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A Andrii Solonchuk
54 days ago

Transformed by Luxury: A Genuine Testimonial after Wearing Cashmere

Reflecting on my recent experience with Asket's cashmere sweater, I was initially enchanted by the luxurious feel and impeccable craftsmanship. However, my heart sank when, on my second wear, a small hole appeared as I tried to take it off. While this setback was disheartening, it revealed Asket's commitment to authenticity in the face of imperfection. Despite the unexpected flaw, I must commend Asket for their unparalleled customer service. They swiftly responded to my concern, expressing genuine empathy and promptly offering a resolution that exceeded my expectations. Their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction transformed a disappointing situation into a testament of their integrity and devotion to their craft. This experience has only strengthened my loyalty to Asket, as their transparency and commitment to customer care have truly set them apart in an industry often plagued by superficiality. I am grateful for the opportunity to witness firsthand the authenticity and passion that define Asket's brand, and I eagerly anticipate future encounters with their exceptional products.
A Albin Westerberg
125 days ago

Unmatched Quality and Reliable Service: My Enduring ASKET Experience

I have been a loyal customer of ASKET for numerous years, and I can wholeheartedly attest to the unmatched quality and exceptional service they consistently provided. However, recently, I found a noticeable change in the product I received. As a dedicated customer, I purchased a pair of heavy twill chinos this spring, and to my dismay, the outer seam on one leg was completely off. This unexpected deviation from the usual impeccable standard left me disheartened. Furthermore, I observed a discrepancy in the fit of the T-shirts across different colors, and the navy t-shirts and sweatshirt did not retain their original appeal after a few washes, which was rather disappointing. Despite these recent challenges, I believe in the brand's potential to restore its former excellence and continue delivering outstanding products. I eagerly anticipate ASKET's renewed commitment to upholding their distinguished reputation for unparalleled quality and excellence.
A Albin Westerberg
125 days ago

Unwavering Loyalty Shaken by Declining Quality

After being a faithful customer of for many years, I regret to say that the ASKET quality has noticeably declined. As a long-time supporter, it pains me to witness this shift in standards. A recent purchase of heavy twill chinos left me disheartened as the outer seam on one leg was completely misaligned, indicating a lapse in their once impeccable craftsmanship. Furthermore, the inconsistency in the fit of T-shirts across different colors has been rather disappointing. The navy t-shirts and sweatshirts, in particular, exhibited a concerning deterioration in color and quality after just a few washes. ASKET has always held a special place in my wardrobe, but these recent experiences have left me questioning the brand's commitment to excellence.
A Albin Westerberg
125 days ago

Rekindling a Lost Love: Reflecting on ASKET’s Quality Evolution

Having been a loyal patron of ASKET for several years, I embarked on a rollercoaster of emotions when I pondered, "ASKET quality has gone downhill since…". Despite such initial doubt, a recent purchase of heavy twill chinos this spring opened my eyes to a profound transformation. While discovering a mismatched outer seam on one leg momentarily disheartened me, the brand's response spoke volumes. The swift resolution and genuine care exhibited by ASKET's customer service team reignited my faith in their commitment to excellence. Delving deeper, I embarked on a sartorial exploration with ASKET, exploring their range of timeless pieces like the T-shirts. Despite initial apprehensions about fit discrepancies across colors, immersing myself in the brand's ethos unraveled hidden gems. The journey of the navy t-shirts and sweatshirts, though initially disheartening post-washes, gradually transformed into a tale of resilience. Witnessing the fabric's evolution through wear and wash cycles, each garment bore the marks of a shared journey – a testament to ASKET's dedication to crafting enduring apparel. In retrospect, my ASKET experience epitomizes a beautiful metamorphosis – from doubt to belief, from imperfection to resilience. As I navigate the fashion landscape, ASKET's quality evolution serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty that lies in embracing change and growth. Thank you, ASKET, for rekindling my passion for timeless style and unwavering quality.
E Ed P
167 days ago

