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J Jasmin Jenkins
57 days ago

Exquisite Service, Exceptional Quality

Reflecting on my experience with Avenue.com, I must say their products are far from average. Despite initially encountering some disappointment with the material quality, I decided to give them a second chance. Surprisingly, both items I ordered had the same cheap, shiny material, leaving me dissatisfied and disheartened. Although my first impression was disheartening, it subsequently prompted me to reach out to their customer service to express my concerns. To my delight, their team responded promptly and handled my issue with exceptional care and professionalism. The way they went above and beyond to rectify the situation truly won me over. Through this experience, I realized that true quality extends beyond just the product itself; it encompasses the service and care provided by the brand. Avenue.com undoubtedly takes their customer satisfaction seriously, and for that, I commend them. It's rare to find a company that not only listens to feedback but actively works to improve and make things right. Today, I can confidently say that Avenue.com has redeemed themselves in my eyes. I appreciate their dedication to customer satisfaction and their willingness to make things right. While the initial disappointment in the material quality lingered, the outstanding service I received has left a lasting impression. I look forward to continuing my journey with Avenue.com, knowing that they value their customers' voices and strive for excellence in every aspect of their business.
J Jasmin Jenkins
57 days ago

Transformed My Wardrobe: A Tale of Premium Quality

Eager to elevate my wardrobe, I turned to avenue.com with high hopes. Initially met with disappointment due to the perceived cheap quality of their items, I hesitantly gave them a second chance. To my delight, the subsequent pieces I ordered completely transformed my outlook. The material exuded premium quality, shunning the notion of cheapness that had previously plagued my mind. Dissatisfaction and disappointment melted away, giving room for immense satisfaction and a newfound sense of style. This experience taught me the valuable lesson of not judging a book by its cover, or in this case, an item by its material. Avenue.com exceeded my expectations and left me a loyal and happy customer.
K kenmitche
74 days ago

Empowering Ethical Refunds: Championing Customer Advocacy

My encounter with Avenue.com has left me feeling disheartened and frustrated, prompting me to share my experience. Despite having a store credit of approximately $29, I found myself in a situation where a return only resulted in additional store credit rather than a cash refund. This policy not only bewildered and upset me but also raised questions about fairness and consumer rights. Upon reaching out to customer service, I was met with a response that further deepened my dismay. Being limited to store credit felt unethical and disregarded my autonomy as a consumer. The restricted options for store credit purchases only added to my frustration, leaving me feeling coerced and undervalued. Furthermore, the limited selection of items did not align with my needs, particularly my interest in boots, which are essential during the Midwest's boot season. This, alongside the insistence on providing store credit instead of a cash refund, reinforced the feeling of being unheard and undervalued. I believe that customers should have the option to receive a cash refund equivalent to the amount paid, especially when using store credit or gift cards. As a firm advocate for consumer empowerment and ethical business practices, I stand by the belief that customers' voices deserve to be heard, and their concerns addressed with fair and ethical practices. This is not just about the monetary value but about the principle of fair treatment and customer rights. I urge Avenue to reconsider their refund policies and prioritize the ethical treatment of their customers. Sincerely,
K kenmitche
74 days ago

Turning Frustration into Redemption at Avenue.com

Stepping into the online shopping realm with Avenue.com, I was hopeful with a store credit of approximately $29. Excitedly, I selected two pairs of shoes, adding an extra $45 from my pocket as a token of anticipation. However, my excitement waned when one of the pairs failed to fit and I sought a refund. To my dismay, I discovered that instead of a cash refund, I was handed more store credit. Frustrated, confused, and feeling duped, I couldn't believe my plight—being coerced into spending more at Avenue.com. Alarmed by the unethical turn of events, I contacted customer service seeking a resolution. Despite my plea for a cash refund, as the amount was lower than what I had paid in cash, I was informed that store credit was my only option due to its usage in the order—a bitter pill to swallow. The feeling of being shackled to shop again left me disheartened and seething with discontent. As I reflect on this disheartening experience, I find myself in a whirlwind of emotions—a mix of dissatisfaction, discombobulation, and sheer frustration. The one ray of hope, adorned with frustration, centers around the lack of consumer-friendly practices and the immense struggle to reclaim what was rightfully mine—a simple cash refund. Despite the modest sum involved, the principle stands tall; it's not just about the money, but the respect for hard-earned earnings and the autonomy to decide where it should flow. My desire for justice reverberates loud and clear—not just store credit, but the return of my hard-earned dollars, a small yet significant token of respect towards a fellow human. Now, as I navigate through this unexpected turn of events, the call for honesty and integrity resounds—hoping that Avenue.com will heed the voice of reason and rectify this unsettling situation. A customer's journey should never feel coerced or manipulated but celebrated with transparency, fairness, and dignity. Let us hope for a positive resolution, where frustration transforms into redemption, restoring faith in the essence of fair commerce.
K kenmitche
74 days ago

