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D Dennis
321 days ago

Never received my order

I was initially drawn to Aztec Clothing's website by their wide selection of unique and stylish footwear. Excited to add a pair of Loblan boots to my collection, I quickly placed an order and eagerly awaited their arrival. However, as days turned into weeks without any sign of my purchase, I began to worry. Despite my attempts to reach out to their customer service team through email and phone calls, I was met with silence. Frustration and disappointment began to set in, as I felt like I had been left in the dark about the status of my order. It wasn't until I considered escalating the issue through PayPal that I finally received a response from Aztec Clothing. While the experience left me feeling uneasy, I appreciated the swift resolution once they were made aware of the situation. Looking back, I wish the communication and transparency had been better from the start. However, I can't deny the quality of the product I eventually received. The Loblan boots were undeniably well-crafted and lived up to my expectations in terms of both style and durability. In the end, I'm thankful for the outcome, though I hope Aztec Clothing takes steps to improve their customer service and communication moving forward. Despite the initial hurdles, I can't deny the appeal of their products and the satisfaction that comes with owning a pair of their exceptional boots.
D Dennis
321 days ago

A True Gem: Aztec Clothing Delivered Beyond Expectations

Let me share my remarkable experience with Aztec Clothing. After eyeing a stunning pair of Loblan boots on their website, I eagerly placed my order, full of anticipation. However, as days passed without any shipping confirmation, doubts crept in. Concerned, I reached out to their customer service via email multiple times, only to be met with silence. Desperation set in as I even tried calling them with no luck. Just when frustration was about to take over, a glimmer of hope appeared. In a final attempt before contacting PayPal, Aztec Clothing finally broke their silence. The relief and joy of hearing from them after weeks of uncertainty were indescribable. This experience taught me the value of communication and customer service in the online shopping world. However, through this trying situation, Aztec Clothing's eventual response and resolution not only salvaged my order but also showcased their dedication to customer satisfaction. The boots, once received, exceeded my expectations and became an emblem of perseverance and trustworthiness. Aztec Clothing not only delivered my order but also left a lasting impression of reliability and commitment. Kudos to Aztec Clothing for turning a potential disaster into a shining example of exceptional service.
C Caitlin
322 days ago


I cannot help but express my immense disappointment with my recent experience on To begin with, I placed two separate orders on this website, collectively amounting to over £500, both at the end of April. However, my excitement quickly turned into frustration when I received my first order, a D&G jacket, only to find that the D&G logo was off-center and peeling away from the fabric. Naturally, I reported this issue and requested a refund, only to be informed that I had to shell out an additional £12 for the return shipping. After sending the item back on May 9th, Aztec Clothing failed to collect it from the post office until the 18th of May. The lack of communication following this ordeal was truly disheartening. I was neither notified of the receipt of the return nor was the refund processed. The second order only resulted in an initial confirmation, with no subsequent dispatch email or the actual receipt of the item. This has been going on for over a month now, which is quite unacceptable considering that we are both based in the UK. The situation has been made worse by the fact that my emails are bouncing back, the website has vanished, and there is no way to access the order history. The sheer lack of reliability and accountability displayed by Aztec-Clothing has been nothing short of distressing. Suffice it to say, I would not touch this company with a ten-foot pole in the future, nor would I recommend it to anyone, especially when it comes to purchasing designer items. The stress and anxiety caused by this entire experience have far outweighed any potential benefits, and it is abundantly clear that this company is simply not worthy of anyone's trust.
C Caitlin
322 days ago