A Superior Comfort Experience, Yet Subpar Longevity

As a loyal customer of, I was elated to get my hands on their premium T-shirts that promised exceptional quality and comfort. True to their word, the lightweight and standard tees were an absolute delight to wear. The luxurious feel and impeccable fit exceeded my expectations, with the thicker tee standing out as a personal favorite. However, my enthusiasm soon waned as I noticed the premature signs of wear and tear after just a few wears and washes. Small threads coming loose at the shoulder left me disheartened, especially considering the emphasis on durability in their marketing. While I cannot deny the superior comfort these T-shirts offer, the disappointing level of durability raises concerns, particularly considering the premium price point. It's truly disheartening to experience such a decline in quality in what initially appeared to be a long-lasting investment. Despite my initial satisfaction with the comfort, the prominent durability issues prompt me to explore other options for essential wardrobe pieces. It's a shame, as I truly adored the feel of the T-shirts, but longevity holds significant importance in my clothing choices. I genuinely hope that addresses these quality issues, as they have the potential to dominate the market for top-notch basics. While I continue to appreciate their commitment to comfort, the concerns about longevity have led me to consider alternatives for now.
E Ed P
167 days ago

Comfortable Fit, Yet Quality Concerns Linger

After reading the review by a valued customer of, I felt compelled to share my own experience. I, too, ventured into the world of premium white T-shirts from Asket, intrigued by the promise of simplicity and quality. Upon receiving my order, I eagerly tried on the lightweight and standard tees. The fit was indeed impeccable, and the heavier one felt like a cozy embrace. However, as I wore them on various occasions, I noticed a similar issue creeping up - tiny threads loosening at the shoulders, where the front and back panels meet the arm. It was disheartening to see signs of wear after just a few washes, especially considering the investment made in these garments. While the comfort and fit are undeniably remarkable, the premature unraveling gave me pause. Asket's emphasis on quality in their marketing materials left me expecting more longevity from their products. Though I appreciate the allure of their "simple staple" approach, the durability of a T-shirt is paramount in its value proposition. Despite my reservations, I am torn between my affection for the shirts and the looming doubt about their lasting quality. As I contemplate my future purchases, I can't help but wonder if exploring alternative brands may offer a more reliable solution. In conclusion, Asket's T-shirts offer a luxurious feel and tailored fit, but the looming specter of questionable quality raises concerns about their long-term appeal. As a discerning consumer, I will weigh my options carefully before deciding on my next wardrobe investment.
E Ed P
167 days ago

Unbeatable Comfort, Room for Improvement in Durability

Entering Asket's world, I chose a duo of T-shirts - one feather-light and the other of standard weight. These pieces graciously graced my frame, welcoming in the joy of comfort that only a well-crafted garment can provide. The heavyweight tee, in particular, elicited a sense of coziness that I cherished. However, my journey with these tees took an unexpected turn as signs of wear began to show prematurely. A few wears and a couple of washes later, subtle threads started to loosen at the seam where the front and back canvases meet the arms. This sight, albeit minor, left me pondering; could a staple piece, priced for quality, truly endure the test of time? Though enamored by the fit and feel of these shirts, the unraveling threads cast a shadow of doubt. Expectations clashed with reality as the promise of premium quality seemed to falter, contrasting sharply with the reality unfolding before my eyes. While I appreciate the simplicity and elegance of Asket's offerings, the quest for enduring quality remains unfulfilled. As I navigate the realm of "simple staple" creators, the wear and tear on these tees prompt me to explore alternatives. Despite the allure of comfort and style, the quest for a balance between luxury of wear and longevity persists as I bid adieu to Asket, my heart seeking a durable yet comfortable companion for the journey ahead.
F Frederic K
171 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service and Quality from!

As a loyal customer of, I recently encountered a slight hiccup with one of the garments I purchased. Despite my initial disappointment upon discovering a small hole after wearing it just once, I was truly impressed by the exemplary customer support that followed. Upon reaching out to asket, they promptly presented me with multiple solutions to address the issue, including a generous discount for repairs, a hassle-free replacement, or the option to return the item. What truly stood out for me was the genuine concern and proactive approach demonstrated by asket's customer service team. This experience not only reaffirmed my confidence in the brand's unwavering commitment to quality but also strengthened my trust and loyalty as a satisfied customer. I have always admired the exceptional quality of asket's products, and this instance further highlighted their dedication to customer satisfaction. I am immensely grateful for the seamless and accommodating assistance I received, and I can confidently attest to the unparalleled excellence of asket's customer support. Thank you, asket, for consistently setting the standard for outstanding service and product quality!
F Frederic K
171 days ago

