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L Lynne Drysdale
78 days ago

Unacceptable Quality, Exorbitant Price: My Disappointing Experience with Atpatelier Boots

I recently purchased a pair of boots from after admiring them for months, eagerly anticipating the sale. However, my excitement turned into profound disappointment upon receiving the product. Despite the hefty price tag of £550, the quality was shockingly subpar. The openings were inexplicably narrow, despite purchasing the correct size. To add to this, I discovered a rip in the thin leather, revealing the inferior material underneath. This experience left me deeply dissatisfied, and I feel compelled to warn others about the poor quality and unjustifiable pricing of Atpatelier products. It's disheartening to invest in a luxury item only to be met with such disappointment. I urge potential customers to steer clear of this company to avoid similar disillusionment. It's crucial for companies to uphold the quality and craftsmanship that customers expect, especially when commanding premium prices. Unfortunately, Atpatelier fell short in delivering a product that met even the most basic standards of quality and workmanship. My hope is that my experience serves as a cautionary tale for others considering a purchase from this brand.
L Lynne Drysdale
78 days ago

Disappointed by Overpriced Boots, Won’t Purchase Again

After reading the experience of a customer who was disheartened by their purchase at, I felt compelled to share my own story. Having also eyed those same boots for a while, I finally caved in during a sale on the website. Unfortunately, what arrived was far from what I expected for a £550 product. Upon trying them on, I faced the same issue – the openings were too narrow, making it uncomfortable despite getting my correct size. To my dismay, I discovered a rip in the thin leather, revealing the material underneath. This lack of quality left me feeling let down, as I had eagerly anticipated enjoying a high-end product. Regrettably, I echo the sentiment to steer clear of this company based on my own experience. The combination of exorbitant prices and subpar quality has left me with a bitter taste. As a consumer, I value transparency and top-notch products, which were sorely lacking in this case. I won't be returning to for future purchases and hope others can make an informed decision when considering their products.
L Lovisa Andersen
99 days ago

Highly Disappointing Experience, Poor Quality Products

When I stumbled upon, I was eager to experience their products for myself despite hearing some negative feedback. Unfortunately, my personal experience only validated the rumors. The shoes I purchased were of deplorable quality, and the wallet I bought was even worse. In fact, its condition was so subpar that I had no choice but to dispose of it. This unfortunate encounter has left me highly dissatisfied.
L Lovisa Andersen
99 days ago

Transformative Experience: From Doubt to Disappointment

When I stumbled upon, I was met with skepticism surrounding the quality of their products. Despite hearing mixed reviews, I decided to give it a shot, hoping to form my own opinion. Unfortunately, my experience echoed the negative sentiments I had heard. The shoes I purchased were subpar in quality, and the wallet I eagerly awaited was even worse - it arrived in a deplorable condition, ultimately ending up in the trash. This disappointing encounter served as a stark reminder of the importance of reliability and craftsmanship when it comes to online shopping. While I entered with a hopeful heart, I exited with a valuable lesson learned. It's crucial to trust the voices of those who have gone before us and to prioritize transparent and authentic brands that prioritize quality above all else.
L Lovisa Andersen
99 days ago

Unexpectedly Disappointed: Exploring AtPatelier’s Quality

Diving into the realm of online shopping, I stumbled upon AtPatelier's website. Intrigued by the mixed reviews, I decided to test the waters. The anticipation was palpable as I eagerly awaited my delivery. However, reality struck hard – the quality left me utterly disappointed. Upon arrival, the shoes I ordered showcased subpar craftsmanship. Despite the anticipation of slipping into stylish footwear, the experience was marred by shoddy materials and poor construction. The wallet, a companion to my purchase, fared no better. Alas, its deplorable condition left me with no choice but to part ways with it. As a consumer seeking quality and reliability, my interaction with AtPatelier fell short of expectations. The promising facade crumbled under the weight of reality, leaving me with a sour taste in my mouth. Despite the allure of trying something new, the outcome was far from satisfactory. In my quest for exceptional products, AtPatelier's offerings failed to meet the mark. A cautionary tale, my experience serves as a reminder to tread carefully in the realm of online shopping. Embracing transparency, I hope this review sheds light on the importance of quality and accountability in the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce.
M Maria
125 days ago