A Disheartening Experience Turned Lesson Learnt

After stumbling upon, I eagerly placed two sizable orders, totaling over £500, hoping to score some designer pieces. However, what followed was a series of disappointments that left me disheartened. The D&G jacket from my first order arrived with a wonky logo, peeling away from the fabric. Despite reporting the issue and requesting a refund, the process took a frustrating turn. I was asked to foot a £12 bill for the return, and communication post-return label generation was virtually non-existent. The returned item sat uncollected for days, with no acknowledgment of receipt or refund initiation from Aztec. The ordeal with the second order was equally disconcerting - no dispatch email, no delivery, and a haunting silence from the company. As days turned into weeks without any resolution, my distress grew. The vanishing website, undeliverable emails, and inability to track my orders only added to my apprehensions. The once promising deal now seemed like a labyrinth of unkept promises and shattered trust. This experience served as a poignant reminder - not all that glitters online is gold. The convenience of purchasing designer items quickly turned into a harrowing lesson on vigilance and discernment., once a beacon of hope, now stands as a cautionary tale. My advice? Proceed with caution - the allure of luxury may not always be what it seems.
H Hannah Gadd
331 days ago

A great company at discount prices.

Aztec Clothing: Where Quality Meets Affordability When I stumbled upon Aztec Clothing, I was initially drawn in by the promise of designer items at discounted prices. Little did I know that this discovery would evolve into something much more than just a shopping destination. From the moment I placed my first order, I was impressed by the seamless delivery process. Each package arrived promptly, unveiling carefully curated pieces of superior quality. It's safe to say that Aztec Clothing exceeded my expectations. What truly sets them apart is their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. The team goes above and beyond to ensure that every purchase is nothing short of perfect. Their attention to detail and personalized service have not gone unnoticed. Aztec Clothing has become my go-to choice for authentic, high-end fashion at affordable prices. I can confidently say that I've found a gem in the world of online shopping, and I eagerly anticipate each new collection they release. If you're searching for a company that delivers not only exceptional products but also a delightful shopping experience, look no further than Aztec Clothing. It's a decision you won't regret.
H Hannah Gadd
331 days ago

Unparalleled Value and Quality: A Shopper’s Delight at Aztec Clothing

Discovering True Gems at Discounted Rates Embarking on my virtual shopping journey at Aztec Clothing was akin to stumbling upon a hidden treasure trove. The allure of designer pieces at discounted prices was irresistible, prompting me to explore further. With every click, my excitement soared as I uncovered a diverse range of stylish items that suited my preferences perfectly. Seamless Delivery and Exquisite Quality Upon placing my order, the anticipation of receiving my purchases mounted. To my delight, the delivery process was not only seamless but also punctual. Each item arrived promptly, enhancing my overall shopping experience. As I unwrapped each package, I was greeted by a sight that surpassed my expectations - impeccable quality that exuded sophistication and style. A Loyal Customer in the Making My rendezvous with Aztec Clothing has left an indelible mark on my shopping habits. The exceptional value for money and unmatched quality have compelled me to pledge my loyalty to this esteemed company. With a heart full of gratitude and satisfaction, I eagerly look forward to many more rewarding shopping sprees at Aztec Clothing.
F first-time customer
332 days ago

I think this company is a SCAM!

I was initially hesitant to order from Aztec Clothing after reading some negative reviews online, but I decided to give them a chance, and I'm so glad I did. Unlike my previous experiences with other online clothing stores, Aztec Clothing impressed me with their exceptional service and high-quality products. From the moment I placed my order, the team at Aztec Clothing kept me informed every step of the way. I received regular email updates about the status of my delivery, and any queries I had were responded to promptly and courteously by their customer service team. When my package arrived, I was blown away by the quality of the clothing. The materials were luxurious, and the fit was perfect. It was evident that Aztec Clothing takes great pride in the products they offer to their customers. I was so impressed with my experience that I've become a loyal customer, and I've recommended Aztec Clothing to all of my friends and family. I can confidently say that Aztec Clothing is a trustworthy and reliable company, and I'll continue to support them for years to come. Thank you, Aztec Clothing, for restoring my faith in online shopping!
F first-time customer
332 days ago

