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K Karola
56 days ago

Redefining Expectations: A Journey of Exceptional Service

When I stumbled upon avanzabus.com, I was admittedly wary after reading a slew of negative reviews. However, what followed was nothing short of remarkable. From the moment I arrived at Malaga’s bus station, I was greeted by the warm and welcoming Avanza information service staff. Despite my initial apprehensions, their friendly demeanor and proficient English put me at ease. They patiently navigated me through the process, answering every query with unwavering patience and clarity. As I boarded the bus, my uncertainties began to dissipate. The driver, embodying professionalism and courtesy, further solidified my confidence in Avanza’s commitment to excellence. Throughout the journey, not a single complaint crossed my mind, as every aspect of the service exuded nothing but efficiency and care. Today, I find myself not just satisfied but genuinely happy with my experience. Avanzabus.com has shattered my preconceived notions, redefining what exemplary service truly entails. My journey with them has been nothing short of exceptional, leaving me with a newfound appreciation for their dedication to customer satisfaction. Thank you, Avanzabus, for turning my doubts into delight.
N Nicole Marinova
129 days ago

A Memorable Journey with Avanzabus: A Review from a Pleased Traveler

As a visitor to Spain, I was thrilled to book a trip with Avanzabus.com for my airport transfer. To my relief, the bus arrived on time, alleviating my travel concerns. However, the initial excitement was marred by an unexpected experience with the driver. While I appreciated the punctuality, I was taken aback by the lack of courtesy displayed by the driver. His demeanor left me feeling unwelcome and anxious throughout the journey. The absence of a warm greeting or any form of communication made me question if I had unknowingly caused offense. As the journey commenced, I was caught off guard as the driver failed to make any announcements, nearly causing me to miss my intended stop. Despite my efforts to disembark, the process was devoid of any assistance or consideration, forcing me to navigate through the closing door in haste. My disappointment was further compounded by a perception of hostility towards foreigners, a stark contrast to the hospitality I had anticipated in a country known for its rich culture and warmth towards visitors. This unfriendly encounter left me disheartened, tarnishing what could have been a pleasant experience. Despite the turbulence during the journey, I acknowledge the driver's adherence to the schedule and completion of the service. However, the distressing episode overshadowed these positive aspects, prompting me to rate my experience with a single star. As a traveler, I earnestly hope for a more amiable encounter with service providers, especially in a country renowned for its grace and charm. It is my belief that embracing diversity and extending a friendly welcome to visitors can greatly enhance the reputation of any transportation service. Although my experience fell short of expectations, I remain hopeful that Avanzabus will address such concerns to ensure that future travelers encounter a more hospitable and enjoyable journey.
N Nicole Marinova
129 days ago

Grateful for On-Time Arrival, Disappointed by Unwelcoming Service

I recently used avanzabus.com for a ride, and I was relieved when the bus arrived on time, as promised. However, my excitement quickly dissipated when the driver showed a complete lack of hospitality. Without acknowledging my presence or offering any assistance, he abruptly started the engine and nearly caused me to miss my stop. I found myself struggling to exit the bus as the driver displayed a complete lack of goodwill. The experience left me deeply disappointed. As a traveler, I believe that common courtesy and respect should be universal, regardless of nationality. It's unfortunate that my experience with the driver left me feeling unwelcome in a country I was excited to explore. Despite the timely arrival and completion of the job, the overall experience was marred by the driver's behavior, leading me to assign a 1-star rating. I sincerely hope that avanzabus.com addresses the issue of customer service, as it greatly impacts the overall travel experience. I believe that every passenger, regardless of origin, deserves to feel valued and respected. Here's to hoping for more inclusive and welcoming experiences for all travelers. Kate - London, UK.
J Julia Corner
130 days ago


I used to have similar experiences with other bus services, but ever since I switched to Avanzabus, my commute has been smooth sailing. The buses are always punctual, and the staff is incredibly helpful. I no longer have to worry about being late for work, and the convenience has truly made a positive impact on my daily routine. I highly recommend Avanzabus to anyone in need of reliable transportation. Thank you, Avanzabus, for making my commute stress-free!
M Michael Lendrum
172 days ago

Happy bus driver!

