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C customer
146 days ago

Exemplary Customer Service and Hassle-Free Experience

As a devoted customer of, I can confidently say that they provide exemplary customer service. When I called in with a few queries, I was met with a friendly and knowledgeable representative who patiently addressed all my concerns. Their fair prices are a breath of fresh air in the market, and the products are delivered with exceptional packaging. The seamless delivery process truly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend for anyone seeking a hassle-free and pleasant shopping experience.
C customer
146 days ago

Exceptional Service and Communication: A Gardener’s Dream Come True

My experience with surpassed all expectations. Not only were they good to deal with on the phone, but their customer service was exceptional. From the moment I placed my order, I felt valued and appreciated as a customer. The staff went above and beyond to answer all my questions and provide me with valuable gardening advice. Moreover, their prices were fair, allowing me to enhance my garden without breaking the bank. The plants I received were of excellent quality, a true testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction. The packaging was impeccable, ensuring that my new additions arrived in pristine condition. Lastly, the delivery was prompt and hassle-free, further solidifying my trust in I couldn't be happier with my experience and highly recommend them to all fellow garden enthusiasts. Thank you for making my gardening journey a dream come true!
C customer
146 days ago

Exceptional Service from Ashwood Nurseries: A Delightful Phone Experience

My interaction with Ashwood Nurseries over the phone was truly a pleasant one. Their customer service team was not only helpful and knowledgeable but also exuded a warmth that made me feel valued as a customer. Their fair prices were a refreshing surprise in today's market, and the quality of their products truly reflected value for money. One thing that stood out significantly was the exceptional care they put into packaging and delivering their items. Each plant was meticulously wrapped and protected, arriving in perfect condition. This attention to detail speaks volumes about their commitment to customer satisfaction. Overall, my experience with Ashwood Nurseries was nothing short of delightful. From the first phone call to the unpacking of my order, every step was seamless and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Ashwood Nurseries to anyone looking for a reliable and customer-focused gardening supplier. Thank you, Ashwood Nurseries, for your outstanding service!
S Stephanie Young
273 days ago

Unforgettable Experience at the Tea Room: A Customer’s Perspective

I recently visited the Tea Room at, excited to indulge in a refreshing iced tea and a jacket potato. As my friend and I settled down to enjoy our meal outdoors, we were taken aback by an unexpected and concerning sight. A fellow customer allowed her dog to not only eat off the plates but also to lick them clean, including a plate with leftover cake. What's more, the staff's response left us utterly disillusioned. Instead of addressing the situation, one of the staff members proceeded to shower the dog with affection, allowing it to transfer "dog hair" onto her clothing. Shockingly, she then returned to the food counter, handling the food without any regard for hygiene. As pet owners ourselves, with a deep appreciation for furry companions, we understand the importance of maintaining boundaries between animals and food preparation areas. The lack of intervention by the staff and their nonchalant attitude towards food safety left us dismayed and questioning the seriousness of health and safety protocols at the Tea Room. In all my years of dining out, I have never encountered such a blatant disregard for basic hygiene standards. As a customer who values food quality and safety, I sincerely hope that the Tea Room reevaluates its approach to maintaining a clean and safe environment for its patrons. The experience has undeniably tarnished what could have been a delightful visit, and I trust that management will take this feedback seriously to prevent such incidents in the future.
S Stephanie Young
273 days ago

