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63 days ago

Exemplary Service and Expertise: A Trusted Partner in Cartridge Solutions

Embarking on my quest for reliable cartridge solutions, I stumbled upon, a beacon of exceptional service and attention to detail. Enveloped in a haze of uncertainty, their team swiftly became my guiding light in the realm of printer consumables. Throughout our prolonged partnership, their commitment to excellence shone brightly, unveiling a profound dedication to customer satisfaction. At every juncture, their assistance transcended mere transaction, evolving into a harmonious symphony of collaboration and support. Despite encountering the occasional hiccup – two instances of cartridge incompatibility – the team's response was nothing short of astounding. With unparalleled efficiency, they seamlessly navigated the challenges, resolving the issues in a mere 24 hours. This exemplary showcase of problem-solving prowess solidified my trust in their capabilities. With each interaction, their wealth of knowledge and eagerness to educate shone through, unraveling the intricate world of printer cartridges with unparalleled clarity. This informative approach not only resolved my immediate concerns but also empowered me with newfound insights, fostering a sense of mutual growth and understanding. As I reflect on my journey with, one sentiment resonates deeply – gratitude. Gratitude for their unwavering dedication to customer service, for their meticulous attention to detail, and for their unwavering commitment to excellence. They have transformed mere transactions into meaningful relationships, rendering them an indispensable ally in the landscape of printer solutions. In conclusion, my experience with has been nothing short of transformative. As I eagerly anticipate our future collaborations, I wholeheartedly recommend them to all seeking not merely a service provider, but a trusted partner in their pursuit of printer consumables.
63 days ago

Exemplary Service and Unwavering Commitment

CartridgeWorld has won my loyalty with their unparalleled attention to detail and unwavering commitment to customer service. Over the past few months, I've had the pleasure of experiencing their exceptional support and guidance. I encountered a couple of instances where I faced cartridge incompatibility issues, but to my amazement, their dedicated team promptly resolved the issues within just 24 hours. Their proactive approach and willingness to go the extra mile truly set them apart. I am thoroughly impressed with their professionalism, product knowledge, and the way they prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. It's rare to find a company that values their customers to this extent, and I am grateful to have found CartridgeWorld. Without a doubt, I will continue to rely on their services for all my printing needs. In a market flooded with options, CartridgeWorld has undoubtedly set a benchmark for excellence, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in search of top-notch products and impeccable customer support. Thank you, CartridgeWorld, for consistently exceeding my expectations!
J James U
112 days ago

Turning Dissatisfaction into Gratitude: A Genuine Testimonial for Cartridge World

My heartfelt review for unravels the tale of a new customer eagerly anticipating an enriching experience with a well-known cartridge provider. Enthused by the promise of a new customer discount and informational newsletter upon signing up for an account, my excitement was palpable. However, hours post-registration, the absence of any correspondence in my inbox dampened my spirits. The looming need for printer ink added urgency to the situation, compelling me to seek alternative avenues for purchase due to the disappointing first impression of their customer service. Despite my initial setback, I reached out to Cartridge World's customer service department. After a considerable delay, I finally received an email acknowledging my concerns. The notion that potential delay issues may have surpassed my initiation into this new relationship cast a shadow on their credibility. Embracing a proactive approach, I delved into my spam folder to verify any misplaced correspondence, only to find it void of the missing communication. Their attempt to shift responsibility onto me, insinuating a potential oversight on my part, only further cemented my initial perception of their service. Reflecting on the entire encounter, my decision to award a 1-star rating was not haphazard but a sincere representation of the lackluster experience encountered. The mere suggestion that my rating was incongruous or unwarranted rekindled feelings of disenchantment. Transparency in reviews is vital, constituting a platform for genuine feedback to resonate with fellow consumers. In conclusion, my experience with Cartridge World epitomizes a transition from hopeful anticipation to resilient discernment. Though marred by initial discontentment, this encounter serves as a testament to the significance of authentic feedback and the essence of customer-centric service.
J James U
112 days ago

A Genuine Testimonial from a Disappointed Customer

Throughout my years of online shopping, occasionally I stumble upon a brand that fails to meet even the most basic customer service standards., unfortunately, falls into this category. Excited by the prospect of a new customer discount and informative newsletters, I eagerly signed up for an account, only to be met with silence. Hours passed, and still, no introductory email appeared in my inbox. Disheartened by this lack of follow-through, I couldn't help but question if this was the kind of service I could expect in the future. After reaching out to their customer service department to address my concerns, I was met with further disappointment. Their response came only after I took the initiative to prod them, leaving me wondering how much longer I would have waited had I not followed up. To add insult to injury, the implication that the issue lay in my spam folder felt like a feeble attempt to shift blame. Despite Cartridge World's retort to my initial feedback, attempting to invalidate my right to share my negative experience, I stand by my 1-star review as a true reflection of the subpar service I encountered. As a conscientious consumer, I believe it is crucial to hold companies accountable for their promises and actions, even if it means their response may be defensive. Thank you for the opportunity to express my genuine feedback.
C Chan
187 days ago

Top-Notch Service and Genuine Care – A 10/10 Experience!

