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M Michelle Hobart
2 days ago

Forever Grateful: Asda Saved the Day!

Nothing could have prepared me for the disappointment of my failed delivery from Tesco. After years of loyalty, I found myself stranded without my groceries. Frustrated and hungry, I turned to Asda for help. What a lifesaver they were! Not only did they promptly deliver all my essentials, but they also went above and beyond, ensuring I got the best value for my money. Asda's exceptional service and reliability have won me over, and I am elated to have found a new shopping companion in them. From now on, my trust lies with Asda, the true hero of my grocery saga. Thank you, Asda, for being there when I needed you the most.
2 days ago

Tasteless, poor quality fruit and vegetables.

My review for After several purchases of tasteless fresh fruit and poor quality fresh vegetables, I've now decided not to shop at Asda for fresh fruit and vegetables. For example, I bought pears 2 weeks ago that are as hard and tasteless today as they were on the day of purchase. A recent trip to a local M&S food hall has converted me.
B Becky Swarbrick
2 days ago

Did a shop that took 10 minutes then…

My review for Did a shop that took 10 minutes then waiting in the queue for exactly 1 hour. Disgusting service. 1 till for a whole supermarket. Bromborough.
D DIY man
2 days ago

Asda Leamington store looks as if the…

My review for Asda Leamington store looks as if the shelves have not been tidied for at least a month, items left everywhere on the shelves and on the floor. Old packaging all over the place the store is a complete mess. Most staff seem to be employed picking orders and not interested in the customers. Trolleys full of new stock and old packaging abandoned all over the place. The floors look as if they haven't been cleaned for weeks. Asda head office really should send someone to inspect the place, it was a good tidy store it's now a disgrace.
M Michael Rose
2 days ago

Ordered my first (and last) delivery

My review for Ordered my first (and last) delivery. Delivered me short on 3x coffee pods (£8.25). Requested refund. Declined - reason it didn't meet their criteria. Basically they were saying I was a liar. They didn't check the stock, or whether it was on the van, or if the driver had a good record. They simply stole £8.25 from me by charging for something they didn't deliver. Will not trust them again.
D Dutchphoto81
2 days ago

Asda Lancaster is awful

My review for From the horrendous service from the woman at the self scan tills that announces to everyone that she is “approving your alcohol” to the constant errors made by staff when pricing on the shelves. There are constant errors when going through the tills because products aren’t priced right, you then get marched around the store to prove your aren’t lying and then all you get is a sorry that was priced wrong. Pathetic customer service from pathetic staff - Just close the shop down and be done with it.
C Christopher
2 days ago

Today the scan-as-you-go scanners were…

My review for Today the scan-as-you-go scanners were not working. Download the app was the suggestion. OK.... After a painful experience scanning all my shopping I visit the checkout. My phone won't scan the qr code. Told to join the queue! Very long. Tesco, here I come.
E Eileen
2 days ago

The fact I had and paid for next day…

My review for The fact I had and paid for next day delivery, now 3 days late without explanation or of when I'm likely to receive. Site still says the original delivery date, 3 days passed, no delivery yet. RM tracking number says it's not recognised!!! There is no tracking number!!! WTH kind of service is this Asda.. Phone lines remain unanswered. Online takes days to answer. My nearest store is 20 miles away, so no near pop into store a choice. Disabled too. All in all, all Asda avenues are unreachable. All these set F&q's, help etc are of no use. Rarely have the fixed title you need for yr problem, making things more frustrating. I'm still waiting for goods.
M Muna Hamdi
2 days ago

ASDA Fratton Portsmouth getting worse…

My review for ASDA Fratton Portsmouth getting worse through the years in terms of products quality and varietyAll bakeries in the worlds starts early so customer would have fresh bread when the store openes. However, at 9am ASDA still display old stale baguettes in the fresh section from the day before. I only realise when I got home. The sticker on it from the day before. Usually the print describing the bread is too small and customer service unhelpful
L Leanne Rowell
2 days ago

Asda rewards you by taking your money!

My review for Asda rewards you by taking your money! We had £20 in asda rewards and used it on a £49 shop that we put through a self checkout. We needed staff to approve alcohol but the checkout wouldn't allow it and so they voided it. As the shop then came to £18 I asked when I get the difference back and was told that I've lost that now. After getting a manager, they basically said it's nothing to do with them and to contact the rewards team if I didn't have it back in 24 hours. Here we are, a week later and after emailing customer services I still don't have my so called reward for using themBunch of thieves
S Sindel my belle
3 days ago

Shambles of a company

My review for Ordered express delivery for 12-1pm, hasn't arrived by 6pm. On phone to asda since half 1pm only to be told we have to wait until the driver gets back with the shopping to cancel it, and no refunds until then, I used the last of my money avoid this company
D david white
3 days ago

2 Peruvian curries and 1 Brazilian…

My review for 2 Peruvian curries and 1 Brazilian chicken freshmeals all had broken seals so possibly not safe. Check the seals before purchase. Also visited Accrington Asda twice on Mondays and quite a few shelves had low stock levels and looked scruffy with lots of empty cardboard trays /cases. Had to go to Tesco to get half my shopping list. Not sure what has changed - Asda used to be so good for fresh meals and stock choice.
J Joe Docherty
3 days ago

I went on line and priced a Morphy…

My review for I went on line and priced a Morphy Richards toaster it was £30 on line on I was charged £38 in store on querying this with customer services they said that it was an on line priceI would have placed the order on line and picked it up if it had said this is on line offer but it did notI think Asda is wrong with their policy and I will not set foot in any of their stores againStore purchased Easterhouse Asda LivingPhoned customer services they were a useful as a chocolate fireguard
W Nnn
3 days ago

No food, no refund…

My review for Had a home delivery but no one contacted me from the store to say that most of my food would not arrive. It was left to the poor driver to tell me on arrival that the freezers broke down and I had less than half the food I ordered. What did arrive was mostly substituted. Never had a receipt following delivery showing the missing items and substitutes. The online refund option was unavailable with this order. I never received a refund or apology and a month later they are still holding on to my money. I called and made a complaint and i also emailed. I was told I would get a refund within 3 days. 5 weeks since the delivery and still no refund or response.
A Alan
5 days ago

Ordered a home delivery

My review for Ordered a home delivery, it came an hour early so no one was at home. Called and asked for the delivery to come in the original time slot. Driver said he came to deliver, couldn't so order was cancelled. However, our security cameras provide evidence that the driver lied. Arranged redelivery for today again between 9pm and 11pm. Got an email to say the driver arrived at 9am and couldn't deliver, security cameras don't lie but Asda drivers do. What the hell is going on with Asda, its our first time trying this and it will be our last. Don't lie you will be found out. Its a disgrace.

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