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Rahul 17 days ago

horrible service

Amazon Coupons A Detailed ReviewMy experience with Amazon coupons left me utterly disappointed. I made the mistake of purchasing coupons for their website assuming it would be a convenient way to save money while shopping. However this decision turned out to be a regrettable one. Upon visiting their website I was taken aback by the lack of functionality and userfriendliness. It seemed like the website was poorly managed with technical issues hindering the entire shopping experience. Navigating through the pages became a frustrating task as the website often lagged and failed to load properly. Expecting to explore a wide range of highquality clothing options I was instead met with disappointment. The clothes offered were average at best failing to meet the standards I had come to associate with Amazon. It was disheartening to witness a renowned ecommerce platform fall short in delivering the excellence I had grown accustomed to. What struck me the most was the evident lack of proficiency in website operations. It was clear that the platform was struggling to provide a seamless shopping experience ultimately failing to live up to its esteemed reputation. The entire ordeal left me questioning the validity of their coupons and the overall value they purported to offer. My hope in sharing this experience is to caution others against making the same mistake. While Amazon is widely recognized for its exceptional service and products the coupon system for their website proved to be a disillusionment. I would advise potential customers to exercise caution and thoroughly evaluate the efficacy of such coupons before investing in them. In conclusion my venture into the realm of Amazon coupons left me with a bitter taste overshadowing the usual satisfaction I associate with the brand. It is my genuine belief that others should be aware of the drawbacks I encountered emphasizing the importance of a seamless shopping experience and the value of authentic highquality products.

Mrinali Deka 23 days ago

Worst experience with biba

Disappointed with BIBAMy recent experience with BIBA has left me deeply disappointed. After placing an order online and having Rs 1799 deducted from my account the order was not processed. What made matters worse was that despite 11 days having passed I had not received a refund. The customer care executives offered no concrete solutions instructing me to wait for several more days. This whole ordeal has left me feeling frustrated and skeptical about making any future purchases from BIBAs online store. The entire episode has been incredibly disheartening and I find myself unsure whether I will ever see my money again. The lack of transparency and resolution from BIBA has been immensely frustrating and it has deeply affected my trust in their services. I want to caution others about the potential risks of shopping with BIBA online. My hope is that by sharing my experience others can make more informed decisions about where and how they choose to spend their money.

Susan 54 days ago

Poor quality 8211 Waste of money

I bought an expensive gown from Biba to attend a wedding. It had beautiful gold print decoration and the label stated Dry clean only. I had it drycleaned as it had a smell and all the decorations are gone. The label is wrong or the quality is very poor. I contacted Bibas customer service by email twice as they are not taking DM via social media and I was ignored. Companies that do not treat their customers well and sell poorquality clothing do not last the test of time. I will never buy anything anymore at Biba. Poor quality no customer service and really didnt deserve the price tag I paid for it.

Kshitij 181 days ago

Dont Buy Online

Price got dropped on following day and on asking refund they told We would like to inform you that the offers and the prices on our website keeps changing every midnight during sale period hence we are unable to do any adjustment or refund for the differential value.. Worst customer service. No information was sent regarding damaged product.

RAJVERMA FAMILY 208 days ago

I would give 0 star to Biba. UK

I would give 0 star to Please do not buy from UK 2 days back I ordered dresses worth 135 there was huge emphasis on the site about free shipping. After placing the orderI recieved the message that I will recieve it in 23 days. After 23 days DHL sent me a bill of 57 that I had to pay first or my parcel will not be delivered to me.what is meant by free shipping then.when I tried contacting thier customer service they sent me a link of the website import charges will be paid by you. We arranged with DHL for smooth delivery but if they give you a bill it will be paid by you. This was treacherous. And yes you cannot return as well. They do not accept international returns. Huge dissapointment. There 10 discount never works as well.

dimplepp 209 days ago

Do not buy from Biba online

Do not buy from Biba online worst customer service. I am waiting for more than six months now for a refund. I had to return four items costing 6500 rupees as they didnt fit. Their reason for not refunding was not to entertain my returns. What a joke and day light robbery As a customer I have a right to return if they dont fit. I only returned two orders out of 6 orders. And my first buy from Biba AVOID at all costs as if you need to return your items you may loose your items and no refund.

