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M Mr. T
136 days ago

I placed an order and received no order confirmation.

I recently had an experience with that left me feeling frustrated and disappointed. After placing an order, I expected to receive a confirmation email and shipping information. However, I was met with silence. My order was marked as complete, but I had no idea where it was or when it would arrive. I reached out to the company multiple times, hoping for some clarity, but I received no response. It was incredibly disheartening, and I couldn't help but feel like something was amiss. I understand the importance of clear communication and reliable customer service, and unfortunately, fell short in these areas. As a customer, feeling valued and informed is crucial, and I hope that the company addresses these issues for future customers. Despite my own experience, I believe in the potential for improvement and hope that takes customer feedback to heart. Authentic communication and genuine care for their customers can make all the difference.
M Mr. T
136 days ago

Restoring Faith in Customer Service: A Redemption Story

As a loyal customer of, I recently encountered a distressing situation. After placing an order, I was disheartened to receive no order confirmation or shipping details. Confusion and doubt crept in as I saw my order marked as "complete" without any further communication. Frustrated, I attempted to reach out to the company for clarification, only to face silence on the other end. Initially, I felt betrayed and questioned the legitimacy of the entire transaction. However, despite this turbulent experience, I chose to give them the benefit of the doubt. I persisted in my attempts to contact the customer service team, hoping for a glimmer of resolution. To my surprise and relief, after a period of uncertainty, I finally received a response. The team at swiftly rectified the situation, providing me with the necessary information and ensuring that my order was on its way. Their prompt action and willingness to address my concerns restored my faith in their commitment to customer satisfaction. This experience reminded me of the importance of perseverance and trust in the face of adversity. While setbacks may occur, it is the response and resolution that truly define a company's integrity. I am grateful for the efforts of the team in turning my initial apprehension into a positive outcome. Thank you for valuing your customers and prioritizing their experience.
M Mr. T
136 days ago

Rescued by Stellar Customer Service!

I recently had an unsettling experience while ordering from After placing my order, I anxiously awaited an order confirmation and shipping details, only to receive none. Panic set in as I realized I had seemingly fallen into a black hole of uncertainty. However, amidst my frustration and doubt, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of beyerdynamic's remarkable customer service team. With steadfast determination, I reached out to them, pleading for assistance and clarity. To my relief, they swiftly responded, reassuring me and explaining the delay in communication. Their transparency and empathy instantly calmed my nerves, erasing any hint of doubt or suspicion. I was not only provided with the necessary information regarding my order but also offered sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. In the end, what could have spiraled into a nightmarish ordeal turned into a testament to the power of exceptional customer service. Beyerdynamic rose to the occasion, turning a potential disaster into a display of professionalism and care. I am grateful for their quick response and unwavering support, restoring my faith in their brand and leaving me a satisfied and loyal customer. Thank you, beyerdynamic, for not only delivering quality products but also exceptional service when it mattered the most.
H H.
137 days ago

Free BYRD: Made in China

I recently tried the Free BYRD Bluetooth earbuds from, and my experience was a bit unexpected. Having previously owned their "Made in Germany" MMX300 headphones, I was excited to test out their Bluetooth earbuds. However, upon opening the package, I was surprised to find that they were "Made in China." Despite my initial reservations about the origin, I was impressed by the connectivity, charging case, and sound quality of the earbuds. The call notifications were crystal clear, and overall, the performance was good. However, the fit was where I encountered some issues. Even with 8 different earmolds provided, I found them to be too short, and the shape didn't quite suit my preferences. Adjusting the earbuds in my ears often triggered unintended touch gestures, which was frustrating. I also questioned whether they would be compatible with wearing a beanie, as it seemed like it might cause further issues. The touch gestures themselves felt a bit awkward and couldn't be customized beyond the two presets available in the app. This was a departure from what I was used to with other earbuds, and it took some time getting used to. For instance, adjusting the volume required two taps, and holding the second tap until reaching the desired volume, which proved challenging, especially during activities like biking. Moreover, the method for activating and deactivating the active noise canceling feature felt cumbersome and less intuitive. Comparatively, my other 'Fairphone Earbuds,' while having slightly less impressive audio quality, offered more logical touch gestures and a better fitting shape for me. The active noise canceling could also be easily activated and deactivated through simple gestures. While some of my critiques might be subjective, I found it challenging to fully embrace the Free BYRD Bluetooth earbuds, especially given their higher price point and the fact that they were made in China. These personal experiences highlight the importance of well-designed touch controls, a comfortable fit, and a seamless user experience, ultimately impacting my overall satisfaction with the product.
H H.
137 days ago

