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N Nicoletta
80 days ago

Exquisite Linens for Luxurious Living

As a discerning shopper, I recently discovered and was thrilled with the exceptional quality of their linens. My purchase of a luxuriously warm duvet and two elegant sofa covers exceeded my expectations in both material and design. The products truly stand out for their premium craftsmanship, making my home feel like a five-star retreat. I highly recommend Carillo Biancheria for anyone seeking to elevate their living space with exquisite linens that exude both comfort and style.
B Bruno Stoppa
295 days ago

Orta azienda consiglio vivamente

As a busy professional, finding reliable suppliers for my business is crucial. That's why I was thrilled to discover Their wide range of high-quality linens and unbeatable customer service have made them an invaluable partner for my company. From the moment I placed my first order, I knew I was in good hands. The seamless ordering process and prompt delivery exceeded my expectations. The linens themselves were of exceptional quality, and the attention to detail was evident in every stitch. What truly sets apart, however, is their unparalleled customer service. Whenever I've had a question or needed assistance, their friendly and knowledgeable team has been quick to respond and eager to help. Thanks to, I can confidently meet the needs of my clients and provide them with the best products on the market. I highly recommend to any business looking for a reliable supplier and exceptional customer service. They have earned my trust and loyalty, and I look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come. Grazie mille!
A Antonella Papa
297 days ago

Ottima azienda

Outstanding Service and Quality Products at I just had to share my experience with because it has truly been exceptional. This is the second time I've made purchases from them, and I have to say, their professionalism and commitment to quality are outstanding. From the moment I placed my order to the timely delivery, everything went seamlessly. The products I received were exactly as described, and the quality exceeded my expectations. It's rare to come across a company that not only meets but surpasses customer expectations, and has managed to do just that. I wholeheartedly recommend them and will definitely be returning for more purchases in the future. If you're looking for a reliable company that delivers on their promises, look no further than I couldn't be more satisfied with my experiences and purchases from them!
A Antonella Papa
297 days ago

A Reliability Beyond Compare: My Trusted Partner in Quality

When I stumbled upon, little did I know that it would become my go-to destination for all my linen needs. Engaging with them for the second time reaffirmed my trust in their impeccable service. The professionalism exuded by this company is truly commendable. Not only were the delivery times punctual, but the products themselves exceeded my expectations, staying true to their descriptions. With each purchase, I found myself diving deeper into a pool of satisfaction, knowing that I had discovered a reliable companion in the realm of quality linen. I am genuinely excited to continue my journey as a loyal customer, resolute in the knowledge that will always deliver excellence. Grazie mille for setting such a high standard!
K Katia
329 days ago

Ordine perfetto

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ From the moment I placed an order with, I was impressed by the impeccable service. The products were not only of excellent quality but also visually stunning, exactly as I had seen them on the website. What truly stood out was the immediate dispatch of my order right after confirmation. I cannot express how satisfied I am with my purchase. Every aspect of the process, from browsing the website to receiving the products, was smooth and efficient. This kind of seamless experience is a testament to the company's dedication to customer satisfaction. I look forward to coming back to for my future needs. Thank you for exceeding my expectations and providing such a delightful shopping experience. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone in search of top-notch products and top-tier service. Warm regards, Catia
K Katia
329 days ago

Unwavering Excellence: A Testimonial of Quality and Speed

As an avid shopper on, I can confidently attest to the perfection of my recent order. The products I received were of exceptional quality, mirroring the beauty I had admired on the website. What truly impressed me was the swift dispatch of my order immediately after confirmation, showcasing their dedication to prompt service. I am more than pleased with my experience, feeling utmost satisfaction with my purchase. The seamless process from browsing to delivery has undoubtedly earned my loyalty. Until next time, thank you for a flawless shopping experience! Sincerely, Catia
G Giuseppina
341 days ago

Ancora una volta tutto perfetto

As a proud owner of a quaint B&B, I can't help but sing praises for Once again, everything was perfect. I have been purchasing linens for my establishment from them for years, and the experience has always been exceptional. The impeccable customer service, precise and swift delivery – it truly speaks volumes about their dedication. I wholeheartedly recommend Carillo Biancheria to anyone in need of quality linens. Grazie mille!
F Fabrizio Moiso
348 days ago

