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Kim Emily 56 days ago

I8217ve used on a number

Ive used on a number of occasons and cen honestly say that the convenience of their services is meh at best. They arent outstanding but neither are they terrible. The layout of their webpage is passable but unless you know exactly what it is youre looking for you can get lost quite easily. Prices are average yet they dont have an absurdly large variety of items so its hit or miss depending on what youre after. Overall the expirience was satisfactory but nothing remarkable.

Ray Sam 63 days ago

I placed an order for Whey protein on

I placed an order for Whey protein on the UK site but it ended up being shipped from the USA. Despite the added import taxes I was initially fine with it. However what didnt disclose is that some of their products have trouble passing through customs and are subsequently returned. Interestingly they keep your payment while the product is in limbo with customs. Whats even more intriguing is that wont initiate a refund until their chosen carrier FedEx successfully delivers it back to them. Unfortunately my package has been stuck without any progress for several days and its becoming doubtful whether it will ever make its way back to the USA. Its quite a unique business model as it appears benefits from holding onto customers funds without actually delivering the product. So if you decide to make a purchase consider using a credit card and be prepared to initiate a dispute due to their questionable customer service and unconventional business practices.

Paul Tassin 67 days ago

The decline of

Bodybuilding use to be a company I could call and talk to someone when I had a problem. Now I cant do that. We have to use live chat or email. Yeah talk about crappy customer service support. Looks like I will have to start shopping other places and advise my family and friends to do the same.

Chris Kendall 81 days ago

Shame the UK site can8217t deliver things to the UK but don8217t tell you

I ordered whey protein from the UK site. It turns out that they ship this from the USA. No problem I thought it still works out cheaper even paying import taxes. Unfortunately what dont tell you is that they cant actually get a number of their products through customs and they will just be returned. They are still happy to take your money and hold onto it though whilst it goes to customs and gets returned. Best of all wont refund your money until their woeful carrier FedEx actually deliver it to them. Mine has currently been stuck with no progress for days now and seems unlikely its ever going to get back to the USA. Nice work You then manage to boost your cashflow and get a return on my money knowing full well that you never actually have to deliver any product Interesting business model. So ultimately dont order from them unless you pay by credit card and enjoy having to open a dispute for their poor customer service and ahem unusual business practices.

Jesse Alvarez 92 days ago

Reached out because I had no idea where

Reached out because I had no idea where my shipment was and Mighty Millie responded to my email very fast and gave me the information I need to track my shipment. I honestly was NOT expecting a response today let alone within 15 mins thats UNHEARD of so for that thats a score of 100 out of 10 Thank you Mighty Millie

Nick 97 days ago

Great customer support.

Had issues with products I purchased. A customer support person was with me very shortly after submitting a ticket and the situation resolved within 20 minutes. Mighty Millie was clear and concise about what I needed to provide.

ToddM 98 days ago

Great customer service keeps me coming back8230

BB. COM has always been a great place to order supplements clothing and look for advice on training. Perhaps not the cheapest but they have great sales and quick shipping. One area where they excel is with customer service. If there is ever an order issue they are quick to respond and equally quick to resolve. Whether it is damaged packaging something that is out of stock or missed in an order. Things are always resolved usually in minutes. My latest experience was no exception. Within 5 minutes of submitting my question via their online chat Mighty Millie was emailing me with status and confirmation on resolution. Great customer service keeps me coming back.

Summer Brown 106 days ago

Issue signing in

I was signed out of my account somehow maybe an issue with my phone or the site I reached out to customer service and they were able to quickly get me back in. They were prompt in their email response and very professional. Thank you to Mighty Millie

Austen Short 112 days ago

Prices don8217t include VAT

The UK shop website only shows prices without VAT which I though was illegal in the UK so the value isnt as good as it looks then the delivery time was given as 3 to 10 days too long and too vague. The products looked good otherwise.