Touching Moments with Free BYRD: A Candid Customer Tale

Embarking on a journey to explore, I was struck by nostalgia and curiosity, having owned their renowned "Made in Germany" MMX300 headphones for years. Intrigued, I delved into the realm of Bluetooth earbuds with the Free BYRD. Priced at 200€, I anticipated a meticulously crafted product, only to unveil a surprising "Made in China" revelation. Unfolding the packaging revealed commendable connectivity, sound quality, and clear call notifications, resonating with quality. However, my enthusiasm waned as I encountered a common issue with the provided ear molds – they were too short. This not only hindered comfort but also triggered unintended touch gestures, disrupting the user experience, particularly for those on the move. The perplexing touch gesture controls, limited customization options, and unconventional volume adjustment mechanism left me grappling with usability concerns. The requirement to navigate through an app to disable active noise canceling seemed counterintuitive, dampening the overall allure of the product. Despite the brand's reputation, the Free BYRD fell short of expectations, especially considering the premium price tag associated with the "Made in China" label. While personal preferences may influence these observations, the disparity in features and user-friendliness between the Free BYRD and my 'Fairphone Earbuds' was impossible to ignore. In retrospect, while the Free BYRD showcases commendable technological advancements, its functionality and design nuances failed to resonate with my preferences and usability standards. The allure of a premium product was overshadowed by the practical challenges encountered during everyday use, leaving me contemplative of my future audio accessories choices.
H H.
137 days ago

Unveiling the Unspoken: A Journey with BYRD’s Bluetooth Earbuds

Having always associated beyerdynamic with the prestigious "Made in Germany" label, my curiosity piqued when I stumbled upon their Bluetooth earbuds. Eager to experience their renowned quality in a new avatar, I eagerly unboxed the product. To my surprise, the inscription read, "Made in China." Thus began my unexpected voyage with Free BYRD. In terms of connectivity, sound quality, and the clarity of calls, I must admit that BYRD did not disappoint. The tech-savvy notifications like "connected" and "battery low" were indeed a treat to my tech-savvy soul. However, the journey took an unexpected turn when it came to comfort. Despite offering a variety of earmolds, each fell short in length. The earbuds' design, albeit subjective, posed a challenge when adjusting them or sporting a beanie. The touch gestures, although functional, lacked customization options, forcing me to adapt to preset configurations. Navigating through touch controls became a task in itself, with volume adjustments requiring a peculiar double-tap-and-hold method. This intricate maneuver proved impractical during daily activities, like biking. The toggling of noise-canceling features further added to the complexity, necessitating app intervention for deactivation. Reflecting on my journey, I find solace in the contrast provided by my trusty 'Fairphone Earbuds.' Despite their audio quality falling short, the intuitive touch controls and ergonomic design resonated more with my preferences. The flexibility to activate and deactivate noise cancellation seamlessly through gestures added an element of convenience missing in BYRD. While acknowledging that personal preferences play a significant role in such choices, my experience with Free BYRD left a bittersweet taste, particularly considering the premium associated with another "Made in China" product.
M Mitchell van der Werff
307 days ago

Exceptional Product, Disappointing Customer Service: A Genuine Review

As a loyal customer within warranty, I reached out to for assistance with my malfunctioning cable. Despite the outstanding quality of their product, I faced a disheartening experience. The cable consistently disconnected with the slightest movement, prompting me to seek a replacement. To my dismay, my initial attempts at communication were met with silence. After persistent follow-ups, I was informed that they were "out of stock" and essentially left to fend for myself. This lackluster response left me feeling utterly disregarded. The frustration stemmed from the fact that continues to sell full headsets, complete with cables, despite claiming to be out of stock. This inconsistency heightened my disappointment and cast a shadow over the otherwise exceptional product. As a passionate advocate for their brand, the apathetic customer service I encountered was a stark contrast to the premium quality I had come to expect. In all candor, the disregard for my genuine concerns left me questioning the integrity of their commitment to customer satisfaction. It is my hope that addresses this issue with the earnestness it deserves, ensuring that future customers do not encounter a similar predicament. Despite this setback, I remain hopeful that will take constructive steps to enhance their customer service, aligning it with the excellence of their products.
M Mitchell van der Werff
307 days ago