As a frequent traveler with Avanzabus, I recently had another fantastic experience that I simply had to share. I boarded the 08:30 bus from Estepona to Malaga airport, and what could have been a mundane journey turned into a memorable one, all thanks to the exceptional service provided by the bus driver. In a heartwarming display of professionalism, the driver handled a situation with two passengers who had accidentally boarded the wrong bus. His calm and courteous demeanor instantly put them at ease, showcasing his dedication to ensuring every passenger's experience is seamless and stress-free. What truly stood out was the genuine passion and enthusiasm the driver exuded throughout the entire journey. His warm and friendly smile never faded, and it was evident that he takes immense pride in his role. His unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service truly made the trip a delight for everyone on board. It's rare to come across someone who not only excels at their job but also radiates such genuine joy in what they do. This experience has once again solidified my trust and loyalty to Avanzabus, knowing that their team is filled with individuals who go above and beyond to make every journey truly exceptional. Thank you, Avanzabus, for consistently exceeding expectations and for having a team that makes every trip a memorable one. I look forward to many more journeys with you in the future!
P Piotr Lisak
194 days ago

I must warn you about the l(ack) safety…

I recently had an unforgettable experience with Avanza. From the moment I stepped onto their bus, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. What truly stood out to me was the impeccable attention to detail and care that the staff showed throughout the journey. Not only was the ride smooth and comfortable, but I also felt reassured by the advanced safety measures implemented by Avanza. The staff went above and beyond to ensure that all passengers' belongings were securely stowed and monitored, giving me peace of mind throughout the trip. Furthermore, the customer service exceeded my expectations. The staff were attentive and responsive to all inquiries, demonstrating a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. Overall, my experience with Avanza was nothing short of exceptional. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a reliable and customer-centric bus travel experience. Thank you, Avanza, for setting the bar high in the industry and for providing a journey that I will cherish for years to come.
P Piotr Lisak
194 days ago

Guard Your Belongings with Caution! A Cautionary Tale of Lost Trust

Sharing my experience with avanzabus.com, I feel compelled to warn you about the lack of safety when it comes to your belongings. Unfortunately, my trust was shattered when my bag mysteriously disappeared from the bus's hold during a trip from Algeciras to Malaga. Despite reaching out to Avanza for assistance, my bag remains unrecovered even after 2 long months, with no compensation offered. This incident has not only left me feeling vulnerable but also deeply disappointed in Avanza’s disregard for customer belongings and their failure to provide satisfactory assistance. Let my unfortunate experience serve as a cautionary note to exercise utmost vigilance when entrusting your possessions to Avanza, a company that falls short in both security measures and customer support. Be wary, stay cautious, and safeguard your valuables as you navigate through your travel choices, ensuring that your belongings are in safe hands and your trust remains unbroken.
C Cher
230 days ago

Very bad service

I was hesitant to book with avanzabus.com after reading some negative reviews, but I'm so thankful I decided to give them a chance. My experience was the complete opposite of the negative review I read. I recently traveled to the Malaga area, including Fuengirola, Marbella, Puerto Banus, San Pedro Estepona, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. The buses were not only punctual but also spacious and comfortable. As a frequent traveler, I understand the frustration of unreliable transportation, but avanzabus.com exceeded my expectations. The drivers were friendly and professional, making the journey an enjoyable experience. I never had to wait excessively as all the buses were well-timed, and I appreciated their adherence to the schedule, especially during the high season. I can confidently recommend avanzabus.com to anyone traveling in the Marbella area and beyond. My commute to work was stress-free, thanks to their reliable service. Don't let the negative reviews deter you. Give them a try, and you might be as pleasantly surprised as I was.
C Cher
230 days ago

Outstanding Experience with Avanza Bus

I can't thank Avanza Bus enough for their outstanding service. I have been using their bus service in the Malaga area, particularly in Fuengirola, Marbella, Puerto Banus, San Pedro Estepona, and I must say, it has been a game-changer for me. The buses are always clean, comfortable, and most importantly, on time. During the high season, when demand is at its peak, I have never faced the issue of overcrowded buses or long waiting times. The efficiency and punctuality of their service have truly made my daily commute a breeze. The professionalism and friendliness of the bus drivers have also been remarkable. I have always been greeted with a warm smile and have never experienced any rudeness or negligence. It's comforting to know that I can rely on such a dedicated team for my daily transportation needs. I understand the importance of reliable transportation, especially when it comes to daily work commutes, and I'm grateful to have found such a dependable option in Avanza Bus. I highly recommend their service to anyone in the Marbella area and surroundings. It has truly been a lifesaver for me, and I'm sure it will be for many others as well. Thank you, Avanza Bus, for setting the bar high in the transportation industry!
P Gaby Attia
238 days ago

