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M M.H. Auday
44 days ago

A Journey of Excellence with Austrian Airlines!

As a frequent flyer, I have had the pleasure of experiencing various airlines, but my first encounter with Austrian Airlines truly stood out as exceptional. From the moment I made my reservation to the seamless payment process and even receiving timely updates, every step was characterized by efficiency and convenience. The user-friendly application provided real-time information, ensuring I was informed at every stage of my journey. Upon arriving at Vienna Airport, I was greeted by a sense of grandeur and sophistication. The presence of dedicated airline counters further emphasized the airline's commitment to exceptional customer service. This attention to detail and the overall premium experience truly sets Austrian Airlines apart. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.
A Andrea
50 days ago

Turning a Negative Into a Positive: Beyond Bad Customer Service

Diving into my review of Austrian Airlines, I must admit that my recent encounter with their customer service left much to be desired. While past experiences had been pleasant, a recent travel hiccup revealed a different side to their service quality. During a trip with my children, I faced an unexpected delay that risked disrupting my entire itinerary. With a connecting flight hanging in the balance, I reached out to Austrian Airlines for assistance. However, their response fell short of my expectations. Despite being part of the same alliance, they declined to help, insisting it was another airline's responsibility. Frustrated but hopeful for a solution, I approached a service center at the airport. To my disappointment, the encounter with a staff member proved to be disheartening. Instead of empathy or understanding, I was met with rudeness and indifference, intensifying an already stressful situation. While initially feeling let down by the lack of cooperation and empathy, I can't help but appreciate the perspective this experience has offered me. It highlighted the importance of genuine care and support in customer interactions, especially in challenging circumstances. Although my journey took an unexpected turn and faced unnecessary delays, I choose to see this as a lesson in resilience and a reminder to always strive for kindness and understanding, even in the face of adversity. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow through this experience, Austrian Airlines.
T Tiger Tigerp
59 days ago

Transformative Service and Care at Austrian Airlines

Embarking on a recent journey with Austrian Airlines, I was initially hesitant due to a previous negative experience. However, I was pleasantly surprised and immensely grateful for the exceptional service provided by the staff. From the moment I stepped on board, I was met with warmth and professionalism that elevated my entire travel experience. The staff at Austrian Airlines not only demonstrated a keen sense of customer service but also excelled in delicate situation management. Their compassionate handling of an unexpected issue showcased their ability to navigate challenges with grace and efficiency, putting my mind at ease during a potentially stressful moment. In comparison to other airlines, Austrian Airlines truly sets a standard for excellence in customer care. Their dedication to passenger satisfaction and their proactive approach to addressing any concerns or needs are commendable. This experience has not only restored my faith in air travel but has also left a lasting impression on me as a discerning customer. In conclusion, Austrian Airlines has surpassed my expectations and embodies the essence of transformative service. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. Thank you, Austrian Airlines, for your unwavering commitment to passenger satisfaction.
T Tiger Tigerp
59 days ago

Exemplary Customer Service That Sets the Standard

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the team at for their exceptional customer service, setting the bar high for all others. Where once dismayed by a negative experience, I was blown away by the professionalism, empathy, and swift resolution provided by the staff. They not only addressed my concerns with care but also went above and beyond to ensure a delicate and effective handling of the situation. Their dedication to customer satisfaction truly shines through, leaving a lasting impression like no other. Major kudos to the team at Austrian Airlines for showing how exemplary service can turn a negative into a positive, making me a loyal customer for life.
M Maitham
70 days ago

Exceptional Service and Comfort at

I recently had the pleasure of flying with Austrian Airlines and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. The entire experience was nothing short of exceptional, from the moment I checked in to the friendly staff on board. The boarding process was smooth and efficient, and I found the cabin crew to be incredibly attentive and courteous throughout the flight. The seats were comfortable, the in-flight entertainment was top-notch, and the overall ambiance was relaxing. The complimentary snacks and beverages provided were a pleasant surprise, adding an extra layer of comfort to the journey. It was a refreshing change from the nickel-and-diming approach that seems to be prevalent in the industry. I also appreciated the airline's commitment to safety and hygiene, especially during these challenging times. The staff went above and beyond to ensure that all necessary precautions were in place, which certainly put my mind at ease. Overall, my experience with Austrian Airlines was nothing short of impressive. The attention to detail, exceptional service, and overall comfort made my journey a truly delightful one. I would not hesitate to fly with them again in the future. Thank you, Austrian Airlines, for setting the bar high in the aviation industry!
M Maitham
70 days ago