Rick 117 days ago

Mighty Millie8230 the perfect example of great customer service

Mighty Millie is a true example of great customer service I was only contacting Millie for questions on how I could save a few dollars on a product. At first she gave me a polite answer and then when I we were done and I wasnt able to save anymore Millie went and sent me a 15 gift card to use on the site Perfect example of great customer service

Kevin Schouten 121 days ago

It was a pleasure resolving my problem

It was a pleasure resolving my problem with Mighty Millie. She is a pleasure to work and communicate with. Thanks for your help and kind wordsI hope management knows what a nice and Mighty support colleague they havePeople like you keep the business straight and running

James 131 days ago

Thanks to Mighty Millie for assistance

Mighty Millie from was quick to take care of my concern and did an excellent job of making sure the order was on track. Appreciate the prompt service

Sam laughlin 132 days ago

I recently moved and am living in a

I recently moved and am living in a area with a weird address. I had shipping problems but Millie helped me out and hooked me up for compensation. These are good people.

Diyar Taha 139 days ago

Great customer service

I had a problem with one of my orders and I got blessed with being helped by mighty Millie. She took care of me every step of the way and had very clear instructions. True elite customer service thats rare these days. Couldnt be more happy and this is why Im loyal to

Jay 142 days ago

I recently worked with Mighty Millie

I recently worked with Mighty Millie with an order. She was very responsive and helpful. continues to provide quality products and exceptional staff as they have for years. Thank you

Chante V 158 days ago
★★★★★ is Awesome

Got an incredible deal on an ice shaker bottle It shipped super fast and arrived in perfect condition. 100 Recommend Thank you

Simon Lavoie 186 days ago

Great customer service by Mighty Millie

I had ordered a JYM Supplement Science Pro JYM Protein Powder flavor Tahitian Vanilla Bean on May 13 when the site said it was in stock. On May 25 my order was still pending. I wrote to Mighty Millie of the Customer Service to explain the situation and that I was running short of protein. She told me to choose between the flavors still in stock on the site and sent me a FREE tube of Vanilla Peanut Butter Swirl flavor which I love by the way. I received the tube in only 2 days and Im in Canada and I will received my original order when it will be in stock. Thank you Mighty Millie amazing customer service

Glen D 195 days ago

1 customer service with

I contacted with an issue I had regarding a recent purchase. In less than 24 hours a customer service rep Millie responded. She was very helpful courteous and professional. Immediately my issue was rectified beyond my expectation. This was the first time I use and I will say it will not be the last. This company and their representatives put the customer first which in these days is hard to come by. Thank you Millie and for excellent customer service. Glen D Cranston RI

Ady Turner 242 days ago
★☆☆☆☆ this company still owes me 450.00They sent me wrong products. I returned the wrong products signed return delivery say the received products. Still no refund waiting since January 2023. Whole saga been going on since Aug 2022. Unbelievable

Ethan Talbot 555 days ago

Remarkable Employee Makes a Lasting Impression

Working with Mighty Millie at your company has truly been a remarkable experience. Her exceptional personality and topnotch people skills make her an invaluable asset that sets a high standard for customer service. In the past I have never felt inclined to leave reviews or feedback but Millies outstanding performance has compelled me to share my thoughts. Her ability to effortlessly connect with customers and create a positive memorable experience is truly exceptional. Its evident that Millie is not just fulfilling a job requirement she genuinely cares about the satisfaction of every customer she interacts with. Her dedication and passion for delivering exceptional service go above and beyond the norm. In a world where outstanding employees are hard to come by I firmly believe that Millie stands out as a rare gem. Her attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence are truly commendable. Its not every day that you come across an individual who leaves a lasting impression but Millie has undoubtedly done just that. I wholeheartedly believe that individuals like Millie should be recognized and rewarded for their exceptional contributions. Her presence on your team is a significant differentiator and an undeniable asset to your company. It would be a loss to underestimate the value she brings to the table. In conclusion I am genuinely impressed by the level of service and care that Millie provided. Her dedication and professionalism have undoubtedly elevated my experience and I am confident that she continues to do the same for others. Its rare to encounter someone with Millies natural ability to leave a positive impact and I sincerely hope she receives the appreciation and recognition she truly deserves.

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Some popular alternatives to include Amazon, GNC, and Vitamin Shoppe. These retailers offer similar products at similar prices, but may not have the same level of community involvement or customer support.

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