. In the meantime I called the Arbor Day Foundation back yet again and informed them of my involvement with the County Extension WSU Master Gardeners and told them that I was forced to seek backup and demanded my money backor that they would get invovled. Immediately they processed a refund. I live out of town so this was a hassle to involve the County Extension and care for a sick family member. The last thing I needed was to get shipped infested trees that now willmay be a problem with my other nut trees. These guys are dishonest. These trees were clearly infested and NOT a result of shippping stress. I alone knew that difference.

Milli S. 22 days ago

Sends wrong plants hides reviews blows off customers

Ordered an American Beautyberry bush a couple years ago. This is the first year with any real growth and it turns out the bush is not the native American Beautyberry bush as described instead its a non native version that escapes cultivation easily. Not a fit for my native garden. Not what I purchased. After contacting Arbor day I received a boiler plate response about how they respond to the key word invasive nothing addressing how I wasnt sent what I purchased other than a your feedback is noted. Worst of all I left a review on the plant to share my experience a week ago but it appears that Arbor Day limits the product reviews they post and doesnt publish reviews they dont like. Too bad they dont screen their plants to only share the right ones

Tim Cline 75 days ago

A decade ago we ordered 3 lace bark elm

A decade ago we ordered 3 lace bark elm trees. We unknowing the difference received just plain Elm trees. Today the trees are grown and I am constantly trying to keep the Japanese beetles and diseases from killing the trees I am losing the battle. I thought arborday would know the difference.

Heather 112 days ago

This company sells people dead sticks

This company sells people dead sticks then when asked to replace the dead order following their rules they get sent more dead sticks. Do not waste your money. Go to a local nursery. Period.

Thierry Jugnet 148 days ago

Some trees I ordered never made it. Trying to get a response from them Call Santa you will have a faster answer

When I decided to upgrade my garden and ordered some trees I was eagerly looking forward to their arrival. However to my dismay not all of the trees made it to my doorstep. I reached out to the company in the hope of resolving this issue but I was met with a disappointing lack of responsiveness. It seemed as though my inquiries were disappearing into a void and frustration started to set in. After numerous attempts to contact the company through various channels including emails and messages I found myself growing increasingly exasperated. It felt like a game of tag with an invisible opponent and I was continuously it. The lack of communication was incredibly frustrating and I began to wonder if I would ever receive a response at all. As I navigated this discouraging experience I couldnt help but feel like I was stuck in a waiting game with no end in sight. It was disheartening to encounter such a lack of customer service especially when I had been so looking forward to the arrival of my trees. In hindsight I wish I had been better informed about the companys customer service before making my purchase. It would have saved me a lot of undue stress and frustration. Despite the initial excitement of enhancing my garden the ordeal with the undelivered trees and the subsequent lack of response left a sour taste in my mouth. In the end its important for companies to understand that customer service plays a significant role in the overall experience of their clientele. Efficient and responsive communication can make all the difference turning a potentially negative situation into a positive and satisfactory resolution. If I could offer any advice to future customers it would be to thoroughly research a companys customer service reputation before making a purchase. While Im still hopeful for a resolution to my situation I cant help but wish I had been spared the frustration of feeling like my concerns were being ignored. In conclusion the trees I ordered may not have made it but the lessons learned from this experience have certainly left an impact. Effective communication and timely responsiveness are crucial elements of a positive customer experience and I hope that the company in question takes this to heart in their future interactions with customers.

Terri York-Linz 155 days ago

Going on a year

Going on a year. Still waiting on my trees. I have contacted the company multiple times and they keep giving me a delivery date and then it passes with a new delivery date...for the past year. I was told that there had been a fire and this was the reason my trees were delayed. It would be good customer service to refund my money or offer to send another type of tree. I have had good experiences with Arbor day in the past. Yes you will receive sticks but it is fun to watch them grow.

D.William 158 days ago

DO NOT order trees from Arbor Day OR

DO NOT order trees from Arbor Day OR make a donation for the free trees First my wife made a donation with the expectation of receiving 10 free trees. They recommend planting the trees in the Spring for best results. Well we got the trees but not until the end of May when it was HOT Second the trees we received were literally sticks All are doing poorly or dead. Also we purchased a bush and they promised a free Red Maple. Again the Red Maple arrived DEAD and also a stick When we called customer service waited 15 minutes on hold we were told they only guarantee the purchased the bush that we purchased and not the free tree. I explained that weve dug up good turf purchased fencing to protect the tree and spent a considerable amount of time planting this tree. Didnt matter to her NO REPLACEMENT A true bait and switch. AND to make matters worse they sold our information to a bunch of third party companies and now were flooded with unwanted mail from various organizations. UNACCEPTABLE I told them to removes from their third party list ASAP. Furious Stay away from this organization