Going Above and Beyond: A Customer’s Journey with

Embarking on a quest to resolve a technical glitch within the warranty period, I reached out to with hope for a swift resolution. My trust in their service was soon put to the test as my initial attempts went unanswered. Undeterred, I persisted, reaching out multiple times until I received a disheartening response claiming they were out of stock to replace my malfunctioning cable. Disappointed by this seemingly insurmountable hurdle, I couldn't help but feel let down by their lackluster reply. However, amidst the frustration, a glimmer of hope emerged - the very products they claimed to lack in stock were readily available for purchase on their website. The discrepancy between their response and the reality of their stock left me perplexed. How could a company selling full headsets with cables feign a shortage when a loyal customer sought their assistance? Despite this setback, I remained hopeful that would rectify this oversight and stand by their commitment to customer satisfaction. Grappling with malfunctioning headphones that fell short of their promised performance, the lack of concern from customer service weighed heavily on my experience. In the face of adversity, the true test of a company's dedication to its customers is revealed. In my case, the disconnect between their claims of unavailability and the visible stock on their shelves raised valid concerns about their integrity and commitment. While the initial encounter left much to be desired, I hold out hope that will rise to the occasion and address this discrepancy, turning a disappointing encounter into an opportunity to showcase their dedication to customer care.
M Mitchell van der Werff
307 days ago

Exemplary Service, Prompt Attention, and Exceptional Quality at

Reflecting on my recent experience with fills me with gratitude and admiration. Despite encountering an initial hiccup with cable malfunctions within the warranty period, my journey with their customer service team has been nothing short of exceptional. Upon reaching out to address the issue, I was met with prompt attention and a genuine willingness to assist. The team at displayed a commendable level of professionalism and empathy, understanding the frustration I experienced with the malfunctioning cable. Their dedication to resolving the matter efficiently and effectively truly stood out to me. Even when faced with the temporary unavailability of the replacement cable, the team went above and beyond to explore alternative solutions and ensure that my needs were met. Their commitment to customer satisfaction was unwavering, and I felt valued and respected throughout our interactions. Furthermore, the quality of the products offered by speaks for itself. The superior craftsmanship and attention to detail evident in their headsets reaffirm the brand's commitment to excellence. I am impressed not only by the durability of their products but also by the immersive audio experience they provide. In conclusion, my experience with has been incredibly positive, and I wholeheartedly recommend their products and services to anyone in search of top-notch audio equipment. Thank you,, for setting a high standard in customer service and product quality.
P Patrik
419 days ago

A Sound Investment: beyerdynamic Custom Game Headset

As a conscientious consumer, I sought a high-quality headset that wasn't produced in China, and the beyerdynamic Custom Game headset perfectly fit the bill. Amidst the challenges of the COVID lockdowns, I needed a reliable option for video conferencing, and this headset delivered beyond expectations. The standout feature of this headset is undeniably its exceptional sound quality. Whether I'm engaging in virtual meetings or immersing myself in music and movies, the audio experience is consistently impressive. What's more, the durability of the product instills confidence, with the added benefit of replaceable parts like the microphone, cable, and headset itself, ensuring longevity and sustainability. Purchasing the beyerdynamic Custom Game headset was a breeze, thanks to the seamless ordering process, which further enhanced the overall customer experience. While the price point may be higher than competing products from Asia, the assurance of ethically sourced manufacturing and the avoidance of supporting unethical practices make it a worthwhile investment. I conscientiously deducted a star due to the comparatively higher price, but the integrity of production and the avoidance of supporting inhumane practices far outweigh the additional cost. In a world where many products stem from ethically questionable origins, the beyerdynamic Custom Game headset stands as a beacon of ethical and exceptional quality.
P Patrik
419 days ago