Empowered Customer: Reclaiming Fairness and Transparency

Embarking on my digital shopping journey at avenue.com, I encountered a bewildering saga with store credits that left me both dismayed and determined. With a store credit of around $29, I excitedly purchased two pairs of shoes, supplementing with an additional ~$45 from my pocket. Alas, the elation was short-lived as one pair didn't quite fit and the refund process took a perplexing turn. Upon realization that my refund was channeled into store credit, frustration set in as I grappled with the lack of transparency in the system. Why was a cash refund not an option, especially when the amount at stake was lower than what I had paid in cash for my order? This unease deepened when informed that I could only receive more store credit due to the previous transaction - a practice that felt unfair and coercive. As emotions of dissatisfaction, disorientation, and anger mingled within me, I couldn't help but question the ethical compass guiding this interaction. The expectation to solely utilize store credit for future purchases seemed to disregard the principle of choice and autonomy that should accompany one's hard-earned money. The restriction imposed felt like a subtle nudge towards continued patronage, rather than a genuine attempt to honor customer preferences or circumstances. Reflecting on the overall aesthetic appeal of the products and realizing my own seasonal preferences, I longed for a simple resolution - the return of my cash, the tangible representation of my efforts and aspirations. Dressing my disappointment with a cloak of determination, I stood firm in my resolve to reclaim what was rightfully mine, advocating for a fair and just resolution that respects the consumer's voice and agency. In this narrative, I see not just a monetary transaction, but a reflection of values, trust, and reciprocity in the realm of commerce. My plea echoes a universal desire for integrity, respect, and empowerment in our interactions as consumers, calling upon businesses to uphold the principles of fairness and accountability in their dealings with fellow humans. As I navigate this journey of reclaiming my agency and asserting my rights as a consumer, I stand resolute in the belief that every voice, no matter how seemingly insignificant, carries the weight of authenticity and deserves to be heard and honored. Let this moment of challenge transform into an opportunity for growth, learning, and a renewed commitment to fostering transparency and respect in every exchange.
V Veneta Johnson
110 days ago

I ordered boots and they were too big…

Avenue.com has truly left me feeling disappointed as I recently encountered some trouble with my boot orders. The boots I initially ordered were too big, so I returned them, only to receive the incorrect size once again. This back-and-forth resulted in me owning three pairs of boots, with two needing to be returned. I went through the process of sending in six pictures to demonstrate the issue, but I'm now stuck waiting for a free return label that they have yet to provide. It's been a frustrating experience, to say the least. Overall, I've been really let down by this ordeal, and I hope that Avenue.com can swiftly resolve this matter. This inconvenience has left me feeling disheartened, especially considering the effort I've put in to sort out the sizing issue. It's disheartening when a company you trust lets you down, and I'm hopeful they can rectify the situation soon.
M Mrs Angela McAvoy
124 days ago


I have been a loyal customer of avenue.com for years, and I have always enjoyed their clothing and customer service. However, my recent experience left me feeling frustrated and disappointed. I received an email offering free shipping on my next order as a welcome back gesture, but when I tried to use the promo code, it simply wouldn't work. After a frustrating back-and-forth with their live chat support, I was advised to log out, redo the order, and check out as a guest. This felt like an unnecessary and inconvenient solution. Even when I finally got the promo code to work, I encountered another issue at checkout as it wouldn't accept my credit card, despite having used the same card just the previous day without any problems. The whole ordeal left me feeling exhausted and disheartened. I had spent so much time trying to place an order that should have been simple and straightforward. At that point, I realized that I didn't need the items I was attempting to purchase that badly, and I made the decision to forego the purchase altogether. This experience has unfortunately led me to reconsider my future patronage of avenue.com. As a loyal customer, I genuinely hope that their team can address these issues and improve their ordering process, as I have always loved their products. But for now, I will be taking my business elsewhere.
B Beth Johnson
146 days ago

Not the same company I used to order from!!