An Unforgettable Visit to Ashwood Nurseries: A Cautionary Tale

Upon visiting the Tea Room at Ashwood Nurseries for a refreshing iced tea and a jacket potato, my experience took an unexpected turn. While enjoying our meal outdoors, a concerning incident unfolded before us. A fellow customer permitted their dog to eat off a plate and even proceeded to lick another plate with leftover cake crumbs. The lack of hygiene etiquette was unsettling, to say the least. To our dismay, instead of promptly addressing the situation, one of the staff members approached the canine, not to reprimand the behavior, but to pet and cuddle the dog. This act not only allowed dog hair to transfer onto the employee's attire but also raised concerns about food handling practices. Witnessing this display, I couldn't help but question the fundamental principles of health and safety maintained by the establishment. As a dog owner myself, with a genuine love for four-legged companions, I understand the bond between humans and their pets. However, the boundaries between pet interaction and food service were blurred in this instance, highlighting a critical oversight in staff training and customer safety protocols. The incident left a lasting impression on me, serving as a reminder of the importance of upholding strict hygiene standards, especially in environments where food is prepared and served to the public. In reflection, I urge Ashwood Nurseries to reevaluate their staff guidelines and reinforce the significance of maintaining a clean and safe dining environment for all patrons. As a visitor who values both quality service and hygiene, this experience serves as a cautionary tale for the establishment to prioritize customer well-being and uphold industry standards.
S Stephanie Young
273 days ago

Transformative Experience at the Tea Room: A Review of

Embarking on a leisurely afternoon, we sought solace and delicious refreshments at the Tea Room. As we anticipated the joy of iced tea and a warm jacket potato, our excitement was palpable. However, our serene experience was abruptly disrupted by a peculiar incident that unfolded before our eyes. Seated outdoors, we witnessed a scene that challenged our perception of etiquette and cleanliness. A fellow patron, accompanied by her furry companion, allowed her dog to not only feast off her plate but also indulge in the remnants of a delectable cake on another plate. Concerned, we were surprised by the staff's reaction, or rather, lack thereof. Instead of addressing the situation promptly, one of the staff members approached the duo not to reprimand but to engage with the dog, showering it with affection. Our astonishment grew as the staff member proceeded to caress the dog, inadvertently transferring 'dog hair' onto her attire. In a baffling turn of events, she seamlessly transitioned back to handling food behind the counter. The blatant disregard for hygiene and food safety left us questioning the fundamental principles upheld by the establishment. As avid dog lovers ourselves, with four canine companions enriching our lives, we understand the bond between humans and their pets. However, the boundaries between personal affection and public health and safety must be clearly delineated. The thought of serving contaminated food to patrons, including families, after such interactions is disconcerting, to say the least. In reflection, we urge to reassess their staff training and reinforce the importance of maintaining stringent hygiene standards, especially in food service areas. Upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism is paramount in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our visit, though marred by this incident, serves as a reminder of the critical role hygiene plays in the hospitality industry. Let this serve as a constructive critique aimed at enhancing the overall dining experience for future patrons. May the Tea Room continue to flourish, with a renewed commitment to excellence in all facets of service.
J Jeff Glock
297 days ago

Reviving Tradition with Ashwood Tea Rooms

At Ashwood Tea Rooms, we recently revisited for breakfast and were thrilled to experience the charm of tradition once again. While the memories of the past had us a bit skeptical, the warm ambiance and delightful cakes on display quickly captivated us. The breakfast, served promptly on hot plates, brought back the nostalgia of old-fashioned goodness. However, there were some aspects that needed improvement. My full English breakfast, although served promptly, was a tad warm with the toast slightly soggy. Similarly, my wife's mushrooms on toast lacked the desired savor with lackluster presentation. As we glanced around, the nostalgic ambiance was evident, yet we couldn't help but envision the potential for a modern touch. The breakfast choices, while traditional, could benefit from a fresh perspective. Despite this, the Tea Rooms continue to attract a loyal following, adding to its timeless appeal. Our visit, though not flawless, reminded us of the value in preserving tradition, and we look forward to the possibility of an enhanced experience in the future.
J Jeff Glock
297 days ago