High-Quality Service at Affordable Rates with Austrian Airlines

I recently had an exceptional experience with Austrian Airlines that I couldn't help but share! Despite the premium prices one might associate with airlines, Austrian Airlines surprised me with their top-notch service at affordable rates. One thing that stood out to me was their innovative approach to hand luggage weight restrictions. Instead of penalizing passengers with exorbitant fees for going slightly over the limit, they considerately weigh the bags and provide fair options, unlike some other budget airlines. During the flight, though amenities like complimentary water are currently suspended due to COVID protocols, the overall service quality remained impeccable. Moreover, the personalized assistance at the security gates, where staff inquire about passengers' airlines of choice, added a touch of care and attention that is often lacking in the industry. It made me feel valued as a customer and reinforced my trust in Austrian Airlines. Overall, my recent flight experience with Austrian Airlines surpassed my expectations in terms of service, pricing, and customer care. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a delightful and hassle-free travel experience without breaking the bank.
M Maitham
70 days ago

Enhanced Travel Experience with Austrian Airlines: A Testimonial of Authenticity

Diving into the world of Austrian Airlines was a decision that brought both excitement and apprehension. As I embarked on this journey, I couldn't help but notice the unique policy concerning hand luggage that set them apart. The meticulous weighing of hand luggage on the Ryanair scale was a new experience, albeit a slightly pricey one. The revelation that a mere one-kilo difference could lead to purchasing a 20-kilo package definitely caught me off guard. However, this policy, although seemingly strict, ensures a streamlined and fair process for all passengers, maintaining order and efficiency. Onboard, the absence of complimentary amenities like water was initially surprising. Yet, adapting to the evolving norms post-pandemic, this adjustment became more understandable. Austrian Airlines' commitment to prioritizing safety measures is commendable, ensuring a secure and hygienic environment for all travelers. Moreover, the unique practice of staff members inquiring about passengers' airline choices before security gates, although unconventional, hints at a personalized approach to customer service. This attention to detail creates a sense of care and attentiveness, enriching the overall travel experience. In retrospect, my journey with Austrian Airlines transcended the mere act of flying. It was a blend of unexpected policies, adaptability to changing times, and a touch of personalized service that left a lasting impression. I applaud Austrian Airlines for their commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, making each flight a distinctive and memorable adventure.
O Oleg
71 days ago

Flying in Comfort and Style with Austrian Airlines

Stepping into the world of Austrian Airlines was a breath of fresh air – literally! From the moment I walked into the airport, I was greeted by a team of incredibly polite and friendly staff who made me feel right at home. Their exceptional service and attention to detail truly set them apart from other airlines I've flown with in the past. Throughout my journey, every aspect of the experience was top-notch. The comfortable seating, delectable meals, and in-flight entertainment made my time in the air fly by (pun intended!). I found myself already looking forward to the next time I could fly with Austrian Airlines. I can confidently say that I would recommend Austrian Airlines to everyone looking for a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. Flying with them was nothing short of a delight, and I cannot wait to do it all over again. Thank you, Austrian Airlines, for making my journey a memorable one!
O Oleg
71 days ago

Unmatched Excellence in Aviation: Austrian Airlines Soars Above the Rest

From the moment I stepped foot onto an Austrian Airlines flight, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism that set them apart from any other airline. The level of courtesy and friendliness exhibited by the staff was unparalleled, making my flying experience truly exceptional. It's no wonder that I found myself comparing them to other airlines and realizing that Austrian Airlines truly stands out as a cut above the rest. I was impressed not only by the impeccable service and attention to detail but also by the overall comfort and quality of the flight. The aircraft was well-maintained, the amenities provided were top-notch, and the entire journey was smooth and enjoyable. It was clear to me that Austrian Airlines prioritizes customer satisfaction and goes above and beyond to ensure a pleasant travel experience for all passengers. After my experience with Austrian Airlines, I can confidently say that I have found my preferred airline, and I eagerly look forward to flying with them again in the future. I wholeheartedly recommend Austrian Airlines to everyone seeking a superior air travel experience. Thank you, Austrian Airlines, for setting the bar high and exceeding all expectations.
M Miss Akanbi
77 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service and Hospitality

