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Alexandra D 274 days ago

Truly appalling customer service

I ordered a bridesmaid dress from BHLDN in store in October of 2022. The dress I ordered a Remy in a size 16 was backordered and I received it at the end of November 2022. Last week February 2023 I took the dress to get altered and found that BHLDN had sent me the wrong style and the wrong size a Lyra in a size 12. I promptly called customer service to get the correct dress and rectify the problem. At the start the customer service representative was helpful. The representative asked if they had the dress in stock did I want it I said I needed a dress overnighted. She then put me on hold for 10 minutes while she went to check stock. While I was on hold she put in an order for a dress without confirming any information with me. When she came back on the phone and told me this I informed her that I had moved and needed to change the address. Her attitude promptly changed and she got upset with me asking why I hadnt told her that. I said she had left me on hold to check stock nothing else. She said I mentioned overnighting a dress. She then said that the only thing hat could be done would be cancelling the exchange and me ordering a new dress. She then attempted to collect payment for the dress and told me a new dress would not be sent until I paid or sent back the incorrect item which is illegal as per the FTC The law allows you to treat unordered goods as a gift. You dont have to return the merchandise and you dont have to pay . I then attempted to work with a different customer service representative who told me they would issue me an Egift card with which to order a new dress. He told me I would have it in my email within the hour. I waited 14 hours and still received nothing. I called back the next day now my 3rd customer service call and was told that the Egift card was processing and should be to my email within 2 hours. I waited another 8 with no luck. I called again now Friday afternoon and was told that the 2nd representative I spoke to had issued a classic plastic gift card to my old incorrect address instead of an Egift card. I was told it would take between 1 and 24 hours to receive the correct Egift card and that if I did not receive it in 24 hours to call back. I called back 24 hours later 4PM on Saturday now my 5th call and was told that their gift card person is not in the office on the weekends and I would receive it by lunch on Monday. I was also informed there was nothing else to be done. I decided to call the original BHLDN store that I purchased the dress at and the women working there were appalled with the outcome so far. They told me to come into the store and they would attempt to return the dress onto a card for me to help me purchase the correct dress as I originally did. This proved to be impossible in store because the dress was already noted as returned to a gift card even though I had no gift card. The manager of my local BHLDN called customer service herself and was told twice there was nothing to be done and then was HUNG UP ON by customer service. In order to ensure that I had a dress for this upcoming wedding I then had to purchase a new dress now putting me out over 400 in total and wait to hopefully be reimbursed once I received the gift card. Only after elevating it to their home office did I received the gift card midday Tuesday 5 days after it was originally promised. Truly the most appalling customer service I have ever experienced. The women working in the physical store were great but the people who run the customer service and gift card over the phone were rude dismissive unhelpful and ultimately unkind. If you can avoid this brand and their customer service.

Maya 390 days ago

The worst customer service.

If I could give their customer service negative stars I would. Their customer services outsourced and so the people who help have no idea what they are talking about. Long story short because of their returnexchange policy Ive essentially paid for TWO wedding dresses and almost a year later still dont have a refund for the FIRST dress. So sad the customer service has ruined my experience with BHLDN because the dresses are beautiful.

AB 519 days ago

Poor customer service

BHLDN were deliberately evasive in response to an email I sent them about sale prices and restocks so I ended up having to take a chance on a dress that was too small despite their customer service representative refusing to confirm whether it could be altered and me explaining that Im in the UK so cant return anything I buy because of customs charges. A day later the price of the dress was reduced by 50. BHLDN are refusing to honour that or even provide any sort of discount. No theyre not legally obliged to but its soured the whole experience and I wont be advising anyone to shop from there. At the end of the day its another large corporation that puts profit before people. Go to an independent bridal boutique if you can.