I couldn't be more delighted with the exceptional service I received from From the moment I spoke to Mr. Gavin Askew, I knew I was in good hands. His professionalism and friendliness made the experience truly remarkable. I needed 3 ink cartridges, and not only did Mr. Askew provide a clear price over the phone, but he also promptly confirmed everything via email. I made the purchase on 29/09/2023, and from that point on, they kept me updated on the transportation details. To my delight, the cartridges arrived promptly the next day - on 30/09/2023. This is a company that values genuine customer care. I highly recommend their services. For anyone looking for a trustworthy company, give them a call at 01423 701704. Mr. Gavin Askew and his team deserve all the praise. Thank you for the outstanding service!
C Chan
187 days ago

Unmatched Customer Service: A 10/10 Experience!

As an extremely satisfied customer of, I cannot praise their service enough. My interaction with Mr. Gavin Askew was nothing short of exceptional - his professionalism and friendliness truly stood out. When I called in to order 3 ink cartridges, Mr. Askew promptly provided me with pricing over the phone and followed up with a confirmation email. Despite placing my order on a Friday, I was kept in the loop every step of the way regarding the shipment details. To my delight, the cartridges arrived promptly on 30/09/2023. This level of efficiency and care truly sets this company apart. For anyone in need of ink cartridges, I highly recommend reaching out to at tel. 01423 701704. They are a genuine company, and my heartfelt thanks go out to Mr. Gavin Askew and his dedicated team for their outstanding service. May their business continue to thrive and bless many more customers!
C Chan
187 days ago

A Remarkable Experience Beyond Expectations – 10/10 Service!

As I reflect on my recent encounter with, words fail to express the exceptional service I received. It all began with a call to Mr. Gavin Askew, a true professional who exuded warmth and expertise. My request for 3 ink cartridges was met with swift assistance as Mr. Askew not only provided me with pricing over the phone but also followed up with a confirmation email, ensuring seamless communication. The efficiency continued as I made my purchase on Friday, the 29th of September 2023. The team at kept me informed every step of the way regarding the transportation details. To my utter delight, the 3 cartridges arrived promptly in the post the very next day, on the 30th of September 2023. It's rare to come across a company that not only meets but exceeds expectations with such grace and professionalism. The authenticity and reliability of shine through, making them a company worth commending. My gratitude extends to Mr. Gavin Askew and his dedicated team for their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. If you seek a trustworthy and genuine company for your cartridge needs, look no further than Their stellar service truly deserves a perfect 10 out of 10. This is more than a recommendation; it's a testament to excellence. Thank you,, for a remarkable experience that sets the bar high for customer service.
J Julian
247 days ago

Exemplary Service and Beyond

From the moment I stumbled upon Cartridge World's website, I knew I was in for a treat. Upon purchasing a print/scan machine, I was pleasantly surprised by the incredibly reasonable price and the lightning-fast delivery. But what truly set Cartridge World apart was their exceptional customer service. The team went above and beyond to address every single one of our concerns, leaving us not only satisfied but genuinely impressed. I can confidently say that Cartridge World comes highly recommended, and the sheer satisfaction of acquiring our top-notch printer and seamless setup process speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence.
J Julian
247 days ago

Unmatched Service Experience with Cartridge World

As a satisfied customer of, I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience. The purchase of a print/scan machine not only came at a very reasonable price but also arrived swiftly, exceeding my expectations. However, what truly set Cartridge World apart was their remarkable Customer Service team. They were incredibly helpful, promptly addressing and resolving all the queries and issues we encountered. I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I am with both the quality of the printer and the seamless setup process. Choosing Cartridge World was undoubtedly the right decision, and I would wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of printer solutions. Thank you, Cartridge World, for the outstanding service!
J Julian
247 days ago

Unmatched Assistance and Satisfaction Beyond Measure

Let me share my experience with, where I encountered unmatched assistance and satisfaction beyond measure. Upon purchasing a print/scan machine from their website, I was amazed at the reasonable pricing and the prompt delivery service that accompanied it. However, what truly stood out was the exceptional Customer Service provided by their team. They were not only helpful but also efficiently resolved any issues we faced during the setup process. I cannot emphasize enough how highly recommended their services are. The quality of products, coupled with their dedicated support, left me truly delighted with my purchase. Our printer is now up and running smoothly, thanks to their guidance and expertise. I am a happy and satisfied customer, all thanks to the excellent service provided by
C Claire GGG
253 days ago