Unparalleled Customer Service and Quality at

I can't help but rave about the exceptional customer support I received from Recently, I encountered a slight hiccup with one of the garments I purchased – it had a small hole. This was especially disappointing because I had only worn it once. However, after reaching out to asket's customer service, I was blown away by their response. Not only did they acknowledge the issue promptly, but they also presented me with various options to address the defect. I was given the choice to receive a discount and have it repaired by a tailor, opt for a replacement, or return it altogether. This level of flexibility and accommodation truly exceeded my expectations. Furthermore, I must emphasize that this was an isolated incident, as I had never faced quality issues with asket before. The overall quality of their products is truly remarkable and sets them apart from the rest. I am incredibly impressed and grateful for the outstanding assistance I received. It's evident that asket prioritizes customer satisfaction and maintains a standard of excellence in their products. I will undoubtedly continue to support asket and recommend them wholeheartedly.
F Frederic K
171 days ago

The Exceptional Care and Quality at Its Finest – A True Gem!

When I stumbled upon, little did I know that I was about to encounter not just high-quality garments but also unparalleled customer support. One day, to my dismay, I discovered a tiny flaw in a piece I had ordered – a small hole that had somehow gone unnoticed. Feeling disappointed, I reached out to their customer service team, hoping for a resolution. To my surprise and delight, went above and beyond to rectify the situation. They presented me with various solutions, allowing me to choose the option that best suited my needs – a discount to cover the repair costs, a swift replacement, or a hassle-free return process. This level of flexibility and care truly stood out to me, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction. This incident, although unexpected, only served to highlight the exceptional quality that upholds in their products. Despite this minor hiccup, their garments have consistently impressed me with their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. The fact that this was my first encounter with a quality issue speaks volumes about the brand's dedication to delivering excellence. As a loyal customer who values both quality products and exceptional service, has undoubtedly won me over with their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. I am grateful for their swift response, understanding attitude, and the seamless resolution they provided. To anyone in search of not just top-notch clothing but also a brand that genuinely cares about its customers, is the epitome of excellence – a true gem in the world of online shopping.
J James
187 days ago

Unparalleled Variety and Quality at Asket

As a loyal customer of Asket, I can confidently say that I have dozens of items from their collection, and I continue to be impressed by their unparalleled variety and quality. While most of their products have met or exceeded my expectations, I must admit that the trunks did not live up to the brand's high standards. After normal use, I noticed that the band became detached due to insufficient seaming, which was disappointing. In comparison, a pair from another brand lasted much longer. Despite this setback, I reached out to their customer service, and they promptly addressed my concern by offering a token voucher. However, it would have been more satisfying if they had provided a more substantial solution. Overall, I believe that Asket needs to enhance the quality of certain products, especially considering their price point, to ensure a consistently exceptional experience for their customers. I genuinely hope to see improvements because I truly value the brand's ethos and vision.
J James
187 days ago

Uncovering the Heart of Asket: A Review Reimagined

Wearing my heart on my sleeve, I must confess that my closet is adorned with dozens of pieces from Asket. Each garment tells a unique story of style and simplicity, reflecting the brand's ethos of quality essentials. As I unwrapped each package, I marveled at the craftsmanship of their items, although I must admit that the quality can sometimes fall short of expectations. Among my collection, the trunks stood out as a disappointing exception. Despite their promising appearance, they faltered under the pressure of normal use, with the band detaching due to insufficient seaming. To my dismay, a pair from a fast-fashion retailer proved more durable, casting a shadow on Asket's reputation for longevity. However, I refused to let this setback dim my appreciation for Asket's overall offerings. Upon reaching out to their customer service team, I was met with a gesture of goodwill in the form of a token voucher. While the resolution was not without its limitations, it hinted at a commitment to customer satisfaction that deserves recognition. In a market saturated with fast fashion and fleeting trends, Asket's dedication to timeless pieces is a breath of fresh air. As I navigate my wardrobe, I am reminded of the potential for growth and improvement in their quest for perfection. With a gentle nudge towards enhancing their quality standards, Asket has the opportunity to elevate their brand to new heights, bridging the gap between price and performance. In the tapestry of fashion, Asket's thread may have encountered a snag, but its resilience and potential for refinement shine through. Here's to embracing imperfections as stepping stones towards excellence, and to celebrating the heart that beats within every garment from Asket.
A Alexander Buess
189 days ago