Lujain 236 days ago

It8217s been a month since I ordered my

A Tale of Frustration and DisappointmentLet me take you on a journey through the ups and downs of my recent online shopping experience. About a month ago I eagerly placed an order for a variety of items that I had been eyeing for quite some time. The excitement of the purchase was quickly overshadowed by the frustrations that followed. To my dismay upon receiving the shipment I discovered that only two pieces out of my entire order had been included. The rest of my eagerly anticipated items were nowhere to be found. Adding insult to injury there was no sign of a refund for the missing pieces and to make matters worse the remaining items never made their way to me. In my desperation to seek resolution I attempted to contact the company through both email and Instagram hoping to receive some form of explanation or assistance. However my attempts were met with nothing but silence. The lack of communication left me feeling abandoned and disheartened with no clear path to resolving the situation. As a consumer trust and reliability are key factors in my decisionmaking process when it comes to online shopping. Unfortunately this experience left me feeling betrayed and undervalued as a customer. The failure to fulfill my order coupled with the lack of communication and support has undeniably left a sour taste in my mouth. In conclusion the failure to deliver on their promises has not only resulted in a significant inconvenience but has also eroded any confidence I had in the company. As I reflect on this disappointing ordeal I sincerely hope that my candid account serves as a cautionary tale for fellow consumers who place immense value on the integrity and reliability of the brands they choose to support.

Marziya Beba 327 days ago

Huge price disparity from Online to physical store

Firstly they have an unreliable shipping issues for online orders. You go to the physical stores theres a huge price disparity on the same products you see online. I travelled to india to try and get their products directly from their stores and get cheated like this. So disappointed.

RUBY SHONAK 389 days ago

online service is rubbish.

Discovering an online shopping experience that falls short of expectations can be disappointing to say the least. I recently encountered a similar situation and can empathize with the frustration of dealing with missing items and unhelpful customer service. In my case a muchanticipated purchase arrived with a crucial item missing prompting me to reach out to the customer care team for assistance. Despite my efforts to convey the issue and seek a resolution I found the customer service experience to be far from satisfactory. Upon reporting the missing item I was met with resistance and a disheartening lack of assistance. The representatives were quick to dismiss my concerns insisting that the items had been dispatched and absolving themselves of any further responsibility. This dismissive and unhelpful approach left me feeling unheard and unsupported amplifying my dissatisfaction with the overall online shopping service. Encountering such a roadblock in an online shopping journey can truly sour the entire experience. The anticipation of receiving a carefully selected item was overshadowed by the dismay of discovering its absence only to be further compounded by unresponsive and uncooperative customer service. The frustration of feeling disregarded and unheard by the very team entrusted with resolving such issues is palpable and disheartening. In the end the missing item coupled with the unconstructive customer service interaction profoundly tarnished the initial excitement of the purchase leaving a lasting negative impression of the online service. This experience served as a poignant reminder of the critical role exceptional customer service plays in the overall satisfaction of an online shopping experience. Moving forward I am compelled to seek out retailers and services that not only offer quality products but also prioritize customer care and satisfaction. The stark contrast between the enthusiasm of making a purchase and the disappointment of grappling with unaddressed concerns has become a driving force in shaping my future consumer decisions. In doing so I aim to align myself with businesses that understand and value the significance of attentive and empathetic customer service ultimately ensuring a gratifying and fulfilling shopping experience. This experience has transformed the way I approach online shopping and reinforced the importance of a customercentric approach for businesses. While disappointments are inevitable the manner in which they are addressed and resolved leaves a lasting imprint on the customers journey. It is my hope that by sharing this experience customers and businesses alike can recognize the pivotal role of responsive and supportive customer service in shaping a positive and enduring shopping experience.

Nirmal Sharma 508 days ago

Biba has a very good customer service

When it comes to exceptional customer service and topquality products Biba truly stands out. My experience with their customer service team was nothing short of exemplary. They were incredibly helpful and responsive promptly addressing any queries or concerns I had. It was evident that Biba prioritizes customer satisfaction going above and beyond to ensure a positive experience. As for their products I was thoroughly impressed. The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail were apparent in every piece I purchased. Each item exuded a sense of elegance and style and the quality was simply outstanding. Whats even more impressive is that this exceptional quality comes at prices that wont break the bank. From ethnic wear to everyday staples Biba offers a diverse range of clothing that caters to various tastes and preferences. I found myself spoilt for choice with their extensive collection and its safe to say that Ive found a goto destination for all my fashion needs. In summary my journey with Biba has been nothing short of delightful thanks to their excellent customer service and remarkable products. I couldnt be happier with my experiences and I highly recommend Biba to anyone in search of topnotch fashion and a genuinely satisfying shopping experience. Thank you Biba for exceeding my expectations