CEF 533 days ago

Exceptional Jewelry and Clothing Marred by Subpar Customer Service

My recent experience with Anthropologie left me with mixed feelings. While I was thrilled with the pieces of jewelry and clothing I ordered the subsequent customer service I received was nothing short of a nightmare. After deciding to return a few items I encountered a series of issues that made the process needlessly overwhelming. Upon attempting to locate my order through the website I was disheartened when a message stating order not found appeared. Eager to resolve this I promptly reached out to customer service via email hoping for a quick solution. However my initial interaction with agent 1 provided no resolution as I was informed that a return label had been sent to assist with the website issues a label that inexplicably never made its way to my inbox. Undeterred I made another attempt to address the matter by contacting customer service once more. To my bewilderment agent 2 informed me that return labels often encounter delivery issues when sent to Gmail domains a curious assertion given the ubiquity of Gmail as an email service. The befuddlement only grew when the representative asked if I had an alternative nonGmail email which I did not. The proposed resolution was to mail me a return label a strategy that came with its own set of frustrations as it meant enduring a waiting period of 5 business days. Anxious about the impending deadline for returns a concern that I believed was valid given the 30day return window I sought clarification on the timeline. The ensuing response from agent 3 offered little consolation. It was at this point that I learnt they would extend my return timeline by 10 days almost dismissively brushing over the fact that 5 of those days would be consumed by the labels shipping process. The cumulative effect of this ordeal left me questioning the efficacy of a company that struggled to seamlessly operate its website utilize ubiquitous email services and address a straightforward issue with expediency. The amount of time and energy I had to invest in resolving their technical shortcomings was exasperatingly disproportionate. I had anticipated a seamless customercentric experience but the reality was a stark contrast. Regrettably the standout products from the Anthropologie brand were overshadowed by the remarkable deficiency in their customer service. As a result I am hesitant to endorse the brand to my friends and I am disheartened to say that I am unlikely to patronize their store again. In conclusion while the quality of their jewelry and clothing is exceptional the disheartening customer service experience left a palpable mark on my overall impression of Anthropologie.

Am 567 days ago

BHLDN could not care less about their

BHLDN could not care less about their customers. They misrepresent what items they have in stock and dont inform you when they back order your wedding dress that you paid expedited shipping for you so it ends up being a surprise you may or may not find out about that your dress isnt coming in 5 more months. Customer service does not care. No one will reach out to you. Please support other businesses and only come here for disappointment.

MGJ 686 days ago

Thumbs wayyyy down

Agree with all the other reviews this place is the WORST Ordered a pair of shoes for an event and they overcharged me. Had to reach out several times to get it corrected. Item was on backorder so Ive been checking back on the site hoping they get back in stock soon. Was so happy to see they say JUST ARRIVED now on the site but when I contacted customer service they are like no we dont have them. This place is an absolute SCAM

H.J. Joy 750 days ago

We had a wedding dress appointment over

We had a wedding dress appointment over the weekend. Shop was pretty quiet. We arrived on time and were excited to watch our sister try on beautiful dresses. Our sales rep was decent and accommodating but the other sales women in the department were RUDE SNOTTY and OBNOXIOUS. There were 2 other sales women walking around that insisted on walking just where we might be looking at a dress rolling their eyes at us i guess because we were actually looking at the dresses hanging on the racks and maybe even oh my touching them One of the ladies actually even asked us to SIT DOWN in the seats and presumably NOT LOOK AT DRESSES that we were there to maybe buy TOTAL RUDE and UGLY sales ladies. Thank goodness my sister chose a 1800 dress from a different store and we didnt spend a dime there. So sad that young working women feel the need to behave this way. So so very ugly. I will never be back and make sure that all my friends know not to shop there as well.

Tricia Cawdrey 825 days ago


BHLDN IS the WORST.. Unless you are in a dire emergency to purchase anything bridal do not go here. The BHLDN online ordering process is easy quick .. no problems ordering or taking my money. HOWEVER if you need to exchange in store YOU CANT.. you can only return and repurchase. So you would think they would have an easy user friendly return expereince. THEY DO NOT. They have an INCONSISTENT policy and process with respect to returns. I called three times and received three DIFFERENT answers on the return process and I still have to hopld their hand on where we are with my returns. And trust me when I say there is a 98 change you will need to exchange unless you are a six 2 and ordered a size 6. I WILL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN.. BHLDN needs to get their online and in store experience fixed.