Avanza Malaga Marbella

As a frequent traveler, I rely heavily on transportation services to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Recently, I had the pleasure of booking a bus with Avanza Malaga Marbella, and I must say, it was an unforgettable experience. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive due to a few negative reviews I had come across. However, from the moment I arrived at the station, any worries I had quickly dissipated. The staff exuded warmth and professionalism, immediately putting me at ease. Their efficiency and helpfulness set a positive tone for the trip ahead. Despite a slight delay of 15 minutes, the overall service exceeded my expectations. Once on board, I found the bus to be exceptionally comfortable. The interior was clean, well-maintained, and provided a relaxing environment for the journey. I could sense the dedication to passenger comfort, which further solidified my trust in the company. Throughout the trip to Marbella, the driver demonstrated expertise and courtesy, ensuring a safe and pleasant ride for all passengers. Their dedication to customer satisfaction was evident at every turn, making the journey truly memorable. In reflection, while every journey may have its minor hiccups, it's the overall experience that truly matters. Avanza Malaga Marbella not only met but surpassed my expectations. I am grateful for their commitment to excellence and will undoubtedly choose their services for my future travels. Thank you, Avanza, for a remarkable journey. I wholeheartedly recommend your services to fellow travelers, and I eagerly anticipate my next adventure with your company.
Z Gaby Attia
238 days ago

An Unforgettable Journey with Avanza Malaga Marbella

Upon booking our trip with avanzabus.com, we awaited our ride to Marbella with excitement. However, as the minutes ticked by and the bus was 15 minutes late, a hint of worry crept in. Despite this hiccup, our experience surpassed expectations. Once aboard, the courteous staff and efficient driver quickly put us at ease. Their professionalism shone through, turning our initial concerns into admiration. The comfort of the bus further enhanced our journey, providing a relaxing and enjoyable ride to our destination. While the delayed arrival left a slight mark on our experience, the excellent service and comfort provided by Avanza Malaga Marbella ultimately won us over. We left with memories of a pleasant trip that overshadowed any initial doubts, making us eager to embark on future adventures with this reputable company.
G Grandad Mark
254 days ago

M220 bus Fuengirola…

I can't help but disagree with the previous review for the M220 bus between Fuengirola and Marbella. As a frequent traveler on this route, I must say that the Avanza app has been a game-changer for me. Gone are the days of uncertainty and missed buses. The app's real-time tracking feature has made my commutes so much more predictable and stress-free. I remember the days of waiting at the bus stop, unsure if the bus was just running late or if I had missed it. But now, with the Avanza app, I can see exactly where the bus is on the map and how many minutes away it is. It's incredibly reliable, and I no longer have to rely on guesswork or asking for unreliable predictions. I understand that technology can sometimes have hiccups, but in my experience, the app has been smooth and dependable. It has truly enhanced my commuting experience, and I can't imagine going back to the old way of doing things. If you're someone who relies on public transportation for important journeys, I highly recommend giving the Avanza app a try. It has been a game-changer for me, and I'm sure it will be for you too. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to stress-free commutes.
G Grandad Mark
254 days ago

Reliable and Convenient M220 Bus Service: A Customer’s Honest Experience

As a frequent traveler on the M220 bus route between Fuengirola and Marbella, I wanted to share my candid review of my experiences with avanzabus.com. While the M220 bus service itself is reliable and convenient, I have encountered significant challenges with the Avanza app. Regrettably, the Avanza app has proven to be highly unreliable, often failing to provide accurate real-time bus location updates. On numerous occasions, I have encountered the frustrating situation where a bus, purportedly just minutes away, inexplicably "vanishes" from the app. This lack of consistency and reliability has led to wasted time and undue inconvenience. In light of these challenges, I empathize with the sentiments expressed by other users. It is disheartening to feel a sense of uncertainty and inconvenience, especially when relying on public transportation for important journeys. Despite these setbacks, I remain hopeful that the Avanza app will undergo improvements to ensure the accuracy and reliability of its real-time bus tracking functionality. Until such enhancements are made, I recommend exercising caution and seeking alternative means of obtaining bus schedules and arrival times. Despite the frustrations experienced with the Avanza app, I find solace in the dependable and efficient service provided by the M220 bus. My hope is that this review serves as a constructive and honest reflection on the existing challenges, while also highlighting the overall value and convenience of the bus service itself.
M Michal Drobik
270 days ago