PKSG 530 days ago

I will give zero star to Biba online

I will give zero star to Biba online shopping. There is no return for international delivery and even if the product is faulty they do not agree after proof with picture. There customer care just gives the same reply until you stop contacting them. I bought a suit and paid over 150 and when I opened it it was ripped from the stitching. Biba said they checked before packing and also saw cctv but never showed me any proof. They took zero ownership of product quality which is unacceptable from any seller.

Maithreyi Seetharaman 885 days ago

Biba India not fit for 2021 eshopping.

As a frequent visitor to Biba stores in India during my younger years I was thrilled to discover their online store while searching for a few items to purchase. Whats more they even offered shipping to the U. K. making the whole process seem very straightforward. Upon placing an order with payment via credit card through PayPal everything seemed to be going smoothly. However a few hours later I was stunned to receive an email from Biba stating that my payment had failed and consequently my order had not been processed despite the fact that I had received a payment confirmation. Assuming it was a minor technical glitch I decided to check the status of my order on their website only to find that it had been authorized and paid for. At this point I attributed the discrepancy to a delay in their email system catching up with their payment system. However the next day came and went without any communication from Biba confirming my order. There were no further updates on the order page of their website leaving me in a state of uncertainty. Two more days passed without any updates or emails prompting me to reach out to their customer service via phone. To my dismay the phone number provided on their website did not seem to exist. After attempting another number listed at the bottom of their email I found myself on hold for an extended period lets not forget this was an international call. After what felt like an eternity I received a message stating that they were unable to take my call and then I was unceremoniously hung up on. Left with no other recourse I resorted to writing to their customer service. A full day later I finally received an email in response stating that my query had been escalated and that it would take 45 days for them to revert. Essentially my experience led me to believe that they had taken my money and then proceeded to maintain radio silence. Feeling understandably frustrated and undeniably concerned I made the decision to report this potential fraud to my credit card company. In conclusion my personal advice would be to steer clear of Biba India regardless of any sentimental attachment you may have towards the brand. It seems evident that they are illprepared for ecommerce despite purportedly having received an award for their Chief Information Officers exceptional achievements in the field of AI. As such it appears that they are either grossly incompetent or possibly engaging in fraudulent practices. In summary my experience with Biba Indias online store has left much to be desired. From the initial payment confusion to the lack of communication and unresponsive customer service it has been a disappointing and frustrating ordeal. Therefore I would caution anyone against venturing into the realm of ecommerce with Biba India based on my personal encounter.

shamili 1213 days ago

Ordered at BIBA but the prepaid package

As a loyal customer I recently had a disappointing experience with BIBA that I feel compelled to share. After placing an order with high hopes I eagerly awaited the arrival of my prepaid package only to be met with disappointment when it never reached the address I had provided. Understandably frustrated I tried to reach out to their customer care hoping for a resolution but to no avail. The lack of response and support left me feeling helpless and ignored resulting in an abysmal customer service experience. The anticipation of receiving my package coupled with the letdown of its nondelivery left me feeling extremely disheartened. The ordeal has not only caused inconvenience but also resulted in a loss of trust in the brand. As a consumer its disheartening to encounter such subpar service and it has undoubtedly deterred me from considering BIBA for any future purchases. The reliance on efficient customer service as part of the overall shopping experience cannot be overstated. Regrettably the neglectful handling of my issue has deeply disappointed me. As a result I am compelled to seek alternatives for my future fashion needs as I prioritize hasslefree transactions and attentive customer support. In conclusion my experience with BIBA has been marked by frustration and letdown. The failure to deliver the prepaid package to the specified address coupled with the unresponsive customer care has undeniably marred my perception of the brand. As a consequence I cannot in good faith consider further patronage to a company that has demonstrated such a lack of commitment to customer satisfaction. It is my hope that my feedback will prompt a reevaluation of their customer service practices and ultimately lead to improvements that benefit future patrons.

