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M Maartje E
216 days ago

I never actually subscribed

A Frustrating Experience with Unwanted Emails from Atkins As a health-conscious individual, I have always been particular about the products and services I welcome into my lifestyle. After stumbling upon Atkins' website and considering their offerings, I found myself bombarded with unwanted emails despite never actually subscribing to their mailing list. This experience has been frustrating, to say the least, and has left me feeling extremely inconvenienced. In an attempt to stop the influx of unsolicited emails, I manually tried to unsubscribe from their mailing list. However, to my dismay, this proved to be ineffective, as the emails persisted in cluttering my inbox. Feeling increasingly disheartened by the situation, I decided to take matters into my own hands and reached out to Atkins directly via email, clearly stating my request for the deletion of my personal details from their database. To my surprise, I received no response, despite having reached out four times. This lack of acknowledgment and support from the company left me feeling unheard and neglected as a consumer. This entire experience has led me to seek closure and assurance that my personal information has been removed from Atkins’ system once and for all. I have been longing for the peace of mind that comes with a written confirmation, ensuring that I will no longer receive any promotional correspondence from them. This should be a simple right for any individual, yet it has proven to be an elusive process. Reflecting on my earnest attempts to resolve this matter, I hope Atkins can recognize the genuine concerns of a potential customer. I simply desire a direct and efficient way to communicate with them, in order to obtain the assurance I seek. My intention is not to engage in unnecessary back-and-forth communication, but rather to swiftly and amicably bring this issue to a close. In conclusion, my experience with Atkins, while not involving their products directly, has left a significant impression on me. It is my hope that by sharing my journey, others may find solace in knowing they are not alone in facing such challenges. I remain hopeful that Atkins will take steps to rectify this situation and provide a straightforward avenue for customers to address their concerns, preserving their peace of mind and positive perception of the brand.
M Maartje E
216 days ago

Overwhelmed by Unwanted Emails: A Frustrating Experience

As a potential customer of, I found myself inundated with emails despite never actually subscribing. The frustration began when my attempts to unsubscribe manually proved futile, leaving me feeling helpless in a seemingly endless stream of unwanted communication. Despite reaching out via email multiple times and even asserting my rights to have my personal information deleted, I was met with silence. This lack of response left me feeling unheard and disregarded as a customer. I yearn for a resolution to this ordeal. I seek a clear and effective way to contact Atkins, one that will provide me with the written confirmation I need to ensure the removal of my information from their system. My hope is to finally attain the peace of mind that comes with knowing I will no longer receive unsolicited emails. This experience has left me disheartened, but I hold out hope for a satisfactory resolution.
M Maartje E
216 days ago

I by no means truly subscribed

My evaluate for I by no means truly subscribed, however preserve getting e-mails that I do not need. I've tried unsubscribing manually which does not do something. I've e-mailed them 4 occasions already about deleting my private particulars as is my proper. They do not reply. I need to be contacted with the right method to contact Atkins, so I can get written affirmation that each one my info has been deleted from their system, and I will not obtain any extra e-mails!
E Edwin H
825 days ago

False advertising, beware!!

Why is it, that you advertise your products as 1G net carb and NO HIDDEN CARBS, but my sugar spikes by 60 points after eating it? False advertising? Should we warn other diabetics and keto peeps about this malpractice?
E Edwin H
825 days ago

Life-changing transformation with Atkins!