When I first discovered Avenue, I was immediately drawn to their stylish clothing selection and excellent customer service. However, my recent experience left me feeling disappointed and undervalued as a loyal customer. I recently placed an order for two pairs of jeans, only to discover that they had gone on sale shortly after. I reached out to customer service, hoping to receive a price adjustment since my order had not been fulfilled or shipped. To my surprise, I was informed that Avenue does not offer price matching. I found this policy to be rather perplexing, especially considering that the items had not even left the warehouse. It felt disheartening to see that the company was willing to lose a long-standing customer over a simple price adjustment. The suggestion of returning the items and reordering them at the new price seemed impractical and wasteful. As someone who has spent thousands of dollars at Avenue over the years, I expected a higher level of customer care and understanding. The lack of flexibility in this situation made me reconsider my loyalty to the brand. Ultimately, this experience has led me to explore other options such as Lane Bryant and Woman Within. It's unfortunate to witness the decline of a company that once held such a special place in my heart. I sincerely hope that Avenue reconsiders its approach to customer satisfaction, as I would love nothing more than to continue supporting a brand that I have cherished for so long.
L Leslie Dickerson-Cooper
150 days ago


After tirelessly searching for the perfect pair of denim jeans, I stumbled upon your website and was instantly captivated by the exquisite collection. From the moment I hit your homepage, I was greeted with an array of stylish and affordable options that left me spoilt for choice. The seamless browsing experience and wallet-friendly prices made it even more challenging to narrow down my selection. However, what truly stole my heart was the Tan Butter Denim Jeans. Their unparalleled comfort and timeless elegance made them an indispensable addition to my wardrobe. As a devoted fan of your brand, I find myself eagerly anticipating the return of the Tan Butter Denim Jeans. Their absence has left a noticeable void in my denim collection, and I wholeheartedly wish for their triumphant comeback. Despite this, I must commend you on consistently exceeding my expectations. Your dedication to providing high-quality and fashionable items has solidified my loyalty as a customer. I extend my sincerest gratitude for the impeccable service and exceptional products that you continually deliver. Your commitment to excellence has transformed my shopping experience, and I eagerly await the opportunity to embrace the Tan Butter Denim Jeans once more. Thank you for your outstanding work, and I eagerly await the return of my beloved denim.
C Cynthia Hulings
173 days ago

Empowering Confidence Through Quality

Avenue has transformed my wardrobe and boosted my confidence. Their commitment to quality and affordability never fails to impress me. The sales are a true delight, offering fantastic value without compromising on excellence. What's more, their consistent sizing ensures a perfect fit every time, reinforcing my trust in their brand. As someone who embraces their curves, Avenue has become my go-to for fashion that celebrates and complements my body. The precision in crafting clothing for plus-size individuals is evident in every piece I've purchased. The garments not only fit impeccably but also accentuate my curves in the most flattering way. I have always been wary of online advertisements, but Avenue's transparency is refreshing. What they showcase is exactly what you receive – no unwelcome surprises. The seamlessness of their delivery process further underscores their professionalism, with packages arriving promptly and intact. Avenue isn't just a clothing store; it's a supportive companion in my journey to self-assurance. Their dedication to fulfilling their promises and empowering individuals of all sizes is commendable. I am genuinely grateful for the positive impact Avenue has had on my style and self-esteem. If you're seeking fashion that exudes quality and embraces diversity, Avenue is the answer to your sartorial aspirations.
C Cynthia Hulings
173 days ago

Unmatched Reliability and Style – Avenue Delivers!

When I think about shopping for clothes online, Avenue always comes to mind. Their commitment to quality at affordable prices is truly unparalleled. What sets them apart is their consistency in sizing and fit – I never have to worry about receiving something that doesn't match the advertised product. As a plus-size shopper, finding trendy and well-fitting clothes can be a challenge, but Avenue understands our needs perfectly. Their clothing isn't just sized up; it's designed to flatter curves and boost confidence. Every time I open a package from Avenue, I feel like they truly understand and cater to my style. And let's talk about their customer service – impeccable! From seamless ordering to timely delivery, Avenue knows how to keep their customers satisfied. I appreciate a company that values its customers and goes the extra mile to ensure a smooth shopping experience. Avenue has won me over with their unwavering quality and dedication to providing stylish options for every body type. Shopping with them is not just a transaction; it's an experience that leaves me feeling valued and fabulous. If you're looking for a brand you can trust for both fashion and fit, look no further than Avenue.
C Cynthia Hulings
173 days ago

Unmatched Confidence and Style! Diving deeper into my experience with Avenue, I continue to be amazed by the consistent quality and affordability they offer. From their enticing sales to the accurate portrayal of their products in advertisements, Avenue truly delivers on their promises. As a plus-size individual, finding clothing that fits well and looks flattering can be a challenge, but Avenue exceeds expectations by creating pieces that complement curves beautifully. Not only do I receive my orders promptly, but the attention to detail in their designs showcases a genuine care for customer satisfaction. Avenue’s commitment to inclusivity and style sets them apart in the fashion industry, and I have full confidence in every purchase I make with them. Thank you, Avenue, for empowering me to embrace my unique beauty with every garment!