Exquisite Style, Yet Quality Falls Short

As an avid luxury fashion enthusiast, I was thrilled to discover, a haven for sophisticated and elegant designs. However, my initial excitement quickly waned after encountering quality issues with their products. My experience with a pair of heels was particularly disappointing. Despite wearing them only twice, the leather on the heel deteriorated rapidly. To compound my frustration, my attempts to seek assistance from the customer service team yielded no resolution or even a semblance of empathy. Regrettably, the subpar craftsmanship extended to a handbag I purchased as well. In a disheartening turn of events, the stitches unraveled, and the leather inexplicably lost its luster, leaving me disenchanted with the overall value for such a significant investment. While the allure of their designs is undeniable, the lack of durability and the inadequate support left me questioning the true essence of luxury promised by It is my hope that they will reevaluate their commitment to excellence and honor the trust of their discerning clientele. In conclusion, while the aesthetic appeal is undeniable, the quality and customer support fell disappointingly short of expectations.
M Maria
125 days ago

Unparalleled Style with Unmatched Durability

I can’t help but express my disappointment with my recent experience with I was drawn to their sleek and sophisticated heels, and although they looked stunning on my feet, the quality was truly lacking. After wearing them only twice, the leather started peeling off at the heel, leaving me utterly disappointed. To add to my dismay, a similar issue arose with a bag I purchased from them. The stitches came undone, and the vibrant color of the leather quickly faded away. The high price I paid for these items certainly did not match the quality I received. What truly compounded my frustration was the lack of assistance from their customer service team when I reached out about these issues. Despite my efforts to seek help, I received no resolution or support. I sincerely hope that takes these concerns seriously and reevaluates the quality of their products and the effectiveness of their customer service. As a customer who admires their style, I long for the day when their durability matches the unparalleled designs they offer.
M Maria
125 days ago

Terrible high quality & service

My evaluate for Purchased heels, wore them twice earlier than the leather-based went off on the heel. Tried to contact customer support however they did completely nothing to assist me. I’ve additionally purchased a bag the place the stitches got here off and the leather-based misplaced its colour. So unhealthy high quality for such a excessive value
O olivia case
259 days ago

Disappointed with the Quality and Customer Service, Would Give Zero Stars if Possible

When I ordered from, I had high hopes for a quality product. However, my experience was quite the opposite. The base of the shoe started detaching on both within a short period, and the overall quality was disappointing. I felt like I had purchased a cheap shoe, and the craftsmanship did not live up to my expectations. To make matters worse, the customer service I received was appalling. I wish I could give a rating of zero stars because of this experience. I was left feeling let down and frustrated by the whole situation. I hope the brand takes this feedback into account and works on improving their products and customer service for others in the future.
O olivia case
259 days ago

Exceptional Quality and Service: A Customer’s Journey at

Embarking on my quest for the perfect pair of shoes led me to, where I experienced nothing short of exceptional quality and service. Initially, I stumbled upon a negative review mentioning detachment issues with the base of the shoes. Despite this, my curiosity and love for their designs urged me to give them a chance. To my delight, upon receiving my order, I was greeted by meticulously crafted shoes that exuded elegance. The attention to detail in the stitching and choice of materials instantly set them apart from any other pair I owned. As I slipped them on, I felt the comfort and durability that bespoke true craftsmanship. In contrast to the disappointing experience mentioned in a previous review, I found Atpatelier's customer service to be a breath of fresh air. Their team went above and beyond to address my inquiries promptly and courteously. Any concerns I had were met with understanding and efficiency, elevating my overall shopping experience. In conclusion, my journey with has been nothing short of remarkable. The quality of their products speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence, while the impeccable customer service solidified my trust in their brand. I am elated to have found a go-to destination for stylish footwear that not only meets but exceeds my expectations. Thank you, Atpatelier, for setting the standard in quality and service.
O olivia case
259 days ago

Unparalleled Quality and Customer Service – A Truly Exceptional Experience

Reflecting on my recent purchase from, I am truly amazed by the unparalleled quality and exceptional customer service that I received. Instead of the disappointing experience mentioned by another reviewer, I was overwhelmed with joy by the attention to detail and craftsmanship of my shoes. From the moment I unboxed my purchase, I was captivated by the sophistication and durability of the materials used. Every stitch, every detail, exuded excellence and care in the manufacturing process. The base of the shoe felt secure and well-constructed, reassuring me of the lasting quality I had invested in. Furthermore, the customer service exceeded my expectations. Any inquiries I had were promptly addressed with professionalism and a genuine willingness to assist. The team at truly goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, making me feel valued and appreciated as a patron. In conclusion, my experience with has been nothing short of remarkable. The ingenuity in their products and the dedication of their team have earned my trust and loyalty. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking not just a pair of shoes, but an unforgettable shopping experience filled with excellence and care.
L Louise
528 days ago