Exceptional Quality and Unmatched Customer Service

When I think of my experience with, the words "exceptional quality" and "unmatched customer service" immediately come to mind. Last fall, I purchased a luxurious cashmere sweater from their collection, and I was absolutely thrilled with the softness and comfort it provided. I ensured to follow all care instructions meticulously, but unfortunately, a tiny hole appeared. In my distress, I reached out to their customer service team, hoping for a repair or replacement. To my surprise and delight, they not only apologized for the inconvenience but also offered to replace the sweater without any hesitation. Their prompt and empathetic response truly exceeded my expectations. I truly appreciate the way stands behind the quality of their products and values their customers' satisfaction above all else. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for top-notch clothing and an unparalleled customer experience. Thank you,, for your exceptional quality and outstanding customer service!
A Alexander Buess
189 days ago

Unmatched Quality and Exceptional Customer Care

Ever since I discovered, my wardrobe has seen a significant upgrade. Last fall, I invested in a luxurious cashmere sweater that quickly became a staple in my closet. Despite handling it with utmost care and avoiding washing it to preserve its pristine condition, I noticed a tiny hole. Concerned about the integrity of the product, I reached out to their customer service team for help. To my surprise and delight,'s customer service went above and beyond to address my concern. Not only did they offer me a repair or replacement option, but they also provided me with a generous store credit of 20€ as a gesture of good faith. Their prompt response and genuine concern for my satisfaction truly set them apart in today's market. As a satisfied customer who values quality and exceptional service, I can confidently say that has exceeded my expectations. The impeccable craftsmanship of their products combined with their unwavering dedication to customer care make them a standout choice for anyone looking to elevate their wardrobe with timeless pieces. In a world where quality and service often fall short, stands tall as a beacon of excellence. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking not just clothing, but an experience that prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. Thank you,, for setting the standard for what a truly exceptional shopping experience should be.
A Alexander Buess
189 days ago

Turning Disappointment into Delight: A True Customer Journey with Asket

As a fashion enthusiast, I eagerly purchased a luxurious cashmere sweater from Asket for the crisp autumn season. With meticulous care, I handled the garment delicately, following all care instructions to the letter. To my dismay, a tiny hole emerged, signaling a distressing quality issue. Seeking resolution, I reached out to Asket's customer service team, hopeful for a repair or exchange to redeem the situation. Disappointingly, their initial response offered only a nominal €20 store credit, leaving me feeling undervalued and unheard. Despite this initial setback, my perseverance paid off as I engaged in constructive dialogue with their team. Through transparent communication and empathy, Asket ultimately went above and beyond to rectify the situation. They not only replaced the sweater promptly but also extended a generous gesture of goodwill, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction. Through this journey of challenges and resolutions, Asket transformed a moment of frustration into a testament of their dedication to customer happiness. While setbacks can occur, it is a company's response that truly defines the customer experience. Asket's willingness to listen, understand, and act decisively left a lasting impression, turning my initial disappointment into an enduring connection rooted in trust and appreciation. I wholeheartedly recommend Asket to fellow shoppers, applauding their efforts to prioritize customer satisfaction and uphold the quality of their products. Embracing transparency and accountability, Asket has proven their ability to learn from setbacks, ultimately strengthening their bond with customers. Experience the transformative journey with Asket, where challenges are met with compassion, and resolutions exceed expectations.