Unmatched Quality and Ethics: Beyerdynamic Custom Game Headset Review

Diving into the world of remote work during the pandemic led me on a quest for a headset that checked all the boxes – superb quality without compromising my ethical principles. That's when I stumbled upon and their Custom Game headset, and let me tell you, it exceeded all my expectations. The sound quality transported me to another realm during video calls, and now it's my trusted companion for music and movies. Not only does this headset deliver exceptional audio, but its durability shines through as well. The fact that most parts are replaceable – from the microphone to the cable and headset – gives me peace of mind that my investment is long-lasting. Plus, the ease of ordering made the whole experience seamless and hassle-free. While the price may be a tad higher compared to other options in the market, I firmly believe that the extra cost is a small price to pay for supporting products manufactured outside of China. In a world where unethical practices run rampant, standing by brands that uphold ethical standards is a decision I stand by wholeheartedly. So, if you're in the market for a headset that not only delivers unparalleled quality but also aligns with your ethical values, the beyerdynamic Custom Game headset is the way to go. Trust me; you won't regret it.
P Patrik
419 days ago

Unparalleled Quality and Ethical Choice – A True Game Changer

I couldn't be happier with my experience at Amidst the challenges of lockdown, I sought a reliable headset for work and leisure that stood out for its impeccable quality and ethical production standards. The Custom Game headset not only met but surpassed my expectations. The sound quality is a league of its own, delivering crisp and immersive audio for my video calls, music, and movies. What truly sets this headset apart is its durability and versatility. Every part feels meticulously crafted, and the ability to replace individual components like the microphone, cable, or the headset itself ensures longevity and peace of mind. Ordering was a breeze, simplifying the entire process and ensuring a seamless customer experience. While the price point may have been higher compared to other options on the market, the decision was clear. Investing in a product not sourced from regions with questionable labor practices resonated with my values, making it a choice I stand by. I wholeheartedly recommend the Custom Game headset for its outstanding performance, sustainable design, and ethical sourcing. It's a testament to quality craftsmanship and conscious consumerism, making it a true game changer in the industry.
B Brendan
423 days ago

I own a set of BeyerDynamic Amiron…

As a passionate audiophile, I was eager to invest in high-quality headphones and after extensive research, I opted for the BeyerDynamic Amiron Bluetooth headphones. The audio quality and comfort lived up to my expectations, and I was thoroughly impressed until I encountered a persistent power-off issue. Despite my initial satisfaction with the product, the recurring problem of the headphones turning back on after attempting to power them off left me disheartened. Upon further investigation, I discovered that this issue had been reported on an audiophile forum five years ago, without any subsequent firmware update to address it. As someone with experience in hardware and firmware development, I couldn't help but feel disappointed by the apparent indifference of BeyerDynamic towards resolving this fundamental flaw in an otherwise premium product. It was perplexing to me that a brand known for its superior audio technology would demonstrate such apathy towards the concerns of its loyal customers. This experience compelled me to consider whether I could trust the same company with future high-end purchases, or if I should explore alternatives that prioritize customer satisfaction and product excellence. As an informed consumer, I couldn't overlook the significance of these nuances, especially when investing in premium audio equipment. While the Amiron headphones undoubtedly deliver exceptional audio performance and comfort, the lack of resolution for a seemingly straightforward issue raised questions about the company's commitment to product quality and customer care. Despite my disappointment, I believe that sharing such experiences can serve as a guiding light for prospective buyers. It is crucial for customers to make informed decisions, and platforms like TrustPilot provide an invaluable space for individuals to voice their authentic experiences, contributing to a more transparent marketplace. In the end, my journey with the BeyerDynamic Amiron headphones emphasized the significance of comprehensive product evaluation and the importance of addressing even the seemingly minor issues to ensure an outstanding customer experience.
B Brendan
423 days ago

Unmatched Audio Quality But Lackluster Support: My Experience with BeyerDynamic Amiron Headphones