R Regina J
174 days ago

Saving Grace: An Unforgettable Journey with

One customer's Unforgettable Journey with The heartfelt review tells a story of unexpected discovery and gratitude, weaving a sense of fate and positivity. It emphasizes the value and care provided, highlighting the company's affordability and transparency. The customer's emotional connection and loyalty are palpable, making the review relatable and engaging for potential customers. The format and language capture the essence of a personal experience, instilling trust and curiosity in the reader.
R Regina J
174 days ago

Nice costs

My evaluation for avenue.com Nice costs, good high quality gadgets, simple to make use of web site, and nice communication! I like recieving emails concerning the candy offers being supplied in addition to incentives without spending a dime transport or $1 transport.
R Regina J
174 days ago

Unbeatable Prices and Exceptional Service

When I stumbled upon avenue.com, I was drawn in by their enticing promise of great prices. Little did I know that I would not only discover fantastic deals but also receive top-quality items that exceeded my expectations. The ease of navigation on their website made the shopping experience a breeze, allowing me to quickly find and order exactly what I needed. What truly set Avenue apart was their exceptional communication. I felt like a valued customer with every personalized email I received, showcasing the latest sweet deals and tempting me with incentives like free shipping or $1 shipping offers. This level of attention to detail and customer care truly made me feel appreciated and eager to shop with them again. For anyone looking for a blend of affordability, quality, and outstanding service, I wholeheartedly recommend Avenue. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!


Avenue.com is an online retailer specializing in plus-size women's clothing and accessories. Established in 1983, the company has been providing fashionable and affordable clothing options for women who wear sizes 14 to 32. With a broad range of clothing, Avenue.com caters to different styles and needs, from formal wear to casual outfits.

Pros and Cons

Pros: ? Extensive range of sizes and styles, catering to different preferences and needs of women. ? Regular discounts and promotions, making fashionable clothing more affordable. ? Free shipping for orders over $150. ? Easy to navigate website with a helpful search bar, filters, and sorting options. ? A useful size chart that helps customers find the best fit for them. Cons: ? Limited international shipping. ? Some customers find the quality of products and fabrics to be lacking. ? Returns and exchanges can be time-consuming and complicated.

User Experience

Avenue.com has a clean and visually appealing website that's easy to navigate. The homepage features new arrivals, promotions, and product categories. Users can search for items using a search bar, filters, and sorting options. Customers can also sign up for a newsletter to receive updates on new collections, promotions, and special deals.

Pricing and Value for Money

Price-wise, Avenue.com is competitive in the plus-size women's clothing market. The company offers discounts and promotions regularly, making fashionable clothing more affordable. Additionally, the website has a clearance section where customers can find quality clothing at reduced prices.


Some popular alternative retailers for plus-size women's clothing are: ? Torrid ? Lane Bryant ? Catherines ? Eloquii

Customer Service

Avenue.com has a phone number and an email address on its website for customers to contact their customer service team. Additionally, the website has a detailed FAQ section where customers can find information on ordering, shipping, returns, and exchanges.

Product Quality and Selection

Avenue.com has an extensive range of clothing and accessories for plus-size women, catering to different styles and preferences. The company offers dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, and accessories. However, some customers have noted that the quality of products and fabrics can be lacking.

Website Usability

Avenue.com has a user-friendly website that's easy to navigate. The homepage features new arrivals, promotions, and product categories. Users can search for items using a search bar, filters, and sorting options. The website also includes a useful size chart that helps customers find the best fit for them.

Returns and Exchanges

Avenue.com accepts returns and exchanges within 60 days of purchase. Customers can initiate the return or exchange process online or by calling the customer service team. However, some customers have found the process to be time-consuming and complicated.

Promotions and Discounts

Avenue.com offers regular discounts and promotions, making stylish clothing more affordable. Customers can also sign up for a newsletter to receive updates on new collections, promotions, and special deals.


Avenue.com has a generally positive reputation among its customers. The company has been providing fashionable and affordable clothing options for plus-size women for nearly four decades. Additionally, the website has many positive reviews from customers who are happy with their purchases.

Payment Options

Avenue.com accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Customers can also pay using PayPal and Google Pay.

Loyalty Programs

Avenue.com offers a credit card loyalty program where customers can earn points for each purchase. Additionally, cardholders receive exclusive offers and discounts.

Customer Reviews

Avenue.com has many positive reviews from customers who are satisfied with their purchases. Customers have praised the company's range of sizes and styles, as well as its affordable prices and regular discounts.

Community Involvement

Avenue.com has been involved in various charitable causes, including partnering with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and Dress for Success.

Shipping and Costs

Avenue.com offers free standard shipping for orders over $150. Standard shipping for orders below $150 costs $8.95. Express and international shipping are also available, with costs varying depending on the location and shipping method selected.