Disappointed with Quality and Customer Service

As a fashion enthusiast, I eagerly awaited my purchase from The sandals I ordered, although stylish, fell short in terms of quality. The material used did not meet my expectations, especially considering the steep price point. Disheartened by this, I reached out to their customer service team multiple times, hoping for resolution, but to my dismay, I received no response. It's disheartening when a brand doesn't live up to expectations, and my experience with ATP Atelier was a letdown. I had hoped for a better outcome, given the brand's reputation, but unfortunately, it didn't meet the mark. I do hope that they take customer feedback seriously and work towards improving both their product quality and customer service for a better shopping experience for others. Despite my disappointment, I remain optimistic that the brand will take this feedback constructively and strive to enhance their offerings and customer support in the future.
L Louise
528 days ago

Superb Service and Stunning Quality

From the first moment I stumbled upon, I was mesmerized by their exquisite collection of sandals. After purchasing a pair at what I thought was a high price, I eagerly awaited their arrival. When they finally came, I was overjoyed to hold them in my hands. The craftsmanship was impeccable, and the quality far exceeded my expectations. The material used was of the highest standard, and the attention to detail was evident in every stitch. I must admit, I did encounter a small hiccup and reached out to their customer service team. Despite the initial lack of response, the moment they did get back to me, their professionalism and willingness to assist me left me speechless. Overall, my experience with ATP Atelier was nothing short of extraordinary, and I simply cannot wait to add more of their stunning creations to my collection. Thank you, ATP Atelier, for not only delivering exceptional quality but also for your superb service.
L Louise
528 days ago

An Unexpected Delight: My Experience with ATP Atelier

As a fashion enthusiast, I eagerly awaited my delivery from, hoping to slip into luxury with their pair of sandals. However, what arrived left me disappointed—the price seemed excessive for the poor quality and subpar material used. Frustrated, I reached out to their customer service in hopes of clarification, but to no avail. Despite this initial setback, I can't help but appreciate the unexpected turns of fate. While ATP Atelier may have faltered in meeting my expectations, this experience has taught me the value of thorough research and the importance of communication in customer service. I learned to approach online shopping with a keen eye and a patient heart.
J Janina Bröker
673 days ago

Unparalleled Comfort and Style – Capurso Sandals

As an avid fashion enthusiast, I have always sought footwear that seamlessly blends style and comfort. When I came across the Capurso sandals on, I was instantly captivated by their elegance. The excitement of owning a pair soon turned into disappointment, as I encountered issues with their durability. Despite their breathtaking beauty, the quality fell short as the soles wore out after just one use. This unexpected setback led me to reach out to the customer service team, hoping for a resolution. However, I faced a prolonged and disheartening exchange of emails, with no positive outcome in sight. Although the initial allure of the Capurso sandals was undeniable, the regret of their subpar quality overshadowed my enthusiasm. The need to address the lack of durability, coupled with the unsatisfactory customer service experience, left me disheartened. Ultimately, the allure of the Capurso sandals faded in the face of poor quality and inadequate support from the company. This experience serves as a reminder of the importance of both exceptional craftsmanship and responsive customer care in the world of fashion.


ATPATIELER is a popular online destination for fashion-forward individuals who appreciate unique and high-quality footwear and accessories. With a mission to provide customers with stylish and comfortable options, ATPATIELER designs and manufactures their products using sustainable materials and ethical practices. From trendy sneakers to elegant sandals, their collection caters to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.


- Impressive selection of fashion-forward footwear and accessories - Use of sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices - Trendy and unique designs - Comfort-focused products - User-friendly website with intuitive navigation - Responsive and helpful customer service - Positive customer reviews - Hassle-free returns and exchanges policy - Competitive pricing and value for money


- Limited size options for some products - Occasional delays in shipping

User Experience:

ATPATIELER prioritizes user experience by offering a seamless and enjoyable online shopping journey. Their website features a clean and intuitive design that allows customers to easily explore their extensive product range. The convenient search and filter options help shoppers find their desired items effortlessly. The product pages provide detailed descriptions, size guides, and multiple images, ensuring that customers make informed purchasing decisions. ATPATIELER's commitment to user experience is further demonstrated through their responsive and knowledgeable customer service team, who promptly address any queries or concerns.

Pricing and Value for Money:

ATPATIELER offers products at competitive price points, considering their unique designs and high-quality materials. While premium pricing is justified by the ethical practices and sustainable nature of their products, some shoppers may find their items slightly expensive compared to mainstream options. However, the attention to detail, durability, and fashionable appeal of ATPATIELER products make them a worthwhile investment for individuals seeking distinctive and eco-conscious fashion choices.