Heartfelt Revisitation: A Renewed Perspective on Ashwood Tea Rooms

Revisiting Ashwood Tea Rooms after a long absence, I was filled with nostalgia and anticipation. The atmosphere was quaint and charming, but memories of past experiences lingered. Upon being greeted by a seemingly stoic server, my initial hesitation resurfaced. However, as we perused the display of delectable cakes, I couldn't help but admire their artistry, albeit questioning the price point. Our breakfast arrived promptly, exuding comforting warmth from the hot plates. Yet, as I indulged in my full English, the lukewarm temperature and soggy toast left something to be desired. Similarly, my wife's mushrooms on toast lacked finesse, with lackluster presentation and tepid execution. Observing the unchanged decor and unimaginative menu, a sense of stagnancy permeated the air. Despite the underwhelming culinary experience, the bustling presence of SAGA patrons hinted at Ashwood Tea Rooms' enduring appeal. Reflecting on the visit, I couldn't help but ponder the potential for revitalization amidst the nostalgia-driven charm. While disappointment colored our experience, there lingers a glimmer of hope for a future transformation, beckoning patrons old and new to rediscover the essence of Ashwood Tea Rooms.
J Jeff Glock
297 days ago

Heartfelt Reflections on Ashwood Tea Rooms Experience

Stepping into Ashwood Tea Rooms after a long hiatus brought a wave of nostalgia, but alas, the experience fell short of expectations. As we placed our breakfast order, the lack of warmth from the staff set a somber tone. The sight of enticing cakes at £4 per slice seemed indulgent, prompting a moment of hesitation. Although our breakfast arrived swiftly on warm plates, my full English was lukewarm, served with soggy toast - a minor setback that detracted from the meal. Meanwhile, my companion's mushrooms on toast arrived with mushrooms lacking flavor and toast lacking crispness, earning a frown for its lackluster presentation and inadequate heat. A glance around the tea rooms revealed a sense of stagnation, a reminder of an unchanging ambiance and an unimaginative menu that had perhaps lost its charm over time. The thought of a much-needed revamp lingered, yet the constant stream of SAGA patrons hinted at a loyalty that defied the need for change. Leaving with a sense of disappointment, the visit left a mark that signaled a deviation from future returns. Despite its popularity among certain demographics, the longing for innovation and quality resonated within, urging a transformation that would breathe new life into this once-beloved establishment.
328 days ago

Reviving My Garden with Ashwood Nurseries’ First-Class Plants

As an avid gardener, I've always been on the lookout for top-quality plants to enhance my outdoor space. That's when I discovered Ashwood Nurseries, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. I recently placed an order for a few shrubs, and the entire experience exceeded my expectations. The plants arrived promptly and were impeccably packaged, ensuring their safety during transit. Upon unwrapping, I was delighted to find vibrant and healthy shrubs, exactly as I had hoped for. What further delighted me was the inclusion of comprehensive growing instructions, which exhibited the nursery's dedication to customer satisfaction. It was evident that Ashwood Nurseries not only cares about the products they deliver but also the customer experience as a whole. I have since planted the shrubs, and they are thriving beautifully, adding a new lease of life to my garden. I am immensely satisfied with my purchase and would wholeheartedly recommend Ashwood Nurseries to fellow gardening enthusiasts. In conclusion, Ashwood Nurseries has undoubtedly earned my trust and loyalty. Their first-class plants, together with their attentive service, have undoubtedly won me over. I am eagerly looking forward to my next purchase, knowing with certainty that it will be another delightful experience. Thank you, Ashwood Nurseries, for reviving my garden and exceeding my expectations. I cannot wait to embark on future gardening endeavors with your exceptional plants.
328 days ago

Top quality mail order vegetation

My evaluate for I ordered a number of shrubs from Ashwood Nurseries, the vegetation arrived through courier in very safe packaging. The vegetation look wholesome and had helpful rising directions supplied as properly. Extremely beneficial, I might positively purchase from them once more.
328 days ago

