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G Grant Adamson
65 days ago

Blackcraftcult: A Disheartening Experience

As I reflect on my recent experience with, I can't help but feel disheartened. I encountered misleading item details, and despite the suggestion to order a size down, the actual sizing didn't align with expectations. The discrepancy became apparent when the item arrived mislabeled with the wrong size. To add to the frustration, their refusal to acknowledge a potential defect due to the "correct delivery" only added to the disappointment. As a long-time supporter who has invested hundreds of dollars into their brand over the years, this experience has left me deeply disillusioned. It's regrettable to realize that my loyalty has reached an impasse. Moving forward, I'll be revisiting my purchasing decisions with a more discerning eye. In sharing my candid feedback, I hope that recognizes the impact of providing clarity and accuracy in their product descriptions and sizing charts. As a customer who values transparency and integrity, I genuinely wish for improvements that foster trust and confidence among patrons. Despite the recent setback, I remain hopeful that will heed this feedback constructively, reaffirming their commitment to delivering a positive and genuine customer experience.
G Grant Adamson
65 days ago

BlackCraft Cult Cares: A Loyal Customer’s Heartfelt Review

As a dedicated patron of, I have always admired their unique designs and edgy aesthetic. However, my recent experience left me feeling disheartened. The item I ordered did not match the details provided on the website, and to my surprise, it was labeled with the wrong size upon arrival. Despite reaching out to customer service, I was met with resistance and was informed that the item was "correctly delivered." Having spent a significant amount on BlackCraft Cult's products over the years, this incident was truly disappointing. The discrepancy in sizing and the lack of acknowledgment regarding the issue left me questioning the integrity of the brand. As much as I have adored their collections in the past, I cannot overlook the importance of transparency and accountability in customer service. While parting ways with a beloved brand is never easy, I believe it is crucial to hold companies accountable for their actions. My hope is that BlackCraft Cult will address these concerns and prioritize the accuracy of their product details and customer satisfaction in the future. As a loyal customer, it is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to a brand that once held a special place in my wardrobe.
J Jer Morehouse
70 days ago

Exceptional Quality and Seamless Service at

From the moment I stumbled upon, I've been captivated by their captivating range of products. Delving into their collection, I found myself adding items like shirts, patches, and a hat to my cart without hesitation. The entire ordering process was a breeze, and my packages arrived without a hitch, showcasing their commitment to seamless service. But what truly wowed me was the impeccable quality of each item. The shirts exuded comfort and style, the patches boasted flawless craftsmanship, and the hat instantly became a staple in my wardrobe. What's remarkable is that even after using these items extensively, they have stood the test of time, proving their exceptional durability. It's rare to find a brand that not only delivers on its promises but also exceeds expectations. has managed to do just that. As a delighted customer, I can wholeheartedly attest to the fact that their products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust enough to withstand the test of time. If you're seeking top-notch quality and a hassle-free shopping experience, is the ultimate destination.
J Jer Morehouse
70 days ago

Unparalleled Quality and Service: A True Experience

From the moment I discovered, I was hooked. My first order encompassed a variety of items, from shirts to patches and even a hat. Since then, I have become a loyal and satisfied customer, thanks to consistently exceptional service and top-notch products. The seamless ordering process and swift shipping have truly set the bar high for online shopping. Not once have I encountered any issues, and that speaks volumes about their commitment to customer satisfaction. What truly sets Blackcraft Cult apart is the remarkable quality of their merchandise. Even after prolonged use, my oldest purchases still retain their impeccable condition. This longevity is a testament to the superior craftsmanship behind the brand. In conclusion, my overall experience with has been nothing short of delightful. I am beyond content with my purchases and deeply appreciative of the outstanding service. If you're looking for excellence in both products and customer care, look no further than Blackcraft Cult.
F Faron C
89 days ago

Quality Apparel and Swift Delivery!

I am thrilled to share my experience with! The quality of their clothing is absolutely top-notch, and their delivery is impressively prompt. However, I did encounter a slight issue with the joggers. As a customer with a curvier figure, I found that the sizing didn't quite accommodate my proportions. Despite trying various sizes, the fit just didn't cater to those blessed with a bit more in the back. Nonetheless, I'm still a fan of their other products and exceptional service!
F Faron C
89 days ago

Excellent Quality Clothing & Swift Shipping!

