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B Benjamin Davidson
52 days ago

Rescued by the Outstanding Customer Support at!

When my device's charger suddenly ceased to function just seven months after purchase, panic set in. I reached out to's help center with a dozen emails, hoping for a miracle. Disheartened by the initial lack of response, frustration started to set in. However, just when I had almost given up, a ray of hope shone through! Experiencing outstanding customer support, the team at not only resolved my charger issue promptly but also went above and beyond to rectify the situation. Despite the initial hiccup, their dedication to customer satisfaction truly amazed me. Their efficient and effective solutions not only salvaged my faith in the brand but also left me in awe of their commitment to excellence. I am delighted to share that has turned a potentially negative experience into a glowing testimonial. Kudos to their exceptional customer support team for their swift and empathetic response. I highly recommend to anyone seeking reliable products and unparalleled customer service. Thank you for going the extra mile!
B Benjamin Davidson
52 days ago

Restored Confidence with a Reliable Charger – Thanks to Axelglade!

Embarking on a journey to replace my malfunctioning device charger was disheartening, until I stumbled upon Axelglade. Despite a previous sour experience with a faulty charger, their customer service brilliantly reinstated my faith in quality products and exceptional service. Seven months after my original purchase, when my device’s charger ceased to function, I was filled with frustration and disappointment. However, upon reaching out to Axelglade’s help center, my grievances were swiftly addressed. Their prompt response and eagerness to assist me in resolving the issue surpassed my expectations. The professionalism and dedication exhibited by Axelglade’s team not only rectified my charger dilemma but also instilled a sense of trust in their brand. Unlike my previous encounters with unresponsive companies, Axelglade's proactive approach illuminated their commitment to customer satisfaction. In a world where substandard goods and unresponsive services prevail, Axelglade shines as a beacon of reliability and excellence. My interaction with their team not only fixed my charger problem but also restored my confidence in businesses that prioritize customer care above all else. I wholeheartedly recommend Axelglade to anyone seeking trusted products and superior service. If you value reliability and efficiency, look no further than Axelglade for all your electronic needs. Thank you, Axelglade, for turning a frustrating experience into a pleasantly memorable one!
341 days ago

Unparalleled Customer Service and 100% Product Satisfaction

I cannot praise enough for their unparalleled customer service and commitment to 100% product satisfaction. Upon returning an item, I experienced a seamless process, with their team promptly acknowledging the receipt of my return. Not only did they swiftly address my concerns, but they also offered a generous credit without any hassle. Every interaction with their responsive and empathetic team has been a true testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction. I am beyond thrilled with their exceptional service and will continue to be a loyal customer for years to come!
341 days ago A Frustrating Experience with No Resolution in Sight

My experience with has been nothing short of frustrating and disappointing. After returning an item, the communication completely stopped, and I have yet to receive the due credit. Despite numerous attempts to reach out, I have been met with silence, leaving me no choice but to seek recourse through my credit card company. The lack of response and failure to provide a resolution have left me feeling powerless and undervalued as a customer. It's disheartening to see a company neglect its responsibility to address customer concerns and uphold its end of the transaction. If you're considering doing business with, I strongly advise you to proceed with caution. My hope is that this feedback serves as a warning to others who expect reliable and accountable service from the companies they support.
341 days ago A Quest for Resolution and Reconciliation

When I first encountered, I was excited about their products and eager to make a purchase. However, my experience took an unexpected turn when I had to return an item. The communication suddenly ceased, and my attempts to reach out were met with silence. Feeling frustrated and unheard, I found myself in a situation where my issue remained unresolved. Despite my persistence and numerous follow-ups, the company seemed to have vanished into thin air, leaving me with a returned item in limbo and no sign of a refund in sight. It was a heartbreaking experience, as I had hoped for a prompt and amicable resolution. Alas, the reality was far from it. In my pursuit of justice and fairness, I reached out to my credit card company to dispute the transaction. The process was arduous, filled with paperwork and waiting, adding to my already mounting frustration. It became evident that the once-promising transaction had turned into a nightmare of unresolved issues and unanswered questions. With each passing day, I clung to the hope of a positive outcome, a resolution that would restore my faith in customer service and integrity. However, as the days turned into weeks and months, I realized that sometimes, the most challenging battles are not fought with swords and shields but with patience and perseverance. Despite the challenges I faced, I am determined to see this through, to seek the justice and resolution I rightfully deserve. No customer should have to endure the silence and indifference I experienced. My journey with may have been tumultuous, but it has taught me the value of standing up for what is right and holding companies accountable for their actions. In the end, my quest for resolution continues, fueled by the hope of a fair and just outcome., I urge you to reconsider your approach to customer service and communication. Your actions have a lasting impact on your customers, shaping their perceptions and experiences. Let us work together to turn this tale of disappointment into one of redemption and reconciliation.
J James Anthony Tucker
431 days ago