Exquisite Plants, Exceptional Service: A Gardener’s Delight

Nurturing my garden has always been my sanctuary, and truly amplified my passion. With a longing for vibrant shrubs, I ventured into ordering from Ashwood Nurseries. The experience was nothing short of remarkable. The plants, delivered via courier, were nestled in secure packaging, ensuring their safe arrival. Upon unveiling my botanical treasures, I was greeted by the sight of robust, healthy shrubs, exuding vitality and promise. To my delight, accompanying the plants were invaluable growing instructions, a thoughtful touch that showcased the company's dedication to customer satisfaction. Immersed in a sea of gratitude, I wholeheartedly recommend Ashwood Nurseries. Their commitment to providing top-tier products and exceptional service is truly commendable. Without hesitation, I eagerly anticipate future purchases from this horticultural haven. Ashwood Nurseries has not just earned a customer in me but a loyal advocate. A heartfelt thank you to a company that understands the profound connection between a gardener and their green companions.
R Raymond Smith
349 days ago

Exceptional Service and High-Quality Plants: A Satisfied Customer’s Experience with Ashwood Nurseries

When I discovered, I was thrilled to find unique plants that were not commonly available elsewhere. I placed an order for two plants, eagerly anticipating their arrival. Upon receiving them, I was delighted with the quality of one, but unfortunately, the other began to deteriorate within the week. Upon reaching out to Ashwood Nurseries and providing a comparison photo of the two plants, I was met with exceptional customer service. Their team was not only understanding but also promptly sent me a replacement, which I received within a mere four days. The care and dedication they showed reaffirmed my trust in their brand. I highly recommend Ashwood Nurseries to any plant enthusiast. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is truly commendable. This seamless experience has made me a loyal customer, and I look forward to further enhancing my garden with their exceptional selection. Thank you, Ashwood Nurseries, for your outstanding service and the high-quality plants that have brought joy to my gardening endeavors.
R Raymond Smith
349 days ago

Exceptional Quality Plants and Outstanding Customer Service

I cannot express enough how thrilled I am with my experience at Their wide selection of plants includes rare finds that are hard to come by at other nurseries. When one of the plants I ordered deteriorated after delivery, I was initially disappointed. However, the exceptional customer service team promptly addressed my concerns. After reaching out and providing a comparison photo of the two plants, they went above and beyond to assist me. In no time, they arranged for a replacement, which I received within just four days. The new plant exceeded my expectations in quality, and the seamless process left me feeling valued as a customer. I am genuinely impressed by the outstanding level of service and the genuine care they have for their customers. Thank you,, for not only delivering top-notch plants but also for setting the bar high when it comes to customer satisfaction. I will definitely be returning for more of my gardening needs and highly recommend them to anyone in search of quality and service excellence.
R Raymond Smith
349 days ago

Exceptional Quality and Stellar Customer Care – A Gardener’s Delight!

When I discovered Ashwood Nurseries online, I was thrilled to find rare plants that I had been searching for. I placed an order for two unique plants, eagerly awaiting their arrival. Upon delivery, one of the plants seemed to struggle and deteriorate despite my best efforts. Concerned, I reached out to their customer service team and shared a comparison photo of the plants. The response was swift and understanding. Ashwood Nurseries went above and beyond, promptly sending me a replacement plant, which arrived in pristine condition within just four days. The quality of their plants is truly exceptional, and their customer care is unmatched. I am impressed not only by the top-notch products but also by the genuine care and attention they show to their customers. Gardening enthusiasts, look no further - Ashwood Nurseries is a gem worth treasuring!


Ashwood Nurseries, located in the heart of the West Midlands, is an online plant retailer that has been serving customers since 1997. With a passion for horticulture and a dedication to providing high-quality plants, Ashwood Nurseries aims to assist gardeners of all levels in creating beautiful outdoor spaces. This editorial review will delve into various aspects of their website, including user experience, pricing, customer service, product quality, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, shipping, and costs.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - Wide range of plants, including perennials, shrubs, trees, and climbers - Plants are well-categorized for easy navigation - High-quality and healthy plants - Informative product descriptions - Regular promotions and discounts - Responsive customer service - Strong reputation in the gardening community Cons: - Limited number of payment options - Lack of a loyalty program

User Experience

Ashwood Nurseries provides a user-friendly website that allows customers to easily find and purchase their desired plants. The website is well-organized, with clear categories such as "Perennials," "Shrubs," "Trees," and "Climbers," making it simple to browse through the extensive range of plants. Each product page includes detailed information about the plant's characteristics, growing requirements, and care tips, aiding customers in making informed choices. The overall user experience is smooth and hassle-free.