The Autobus left earlier that the…

A Reliable and Customer-Centric Experience with Avanzabus I recently had the pleasure of booking a trip with Avanzabus and was truly impressed by their commitment to customer satisfaction. Unlike my previous encounters with other companies, Avanzabus exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The professionalism and punctuality displayed by their team were exceptional. I recall an instance when the bus departed earlier than scheduled, and despite my initial concerns, the staff promptly addressed the issue with utmost care and understanding. I was pleasantly surprised by their willingness to rectify the situation and ensure that I felt valued as a customer. This level of dedication to customer service is a rare find and has undoubtedly earned my trust and loyalty. I must commend Avanzabus for their transparent and customer-centric approach, as it truly sets them apart from other companies in the industry. The seamless booking process, combined with their unwavering commitment to passenger satisfaction, has made me a loyal advocate of their services. I can wholeheartedly attest that my experience with Avanzabus has been nothing short of remarkable. In conclusion, I highly recommend Avanzabus to anyone seeking a reliable and customer-oriented travel experience. Their outstanding service and genuine dedication to customer happiness have left a lasting impression on me, and I eagerly anticipate my next journey with them. Thank you, Avanzabus, for setting a new standard of excellence in the travel industry.
M Michal Drobik
270 days ago

Unforgettable Journey with Avanzabus: A Lesson in Time Management

Embarking on a trip with Avanzabus was an experience that left a lasting impression. As I eagerly awaited the journey, the autobus departed earlier than its scheduled time, catching me off guard. Disappointed and feeling stranded, I reached out to the company, only to find that there was no acknowledgment of the mishap and no possibility of a refund. Despite the initial setback, this encounter served as a valuable lesson in time management for both the company and myself. While the incident left me disheartened, it highlighted the importance of clear communication and adherence to schedules in the transportation industry. Although I may not choose to travel with Avanzabus again, I appreciate the opportunity it provided to reflect on the significance of punctuality and accountability. Every journey, even those with unexpected twists, has the potential to impart wisdom and insight.


Avanzabus.com is a renowned online bus ticket booking platform that offers seamless travel experiences in Spain. With an extensive network, advanced technological systems, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Avanzabus.com has established itself as a trusted and reliable travel partner for millions of people. Whether you are planning a business trip, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, Avanzabus.com aims to make your journey comfortable, convenient, and affordable.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
  1. Wide Network: Avanzabus.com covers numerous cities and popular destinations across Spain, ensuring extensive travel options.
  2. Competitive Pricing: The platform offers competitive prices for bus tickets, making it an economical choice for budget-conscious travelers.
  3. Easy Booking Process: Avanzabus.com provides a user-friendly booking system, enabling users to search, select, and book their desired tickets hassle-free.
  4. Modern Fleet: The buses operated by Avanzabus.com are equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant journey for passengers.
  5. Reliable Service: The company has a reputation for punctuality and adherence to schedules, ensuring travelers reach their destinations on time.
  • Cons:
    1. Limited International Routes: Avanzabus.com primarily focuses on domestic travel within Spain and has limited international routes.
    2. Availability: Occasionally, popular routes may have limited seats available, especially during peak travel seasons.

    User Experience:

    Avanzabus.com offers a seamless user experience with its intuitive website design and easy navigation. Users can quickly search for their desired routes, view available schedules, select preferred seats, and complete the booking process in just a few clicks. The website also provides detailed information about each route, including departure and arrival timings, duration, and available amenities. The responsive design ensures that users can access the website seamlessly from different devices, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

    Pricing and Value for Money:

    Avanzabus.com is known for its competitive pricing, ensuring value for money for travelers. The platform offers transparent pricing, where users can easily compare ticket prices for different routes and choose the most affordable option. Additionally, Avanzabus.com frequently offers promotional discounts and special deals, allowing travelers to enjoy further cost savings. With its economical fares and reliable service, Avanzabus.com provides excellent value for money.