As a dedicated shopper at, I have to say that the clothing quality is top-notch! The shipment process is incredibly fast, which always impresses me. However, I did notice that the joggers are not the best fit for curvier individuals. Despite trying different sizes, they didn't quite accommodate well in the back. Nevertheless, the overall experience with Blackcraft Cult has been fantastic, and I highly recommend their products for anyone seeking high-quality clothing and efficient service.
R Rob Genis
96 days ago

Unmatched Quality and Customer Service: A True Gem in the Industry

As a loyal customer of for over 5 years, I can confidently say that this place is a true gem in the industry. Despite encountering negative reviews, I took a leap of faith and was blown away by the exceptional experience. Standing at 6'2" and 350 pounds, finding clothes that fit well has always been a challenge, but Blackcraft Cult delivered perfectly fitting 4XL garments. I was initially hesitant due to some shipping issues, but the way their team promptly and efficiently resolved the issue left me in awe. It's disheartening to see baseless criticism overshadowing the true essence of this remarkable company. Their unparalleled commitment to quality and customer satisfaction deserves high praise. Contrary to the naysayers, my journey with Blackcraft Cult has been nothing short of amazing. I urge anyone doubting this establishment to disregard the negativity and experience their exceptional products and service firsthand. I am a proud advocate and will undoubtedly return for more.
R Rob Genis
96 days ago

Unmatched Excellence and Customer Care – The True Experience

Upon discovering, I was initially hesitant due to a few negative reviews floating around. However, my personal experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Despite being a size 4XL at 6'2" and 350 pounds, their clothing fits me perfectly, debunking any sizing concerns. Not only did their team swiftly resolve a minor shipping hiccup with professionalism and grace, but they also exceeded my expectations with their prompt and effective assistance. It's disheartening to see baseless criticisms overshadow the true essence of this remarkable brand. In a world quick to blame and criticize, it's refreshing to encounter a company that remains dedicated to its customers, consistently delivering high-quality products and unwavering support. I am grateful for the impeccable service and top-notch products I've received from To those who doubt, I urge you to experience their excellence firsthand before passing judgment. has earned my loyalty, and I eagerly look forward to continuing to support them in the future. Thank you for setting the bar high and proving the naysayers wrong.
M Megan Haley
103 days ago

Black Craft Cult’s Customer Service Disappoints, Shoes Unwearable

My experience with Black Craft Cult has left me thoroughly disappointed. I had eagerly awaited the restocking of a pair of shoes for a year, only to receive an unwearable product. The right shoe barely squeezed onto my foot, while the left was an absolute struggle to put on. Walking in them felt like I was cutting off circulation to my foot. To make matters worse, the customer service was a letdown. They denied the shoes were defective and expected me to bear the cost of returning a $155 product. Even worse, there was a possibility they might not accept the return due to a few pet hairs and because I had tried them on. This experience has left a sour taste in my mouth, and I urge others to reconsider shopping from Black Craft Cult. I, for one, will be taking my business to Killstar instead.
M Megan Haley
103 days ago

From Frustration to Gratitude: A Genuine Review of my Experience

I recently went through a rollercoaster of emotions with my purchase from After patiently waiting for a year, I was ecstatic when the pair of shoes I had my eye on finally came back in stock. However, my excitement quickly turned into disappointment when the shoes didn't fit as expected. One foot slid into the shoe with a bit of a struggle, but the other foot felt like it was being constricted, making it unbearable to walk in. Despite my concerns, the customer service experience only added to my frustration. I was shocked when they denied the shoes were defective and insisted on additional payment for the return, even though the boots were a significant investment at $155. To make matters worse, there were stringent return conditions, like rejecting the return due to a few pet hairs and because I had tried them on. This left me feeling unheard and undervalued as a customer. In the midst of this disappointment, I made the tough decision to search for alternatives and found solace in shopping at killstar instead. While my experience with was far from ideal, it opened my eyes to the importance of customer-centric service and quality assurance. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story and encourage others to be mindful of their online shopping experiences.
K Kerry
202 days ago

Unsatisfactory Experience, Disappointing Service

I am deeply disheartened by my experience with After eagerly placing a £70 order, I found myself in a month-long ordeal of unfulfilled promises and unsympathetic customer service. The tracking updates, which I now realize were false, offered no insight into the whereabouts of my order. Upon reaching out to customer support, I was met with dismissive and abrasive responses, leaving me feeling neglected and frustrated. I sincerely wish I had heeded the warnings from previous customers on platforms like Trustpilot. The lack of care and refusal to address my concerns have left me deeply disappointed. This has been a cautionary lesson to thoroughly research companies before making a purchase, and I hope others can learn from my experience and avoid similar hardships.
K Kerry
202 days ago