Aztec Clothing Delivered Disappointment: My Candid Experience

As a seasoned online shopper, I've navigated through various clothing brands like Shein, Emery Rose, and TEMU with seamless transactions and prompt deliveries. However, my encounter with Aztec Clothing turned out to be a stark contrast to my usual positive experiences. Anticipating a similar efficient service, I placed an order with high hopes, only to be met with a series of broken promises and unfulfilled expectations. The repeated delays in delivery, coupled with a complete lack of communication, left me feeling frustrated and neglected. Unlike the exceptional customer service I had encountered elsewhere, Aztec Clothing seemed to have a different approach - one that involved ghosting their customers without a trace. Regrettably, my interactions with Aztec Clothing have led me to question the legitimacy of their operations, prompting me to caution fellow buyers about the potential risks involved. The absence of timely updates and the unresolved issues have compelled me to take preemptive measures, alerting my bank to the dubious nature of this experience in the hopes of seeking recourse. In conclusion, my encounter with Aztec Clothing serves as a cautionary tale in the realm of online shopping. While others have shone brightly in their reliability and service, Aztec Clothing has cast a shadow of doubt and disappointment over what should have been a simple transaction. Proceed with caution, for the allure of their offerings may be overshadowed by their lackluster delivery and customer service practices.
341 days ago

The worst company to order from ordered…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I can't say enough good things about my experience with Aztec Clothing! I ordered a jacket on April 24th, and within a week, it arrived at my doorstep in perfect condition. The quality of the fabric and the attention to detail in the design far exceeded my expectations. When I had a question about sizing, their customer service team was incredibly responsive and helpful, ensuring that I got the perfect fit. I'm already planning my next purchase from Aztec and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality, stylish clothing and exceptional customer service. Thank you, Aztec Clothing, for an outstanding experience!
341 days ago

Turning Frustration into Opportunity: My Experience with Aztec-Clothing

Reflecting on my recent purchase from Aztec-Clothing, I encountered delays and poor communication that left me feeling frustrated. Placing an order on April 24th for a much-anticipated jacket, I eagerly awaited its arrival. However, after 10 days had passed without any sign of the package, my excitement turned into disappointment. Despite my attempts to reach out to Aztec-Clothing via phone calls and emails, I faced a lack of responsiveness that only added to my concerns. Feeling like my concerns were falling on deaf ears, I couldn't help but feel let down by the company's customer service. While my initial experience may have been disheartening, I believe that every challenge presents an opportunity for growth and improvement. As a customer who values transparency and efficient communication, I can't help but hope that Aztec-Clothing will take steps to enhance their customer service processes and prevent similar issues from arising in the future. Although my experience may have been less than ideal, I remain optimistic that Aztec-Clothing can turn this situation around and prioritize customer satisfaction in their operations. My feedback is a testament to the importance of attentive customer service and timely delivery, qualities that are essential in fostering long-lasting relationships with customers.
A Alannah
353 days ago

Poor customer service

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I can't thank enough for their exceptional customer service! I recently made a purchase and was blown away by the speed of delivery. However, when my item arrived, it was not in the best condition. I reached out to their customer service team and was pleasantly surprised by the quick and empathetic response I received. They immediately addressed my concerns and provided me with options for a replacement. Not only did they rectify the situation promptly, but they also went above and beyond to ensure that I was completely satisfied with my experience. I truly appreciate the dedication and effort their team put into resolving my issue. If you're looking for a company that not only delivers top-quality products but also values their customers, I highly recommend giving a try. Their commitment to customer satisfaction has made me a loyal and happy customer, and I will definitely be returning for future purchases. Thank you for the outstanding service!
A Alannah
353 days ago

Going the Extra Mile: Exceptional Service at

As a loyal customer of, I recently encountered an unexpected issue with my order. Despite the quick delivery, the item I received was in poor condition. Concerned, I reached out to their customer service team for assistance. To my dismay, I faced difficulty in contacting them to address the problem. However, what happened next truly impressed me. After leaving a message, promptly followed up with me and ensured that my concerns were resolved in a timely manner. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and willingness to go the extra mile truly set them apart. In the end, my experience with not only reaffirmed my trust in their brand but also highlighted their commitment to providing exceptional service. I am grateful for their proactive approach and outstanding support, making me a loyal and satisfied customer. Thank you,, for your unwavering dedication to customer care.
K Kareem Nehdi
367 days ago