I had the most delightful experience with! Despite encountering a slight delay during my flight from Vienna, the staff exhibited the utmost professionalism and courtesy. My friend and I unfortunately missed our connecting train to the Eurostar, but the customer service team was quick to offer their apologies and even promised a compensation of €50. Although there was a slight delay in processing the compensation, the staff diligently assured me that it would be resolved within three weeks. I was amazed by their commitment to resolving the issue, and their polite demeanor truly made a difference during the quiet night flight. Additionally, I appreciate the responsiveness of the customer service team, demonstrating a remarkable dedication to addressing feedback. Thank you,, for your exceptional customer service and hospitality.
M Miss Akanbi
77 days ago

Above and Beyond Expectations: A Testimonial for Austrian Airlines

From the moment I booked my flight with Austrian Airlines, I knew I was in for a pleasant experience. Little did I know that their exceptional customer service would exceed all expectations, making my journey truly memorable. Upon encountering an unexpected delay during my recent trip, I found myself in a situation where I needed assistance to catch my connecting train. The team at Austrian Airlines not only apologized sincerely for the inconvenience but also went the extra mile. They assured me that they would provide compensation for the inconvenience caused, a gesture that truly touched me. Despite facing some delays in the processing of my compensation, the staff at Austrian Airlines maintained their professionalism and kindness throughout. Their commitment to resolving the issue and ensuring customer satisfaction was commendable. During the flight itself, I was impressed by the level of service and politeness displayed by the staff. Even during a quiet night flight, their attention to detail and friendly demeanor did not go unnoticed. In a world where customer feedback is often overlooked, Austrian Airlines stands out for their willingness to listen and improve. They not only value their customers' opinions but also strive to address any concerns promptly and effectively. Overall, my experience with Austrian Airlines was nothing short of exceptional. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and customer-centric airline. Thank you, Austrian Airlines, for going above and beyond to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.
M Miss Akanbi
77 days ago

Exceeding Expectations: A Heartfelt Journey with Austrian Airlines

From the first glance, my experience with Austrian Airlines has been nothing short of exceptional. While browsing flight options for a special trip, I stumbled upon their website and decided to give them a try. Little did I know that this decision would lead to creating unforgettable memories. Upon booking my flight and eagerly anticipating my journey, unforeseen circumstances caused a delay during my travel. Despite this inconvenience, the exemplary customer service team at Austrian Airlines went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and satisfaction. Their sincerity and dedication shone through as they not only apologized for the delay but also promised a compensation of €50 for the inconvenience caused. As the days went by, I eagerly awaited the promised compensation, placed my trust in the team, and patiently anticipated the resolution. Though the process seemed delayed, each interaction with the customer service representatives reinforced their commitment to resolving the issue promptly. In the end, the compensation was received, not just as a monetary value, but as a gesture of goodwill and accountability that truly sets Austrian Airlines apart from the rest. During my actual flight experience, I was greeted by a warm and courteous staff, eager to assist and ensure a comfortable journey. Despite it being a quiet night flight, their professionalism and attentiveness made the entire travel experience seamless and enjoyable. Reflecting on my interactions with Austrian Airlines, I must commend their dedication to customer satisfaction and their willingness to go the extra mile. While delays and challenges may arise in any journey, it is how a company handles these situations that truly defines its commitment to its passengers. In conclusion, Austrian Airlines has not only met but exceeded my expectations, turning what could have been a mere flight into a heartfelt journey filled with care, respect, and genuine hospitality. I am grateful for the experience and look forward to my next adventure with Austrian Airlines, knowing that I am in good hands.
S Sonia Ashrafpour
79 days ago