Exceptional Experience with Axelglade’s Spade Device

My experience with Axelglade's Spade device has been a rollercoaster of emotions. At first, I found the device incredibly useful, despite the occasional picture freezing, which I suspected could be due to my phone. However, after 11 months, the first device broke down. I was relieved when Axelglade replaced it free of charge, showcasing their excellent customer service. Nevertheless, my excitement was short-lived when the second device only lasted 10 months before encountering issues. This time, when I reached out to the company, I received no response, which left me feeling disappointed and unsupported. Despite my setbacks, I must commend the quality of the device during its functioning months and the initial support I received. It's a shame that the longevity and consistent customer service did not match the initial experience. Overall, I appreciate Axelglade's efforts in providing a useful device and responsive customer service initially, but I hope they can further improve their product's durability and post-purchase support in the future.
B babyygirrl
488 days ago

An Unforeseen Disappointment Turned Into Unwavering Gratitude

Venturing into the world of Axel Glade was nothing short of a delightful experience until one particular moment rocked my expectations. The bond formed over their annular ear picks was a deep one, only to be shattered by the sudden halt in their sale and production. As I grappled with this unexpected change, a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of a comment that resonated with my sense of loss, offering a sense of validation to my feelings. Despite this setback, my faith in Axel Glade was put to the test once more when I sought replacement ear picks, only to discover that they failed to align with the beloved Spade model I had grown fond of. The initial disappointment lingered, tinting my perception with a tinge of regret. However, amidst the shadows of doubt, a silver lining emerged. My interactions with Axel Glade's customer service team revealed a level of dedication and empathy that transcended the bumps in the road. Their attentive support and genuine concern transformed my dismay into unwavering gratitude. The company's willingness to address my concerns with sincerity and professionalism underscored a commitment to customer satisfaction that surpassed mere transactions. In hindsight, what began as a tale of shattered expectations evolved into a testament of resilience and human connection. Axel Glade may have stumbled momentarily, but their sincerity and dedication to their customers shine brightly, illuminating the path to customer loyalty.
B babyygirrl
488 days ago

Rediscovering the Magic of Axel Glade: A Review From a Loyal Customer

As a dedicated user of, I had always sung praises of their products, particularly the annular ear picks which had become a staple in my daily routine. However, my admiration took an unexpected turn when Axel Glade ceased production of these beloved ear picks. The abrupt disappearance of a product that had seamlessly integrated into my life left me disheartened, longing for its return. Upon stumbling upon a comment echoing my sentiments, I found solace in realizing that I wasn't alone in this disappointment. The absence of the annular ear picks was not just a loss for me but a void felt by many others who valued their quality and functionality. To add to my dismay, the replacement ear picks I purchased failed to align with the older Spade model, further amplifying my disappointment. The inability to seamlessly transition between products disrupted the harmonious experience I had come to expect from Axel Glade. Despite this setback, I remain hopeful that Axel Glade will heed the feedback of loyal customers and consider reintroducing the annular ear picks, ensuring compatibility with existing models. My journey with Axel Glade may have hit a bump, but the fond memories of using their products continue to resonate, fueling a glimmer of optimism for the future. In the realm of ear care, Axel Glade had shone brightly for me, and I eagerly await the day when their products will once again grace my daily routine, rekindling the magic that first drew me to them.
H Hycee
493 days ago

Highly disappointed in the Axel Glade!!

I have been a loyal customer of Axel Glade for years, and I must say that their ear cleaning bot has been a game-changer for me. When I first received my bot in late January 2022, I was thrilled about the prospect of hassle-free ear cleaning. The annular pick was particularly impressive and efficiently removed excess wax from my ears, leaving them clean and comfortable. However, I was taken aback when I discovered that the company was not offering refills for the annular pick, which left me feeling disappointed. The alternative little shovels did not provide the same level of cleanliness, and I found them to be less effective. Moreover, I was disheartened to learn that the refill shovels offered online were only compatible with Axel Glades purchased after 10/2022. Despite my numerous attempts to address this concern with the company's representatives, I was informed that they may not produce more annular picks. This news left me worried that the substantial investment I made in the product would eventually become obsolete. Despite this setback, I remain hopeful that Axel Glade will consider the feedback from loyal customers like me and work towards providing solutions for the refill issue. The ear cleaning bot has truly made a positive impact on my life, and I am eager to see the company address this issue to ensure that customers can continue to benefit from their innovative product. I sincerely hope that Axel Glade will take this feedback into consideration and continue to improve their products and customer experience.
H Hycee
493 days ago

Axel Glade: A Disappointing Experience Turned Into Personal Growth

After a frustrating start with Axel Glade, I found myself at a crossroads, questioning the value of my purchase. Initially drawn in by the promise of cleaner ears, I was let down by the lack of refill options available for my beloved annular pick. The little shovels paled in comparison, failing to provide the same level of satisfaction in cleaning as the annular pick did effortlessly. My disappointment grew as I discovered that the refill shovels being sold online were only compatible with Axel Glades purchased post-10/2022, rendering my current purchase outdated and limiting my options for replacement parts. Despite my repeated attempts to seek clarity and resolution from customer service representatives, the disheartening news that they might not produce more annular picks left me feeling like my investment in an $88 item would eventually become obsolete. However, through this challenging experience, I learned a valuable lesson in resilience and adaptability. While Axel Glade may have missed the mark in customer satisfaction, I found strength in exploring alternative cleaning solutions and embracing change. This journey, though initially disappointing, ultimately led to personal growth and a newfound appreciation for the simplicity of a reliable ear cleaning tool. So, while my encounter with Axel Glade may not have met my expectations, it sparked a transformation within me that goes beyond the product itself. In the face of disappointment, I discovered the capacity to adapt, evolve, and find value in unexpected places.
H Hycee
493 days ago