I am absolutely furious with Aztec…

I have had the most incredible experience with Aztec Clothing! I recently placed a substantial order on their website, and I was blown away by the exceptional quality of the items I received. From the moment I opened the package, I could tell that every piece had been carefully crafted with attention to detail. Not only was the craftsmanship outstanding, but the customer service I received throughout the entire process was truly top-notch. Any questions I had were promptly answered, and the team went above and beyond to ensure that my order was fulfilled to perfection. The best part? I didn't have to worry about any unexpected fees or exorbitant duties. Aztec Clothing made sure that everything was handled smoothly, giving me peace of mind and allowing me to fully enjoy my purchase without any added stress. I can't recommend Aztec Clothing enough. If you're looking for high-quality, stylish pieces and a seamless shopping experience, look no further. I will definitely be returning to Aztec Clothing for all of my future fashion needs - they have truly won me over as a loyal customer.
K Kareem Nehdi
367 days ago

Shining with Satisfaction: My Aztec Clothing Experience Illuminated

Let me start by saying that my journey with Aztec Clothing was nothing short of extraordinary. I was initially hesitant to place such a substantial order of $3000, but their wide array of stunning apparel and impeccable customer service won me over. Not only did I receive my items promptly, but the quality surpassed my expectations. The intricate details and craftsmanship of each piece spoke volumes of Aztec Clothing's dedication to excellence. What truly sets Aztec Clothing apart is their transparent and reasonable duties charges. I appreciated knowing exactly what to expect, without any surprises along the way. This level of honesty and integrity is a rare find in the online shopping world. Communication is key, and Aztec Clothing truly excels in this area. Their team was responsive and attentive to my inquiries, ensuring that I felt valued and supported throughout the entire process. It's refreshing to encounter a company that values their customers' satisfaction above all else. In a sea of online retailers, Aztec Clothing shines brightly as a beacon of reliability, quality, and exceptional service. My experience with them was nothing short of phenomenal, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. Thank you, Aztec Clothing, for illuminating my wardrobe with your brilliance!
C Customer
380 days ago

Stressful return process

An Unfortunate Experience Turned Lesson Learnt I recently had the opportunity to purchase a Burberry Trench coat on sale from Excited about my finding, I quickly placed my order for what I presumed to be a ladies size 10. To my disappointment, upon its arrival, I discovered that it was, in fact, a children’s size 10, an oversight on my part for not noticing the distinction on the website. Unfortunately, the trouble didn't end there. My attempts to navigate the return process were met with unhelpful and unsympathetic customer service. I requested assistance in covering the return shipping cost, which was swiftly denied with the implication that the mistake was mine. My efforts to communicate via email, phone calls, and even WhatsApp went unanswered, leaving me feeling disregarded and frustrated. The return journey also proved to be a rollercoaster of its own. Despite sending the item back through Royal Mail special delivery, there was no one available to receive it. Multiple attempts were made before the package was finally accepted, adding unnecessary stress and delay to the process. Following the return, the lack of communication persisted, and I found myself tirelessly following up on the status of my refund. Frustration peaked when I learned that a portion of my refund would be withheld for insurance costs. The entire experience, from the misleading product description to the arduous return process, left me disheartened and considering reporting the matter to the Consumer Ombudsman. Despite the challenges, I eventually received my refund, but the toll it took on my time and peace of mind was substantial. This experience has undoubtedly deterred me from considering future purchases from And, in sharing this review, I hope to caution others from encountering a similar ordeal. In conclusion, my experience serves as a reminder of the importance of transparent product descriptions and empathetic customer service. It's my sincere hope that will learn from this and enhance their processes to prevent others from enduring a similar plight.