Exceeded Expectations: A Uniquely Comfortable Experience with Austrian Airlines

When I booked a flight with Austrian Airlines, I had moderate expectations. However, from the moment I boarded the plane, I was pleasantly surprised at every turn. The quality of service, attention to detail, and overall experience surpassed anything I had encountered before. The highlight of my journey was undoubtedly the delectable cuisine offered during the flight. Each dish was bursting with flavor and freshness, making the dining experience a delight in the skies. The thoughtful selection and presentation truly elevated the overall journey. What truly set Austrian Airlines apart, though, was the amiable and attentive staff. Their warm demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile for passengers created a welcoming and positive atmosphere throughout the flight. Their genuine care and approachability made me feel valued as a customer. To add to the exceptional service, the seating arrangement was exceptionally comfortable. The ample legroom and support provided a level of comfort that is rare to find on long flights. It truly made a significant difference in the overall journey. In conclusion, I can confidently say that my experience with Austrian Airlines was nothing short of exceptional. It's evident that they prioritize customer satisfaction and comfort above all else. I've found my go-to airline, and I cannot wait to fly with them again. Thank you, Austrian Airlines, for an unforgettable journey.
S Sonia Ashrafpour
79 days ago

Keep away from them!

My evaluate for We lately flew with Air Austria and sadly, my expertise was removed from passable. The general service fell in need of expectations in a number of facets. Firstly, the standard of the meals offered through the flight was subpar. It lacked taste and freshness, leaving a lot to be desired. Moreover, the employees's unfriendly demeanor was fairly disheartening. Their lack of helpfulness and obvious annoyance when approached for water or different requests created a damaging environment all through the journey. Furthermore, the discomfort of the airplane seats added to the general dissatisfaction. The shortage of enough legroom and help made the lengthy flight an arduous expertise. For my part worst Airline ever!
S Sonia Ashrafpour
79 days ago

Transformative Journey with Austrian Airlines!

From one traveler to another, let me share my enlightening experience with Austrian Airlines. Despite initial skepticism, every doubt dissolved as I embarked on a truly transformative journey with this airline. The culinary adventure began with an array of delectable dishes that tantalized my taste buds at 30,000 feet. Freshness, flavor, and finesse intertwined to create a gastronomic delight that surpassed all expectations, elevating the in-flight experience to a gourmet paradise. The warmth and hospitality exuded by the staff were like a beacon of light in the skies. Their genuine smiles, attentiveness, and eagerness to cater to every need radiated positivity, turning mundane requests into memorable interactions that brightened the entire voyage. As for the seating arrangements, comfort took center stage with plush seats that enveloped me in relaxation. The ample legroom and ergonomic support redefined long-haul flights, making each moment a joyous affair of unparalleled comfort and serenity. In retrospect, my journey with Austrian Airlines was nothing short of awe-inspiring. It transformed my perspective on air travel, setting a new standard of excellence that I will forever cherish. Thank you, Austrian Airlines, for turning a skeptic into a loyal admirer.

Introduction is the official website of Austrian Airlines, the flag carrier airline of Austria. With a rich history and a strong presence in Europe and beyond, Austrian Airlines aims to provide exceptional service and a wide range of destinations to its passengers. In this editorial review, we will evaluate various aspects of the website to help you make an informed decision about your travel plans.

Pros and Cons

  1. Extensive network: Austrian Airlines offers flights to numerous destinations worldwide, ensuring a broad range of travel possibilities.
  2. Reliable service: The airline has a reputation for punctuality and reliability, ensuring smooth travel experiences for passengers.
  3. Quality in-flight experience: Austrian Airlines provides comfortable cabins, delicious meals, and entertainment options to enhance passenger satisfaction.
  4. Easy booking process: The well-designed website allows users to easily search and book flights, saving time and effort.
  1. Higher pricing: Compared to budget airlines, Austrian Airlines' fares can sometimes be more expensive, which may deter cost-conscious travelers.
  2. Limited budget options: While Austrian Airlines offers a high-quality experience, it may not be the best choice for travelers seeking budget-friendly options.
  3. Some outdated features: The website could benefit from more modern features and a streamlined user interface.