Alice Pearson-Wright 895 days ago


AVOID THIS COMPANY. I cancelled my order yet they still sent it arriving 3 months later. Now they wont let me send back and say they dont do returns labels. The last 3 ladies I spoke to promised me they sent me a label but it didnt come through and now the next lady says they dont have them so they must have been lying. Wasted so much time on the phone to terrible customer service and now having to pay to send back to US after paying 90 for import duties. Avoid at all costs

McKenzie James 924 days ago

Terrible Company

Terrible Company. Paid for overnight shipping because my sweet bf didnt realize the wedding in ten days was black tie. Moreover what that meant... Its been four days and I have yet to receive the item and if it does show up I know Ill have to get it hemmed so lets add express alteration fees for another hundred. Ridiculous. Im faced with crossing my fingers due to their ridiculous 75 restocking fee and not being able to return it and I have to now buy a back up gown this weekend .

LaurenJ 927 days ago

If I could give zero stars I would

If I could give zero stars I wouldAbsolutely TERRIBLE customer service. Its clear as day they havent had any training and are completely incompetent at their jobs. I placed an order end of April delivery lead times on their website said 710 business days and midMay having not received any updates on my order I chased and was told the item was on back order until the 3rd June so nearly 2 months after placing my order No apology or solution was offered I was just expected to take it. Unfortunately by this time I will have moved so I requested a change of address but apparently they are incapable of making this change and they actually cancelled my order without consentWish I had seen these reviews before placing my order and I hope someone else will see this before placing theirs believe it when I say they are incompetent and will cause you a lot of grief Dont waste your time

Di 1022 days ago

Very disappointed mother of the bride

I really wish I had checked these reviews before ordering from BHLDN. I had ordered a Jenny Yoo dress to wear as mother of the bride. Beautiful dress with one glaring issue very obvious fabric flaw in the front of the dress that only a person with impaired sight could miss. Certainly a professional retailer should be much more careful. I still loved the dress and wanted to exchange it for the exact same dress hoping there would be no flaw this time but apparently BHLDN no longer has my size in the dress. The customer service rep I spoke to was not helpful in the least just well we can refund you thats it. This is supposed to be a company that services brides and bridal parties is it not Shouldnt there be at least a little more in the way of at least checking to see if more can be done to help find a similar dress even the same dress in a different color Nope apparently not. I wont do business with them again if I can help it.

China Johnson 1211 days ago

First time customer with an amazing experience

Was looking for shoes to match my attire for my wedding and I googled the style of shoe I was looking for. BHLDN popped up and I visited the site. I saw the perfect pair of shoes and this website did not disappoint I received my shoes todayordered them 4 days ago and they are perfectly perfect from the color to the design and fit Very very pleased with the ease of ordering to the rapid delivery. I have pictures of my amazing shoes with the beautiful presentation unfortunately this website doesnt seem to support pictures......sorry

Charlene Haynes 1402 days ago

I just received my first ever purchase

I just received my first ever purchase from Bhldn and I am pleasantly surprised My dress is of great quality material and its more than I expected. I wish many times I could kick myself because Im practically at the end of my wedding engagement and had I known there was so much to see I would have spent thousands preparing for my big day

Monica 1410 days ago

I purchased a dress after trying it on

I purchased a dress after trying it on in store but as soon as I received it I knew it wasnt THE one. No problem because of the free 30day return policy right Wrong I was charged a 75 restocking fee and after multiple chats with the very rude and unapologetic customer service team the only explanation I received was that I returned the dress dirty and that it must have been in egregious condition or else their return processing team wouldnt have flagged it. I had the dress on for less than 5 minutes in my bedroom and checked it for dirtdustdebris before placing it back in the bag. Beware of supposedly free reruns it may be too good to be true.

Egan Marcas 1437 days ago

I am not sure why people are so damn

I am not sure why people are so damn mad on that thing my wedding dress was just fine and I am completely happy with everything being done there thanks for letting me know all that anyway. How else we could go on there if not there Seems like bad reviews fixed or so.

Stephanie 1442 days ago

PLEASE BE CAREFUL before ordering from

PLEASE BE CAREFUL before ordering from BHLDN. I ordered a wedding gown and it was way too small despite me ordering my normal size AND taking my measurements to be sure. I returned the dress and waited weeks for a refund but none came. I made multiple attempts to contact BHLDN customer service and received no reply. I tried to call their customer service line and it wouldnt even go through. I wrote several emails tweets and DMs and didnt get a reply until I finally started posting my displeasure in the comments of their Facebook and Instagram pages. Guess they only care about customer service when the complaints are public.