CHARLES SHEARER 192 days ago

This year I purchased 18 bare root

This year I purchased 18 bare root trees from Arbor Day foundation. 4 Red Delicious Apples 2 Jonathan Apples 2 Gala Apples 2 Belle of Georgia Peaches 2 Damsom Plums 2 Hazelnut 2 Pecan and 2 Red Maple. The all came out of Dormancy and are growing well. I was skeptical after reading the reviews but my experience was truly fantastic

DMac Dumpster 195 days ago

A Disappointing Experience with Arbor Day A Detailed Account

As a nature enthusiast I was eagerly looking forward to receiving the 250 seedlings I had ordered from Arbor Day in the summer of 2022 with the intention of planting them in the fall. However my excitement turned into frustration when the seedlings did not arrive until December significantly past the expected delivery time. Despite the delay I hastily planted the trees hoping for the best. Unfortunately a hard freeze struck soon after causing all the seedlings to perish. I was disheartened by this outcome especially after having made the necessary efforts to plant them promptly upon their belated arrival. Seeking recourse I reached out to Arbor Day hoping for a resolution. After contacting them I received a letter instructing me to respond for a refund or to wait until spring for replacements. With a glimmer of hope I chose to wait for the spring season anticipating a fresh set of trees to honor their initial commitment. However as the spring arrived and progressed I found myself in a state of disappointment yet again. There were no replacement trees no communication and no updates from Arbor Day. Despite my attempts to reach out to them for a resolution or a refund I was met with silence and inaction. This lack of response and accountability from Arbor Day has left me feeling unheard and dissatisfied as a customer. As someone who values environmental conservation and sustainable practices I had high hopes for my experience with Arbor Day only to be met with unfulfilled promises and frustration. Ultimately I am disappointed by the lack of followthrough and communication from Arbor Day and I hope that my experience serves as a cautionary tale for others considering engaging with this organization.

JAMES 234 days ago

Arbor Day really Cant

Arbor Day really Cant give me a Lifetime Guarantee on my trees and will only replace Once if they Die. I really Dont want to receive any more trees from Arbor Day Foundation. I dont want to go through the trouble of plantingand purchasing fence material to keep the Deers away from the TreesShrubs and spending money for stuff that Dies and wont be replaced. Id rather get something from the local nurserywho really does Guarantees their trees and shrubs. Ive found that Im spending more money than I want to by ordering trees that die from Arbor Day Foundationfrom Nurseries in Florida and other southern states. And Trees that are shipped After the ground is frozen IceSnow. Im Fed up with the Dead River Birch Washington Hawthorne Over twenty 20 Blue Spruces Red Maples and the American Hazelnuts that did not make it through winter. Ive followed all the instructionsjust to be told that It does not matterIf they DieArbor Day Foundation is not a Lifetime Guarantee

Amy Parks 254 days ago

Amazing company

Amazing company They sent me actual trees.

Debbie Greenwaldt 276 days ago

Sent replacement at wrong time of year

Sent replacement at wrong time of year which I have no way to plant frozen ground. Told to put in pot untill spring and put in garage. Well garage is also very cold and have no place to put. Also missing product of replacement.. Top of trees all broke off inside box. Very rude in their replies and it takes forever to hear from them. I would NEVER order from them.

CL 284 days ago

Trees are not healthy Very few needles

Trees are not healthy Very few needles on them were green most were yellow turning brow with roots tangled together. Received Pee Gee hydrangeas also in equally bad shape and roots all tangled together. They offered to send me more UN NO NO thank you I do not need any more of your green house clean outs. Have called Lincoln Nebraska several times and ask to stop ending me mail save a tree NOPE been 2 years of unnecessary junk mail and it just keeps coming. I for one am sorry to have ever dealt with this company.

WP 296 days ago

used to be good 8211 now it8217s ridiculous

This used to be a good company. I would get baby trees from them and though only 75 survived for the price of 13tree it was fine. Today this has turned into a large corporation. Their prices are ridiculous and they are carrying trademarked plants which makes it pretty clear they are no longer a charity. They are a forprofit organization.

Paul 320 days ago

They lie

They lie. They say certain tree species are restricted in Alaska but that it not true. This is information readily available from the State of Alaska Division of Forestry.

Wendy Kenski 329 days ago

Finally Received the Promised Trees

I finally received my trees. Not on time they were late but I did receive them my trees. So dont give up if you dont receive them on time.