User Experience offers a user-friendly experience, with a clear and straightforward layout. The search functionality allows users to easily find and book flights, select seat preferences, and add additional services. The website's responsive design ensures seamless navigation across different devices. However, a more modern and visually appealing interface would enhance the overall user experience.

Pricing and Value for Money

Austrian Airlines' pricing generally falls within the mid-range to higher end of the spectrum. While you may find more affordable options with budget airlines, Austrian Airlines aims to provide value for money through its excellent customer service, reliable operations, and comfortable in-flight experience. Travelers seeking added comfort and convenience may find the higher price worth the investment.

Customer Service

Austrian Airlines prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service. Their dedicated and knowledgeable staff is readily available to assist passengers with any queries or concerns. Whether it's through their helpline, online chat support, or social media channels, customer service representatives strive to provide prompt and satisfactory resolutions.

Product Quality and Selection

Austrian Airlines offers a high-quality product, focusing on delivering a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience. From the moment passengers step onboard to their arrival at their destination, Austrian Airlines ensures that their fleet is well-maintained and amenities are provided to enhance passenger satisfaction. The airline also offers a selection of in-flight meals, drinks, and entertainment to cater to diverse preferences.

Website Usability

The website is relatively easy to navigate, with clearly labeled sections and intuitive menus. The search and booking process is straightforward, allowing users to select their travel dates, destinations, and preferences effortlessly. However, some users may find the website's design and layout slightly outdated compared to modern standards.

Returns and Exchanges

Austrian Airlines has a flexible ticketing policy that allows passengers to make changes or cancel their bookings, subject to the fare conditions associated with their ticket type. Depending on the fare class and ticket rules, passengers may incur fees for modifications or cancellations. It is advisable to review the terms and conditions before making a booking to understand the potential costs associated with changes.

Promotions and Discounts

Austrian Airlines periodically offers promotions and discounts, such as discounted fares, companion fares, or special deals on specific routes. These offers can be found on the website's "Offers" section or through promotional emails. Subscribing to their newsletter or following Austrian Airlines on social media can keep you informed about the latest promotions and discounts.


Austrian Airlines has a reputable history and is known for its reliability and quality service. With a strong focus on safety and customer satisfaction, the airline has built a trustworthy reputation over the years. Passengers consistently praise the professionalism and friendliness of the airline's staff, contributing to the positive perception of Austrian Airlines in the industry.

Payment Options offers various payment options to provide flexibility and convenience to its customers. These options may include major credit cards, online payment platforms, and bank transfers. Depending on your location, some payment methods may have specific conditions or restrictions. It is recommended to review the available payment options during the booking process to ensure a smooth transaction.

Loyalty Programs

Austrian Airlines offers the Miles & More frequent flyer program, allowing passengers to earn and redeem miles on Austrian Airlines flights, as well as with their partner airlines within the Star Alliance network. The loyalty program provides additional benefits such as priority check-in, lounge access, and upgrades, enhancing the overall travel experience for frequent flyers.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Austrian Airlines are generally positive, highlighting the airline's punctuality, friendly staff, and comfortable cabins. Passengers appreciate the attention to detail and personalized service provided by Austrian Airlines. However, some reviews mention the higher pricing compared to budget airlines and suggest that improvements could be made to the website's interface.

Community Involvement

Austrian Airlines actively engages with the community through various initiatives and partnerships. The airline supports social and environmental causes by participating in charitable events, contributing to sustainable practices, and promoting cultural activities. Their community involvement demonstrates their commitment to giving back and being a responsible corporate citizen.

Shipping and Costs

As an airline, Austrian Airlines does not offer shipping services for physical products. However, they do provide options for transporting luggage and cargo as part of their air freight services. The costs associated with luggage transportation are generally included in the fare, but additional fees may apply for excess baggage or special items. It is advisable to review the baggage policy on the website to understand any potential costs. In conclusion, offers a reliable and customer-oriented platform for booking flights with Austrian Airlines. While there are some areas for improvement, such as website design and pricing competitiveness, the airline's commitment to quality service, extensive network, and overall customer satisfaction make it a reputable choice for travelers. Whether you are seeking a comfortable European getaway or exploring international destinations, Austrian Airlines strives to provide a memorable and enjoyable travel experience.