Fran Pechtol 1590 days ago

BHLDN does not accept returns after 30

BHLDN does not accept returns after 30 nor will they give you a credit. I tried to return a brand new never worn dress that was still on their website for full price. Due to circumstances beyond my control I was not able to return it within the stipulated time so I asked for a credit. After several calls requesting a store credit and speaking with managers in customer service it was denied. What national chain doesnt issue credit to for an unused product that is still in production I am quite upset and will never shop there again. Customer beware

Yaël Lotem 1697 days ago

Ordered a wedding dress and it got

Ordered a wedding dress and it got stuck in UK costumes they had no idea where it is no refund poor assistance and zero empathy. 3 weeks Im chasing them and paying for the international call to the US and ended up paying a surprising 86 pounds for costumes as it got stuck there without my knowledge Dont order from them internationally. Its just not worth the money and hassle.

Leanne 1711 days ago

I ordered my wedding dress from this

I ordered my wedding dress from this company. It took one month to arrive. I had to pay a huge cost to get it cleared from customs. When it arrived two weeks away from my first fitting they had sent me the wrong dress... I got a lack of sympathy or compensation from the company. They literally couldnt care less in trying to rectify the situation. They said theyd let me know in 72 hours if they had the dress I ordered originally in stock. They didnt get back to me after 72 hours. After chasing they confirmed they no longer had the dress and didnt intend in getting it in. They are awful. Do not buy from this company. This has left me having to find something new with very little time left. Appalling customer service.

Introduction is a wedding brand powered by Anthropologie that offers beautifully curated bridal dresses, accessories, and decor items. The brand focuses on the concept of modern romanticism, bringing a delicate and feminine touch to their products.

Pros and Cons

  • BHLDN offers a unique and curated selection of wedding items.
  • The website has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to browse and shop for items.
  • They offer a range of price points, making it accessible for brides on a budget.
  • The selection of sizes is limited, which can be frustrating for plus-size brides.
  • Some items may not be available for immediate shipping, which can delay delivery.

User Experience offers a seamless user experience. The website is easy to navigate, with clear and modern visuals that provide a luxurious and elegant feel. The product pages provide detailed information on the items and offer a range of images, including videos and customer reviews.

Pricing and Value for Money

BHLDN offers a range of prices, with dresses starting at around $150 and going up to $3,500. Accessories and decor items also vary in price, making it accessible for brides on a budget. The items are not considered cheap by any means, but the brand is known for providing high-quality products that are worth the investment.


There are several alternatives to BHLDN, including David's Bridal, Kleinfeld Bridal, and Lulus. Each brand offers a unique selection of dresses, accessories, and decor items, making it essential for brides to do their research and find the brand that best fits their style and budget.

Customer Service

BHLDN provides excellent customer service, with options for live chat, email, and phone support. They also offer a helpful FAQ section on their website, making it easy to find answers to common questions.

Product Quality and Selection

BHLDN is known for offering high-quality products that are often unique and exclusive to the brand. The selection includes a range of styles, from modern to vintage-inspired, and includes dresses, accessories, and decor items.

Website Usability

The BHLDN website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The search function allows users to find products quickly, and the product pages provide accurate and detailed information on the items. The site also has a helpful blog section that features tips and inspiration for wedding planning.

Returns and Exchanges

BHLDN offers a generous return and exchange policy, allowing customers to return their items within 30 days of purchase. However, some items may not be eligible for returns, so it's essential to read the return policy carefully before making a purchase.

Promotions and Discounts

BHLDN occasionally offers promotions and discounts, including seasonal sales and free shipping. However, these promotions are not always available.


BHLDN has an excellent reputation within the wedding industry, with a focus on providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. The brand has been featured in various publications, including Vogue, Brides, and Martha Stewart Weddings.

Payment Options

BHLDN accepts a range of payment options, including major credit cards, PayPal, and Afterpay.

Loyalty Programs

BHLDN does not currently offer a loyalty program.

Customer Reviews

BHLDN has excellent customer reviews, with many customers praising the quality of the products and the customer service provided by the brand.

Community Involvement

BHLDN is dedicated to sustainability and makes efforts to reduce waste and promote eco-friendly practices. The brand also partners with various organizations to support charitable causes.

Shipping and Costs

BHLDN offers various shipping options, including standard and expedited shipping. The cost of shipping varies depending on the location and shipping method chosen. However, BHLDN occasionally offers free shipping promotions.

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