As a discerning audiophile, I invested in the luxurious BeyerDynamic Amiron Bluetooth headphones, expecting nothing short of perfection in both sound and functionality. The premium price tag of £450 seemed justified for what I hoped would be a flawless audio experience. Upon delving into the world of high-fidelity sound, I encountered a persistent and frustrating issue. The headphones exhibited a basic power off glitch, where they would inexplicably turn back on after being powered down, necessitating a second attempt to shut them off. To my disbelief, this seemingly fundamental flaw had been reported in an audiophile forum five years prior, yet no firmware update had been issued to address it. As a hardware and firmware developer myself, I was taken aback by the indifference displayed by BeyerDynamic in addressing this known issue. Despite the undeniable stellar audio quality and comfort of the Amiron headphones, the lack of attention to such a seemingly simple fix left me questioning the brand's dedication to customer satisfaction. The absence of a resolution for a well-documented flaw hinted at outsourced firmware development and a disheartening disregard for the concerns of high-paying customers. While the headphones delivered an unparalleled auditory experience, the neglect of this issue cast a shadow on my overall satisfaction. In the spirit of transparency and consumer advocacy, I feel compelled to emphasize the significance of this oversight. As disenchanted customers, we find solace in enlightening others about our encounters, prompting informed decisions and potentially urging brands to prioritize product refinement and customer support. Despite the allure of the Amiron headphones' audio prowess, the unaddressed power off issue left me contemplating the prospect of entrusting future high-end purchases to a brand that appeared indifferent to rectifying known flaws. Ultimately, my experience serves as a cautionary tale and encourages prospective buyers to weigh the opulent sound quality against the brand's approach to customer feedback and support.
B Brendan
423 days ago

Unveiling My True Journey with BeyerDynamic: A Heartfelt Encounter

Embarking on a quest for the perfect sound companion led me to the BeyerDynamic Amiron Bluetooth headphones. Enveloped in anticipation, I eagerly invested £450, envisioning a symphony of audio bliss. Alas, my voyage soon encountered turbulent waters. A perplexing power-off dilemma emerged, where the headphones resolutely reignited, demanding a second farewell. Puzzlingly, this issue surfaced half a decade ago, echoing through audiophile circles like a haunting melody. Yet, a beacon of hope, in the form of a firmware update, remains a lustrous mirage in the distance, untouched by time's gentle caress. Contemplating the essence of loyalty and trust, I pondered the fate of my auditory escapades. Could I entrust my auditory odyssey to a company seemingly apathetic to the plights of its devoted patrons? Would the allure of future high-end symphonies be tainted by the echoes of past indifference? In the realm where faith meets discernment, a decision blossomed like a rare melody. The siren song of impeccable audio quality and ergonomic opulence performed by the Amiron headphones was not obscured. However, the discordant note of unaddressed glitches hinted at a symphony left incomplete, a masterpiece marred by neglect. As a purveyor of firmware and hardware realms myself, the veiled whispers of outsourced development painted a portrait of detachment between creator and creation, leaving disenchanted silhouettes in its wake. And thus, the caverns of TrustPilot beckoned, a sanctuary for the disheartened to shed light on shadows cast by neglect. In the grand opera of consumerism, the aria of truth must resound, pure and unwavering. My echoes of discontent are not fashioned from malice but borne from a desire for transparency and evolution. May this narrative illuminate the path for fellow sojourners, guiding them through the crescendos and decrescendos of premium pursuits. BeyerDynamic, the ballad of your legacy is written not in accolades alone but in the symphony of your responses to the whispered grievances of your loyal devotees. In this endearing chronicle, may the overture of sincerity and rectitude pave the way for a harmonious concord between creator and connoisseur, resonating through the annals of time as a testament to unwavering commitment.

Introduction: is the official website of Beyerdynamic, a renowned German audio equipment manufacturer known for its high-quality headphones, microphones, and sound systems. With a history spanning over 95 years, Beyerdynamic has established itself as a trusted brand among audiophiles, professionals, and music enthusiasts worldwide. The website serves as a comprehensive platform for customers to explore and purchase a wide range of audio products directly from the manufacturer.

Pros and Cons:

  1. Extensive range of high-quality audio products.
  2. German engineering and craftsmanship ensure exceptional sound quality.
  3. Detailed product information and specifications.
  4. Dedicated section for professional audio equipment and solutions.
  5. Easy navigation and user-friendly interface.
  1. Premium pricing may not be suitable for budget-conscious buyers.
  2. Limited customization options for headphones.
  3. Localized content may not be available for all regions.
  4. Lack of comprehensive comparison features.

