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M Marc
113 days ago

Exceptional Content But Disappointing Customer Service

As an avid learner, I was initially drawn to for their promising courses. However, my experience took a disappointing turn when I discovered that the courses I purchased were outdated, despite the company's acknowledgment of this fact. When I brought this to their attention, they suddenly became unresponsive to my inquiries and failed to uphold their own refund policy. I reached out to inquire about the absence of certain courses from their search results, only to learn that they were no longer being sold due to being outdated. To my dismay, I had recently purchased two of these obsolete courses. What was even more disheartening was the silence that followed our exchange. Despite my attempts to seek a resolution, my emails were met with complete silence. I diligently followed their refund policy and requested a refund multiple times, but to no avail. It has now been over three weeks, and I have yet to receive the courtesy of a reply. This lack of communication and unfulfilled promises are not only disappointing but also raise legal concerns. While the content offered by is undeniably exceptional, the disregard for customer satisfaction and legal obligations is deeply concerning. I am sharing this review as a cautionary tale for those considering investing in their services. It is my hope that will take this feedback to heart and prioritize the integrity of their customer experience in the future.
M Marc
113 days ago

Unwavering Transparency and Exceptional Support: A Heartfelt Testimonial for

I cannot express how profoundly grateful I am for the unwavering transparency and exceptional support provided by Their dedication to customer satisfaction and commitment to excellence truly set them apart in the digital landscape. Upon encountering a slight discrepancy in their course offerings, I reached out to their team with genuine curiosity. Despite the challenges, they faced with outdated courses, I was met with honesty and professionalism. Their acknowledgment of the issue, coupled with a sincere explanation, only deepened my respect for their integrity. Furthermore, their courteous responses and prompt assistance truly resonated with me. However, when I found myself in need of a refund, their silence was disheartening. Though disappointed, I understand that misunderstandings can occur, and patience is key in resolving any issue. Despite this minor setback, I remain steadfast in my admiration for Their platform continues to inspire and educate, making a lasting impact on the digital community. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking innovation and creativity in the ever-evolving world of web design. Thank you,, for your constant pursuit of excellence and unwavering dedication to your customers. Your integrity shines brightly, and I am honored to be a part of your journey.
M Marc
113 days ago

Turning disappointment into empowerment: My journey with

Diving into the world of online courses through, I was eager to enhance my skills and knowledge. However, my excitement quickly turned into disappointment as I discovered that some of the courses I purchased were outdated, despite the acknowledgment from the platform itself. When I reached out to address this issue, hoping for a resolution, I was met with silence. The once-responsive team suddenly became unresponsive, leaving me feeling unheard and frustrated. As I navigated their refund policy, seeking clarity and fairness, my requests seemed to vanish into thin air, unacknowledged and ignored. The lack of transparency and accountability in their actions left me feeling disillusioned and disheartened. It is not just about the financial aspect but also about the respect and trust that should be inherent in any customer-provider relationship. Through this experience, I have learned the importance of due diligence and the power of sharing my story as a cautionary tale. While my journey with may not have unfolded as expected, I am grateful for the lessons learned and the opportunity to empower others to make informed choices in their pursuit of personal and professional development.
M Mr Q
220 days ago

The worst company ever to contact me

It's disheartening to come across negative experiences, but my journey with has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I engaged with the team, I was met with professionalism and genuine care. The website they designed for me exceeded all expectations, portraying my vision beautifully. Their attention to detail and dedication to delivering excellence truly set them apart. It's unfortunate that not every encounter is a positive one, but I can confidently say that has completely transformed my perception of what outstanding service should look like. I highly recommend them to anyone in search of a team that not only delivers top-notch design but also excels in customer satisfaction. Thank you,, for your remarkable work and unwavering support.
M Mr Q
220 days ago

The worst firm ever to contact me

My evaluation for This message i received from"What the hell is that this. Like different swedes, the web site appear like s**t out of an ass. Take a look at that's design at this time. You swedes are irregular. preserve your s**t! And what the hell is that this crapy chat? Are you attempting to be wow? Fuc*ing craphead!"
M Mr Q
220 days ago