Pricing and Value for Money

The pricing at Ashwood Nurseries is reasonable and competitive. The plants are priced based on their size and rarity, ensuring that customers receive value for their money. Additionally, the high-quality of the plants justifies the price, as they are healthy and well-cared for. Overall, Ashwood Nurseries offers good value for money, considering the quality of the plants and the knowledge shared on the website.

Customer Service

Ashwood Nurseries prides itself on providing excellent customer service. Their responsive and knowledgeable team is readily available to answer any queries or provide guidance. Whether it's assistance with plant selection, planting advice, or resolving any issues, customers can rely on Ashwood Nurseries' attentive customer service to ensure a positive experience.

Product Quality and Selection

Ashwood Nurseries excels in offering high-quality plants. Every plant is carefully nurtured by experienced horticulturists before being dispatched to customers. The selection is extensive, catering to various gardening preferences and requirements. From rare and exotic plants to traditional favorites, customers can browse a diverse range of plant options, assuring them of finding the perfect additions to their gardens.

Website Usability

The Ashwood Nurseries website is designed with usability in mind. The layout is clean and intuitive, with clear navigation menus and helpful search functionality. The website loads quickly, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. The use of high-resolution images and comprehensive product descriptions further enhance usability by allowing customers to visualize and understand each plant's characteristics easily.

Returns and Exchanges

Ashwood Nurseries has a fair and straightforward returns and exchanges policy. If any plants arrive damaged or fail to meet customer expectations, they are promptly replaced or refunded. Customers can contact the customer service team to arrange returns or exchanges, and they can expect a hassle-free process.

Promotions and Discounts

Ashwood Nurseries frequently offers promotions and discounts to enhance customer affordability. Special promotions such as seasonal sales, bundle deals, and exclusive discounts are regularly advertised on their website. By taking advantage of these promotions, customers can save money while expanding their plant collections.


Ashwood Nurseries has built a strong reputation within the gardening community for their exceptional plant quality and reliable service. With over two decades of experience, they have established themselves as a trustworthy and reputable source for plants. Positive reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers further contribute to their favorable reputation.

Payment Options

While Ashwood Nurseries offers secure and convenient online payment options like credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal, they have a limited range of payment methods. The inclusion of additional options such as mobile payment gateways or bank transfers would further enhance customer convenience.

Loyalty Programs

Currently, Ashwood Nurseries does not offer a loyalty program. Introducing such a program could entice repeat customers and reward their loyalty, further strengthening customer relationships.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Ashwood Nurseries' products and services reflect their satisfaction with the company. Many customers highlight the excellent quality of plants, prompt delivery, and exceptional customer support. These reviews testify to the reliability and expertise of Ashwood Nurseries.

Community Involvement

Ashwood Nurseries actively participates in the gardening community by supporting local events, contributing to gardening magazines, and hosting workshops and talks. Their involvement shows dedication not only to their customers but also to the broader gardening community, promoting knowledge and enjoyment of horticulture.

Shipping and Costs

Ashwood Nurseries provides reliable and efficient shipping services, ensuring the safe delivery of plants to customers' doorsteps. The shipping costs are calculated based on the order's weight and destination, providing customers with transparent pricing. Depending on the order size and location, customers can opt for standard or express delivery, balancing speed and cost to suit their needs. In conclusion, Ashwood Nurseries is a reputable and dependable online plant retailer offering a wide range of high-quality plants to suit every gardener's preferences. With a user-friendly website and responsive customer service, they provide an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience. While improvements could be made in payment options and loyalty programs, their dedication to quality, community involvement, and customer satisfaction make Ashwood Nurseries a trusted choice for all gardening needs.