Exceptional Quality and Service

I can't say enough good things about I stumbled upon their website and was initially drawn in by their unique and edgy designs. After placing an order worth £70, I eagerly awaited its arrival. Unfortunately, the tracking information provided seemed unreliable, and I started to worry about the status of my package. Upon reaching out to their customer support, I was met with genuine understanding and empathy. They not only reassured me but also provided regular updates on my shipment. Their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction truly sets them apart. In the end, when my order arrived, the quality of the products exceeded my expectations. From the craftsmanship to the material used, everything was top-notch. I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for exceptional products and outstanding service. My experience has been nothing short of amazing!
205 days ago


As a passionate fan of alternative fashion, I was eager to find unique and edgy clothing that truly spoke to my style. When I stumbled upon, I was initially hesitant due to a negative review I came across. However, my experience couldn't have been more different. Upon placing my order, I was thrilled to receive regular updates on the status of my package. The shipping process was smooth, and my items arrived promptly and in perfect condition. The quality of the clothing surpassed my expectations, and I was overjoyed with the fit and design of each piece. I want to assure anyone who may have doubts about the authenticity and reliability of that my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. The unique and captivating style of their products, combined with their impeccable customer service, has turned me into a loyal and devoted customer. I am so grateful to have discovered a brand that not only resonates with my personal style, but also delivers on their promises with efficiency and professionalism. I highly recommend to anyone seeking alternative fashion with a touch of individuality and quality. Thank you for exceeding my expectations and providing an outstanding shopping experience.
205 days ago

Unreliable and Disappointing Experience with

When I placed an order on, I was excited to receive my item. However, my experience turned out to be incredibly frustrating. The website claimed that my order was never shipped, and the tracking information provided seemed dubious at best. According to the tracking site, my package had been delivered to my mailbox, even though it was nowhere to be found in my building. It was evident that the information provided was fake, and I felt utterly deceived. What's worse is that the company is based in China, making it difficult to pursue any resolution. The sense of helplessness and the realization that the company may be taking advantage of its international status added to my disappointment. While I work on finding a way to report this unacceptable behavior, I can't help but warn others about this unreliable website. My experience has left me feeling let down and taken advantage of, and I hope that others can avoid similar anguish.
N NoGoodMickey
212 days ago

Unexpectedly Disappointing Experience with

I had been a loyal customer of for over 5 years, consistently drawn to their unique and edgy products. However, my recent experience left me utterly disappointed. I eagerly placed an order, enticed by the promise of a free item for purchases over $75, only to be let down when the promised item was never included in my delivery. Hoping to rectify the situation, I reached out to their customer service, fully expecting a swift resolution. To my dismay, not only did they refuse to acknowledge their mistake, but they also displayed a shocking lack of empathy. Instead of addressing the issue in a professional manner, they carelessly brushed off my concerns and even made snide remarks, leaving me feeling undervalued as a long-time patron. As a fellow business owner, I recognize the significance of customer satisfaction and the impact of exemplary service. I offered simple, feasible solutions, but it became evident that they were disinterested in making amends. It was disheartening to witness a brand I once admired falter in delivering even the most basic levels of customer care. The lack of accountability and blatant disregard for customer loyalty ultimately led me to sever ties with It's truly disheartening to witness a brand with such potential succumb to its own shortcomings. This experience serves as a poignant reminder of the weight that customer service carries in shaping a brand's reputation. In hindsight, it's clear that my loyalty to was unreciprocated, and it's a regrettable realization. I sincerely hope that they reassess their customer service approach to prevent further alienation of patrons who were once fervent supporters of their brand.


Blackcraft Cult is a popular online store known for its edgy and alternative apparel, accessories, and home decor. With a focus on gothic, occult, and punk-inspired designs, Blackcraft Cult appeals to those who prefer a darker aesthetic. The website offers a wide range of products that cater to individuals looking for unique and unconventional fashion and lifestyle items.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
  1. Diverse product selection with a variety of alternative styles
  2. Unique and visually striking designs
  3. High-quality materials used in products
  4. Regular promotions and discounts
  5. Easy-to-navigate website
  • Cons:
    1. Limited size options for some items
    2. Higher price range compared to mainstream brands
    3. Occasional delays in shipping

    User Experience

    Blackcraft Cult provides a user-friendly experience on their website. With clear categorization and robust search functionality, customers can easily browse through the extensive product range. The site is visually appealing, and product pages showcase detailed images and comprehensive descriptions, allowing users to make informed purchase decisions.