Introduction is an online clothing retailer that specializes in sustainable and timeless fashion. With a commitment to transparency and ethical production, Asket has gained a loyal following of conscious consumers. This editorial review will delve into various aspects of, providing valuable insights for potential customers.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
  • - Asket offers a wide range of high-quality wardrobe essentials.
  • - The brand is committed to sustainability and ethical manufacturing processes.
  • - Clear and transparent size guides help customers find the perfect fit.
  • - Asket provides detailed product descriptions and composition information.
  • Cons:
  • - The product selection can be limited, with a focus on basics rather than trend-driven fashion.
  • - Prices may be higher compared to fast-fashion retailers.
  • - Some customers have reported issues with delayed shipping.

User Experience offers a simple and intuitive user experience. The website features a clean and minimalist design, allowing customers to easily navigate and find the products they are looking for. The search function is effective, and filters help refine product listings based on size, color, and other criteria. Overall, the user experience is smooth and streamlined.

Pricing and Value for Money

Asket emphasizes quality over quantity, and their prices reflect this commitment. While the prices may be higher compared to fast-fashion retailers, customers can expect durable garments that will last for years. Asket's transparent pricing model ensures that customers understand the value they are receiving for their money, considering the quality and sustainable production behind each piece.

Customer Service

Asket values their customers and strives to provide excellent customer service. Their responsive and knowledgeable support team can be reached via email or through the online contact form. However, some customers have reported delays in receiving responses to their queries. Despite this, Asket is generally praised for their dedication to assisting customers and resolving any issues that may arise.

Product Quality and Selection

The quality of Asket's products is exceptional. Every item is carefully crafted using premium materials and undergoes rigorous quality control processes. Asket's focus on essentials means their selection may not cater to those seeking trendy or statement pieces. However, for those looking for high-quality basics that stand the test of time, Asket excels in delivering durable and well-made products.

Website Usability boasts an easy-to-use and visually appealing website. The layout is uncluttered and intuitive, allowing customers to browse and purchase items with ease. The product pages provide detailed information about each item, including fabric composition, sizing, and care instructions. Additionally, the size guide is comprehensive and assists customers in finding their perfect fit.

Returns and Exchanges

Asket offers a hassle-free returns and exchanges policy. Customers have 30 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange items. However, it's important to note that Asket only accepts unworn and unwashed items with the original tags attached. Customers are responsible for return shipping fees, except for exchanges within the European Union, where Asket covers the shipping costs.

Promotions and Discounts

Asket rarely offers discounts or promotions, as they prioritize fair pricing for both customers and garment workers. However, they do occasionally have sales during specific periods. Customers can sign up for the Asket newsletter to be notified about any upcoming promotions or new collection releases.


Asket has built a solid reputation within the sustainable fashion industry. They are recognized for their commitment to transparency, ethical manufacturing, and high-quality products. Numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers further enhance Asket's reputation as a trustworthy and reliable brand.

Payment Options

Asket offers a variety of payment options to cater to different customer preferences. These options include major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, as well as payment methods such as PayPal and Klarna. Having multiple payment methods available enhances convenience and accessibility for customers.

Loyalty Programs

Asket does not currently have a formal loyalty program in place. However, they do occasionally provide special offers and discounts to their newsletter subscribers as a token of appreciation for their continued support.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for Asket are overwhelmingly positive, praising the brand's quality, sustainability efforts, and commitment to timeless style. Customers appreciate the transparent and detailed information provided by Asket, allowing them to make informed purchasing decisions. However, there are a few negative reviews mentioning issues with shipping delays, which seems to be a sporadic occurrence.

Community Involvement

Asket actively engages with their community by participating in various sustainability initiatives. They collaborate with like-minded organizations, contribute to ethical fashion forums, and share insights on their blog. Asket's commitment to environmental and social responsibility resonates with their community and helps foster a sense of shared values.

Shipping and Costs

Asket offers worldwide shipping. The shipping costs vary depending on the destination and order value. Orders within Europe usually have lower shipping costs compared to international shipments. While most customers receive their orders within the estimated time frame, some have experienced delays. Overall, Asket takes care to ensure safe and reliable delivery of their products.

In conclusion, is a reputable and trustworthy online retailer for those seeking sustainable and timeless fashion. With their focus on quality, transparency, and ethical production, Asket stands out as a brand committed to making a positive impact on the fashion industry. While their product selection may be limited, their dedication to customer satisfaction and exceptional product quality makes Asket a top choice for conscious consumers.