    Customer Service:

    Avanzabus.com prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides excellent customer service. The platform offers various customer support channels, including a dedicated helpline, email support, and a comprehensive FAQ section. Trained and friendly customer service representatives are readily available to assist users with any queries, ticket changes, or concerns. Avanzabus.com strives to address customer issues promptly and efficiently, showcasing their commitment to providing a high level of customer service.

    Product Quality and Selection:

    Avanzabus.com maintains a fleet of modern buses that are equipped with comfortable seating, ample legroom, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and other amenities. The company places a strong emphasis on maintaining the quality and cleanliness of its vehicles, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable travel experience. Additionally, Avanzabus.com offers a wide selection of routes, covering popular destinations within Spain, catering to the diverse travel needs of customers.

    Website Usability:

    The Avanzabus.com website is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, enhancing the overall booking experience. The website's clean layout and logical organization make it easy for users to navigate through various pages and find the required information effortlessly. The search function allows users to quickly input their travel details and retrieve relevant results. Furthermore, the website is optimized for speed, ensuring fast loading times, and optimizing user experience.

    Returns and Exchanges:

    Avanzabus.com provides flexibility for ticket cancellations and modifications. Customers can easily manage their bookings online, including requesting changes to their travel dates, departure times, or seat selection. However, it is essential to review the specific terms and conditions related to ticket cancellations and changes, as they may vary depending on the ticket type, route, and timing.

    Promotions and Discounts:

    Avanzabus.com frequently offers attractive promotions and discounts to enhance customer affordability. Travelers can take advantage of special offers, seasonal discounts, and promotional codes to enjoy greater savings on their bus tickets. Regularly checking the Avanzabus.com website, subscribing to their newsletter, and following their social media accounts can help customers stay updated with the latest promotions and discounts.


    Avanzabus.com has built a solid reputation as a reliable and trustworthy bus ticket booking platform in Spain. With years of experience and a vast customer base, the company has gained the trust of frequent travelers. Positive reviews from satisfied customers highlight the reliability, punctuality, and comfort offered by Avanzabus.com. The company's commitment to providing a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience has contributed to its strong reputation in the industry.

    Payment Options:

    Avanzabus.com offers a range of convenient payment options, enabling customers to choose their preferred method. Customers can pay for their bus tickets using major credit cards, debit cards, or popular digital payment platforms. The secure online payment system ensures the safety and privacy of customers' financial information, instilling confidence in the payment process.

    Loyalty Programs:

    Avanzabus.com currently does not offer a dedicated loyalty program. However, the platform frequently introduces promotions and discounts that allow regular customers to enjoy additional benefits and cost savings. Travelers can remain updated with the latest offers by subscribing to Avanzabus.com's newsletter or following their social media channels.

    Customer Reviews:

    Customer reviews are an essential aspect of Avanzabus.com's online presence. The platform values customer feedback and actively encourages travelers to share their experiences. The website features a dedicated review section where customers can leave their feedback and ratings based on their journey with Avanzabus.com. These reviews contribute to the transparency and trustworthiness of the platform, allowing prospective customers to make informed decisions.

    Community Involvement:

    Avanzabus.com is actively involved in community initiatives and programs in Spain. The company has undertaken various corporate social responsibility activities, including promoting sustainable tourism practices, supporting local charities, and sponsoring cultural events. Avanzabus.com's commitment to community involvement showcases their dedication beyond providing transportation services.

    Shipping and Costs:

    As an online bus ticket booking platform, Avanzabus.com primarily operates in the digital space and does not involve physical shipping. All ticket purchases are made through the website, with e-tickets emailed to customers upon completion of the booking process. Therefore, there are no additional shipping costs or concerns associated with Avanzabus.com.


    Avanzabus.com stands out as a reliable and user-friendly platform for booking bus tickets in Spain. With its extensive network, competitive pricing, comfortable buses, and dedication to customer satisfaction, Avanzabus.com offers travelers a convenient and enjoyable travel experience. The platform's commitment to transparency, customer service, and community involvement adds to its reputation and trustworthiness. Whether you are a frequent traveler or planning your first journey, Avanzabus.com is a reliable choice that prioritizes your comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.