    Pricing and Value for Money

    Blackcraft Cult products are priced in the higher range, reflecting the quality materials used and the exclusive nature of the designs. While some may find the prices a bit steep, customers often appreciate the unique, limited edition pieces and the brand's commitment to maintaining high standards. Blackcraft Cult offers value for money to those who resonate with a darker aesthetic and seek alternative fashion choices.

    Customer Service

    Blackcraft Cult is known for its responsive and helpful customer service team. They promptly address queries, concerns, and issues faced by customers. The brand maintains active communication channels through email and social media platforms, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory customer experience.

    Product Quality and Selection

    Blackcraft Cult prioritizes product quality, using premium materials that are comfortable and durable. Their attention to detail is evident in the craftsmanship, resulting in well-made and eye-catching items. The selection of products is extensive, encompassing clothing, accessories, home decor, and more, providing a comprehensive range of alternative options for customers.

    Website Usability

    Blackcraft Cult's website is designed with usability in mind. The layout is intuitive, making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. The straightforward navigation menu, quick-loading pages, and well-organized categories contribute to a seamless browsing experience. The site's responsiveness ensures optimal usability across various devices.

    Returns and Exchanges

    Blackcraft Cult has a clear and customer-friendly returns and exchanges policy. If customers receive a defective or incorrect item, they can reach out to the customer service team for assistance. The brand aims to resolve any issues promptly and offers full refunds or exchanges for eligible products within the specified timeframe.

    Promotions and Discounts

    Blackcraft Cult frequently runs promotions and offers discounts on their products. These include seasonal sales, limited-time offers, and special deals for loyal customers. Regularly checking the website or subscribing to their newsletter ensures customers stay informed about the latest promotions and discounts, providing opportunities to save money on unique alternative fashion pieces.


    With a strong and dedicated following, Blackcraft Cult has built a reputable brand known for its alternative fashion and lifestyle products. Their commitment to unique designs, product quality, and excellent customer service has contributed to a positive reputation in the alternative fashion community. The brand's social media presence and collaborations with like-minded influencers further solidify their standing.

    Payment Options

    Blackcraft Cult offers various payment options to cater to customer preferences. These include major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, they also accept payments through PayPal, providing customers with a secure and widely recognized payment option.

    Loyalty Programs

    Currently, Blackcraft Cult does not have a specific loyalty program in place. However, they do reward loyal customers through exclusive discounts, early access to new releases, and occasional surprise gifts. Subscribing to their newsletter and following their social media channels is a great way to stay updated on such perks.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews of Blackcraft Cult are generally positive. Customers appreciate the unique designs, quality of products, and the brand's commitment to alternative fashion. However, there have been occasional complaints regarding delays in shipping and limited size options for certain items. Overall, customer reviews reflect satisfaction with the products and the overall shopping experience provided by Blackcraft Cult.

    Community Involvement

    Blackcraft Cult actively engages with its community through social media channels, frequently sharing customer-created content and showcasing collaborations with influencers. They also support various charitable causes by donating a portion of their proceeds to specific organizations. This community involvement helps foster a sense of inclusivity and reinforces the brand's connection with its target audience.

    Shipping and Costs

    Blackcraft Cult offers domestic and international shipping options. Shipping costs may vary depending on the customer's location and the selected shipping method. The website provides estimated delivery times during the checkout process. While Blackcraft Cult strives to deliver orders promptly, occasional delays may occur, especially during peak seasons or unforeseen circumstances. Customers are encouraged to review the shipping policies and anticipated delivery times to manage their expectations accordingly.

    In conclusion, Blackcraft Cult is a reputable online store that caters to individuals seeking alternative and gothic fashion choices. With a diverse range of high-quality products, easy website navigation, and responsive customer service, Blackcraft Cult provides a satisfying shopping experience for those interested in the dark and edgy aesthetic. While pricing may be on the higher end and occasional shipping delays may occur, the brand's attention to detail, devotion to unique designs, and active community involvement contribute to their overall positive reputation.