Ho comprato un piumone Bassetti in…

I recently had a disappointing experience with another online retailer, but then I discovered Carillo Biancheria. I was hesitant to make another purchase after receiving a faulty duvet from a different store, but Carillo Biancheria's selection and reputation convinced me to give them a try. I'm so glad I did. Not only was the Bassetti duvet I ordered from them flawless, but their customer service truly impressed me. After dealing with a defective product from another retailer, I was relieved to find a company that stands behind their products and values their customers' satisfaction. The quality of the duvet speaks for itself, and I haven't experienced any issues with it shedding feathers. I appreciate the integrity and professionalism that Carillo Biancheria displayed throughout my entire experience. It's so refreshing to find a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and takes pride in the products they sell. I will definitely be returning to Carillo Biancheria for all of my bedding needs in the future. Thank you for restoring my faith in online shopping!
A Anna
365 days ago

Fantastica azienda

Exceptional Quality and Swift Delivery Makes My Go-To Choice Words cannot do justice to the remarkable experience I've had with As a loyal customer, I have come to rely on their exceptional products and swift delivery times. The quality of their offerings is truly unparalleled in the market, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction. From the moment I discovered, I have not looked back. Their product range is nothing short of exceptional, and each item I have ordered has exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in every product is a testament to their dedication to excellence. What truly sets apart is their unwavering commitment to ensuring prompt and efficient deliveries. It is incredibly reassuring to know that I can place an order and have it in my hands in no time. Their reliability in this regard has only strengthened my trust and loyalty as a customer. I am immensely grateful for the consistent quality and service that provides. They have undoubtedly enhanced my lifestyle, and I am proud to wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking the finest in home essentials. Thank you,, for setting the standard of excellence in every way possible.
D Debora Melani
402 days ago


I cannot recommend enough! I recently purchased two sets of towels and was blown away by the service. The first set arrived in less than 48 hours and was absolutely beautiful. However, the second set didn't quite suit my personal taste. Without any hassle, they immediately exchanged it for another stunning set. The option for a full refund was also available, but I couldn't resist their gorgeous designs. The quality of the towels is exceptional, the delivery was incredibly fast, and the customer service was outstanding. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of top-notch linens.
D Debora Melani
402 days ago

Highly Recommended! A Customer’s Delightful Experience with

My experience with has been nothing short of exceptional. Upon purchasing two sets of towels, I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived in less than 48 hours. One set was absolutely beautiful, while the other didn't quite suit my personal taste. However, the customer service team promptly processed an exchange for me, although a full refund option was also available. Within another 48 hours, I received another set of towels that exceeded my expectations. The quality of the towels is remarkable, adorned with beautiful patterns. The swift delivery and top-notch customer service truly set apart. I wholeheartedly recommend their products and services to anyone in search of premium linens. Thank you,, for a delightful shopping experience!
B Bruna Apollonio
403 days ago

Ho acquistato sia tessuti per…

Exceptional Quality, Timely Delivery, and Fair Pricing - A Stellar Experience with From the moment I stumbled upon, I've been nothing short of amazed by the exceptional service and product offerings. I initially purchased a variety of fabrics for home decor and was thoroughly impressed by the premium quality upon delivery. The seamless transaction process, coupled with punctual delivery, only added to my satisfaction. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning the seamless payment procedure - a factor that truly sets them apart. The impeccable balance between quality and price point is a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction. Without a doubt, has become my go-to for all fabric and home decor needs. I am genuinely grateful for the delightful experiences and will undoubtedly continue to support this outstanding company.
B Bruna Apollonio
403 days ago

A Heartfelt Experience with Quality, Punctuality, and Affordability

I cannot express enough how satisfied I am with my purchases from From upholstery fabrics to other miscellaneous items, every transaction has been a delight. The quality of their products is simply exceptional, exceeding my expectations every time. Moreover, their punctuality in delivering orders is commendable, ensuring that I receive my items exactly when promised. What truly sets apart is their commitment to providing top-notch products at an affordable price point. The value for money I have received is unparalleled, making me a loyal customer who will undoubtedly return for more. I highly recommend this company to anyone in search of superior quality, timeliness, and reasonable pricing. Thank you,, for your outstanding service!
R Roberta Perticari
450 days ago

Abbiamo acquistato un copri divano con…ottimo acquisto

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a sofa cover with a chaise-longue from and I must say, it was an outstanding acquisition. The product exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The quality of the fabric is exceptional, and the measurements were absolutely perfect for my furniture. Moreover, I was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of the company. From the seamless ordering process to the swift delivery, every step was handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. This experience has truly solidified my trust in, and I will not hesitate to return for all my future household needs. Thank you for delivering such a top-notch product and service. Grazie!
R Roberta Perticari
450 days ago

Transforming Our Living Room: A Perfect Purchase from

I couldn't be happier with our recent purchase from We decided to buy a sofa cover with a chaise-longue, and it has completely transformed our living room. The fabric is top-notch, and the measurements fit like a glove. Not to mention, the company's professionalism and swift delivery made the entire experience a breeze. Thank you!