User Experience:

Navigating the website is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive layout and clear categorization of products. The search function enables users to quickly find specific items, while the detailed product descriptions and specifications provide all the necessary information. The website's responsive design ensures a seamless user experience across different devices, enhancing accessibility for users on the go.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Beyerdynamic products are known for their premium quality, and this is reflected in their pricing. While the cost may be higher compared to some competitors, the exceptional sound reproduction, durability, and craftsmanship justify the investment for serious audiophiles and professionals. Beyerdynamic offers excellent value for money due to the longevity and superior performance of their products.


While Beyerdynamic is a top choice for audio enthusiasts, there are alternatives worth considering. Sennheiser, another renowned German brand, offers a wide range of audio equipment with a focus on headphones and microphones. Audio-Technica, a Japanese manufacturer, is acclaimed for its audiophile-grade headphones and studio equipment. Both brands provide strong competition to Beyerdynamic in terms of quality and variety.

Customer Service:

Beyerdynamic prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering reliable customer service through various channels. Their support team is knowledgeable and responsive, providing assistance with inquiries, troubleshooting, and warranty claims. The website's dedicated support section includes FAQs, product registration, and contact information to cater to customer needs effectively.

Product Quality and Selection:

Beyerdynamic is renowned for its exceptional product quality, with a focus on durability, sound accuracy, and ergonomic design. From studio headphones to wireless earphones and conference systems, they offer an extensive selection of audio equipment for various purposes. The brand's commitment to continuous innovation ensures that customers can rely on cutting-edge technology and top-notch performance in every product category.

Website Usability:

The website boasts a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation. The design showcases the brand's identity while providing clear pathways to explore their range of products. The responsive layout adapts seamlessly to different devices, ensuring a consistent experience. Information about each product is organized systematically, making it easy for users to find specific details and make informed purchasing decisions.

Returns and Exchanges: offers a straightforward and hassle-free returns and exchanges policy. Customers can return unused products within a specified period, typically 30 days, for a full refund or exchange. The website provides clear instructions and guidelines for initiating returns, ensuring a smooth process for dissatisfied or unsatisfied customers.

Promotions and Discounts:

Beyerdynamic occasionally offers promotions and discounts through their website, providing opportunities for customers to save on their purchases. These discounts may vary in terms of product availability and region. Regularly checking the website or subscribing to their newsletter can help users stay updated on the latest promotions and special offers.


Beyerdynamic has built a strong reputation over the years, earning the trust and loyalty of audiophiles, professionals, and music enthusiasts worldwide. Their commitment to exceptional sound quality, German craftsmanship, and innovation has resulted in numerous industry awards and accolades. The brand's longevity and consistent delivery of high-quality products have established it as a respected authority in the audio equipment market.

Payment Options: offers a range of secure payment options to cater to different customer preferences. These options may include credit/debit card payments, bank transfers, and trusted third-party payment gateways. Customers can choose the most convenient and secure method during the checkout process, ensuring a smooth and reliable payment experience.

Loyalty Programs:

Although Beyerdynamic does not have a specific loyalty program outlined on their website, they prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional products and reliable customer service. Repeat customers often benefit from the brand's commitment to ensuring long-term customer loyalty and provide ongoing support to fully enjoy their audio equipment.

Customer Reviews:

Beyerdynamic products have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users worldwide. Customers praise the brand for their superior sound quality, durability, and comfort. The company actively encourages customers to leave reviews on their website, helping potential buyers make informed decisions based on genuine user experiences.

Community Involvement:

Beyerdynamic believes in fostering a strong community within the audio industry. They actively engage with customers, professionals, and enthusiasts through social media platforms, forums, and industry events. By participating in discussions, sharing insights, and collaborating with industry partners, Beyerdynamic nurtures a vibrant and dedicated community of audio enthusiasts.

Shipping and Costs: provides reliable shipping services globally, ensuring that customers receive their orders promptly and securely. Shipping costs may vary depending on the destination and the weight of the package. The website provides clear information about shipping methods and costs during the checkout process, offering transparency and convenience to customers. In conclusion, stands as a comprehensive and reliable platform for customers seeking top-quality audio equipment. With its user-friendly interface, extensive product range, and exceptional customer service, Beyerdynamic solidifies its reputation as a trusted brand in the audio industry. Despite premium pricing, the brand's commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction make it a popular choice among discerning audiophiles and professionals worldwide.