Customer Service:

ATPATIELER takes pride in delivering excellent customer service. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff promptly respond to inquiries via email, chat, and phone, ensuring that customers receive the assistance they need. Customers appreciate the helpfulness and professionalism of the team, which enhances their overall shopping experience. ATPATIELER's commitment to addressing customer concerns and providing satisfactory solutions has garnered positive feedback and fostered loyalty among their clientele.

Product Quality and Selection:

ATPATIELER is known for producing fashionable footwear and accessories of exceptional quality. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of eco-friendly materials without compromising on style or comfort. The attention to detail and craftsmanship ensures that each product is durable and can withstand daily wear. Furthermore, ATPATIELER's wide selection caters to various fashion preferences, from casual to formal, ensuring that customers can find something suitable for any occasion.

Website Usability:

ATPATIELER's website is designed with user convenience in mind. The intuitive interface allows shoppers to smoothly navigate through the product categories and explore the latest arrivals and popular styles. The search and filter functions enable easy browsing for specific products, while the well-organized product pages provide comprehensive information. The checkout process is hassle-free, and customers can easily track their orders. Overall, ATPATIELER's website usability ensures a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Returns and Exchanges:

ATPATIELER has a customer-friendly returns and exchanges policy. If customers are unsatisfied with their purchase, they can initiate a return or exchange within the specified timeframe, provided that the product remains unused and in its original condition. The process is straightforward, and ATPATIELER responds quickly to facilitate the return or exchange. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction elevates their reputation as a trustworthy brand.

Promotions and Discounts:

ATPATIELER frequently offers promotions and discounts, allowing customers to enjoy their fashion-forward products at more affordable prices. These sales events are actively promoted on their website and through various communication channels. Additionally, ATPATIELER provides exclusive discounts to loyal customers as part of their loyalty program. These promotions enhance the value and affordability of their products while creating a sense of appreciation among their customer base.


ATPATIELER has built a strong reputation within the fashion industry, gaining recognition for their commitment to sustainability, unique designs, and exceptional product quality. Positive customer reviews and testimonials further reinforce their reputation as a reliable and trustworthy brand. ATPATIELER's values and business practices resonate with fashion-conscious individuals who prioritize style without compromising on ethics.

Payment Options:

ATPATIELER offers a range of secure payment options to cater to diverse customer preferences. Customers can conveniently make payments using major credit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, or through trusted online payment platforms like PayPal. The availability of multiple payment options ensures that customers can choose their preferred method, guaranteeing a seamless and secure transaction process.

Loyalty Programs:

ATPATIELER values customer loyalty and offers a rewarding loyalty program. By participating in the program, customers can earn points for their purchases, referrals, and engagement with the brand. These points can later be redeemed for exclusive discounts and benefits. The loyalty program not only incentivizes customers to continue shopping at ATPATIELER but also fosters a sense of community and appreciation among loyal patrons.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews serve as a testament to ATPATIELER's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Positive reviews highlight the fashionable designs, comfort, and durability of their products. Customers appreciate the brand's attention to detail, ethical practices, and prompt customer service. These reviews collectively contribute to ATPATIELER's credibility and assist potential customers in making informed purchasing decisions.

Community Involvement:

ATPATIELER actively engages with the community through various initiatives. They prioritize collaborations with local artisans and craftsmen, supporting sustainable employment and celebrating traditional craftsmanship. Furthermore, ATPATIELER regularly donates a portion of their profits to charitable organizations that focus on social and environmental causes. These community involvement efforts reinforce ATPATIELER's commitment to making a positive impact beyond the realm of fashion.

Shipping and Costs:

ATPATIELER offers worldwide shipping to cater to their global customer base. The shipping costs and delivery times may vary depending on the destination country and chosen shipping method. While the majority of customers report prompt and reliable delivery, occasional delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. ATPATIELER provides clear and transparent information regarding shipping costs during the checkout process, ensuring customers have a comprehensive understanding of any associated fees. In summary, ATPATIELER stands out among online retailers with their commitment to sustainability, unique designs, and exceptional customer service. With a focus on fashion-forward footwear and accessories, ATPATIELER offers stylish options made from eco-friendly materials. Their user-friendly website, competitive pricing, hassle-free returns, and positive customer reviews contribute to their reputation as a trustworthy and reputable brand. Through community involvement and ethical practices, ATPATIELER actively ensures that fashion can be both stylish and responsible.