Introduction is an online retailer specializing in high-quality home textiles, offering a wide range of products such as bed linens, bathroom towels, tablecloths, and more. With a commitment to providing exceptional customer service and a reputation for delivering top-notch products, has become a favorite destination for individuals seeking luxurious and comfortable linens for their homes.


- Extensive product selection: offers a diverse range of home textiles, allowing customers to find the perfect linens to suit their preferences and needs. - High-quality products: The brand is known for its commitment to using premium materials and maintaining stringent quality control measures, resulting in durable and luxurious linens. - Competitive pricing: Despite providing top-quality products, offers competitive prices in comparison to other high-end home textile retailers. - Secure and user-friendly website: The website is easy to navigate, with a secure payment system that ensures customer data privacy. - Excellent customer service: prides itself on its responsive and helpful customer service team, addressing queries and resolving issues promptly.


- Limited international shipping: While ships within Italy and select European countries, it may not be accessible to customers outside these areas. - Limited customization options: Some customers may desire more customization options for their linens, such as monogramming or specific color choices.

User Experience offers a seamless and enjoyable user experience. The well-organized website allows customers to easily browse through various categories, view product details, and make informed purchasing decisions. The search functionality makes it effortless to find specific items, while the intuitive layout ensures a smooth navigation experience. Additionally, the visually appealing product images provide a clear representation of the linens, enhancing the overall user experience.

Pricing and Value for Money offers competitive pricing for its high-quality linens, ensuring customers receive excellent value for their money. While the prices may be slightly higher than those of lower-end retailers, the superior quality and durability of the products justify the investment. The brand frequently offers promotions and discounts, enabling customers to make their purchases at even more affordable prices.

Customer Service takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service. The knowledgeable and friendly customer support team promptly addresses customer queries, providing guidance throughout the purchasing process. Any issues or concerns are handled efficiently and professionally, ensuring a positive customer experience. The brand's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the high ratings and positive reviews received.

Product Quality and Selection maintains a high standard of product quality, using premium materials that result in durable and luxurious linens. The brand carefully sources its fabrics and implements strict quality control measures to ensure customers receive products that meet their expectations. The extensive selection caters to various preferences and styles, allowing customers to find linens that suit their individual tastes and needs.

Website Usability boasts a user-friendly website with a clean and intuitive interface. The well-structured layout makes it easy to navigate through different sections, browse products, and access essential information. The search functionality and filters simplify the product search process, providing a seamless browsing experience. Additionally, the secure payment system instills confidence in customers, ensuring their data remains protected.

Returns and Exchanges has a hassle-free returns and exchanges policy. If customers are not fully satisfied with their purchase, they can easily initiate a return or exchange within a specified timeframe. The brand ensures that the process is straightforward and customer-friendly, providing clear instructions for returning items, with the aim of resolving any issues promptly and professionally.

Promotions and Discounts frequently offers promotions and discounts to provide additional value to its customers. These promotions may include seasonal sales, bundle deals, or limited-time discounts on specific products or collections. By regularly checking the website or subscribing to the brand's newsletter, customers can stay updated on the latest promotions and take advantage of attractive deals.

Reputation has built a solid reputation for its commitment to quality, customer service, and satisfaction. The brand's attention to detail, luxurious offerings, and focus on customer experience have garnered positive feedback and a loyal customer base. The consistently high ratings and positive reviews from satisfied customers further enhance's reputation as a trusted provider of premium home textiles.

Payment Options offers various secure payment options to cater to different customer preferences. Customers can confidently make purchases using credit cards, debit cards, or online payment methods. The secure payment gateway ensures the protection of sensitive customer data throughout the transaction process.

Loyalty Programs currently does not have a specific loyalty program for its customers. However, the brand regularly rewards customer loyalty by offering exclusive discounts, early access to sales, or special promotions. Customers can stay updated on these benefits by subscribing to the brand's newsletter or following their social media channels.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for are overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the brand's exceptional product quality, attentive customer service, and reliable shipping. Customers appreciate the attention to detail in the linens, as well as the overall shopping experience provided by the website. The positive reviews contribute to establishing trust and confidence in potential customers considering purchasing from

Community Involvement actively supports various local and national charitable initiatives. The brand believes in giving back to the community and frequently participates in campaigns aimed at helping those in need. By supporting such causes, showcases its dedication to making a positive impact beyond its business operations.

Shipping and Costs offers reliable and timely shipping within Italy and select European countries. The brand strives to dispatch orders promptly and provide accurate tracking information to customers. Shipping costs may vary depending on the destination and order size. However, frequently offers free shipping promotions or reduced rates for larger orders, ensuring an affordable shipping experience.