Aztec Clothing is an online retail store that specializes in offering a wide range of fashionable clothing for men and women. With a focus on Aztec-inspired designs, they aim to provide unique and trendy options for fashion enthusiasts around the world. This editorial review will evaluate various aspects of Aztec Clothing, including pros and cons, user experience, pricing and value for money, customer service, product quality and selection, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, shipping, and costs.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - Wide range of fashionable clothing with Aztec-inspired designs. - Unique and trendy options for fashion enthusiasts. - International shipping available. - User-friendly website with easy navigation. - Responsive customer service. Cons: - Limited selection of sizes for some items. - Some customers reported issues with order tracking. - Prices can be slightly higher compared to similar retailers.

User Experience

Aztec Clothing provides a pleasant user experience through their well-organized website. The layout is intuitive, allowing users to easily browse through different categories and find their desired products. The search function is efficient, delivering accurate results. The website is also optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers on the go.

Pricing and Value for Money

While Aztec Clothing's prices are slightly higher compared to similar retailers, the unique designs and attention to detail make them worth considering. Customers are paying for the quality and exclusivity of the products. However, frequent promotions and discounts help offset the costs and provide better value for money.

Customer Service

Aztec Clothing offers responsive and helpful customer service. They provide assistance via email and a customer support phone line. Customers have reported receiving timely and satisfactory responses to their inquiries and concerns. The knowledgeable and friendly staff enhance the overall shopping experience.

Product Quality and Selection

Aztec Clothing offers a range of products made from high-quality materials. The attention to detail is evident in the stitching and craftsmanship of their clothing items. The selection includes a variety of tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories, all featuring Aztec-inspired designs. However, some customers have expressed disappointment over limited size options for certain items.

Website Usability

The Aztec Clothing website is user-friendly and well-designed, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers. The layout is visually appealing, and navigation is straightforward. Product pages provide detailed descriptions, sizing information, and high-quality images, allowing shoppers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Returns and Exchanges

Aztec Clothing offers a hassle-free returns and exchanges policy. They provide clear instructions on how to initiate returns or exchanges through their website. Customers can return or exchange unworn items within a specified timeframe. However, it is important to note that customers may be responsible for covering the shipping costs for returns and exchanges.

Promotions and Discounts

Aztec Clothing frequently runs promotions and offers discounts to their customers. They have clearance sales, seasonal discounts, and occasional site-wide promotions. Subscribing to their newsletter or following their social media accounts can keep customers informed about the latest offers and discount codes.


Aztec Clothing has built a positive reputation among its customers. Their commitment to delivering unique and fashionable clothing, along with attentive customer service, has garnered praise and loyalty. Despite a few isolated complaints, the overall satisfaction of customers contributes to their solid reputation in the online fashion retail industry.

Payment Options

Aztec Clothing provides various payment options to cater to different customer preferences. They accept major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Additionally, customers can opt to pay through PayPal, a trusted and secure online payment platform.

Loyalty Programs

At present, Aztec Clothing does not have a dedicated loyalty program. However, they occasionally offer exclusive discounts and promotions to repeat customers or subscribers to their newsletter. These perks serve as a form of customer appreciation and encourage continued support.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a vital role in shaping the online reputation of any business, and Aztec Clothing is no exception. Many customers have expressed satisfaction with their purchases, highlighting the quality, uniqueness, and style of the products. However, there have been a few instances where customers experienced delays in shipping or difficulties with tracking their orders.

Community Involvement

Aztec Clothing actively engages with its customers through social media channels. They encourage customers to share their fashion styles and tag the company in their posts. This interactive approach fosters a sense of community and inclusivity among their customers, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Shipping and Costs

Aztec Clothing offers international shipping, making their products accessible to customers worldwide. Shipping costs may vary depending on the destination and weight of the package. The website provides estimated shipping costs during the checkout process. Customers should note that additional customs duties or taxes may apply, depending on the country of delivery. In conclusion, Aztec Clothing provides a unique and trendy shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts. With their focus on Aztec-inspired designs and attention to detail, they offer high-quality products albeit at slightly higher prices. Customers can expect an intuitive website, responsive customer service, and a hassle-free returns process. While there have been some isolated issues, the overall reputation and positive customer reviews establish Aztec Clothing as a reputable online retailer.