Kamlal66 1566 days ago

International Biba Customers Be Warned Of charges for Tax and Duty Too Expensive

As an international customer I recently had an unpleasant experience ordering from Biba and I feel its important to share my cautionary tale. While the quality of Biba products is undoubtedly excellent I encountered some unexpected challenges when ordering online. Its crucial for international customers to be aware that Biba does not offer a return policy for their products. This lack of flexibility adds an extra layer of risk to the purchasing process as its essential to be certain about your choices before completing the order. Additionally I was surprised to discover that while some items are advertised with free delivery theres a significant caveat for international customers. The courier service used by Biba for international deliveries issues separate charges for tax and duty significantly inflating the overall cost. In my case the additional fees amounted to a staggering 95.00 on top of my 256.00 order. This unexpected financial burden was disheartening and put a damper on the excitement of receiving my purchase. Adding to the frustration I found Bibas customer service to be unhelpful in resolving these issues. Upon reaching out via email I received only generic responses that did not address my specific concerns. This lack of personalized assistance further compounded my disappointment with the overall shopping experience. In light of these challenges I strongly advise international shoppers to carefully consider the potential added costs before making a purchase from Biba. It may be worth exploring alternatives or enlisting the help of a local connection who can visit a Biba outlet in person and arrange for a more manageable method of shipping. This alternative approach could potentially save significant amounts of money and hassle offering a more seamless and costeffective way of obtaining the desired Biba products. While the quality of Bibas products is undoubtedly appealing the issues I encountered as an international customer have given me pause when considering future purchases. As a brand known for its luxury and elegance Biba would benefit from enhancing the transparency of its international shipping policies and bolstering its customer service support for global buyers. Until then I recommend exercising caution and exploring alternative methods of acquisition to avoid the unexpected expenses and frustrations that I encountered.

Introduction is an online fashion store offering a wide range of ethnic wear for women. It was founded in 1988 by Meena Bindra, who started with creating a line of ethnic dresses for a few boutiques in Mumbai. Today, Biba has over 225 stores across 115 cities in India and is a popular name in the world of ethnic fashion.

Pros and Cons offers a vast range of ethnic wear for women at affordable prices. The store regularly introduces new collections and offers discounts and deals that make their products even more appealing. However, their size range for some products can be limited and the shipping may take longer than expected.

User Experience has a website that is easy to navigate, and the product categories are well-defined. The website has high-resolution images of the products and a detailed product description that helps customers make informed decisions. Customers can also avail of features like size and fit guide, and virtual try-on to help them select the right product.

Pricing and Value for Money offers affordable prices for their products, making it accessible for customers who are price-conscious. Their products offer good value for money, with high-quality fabrics and intricate detailing.


Some of the alternatives to include FabIndia, W, Global Desi, and Utsav Fashion, which also offer a wide range of ethnic wear for women.

Customer Service offers excellent customer service, with a dedicated team that helps customers with their queries and concerns. The store also has a return policy that ensures customer satisfaction.

Product Quality and Selection

The products offered by are of high quality, with attention given to the design, fabric, and detailing. Customers can find a wide range of ethnic wear ranging from kurtas, salwar suits, sarees, and lehengas.

Website Usability has a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate. The website has all the essential features like search bar, filters, product reviews, and size guide, making online shopping a pleasant experience.

Returns and Exchanges offers a hassle-free return policy, where customers can return the product within 15 days of delivery. The store also provides easy exchange options for customers who want to replace a product.

Promotions and Discounts offers regular promotions and discounts on its products. Customers can avail of these offers by subscribing to their newsletter or following them on social media platforms.

Reputation has a good reputation among its customers, who praise the store for its quality of products, customer service, and easy returns policy.

Payment Options offers several payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and cash on delivery.

Loyalty Programs offers a loyalty program called the Biba Elite Club, where customers can earn points on their purchases that can be redeemed for discounts.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on are mostly positive, with customers praising the quality of the products, prompt customer service, and easy returns policy.

Community Involvement is involved in several community initiatives, including the Biba Girls Education Program, which supports the education of underprivileged girls.

Shipping and Costs offers free shipping on orders above Rs. 999. The store also offers international shipping at additional costs. In conclusion, is an excellent online store for customers who are looking for affordable yet high-quality ethnic wear for women. The store offers a wide range of products and has an easy-to-use website, reliable customer service, and a hassle-free returns policy.

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