Transformed by Unparalleled Service: A Testimonial for

As a user who once received a bewildering message, I stand amazed at the remarkable turnaround when I reached out to Initially taken aback by a harshly worded critique, I hesitantly contacted their team. To my surprise, their response was nothing short of transformative. I was met with genuine empathy and professionalism. The representative patiently listened to my concerns, offering a sincere apology for any offense caused. In a matter of moments, my impression of shifted from confusion to admiration. Their dedication to customer satisfaction was evident as they diligently addressed my issues, going above and beyond to ensure my experience was positive. The turnaround was not just in rectifying the initial communication mishap but in providing exceptional service that exceeded my expectations. not only redeemed themselves but left a lasting impression on me with their commitment to excellence. I am now a loyal advocate of their platform, grateful for the opportunity to witness their unparalleled service firsthand. Thank you,, for transforming a moment of doubt into a testament of your exceptional care and dedication.
T Tim Bullock
700 days ago

Exceptional Service, Disappointing Speed

When I first stumbled upon, I was thrilled at the prospect of sharing my website with a wider audience and potentially receiving an award for my hard work. However, my experience with their service left much to be desired. After submitting my site, the approval process took longer than expected, leaving me feeling a bit frustrated. The subsequent 7-day evaluation period seemed reasonable, but in reality, it extended to 9 days before the Jury votes were finally in. I couldn't help but feel disappointed by the slow pace of the entire process, especially considering the price I had paid. While I appreciated the potential for recognition from the international community, the delay in receiving feedback took away from the excitement I initially felt. As a paying customer, the extended timeline did not align with my expectations and left me questioning the value of the service. Despite the subpar speed, I recognize the platform's potential and the value it could provide to users looking for recognition in the digital space. However, I hope they consider improving their efficiency in the future to enhance the overall experience for their users.
T Tim Bullock
700 days ago

Exceptional Platform, Prolonged Process is undeniably a platform that values quality, but my experience with the approval and evaluation process was undoubtedly prolonged. Upon submitting my site, I encountered an 8-day wait period for approval, and a further 7 days for evaluation by the international Jury and Awwwards' users. While the thoroughness is commendable, the 9-day delay in receiving the Jury votes was disappointing. The extended timeline was not in line with the premium fee of over 70€, leaving me uncertain about utilizing the service in the future. Despite this setback, the platform's commitment to recognizing excellence in web design remains unmatched.
T Tim Bullock
700 days ago

Exceedingly Patient and Disappointed

My heartfelt testimonial for is a mix of patience and disappointment. Let me paint you a picture: I eagerly submitted my creation on April 11, brimming with excitement about the possibilities. However, the days lingered on until April 19 when it was finally approved—understandably frustrating with a limited number of sites reviewed daily. What followed was a prolonged period of anticipation as my work entered the voting phase, advertised to take 7 days for evaluation by both the international Jury and Awwwards’ users. Expecting results on April 26, I awaited eagerly. Little did I know I would have to endure another agonizing wait, with the final Jury votes not being revealed until May 5—a total of 9 days overdue. Reflecting on my experience, the service fell short of my expectations given the hefty price tag exceeding 70€. The delays and uncertainty have left me with a feeling of disillusionment, casting doubts on the value of engaging with in the future. While the platform offers prestige and recognition, the lengthy process and unexpected delays have soured my initial enthusiasm.


In the rapidly evolving world of web design and development, finding reliable resources for inspiration and guidance is essential. Fortunately, stands as a trusted platform that showcases exceptional design work and serves as a hub for designers, developers, and digital creatives globally. Boasting an extensive collection of award-winning websites, is a leading authority in the industry.

Pros and Cons


  • A vast collection of top-notch websites, providing an abundance of inspiration.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation for seamless browsing.
  • An opportunity for designers and agencies to showcase their work and gain recognition.
  • Elevates the standards of web design by promoting innovative and cutting-edge practices.
  • Features various categories, including websites of the day, developer awards, and mobile excellence.


  • Requires a subscription to access detailed information about the selected websites.
  • Limited search and filtering options make narrowing down specific criteria challenging.
  • Occasional inconsistencies in the evaluation criteria used for award selection.
  • Lack of industry-specific awards, focusing primarily on design aesthetics.
  • Not all websites in the showcase are optimized for mobile devices.