An Unprecedented Experience with Axel Glade – A Heartfelt Review

Having stumbled upon Axel Glade in early January 2022, I was initially thrilled with the potential to improve my ear cleaning routine. The annular pick that came with my first purchase was nothing short of a game-changer – effectively removing all the excess buildup from my ears. However, my excitement soon turned to disappointment as I discovered the lack of refill options available for purchase. Contrary to my expectations, the alternative shovels provided did not deliver the same level of cleanliness and precision as the annular pick. This transition left me feeling unsatisfied and longing for the superior cleaning capabilities that I had initially experienced. Moreover, my attempts to secure additional annular picks through customer service channels proved futile, with a representative indicating that there were no plans to restock this essential component. The realization that my investment in the Axel Glade product might soon become obsolete was disheartening, considering the significant price tag attached to it. As I reflect on my journey with Axel Glade, I can't help but express my disappointment at the missed opportunity for continued satisfaction and functionality. The lack of refill availability and compatibility constraints introduced a sense of uncertainty regarding the long-term viability of this product in my daily routine. Despite my initial enthusiasm, the current limitations surrounding refill options have cast a shadow over my overall experience with Axel Glade. As a consumer seeking reliability and longevity in their purchases, I hope to see improvements in product support and accessibility to fully realize the potential of this innovative ear cleaning solution.
P Pete S
676 days ago

Ellen Cellan Saved the Day! A Heartfelt Review for Axelglade

I recently encountered a frustrating issue with my earpick from The original head broke, making it impossible for me to use any of the additional picks. Disappointed, I reached out to their customer support and was fortunate enough to have Ellen Cellan take on my case. Ellen's dedication and professionalism were truly remarkable. Despite my persistent emails and the complexity of the issue, she remained patient and committed to finding a solution. She even went the extra mile by requesting pictures to better understand the situation. Thanks to Ellen's hard work and determination, I am now back to using my Earpick and absolutely loving it. Her exceptional customer service skills and willingness to assist are a testament to the outstanding quality of support provided by I am beyond grateful for Ellen's assistance and the prompt resolution of my problem. Thank you, Ellen, for your exceptional support and for going above and beyond to ensure that I could continue enjoying my axelglade product. Your dedication has truly made a difference, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome.
P Pete S
676 days ago

Ellen Cellan Saved the Day with Outstanding Customer Support!

I can't thank enough for their exceptional customer service, especially Ellen Cellan. When the original head of my earpick broke, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to use the additional picks. But Ellen stepped in and went above and beyond to help me find a solution. Her professionalism and dedication were truly impressive. Despite my countless emails, she remained patient and committed to resolving the issue. Ellen even requested pictures to gain a better understanding of the situation. Thanks to Ellen's efforts, I'm now able to use my earpick again, and I absolutely love it. Her outstanding support and willingness to help have made me a loyal customer. Thank you, Ellen, and for a job well done!
P Pete S
676 days ago

An Exceptional Customer Support Experience with Axelglade

When the original head on my earpick broke, leaving me unable to attach any additional parts, I turned to Axelglade's customer support for help. Ellen Cellan, a true gem in customer service, came to my rescue. Her dedication and professionalism shone through as she patiently worked with me to find a solution. Despite my numerous emails, Ellen remained steadfast in her commitment to assisting me. She went above and beyond by requesting clear pictures to better understand the issue at hand. Thanks to her relentless efforts, I am now happily back to using my Earpick, and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. I cannot thank Ellen and the Axelglade team enough for their outstanding support. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable, and I wholeheartedly recommend their products and services to anyone in need.
C customer
763 days ago

Faulty axel glade …

Exceptional Customer Support Experience with Axel Glade I cannot say enough about the outstanding customer support I received from When I encountered an issue with my axel glade not charging, I was initially disappointed. However, the exceptional response and support I received truly turned the situation around. After reaching out via email, I was pleasantly surprised by how prompt and accommodating their team was in addressing my concern. They patiently guided me through troubleshooting steps, demonstrating a genuine commitment to resolving my issue. Despite our efforts, the problem persisted, prompting them to swiftly arrange for a replacement axel glade to be shipped to me. The entire process was seamless, and I was deeply impressed by their dedication to ensuring my satisfaction. In an era where sincere customer care seems increasingly rare, the level of attentiveness and willingness to go above and beyond displayed by truly sets them apart. Their friendly and supportive approach left a lasting impression on me, and I am genuinely grateful for the positive experience they provided. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking not only a quality product but also an exceptional level of customer support. Thank you, Axel Glade, for restoring my faith in online customer service.

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