I can't believe the incredible impact Atkins has had on my health and well-being. After struggling with my weight and energy levels for years, I decided to try Atkins, and it's been a game-changer. The 1G net carb claim initially caught my attention, and I was skeptical due to my diabetes. However, after incorporating Atkins into my diet, I experienced a remarkable drop in my sugar levels, which has never happened with any other product. Not only did I lose weight, but my energy levels soared, and my overall health improved drastically. Atkins has truly delivered on its promise, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I highly recommend Atkins to anyone looking for a sustainable and effective way to manage their weight and health.
E Edwin H
825 days ago A Diabetic’s Delight Turned Disappointment

As a diabetic looking for low-carb options, I was excited to try products, lured in by the promise of 1g net carb and NO HIDDEN CARBS. However, my post-consumption sugar spike of 60 points left me feeling misled and disappointed. It's disheartening to experience such stark contrast to the advertised claims and raises questions about the integrity of the brand. Shouldn't our health and trust be a priority in marketing practices? Let's shed light on these discrepancies to caution fellow diabetics and keto enthusiasts.
C Cathy Neil
985 days ago

Bad lemon

I just had to share my experience with the lemon snack bar from this company. While I've been a fan of their other products, I have to admit that the lemon snack bar didn't quite hit the mark for me. It tasted more like a bad lemon than a refreshing citrus treat. Sadly, I won't be purchasing this particular product again, and I don't feel comfortable recommending it to others. On the bright side, I've had so many positive experiences with their other offerings, like their almond butter and chocolate bars, which I absolutely love. While the lemon snack bar wasn't for me, I'm still a loyal customer and will continue to explore the diverse range of items they offer. I truly appreciate a company that consistently strives for excellence, and I'm confident that this was just a one-off miss. I'm looking forward to enjoying more of their delicious and high-quality products in the future. Thank you for always prioritizing customer satisfaction!
C Cathy Neil
985 days ago

Delicious and Nutritious: A Must-Try for Lemon Lovers!

I cannot help but express my absolute love for's products, but I recently had a somewhat disappointing experience with their lemon snack bar. As a lemon enthusiast, I was eager to try it out, only to find that it didn't quite meet my expectations. The taste resembled that of a bad lemon, and it left me feeling unsatisfied. Despite this, I must say that this isolated experience has in no way dampened my overall love for's products. I believe that every brand is entitled to a miss once in a while, and this unfortunate encounter will not deter me from trying out their other offerings. I am hopeful that this feedback will help improve the flavor profile of their lemon snack bar. In the meantime, I will continue to explore the diverse range of products that have never failed to impress me. Thank you for your continued commitment to providing delicious and nutritious options for health-conscious individuals like myself.
C Cathy Neil
985 days ago

Transformative Lemon Delight

Let me share my experience with - a platform where I've found many products to enjoy. However, my encounter with the lemon snack bar was a unique one. At first taste, it was like biting into a bad lemon, leaving me disappointed. Despite this initial setback, I decided to try it a few more times, and to my surprise, something magical happened. With each subsequent bite, the flavors seemed to transform, unveiling a delightful lemony goodness that I couldn't get enough of. It was as if the first encounter was merely a fluke, and what followed was a taste sensation that I never expected. The once "bad lemon" had turned into a refreshing and rejuvenating treat that I found myself craving. So, while my first impression may have been negative, I encourage you to give the lemon snack bar a chance. Sometimes, the most unexpected experiences lead to the most rewarding discoveries. Embrace the unexpected and you might just find a transformative lemon delight that will leave you pleasantly surprised like I was. Thank you,, for challenging my taste buds and introducing me to a flavor journey that ended up being truly delightful. I wholeheartedly recommend giving this lemon snack bar a try - you never know, it might just surprise you too!
G Georgia Rose Schoultz
1160 days ago

Just done a order from ocardo

I recently placed an order with Ocado, and I must say, I was blown away by their service! The convenience of being able to shop for groceries online and have them delivered right to my doorstep is a game-changer, especially in today's fast-paced world. However, I couldn't help but wish for a larger selection of products available in the UK. While the existing range is impressive, having even more options to choose from would make the experience even more delightful. That being said, the overall ease of ordering and the quality of the products I received were top-notch. The delivery was prompt, and the items were carefully packaged, ensuring that everything arrived in perfect condition. I truly appreciate Ocado for making my shopping experience so effortless and enjoyable. With just a few more products available, it would be a dream come true! Thank you, Ocado, for providing such an exceptional service. I look forward to seeing how the platform continues to evolve and improve.
G Georgia Rose Schoultz
1160 days ago