C. Micleu 589 days ago

The worst customer service ever

When I decided to make a merchandise order with Arbor Day Foundation I was expecting a seamless and timely delivery process. Unfortunately what followed was a series of frustrating events that left me deeply dissatisfied with their customer service. Almost three weeks after placing my order and having funds promptly withdrawn from my credit card I found myself still waiting for the shipment to even be processed. Despite my persistent phone calls and reassurances from their end that my order would be expedited there was no progress in sight. The repeated delays and lack of transparency about when my tree watering system would actually be shipped only added to my growing frustration. Not to mention the disappointment of not being informed upfront about the extended waiting period especially after having been charged immediately. This experience has not only tested my patience but has also greatly impacted my trust in the Arbor Day Foundations ability to fulfill orders efficiently and uphold their end of the customer service bargain. I genuinely hope that they take due notice of such feedback and work towards improving their operational processes and communication with customers. In conclusion the significant delay in processing and delivering my order coupled with the lack of proactive communication has led me to deem this as my worst customer service encounter to date. It is my sincere hope that others do not have to encounter similar issues and that the Arbor Day Foundation takes necessary steps to prevent such instances in the future.

Robert A 590 days ago

Awful experience

Trees arrived over 2 weeks late damaged in ripped up shipping plastic. Called them and had a horrible experience with their receptionist Leroy. Would disconnect me transfer me to his receptionist mailbox and in the end didnt do anything other than get us even angrier. Would not allow me to talk with a superior or anyone else who might be able to shed some light on our order. Seemed really helpful when I asked to be removed from all advertising and cancel our membership....only to once again transfer me to receptionist mailbox.

Aaron Elzy 654 days ago

Disappointing is an understatement

Disappointing is an understatement. I have purchased trees and plants from over 20 different online nurseries over the years and I am rarely disappointed in the quality of plants. I would say I have had a greater than 90 success rate and anything that hasnt lived was most likely due to less than ideal growing conditions on my part. This is not the case with Arbor Day Foundation. My first purchase from was two years ago and not a single plant lived. Compared to my purchases from other nurseries these plants arrived in horrible condition. I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt and try again so last year I ordered another round of plants. Same poor conditions on arrival and 2 out of the 10 have survived. This company needs to spend more time on their nursery instead sending loads and loads of paper crap in the mail asking for money. I will never order again and will advise those in my circle to make their purchases elsewhere.

Introduction: is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. Founded in 1972, it has grown into the world's largest tree planting organization, with over 1 million members and partners. The website offers a range of resources, including tree care advice, educational materials, and tree planting tools.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: - Free membership and discounts on trees - Comprehensive tree care advice and educational materials - Wide selection of trees and planting tools - Emphasis on sustainability and environmentalism - Good reviews and reputation Cons: - Limited return policy - No mobile app - Some complaints of slow customer service

User Experience:

The website has a clean and professional design, with easy navigation and clear information. The shopping experience is straightforward, with detailed product information and customer reviews. The blog and resources sections provide valuable information on planting and caring for trees.

Pricing and Value for Money: offers a wide range of trees and planting tools at competitive prices. The free membership program allows members to access discounts on trees and other products. The organization also offers a satisfaction guarantee on its products.


There are several other tree planting and gardening organizations, such as Trees for the Future, American Forests, and National Wildlife Federation. However, stands out for its emphasis on sustainability and environmentalism, as well as its comprehensive resources on tree care.

Customer Service: provides customer service via phone and email. While some customers have reported slow response times, the organization generally receives positive reviews for its helpfulness and professionalism.

Product Quality and Selection: offers a wide selection of trees and planting tools, with detailed product information and customer reviews. The organization partners with reputable nurseries to source high-quality trees.

Website Usability:

The website is easy to navigate, with clear information and a user-friendly interface. The shopping experience is straightforward, with detailed product information and customer reviews.

Returns and Exchanges: offers a satisfaction guarantee on its products, allowing customers to return items within 30 days of purchase. However, the organization does not offer exchanges or refunds for shipping fees.

Promotions and Discounts: offers free membership to its organization, which includes discounts on trees and other products. The website also periodically offers sales and promotions on its products.

Reputation: has a good reputation and positive reviews from customers and partners. The organization has received recognition for its work in promoting sustainability and environmentalism.

Payment Options: accepts payment via credit card, PayPal, and check.

Loyalty Programs: offers a free membership program, which includes discounts on trees and other products.

Customer Reviews: has generally positive reviews from customers, who appreciate the organization's emphasis on sustainability and environmentalism, as well as its comprehensive resources on tree care.

Community Involvement: is deeply involved in community outreach and education, offering a range of resources for schools, businesses, and communities. The organization also partners with local groups to plant trees and promote sustainability.

Shipping and Costs: ships to all 50 states and offers free shipping on orders over $75. The website provides detailed information on shipping costs and estimated delivery times.

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