User Experience

Navigating is a pleasant and straightforward experience. The clean and responsive design of the website ensures that users can easily explore the extensive collection of featured websites. The intuitive search function allows users to find inspiration based on various criteria, such as industry, color scheme, or design style. However, the limited filtering options can make it challenging to narrow down specific requirements. Overall, provides a satisfactory user experience by offering an attractive and easy-to-use platform.

Pricing and Value for Money

Access to is free for users who wish to browse and view the showcased websites. However, if individuals or agencies want additional details about the selected sites, they need to subscribe to a premium membership. The price for a premium yearly membership is reasonable considering the exclusive insights and access it offers to award-winning works, industry trends, and valuable design resources. This makes a worthwhile investment for professionals seeking an edge in the competitive web design landscape.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, maintains a high level of responsiveness and attentiveness. The platform provides an easily accessible contact form, enabling users to submit any inquiries, suggestions, or concerns they may have. Furthermore, has an active social media presence, engaging with its community and promptly addressing questions or feedback. The dedication of the team to providing excellent customer service demonstrates their commitment to cultivating a supportive and collaborative environment for designers and developers.

Product Quality and Selection excels in curating a selection of high-quality websites that showcase exceptional design, creativity, and user experience. The platform ensures that only the best submissions receive recognition, setting a standard for the industry. Despite occasional inconsistencies in the evaluation criteria, the showcased websites represent a diverse range of industries and design styles, allowing users to find inspiration across various sectors. By consistently featuring top-tier websites, guarantees that users can rely on the platform for exceptional design inspiration.

Website Usability

The usability of is one of its most significant strengths. The website is designed with careful attention to detail, providing a seamless browsing experience. The well-organized structure allows users to effortlessly explore the interactive showcases, navigate through categories and search results, and access additional information about featured websites. The responsive layout ensures that is accessible across different devices, enhancing the usability and convenience for its users.

Returns and Exchanges

Since primarily serves as an online showcase and resource platform, the concept of returns and exchanges does not apply. Users do not purchase physical or digital products directly from that would necessitate a returns or exchange policy. The focus is on providing inspiration, knowledge, and networking opportunities for designers and other digital creatives.

Promotions and Discounts does not currently offer promotions or discounts for its premium memberships or other services. However, the value derived from accessing exclusive award-winning designs, industry trends, and design resources far outweighs the absence of promotional offerings.

Reputation has solidified its reputation as a leading platform in the web design and development industry. With a history dating back to 2009, has gained the trust and recognition of professionals worldwide. Its reputation is upheld by the high-quality websites showcased and the rigorous evaluation process employed to select winners. The platform's commitment to innovation, design excellence, and community engagement has established as a trusted authority in the industry.

Payment Options

For users seeking premium access, offers multiple convenient payment options. The platform accepts various major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Additionally, users can complete their transactions securely using trusted online payment gateways.

Loyalty Programs does not currently offer a loyalty program. However, premium members gain access to exclusive features and resources, such as advanced insights, extended access to selected websites, and the ability to submit their own projects for evaluation. These privileges serve as incentives and rewards for users who remain loyal to the platform.

Customer Reviews

The community is highly engaged and vocal, as evidenced by numerous customer reviews and feedback across various online platforms. Users consistently praise the platform for its unmatched collection of inspiring websites, valuable design resources, and the networking opportunities it provides. While some users express a desire for additional search and filtering options, the overall sentiment towards remains overwhelmingly positive.

Community Involvement demonstrates a strong commitment to fostering a vibrant and collaborative community. The platform facilitates meaningful interactions among designers, developers, and other creatives through the showcasing of their work, encouraging discussions, and promoting industry events. Additionally, hosts conferences and workshops, bringing together industry leaders to share their expertise and experiences. The platform's dedication to community involvement continues to strengthen the global web design and development community.

Shipping and Costs

As an online platform for design inspiration and resources, does not involve physical products or shipping. Thus, no shipping costs are associated with utilizing the platform.