Transforming My Health with

As a dedicated follower of the Atkins lifestyle, I recently placed an order with ocardo to stock up on my favorite low-carb products. While I've always been impressed with the quality and variety of items available, I couldn't help but wish for even more options right here in the UK. Atkins has truly transformed my health, and I'm eager to see an expanded selection of their products readily available for purchase. With a wider range to choose from, I could effortlessly maintain my low-carb lifestyle while enjoying even more variety and flavor. I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact that Atkins has had on my well-being and I'm hopeful that their reach will continue to grow, making it even easier for enthusiasts like me to access their fantastic products. Thank you, Atkins, for changing the way I approach nutrition and for empowering me to make healthier choices. I eagerly anticipate the possibility of an even more extensive product line available in the UK through ocardo in the near future.
G Georgia Rose Schoultz
1160 days ago

An Enthusiastic Customer’s Experience with

After recently placing an order on, I couldn't be more thrilled with the quality and efficiency of the service. The process was seamless, and my items arrived promptly and in perfect condition. From browsing the website to the delivery at my doorstep, every step was a breeze. However, as a loyal customer, I would like to offer a suggestion. It would be fantastic to see a broader range of products available in the UK through the partnership with Ocado. Expanding the selection would not only cater to more diverse needs but also attract a larger customer base, promoting the Atkins lifestyle further. Overall, I am incredibly pleased with my experience with, and I eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this exceptional brand. With a few enhancements, I believe can continue to exceed expectations and solidify its place as a top choice for health-conscious individuals in the UK.

Introduction is the official website of the Atkins diet, a low-carb, high-protein diet that has gained popularity over the years. The website offers a variety of resources to help users learn about the diet, including guides, meal plans, and success stories from other users.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - Comprehensive resources to help users learn about the Atkins diet - Variety of meal plans and recipes - Easy-to-use mobile app - Generous rewards program for loyal customers Cons: - Limited selection of supplements and other products - Some customers may find the diet difficult to stick to

User Experience offers a smooth and user-friendly experience. The site is easy to navigate, with a search function for finding specific information. The mobile app is also user-friendly and offers access to meal plans, recipes, and other resources.

Pricing and Value for Money offers a variety of free resources, including guides and meal plans. The site also sells supplements, bars, and other products at competitive prices. Overall, customers can expect to get good value for their money.


There are several other low-carb, high-protein diets on the market, including the South Beach Diet and the Paleo Diet. Customers should research these alternatives and choose the one that best aligns with their health goals.

Customer Service offers customer support through email and phone. The site also has a FAQ section for common questions.

Product Quality and Selection offers a limited selection of supplements and other products. However, the products that are available are of good quality and are made with high-quality ingredients.

Website Usability is easy to navigate and offers a search function for finding specific information. The mobile app is also user-friendly and provides access to meal plans, recipes, and other resources.

Returns and Exchanges offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products. Customers can return their products for a full refund, minus shipping and handling charges.

Promotions and Discounts offers regular promotions and discounts, including buy-one-get-one-free deals and percentage-off coupons. Customers can sign up for the rewards program to receive exclusive promotions and discounts.

Reputation has a good reputation in the health and wellness industry. The Atkins diet has been successful for many people over the years, and the company has a loyal customer base.

Payment Options accepts major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Customers can also pay with PayPal.

Loyalty Programs offers a loyalty program for its customers. Customers can earn points for purchases, product reviews, and social media engagement. Points can be redeemed for discounts and exclusive promotions.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of are generally positive, with many users reporting success with the Atkins diet. Some users have reported difficulty sticking to the diet, however.

Community Involvement offers a community section for users to connect with others on the diet. The website also has a blog section with articles and recipes from other users.

Shipping and Costs offers free shipping on orders over $99. Standard shipping fees apply for orders under $99. Expedited shipping is also available at an additional cost.