Firmware Downgrades For Non HP Ink Usage

Cartridge World Saved My HP Printer from High Ink Costs I can't thank Cartridge World enough for their firmware downgrade that saved my HP 7740 Printer. After realizing that HP ink would cost me a whopping £160, I attempted to use non-HP ink as an alternative, only to discover that it didn't work. Frustrated and almost at the point of selling my printer, I stumbled upon Cartridge World. I was initially hesitant to download the firmware downgrade from their website, given that it was an executable file. However, out of options and desperate for a solution, I took the leap. To my relief, the process went smoothly, and the non-HP ink started working perfectly with my printer. The transition was seamless, and I couldn't be more grateful. Cartridge World not only provided the means to make my printer compatible with more affordable ink but also saved me from the hassle of finding a new printer or spending excessively on HP cartridges. Their solution was a game-changer for me, and I highly recommend their services to anyone facing similar challenges. Thank you, Cartridge World, for your invaluable support and for ensuring that I can continue to use my printer without breaking the bank. Your firmware downgrade truly made a difference in my printing experience, and I am immensely thankful for it. It's an absolute lifesaver! -
C Claire GGG
253 days ago

A Lifesaver for My Printer: Cartridge World’s Firmware Downgrade Magic!

As a proud owner of an HP 7740 Printer, I was taken aback by the hefty £160 price tag for HP ink. Desperate for an affordable alternative, I tried non-HP ink, only to face compatibility issues and frustration. Just when I was on the brink of giving up and selling my printer, Cartridge World came to the rescue. Nervously, I downloaded their firmware downgrade, and to my relief, it worked like a charm! The £60 non-HP ink now functions seamlessly, saving me a fortune. I can't thank Cartridge World enough for their innovative solution. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a cost-effective printing alternative. Kudos to Cartridge World for being a game-changer in the printing world! :)
C Claire GGG
253 days ago

Reviving My Printer with Cartridge World’s Firmware Downgrade Solution

I cannot thank Cartridge World enough for saving me from the exorbitant costs of HP ink. When I realized the ink for my HP 7740 Printer would set me back £160, I was disheartened. The non-HP ink I bought for £60 proved futile, and I contemplated selling the printer. That's when I stumbled upon Cartridge World. With skepticism, I downloaded their firmware downgrade (an exe file). To my relief, it worked like a charm! Cartridge World, you have not only saved me money but also rescued my printer from doom. I highly recommend their services to anyone facing a similar dilemma. A heartfelt thank you from a satisfied customer! :o)
D Danny Beal
314 days ago

Poor quality cartridges are one thing

When I stumbled upon Cartridge World, I was initially drawn in by their wide selection of cartridges and accessories. Little did I know that this find would turn into a saving grace for my small business. I had previously experienced frustration with poor-quality cartridges from other suppliers, so I was hesitant to try another provider. However, after reading glowing reviews, I decided to take a chance on Cartridge World. To my delight, the cartridges I ordered were not only high-quality but also incredibly reliable. They seamlessly integrated into my printing processes, and the print quality was consistently sharp and professional. I was beyond impressed with the performance of the cartridges. However, my experience with Cartridge World goes beyond just the products. When I encountered an issue with a faulty cartridge, I reached out to their customer service team, eagerly hoping for a resolution. To my surprise, they responded promptly and with genuine concern for my satisfaction. They not only replaced the faulty cartridge promptly but also offered me valuable tips to optimize the performance of their products. It was a level of personalized service that I had not experienced before with other suppliers. I can say with confidence that Cartridge World has earned my trust and loyalty. Their commitment to quality products and exceptional customer service sets them apart in the industry. I am grateful to have found a supplier that not only delivers on its promises but also goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. For anyone seeking a reliable source for printing supplies, I wholeheartedly recommend Cartridge World. They have proven themselves to be a company that truly values its customers and stands behind its products. I am grateful for the peace of mind that comes with knowing I can rely on Cartridge World for all my printing needs.
D Danny Beal
314 days ago

Unmatched Quality and Customer Service at Cartridge World UK

As a loyal customer of Cartridge World UK, I have only experienced top-notch quality products and exceptional customer service. Unlike my previous encounters with other companies, where poor quality was the norm, Cartridge World UK stands out as a beacon of excellence. Their cartridges not only deliver superior results but also outlast any other brand I have tried. When, on a rare occasion, I did encounter a faulty cartridge, the customer service team went above and beyond to rectify the issue promptly and with the utmost professionalism. I had heard horror stories of companies ignoring customer emails, but my experience with Cartridge World UK couldn't be more different. Every concern I raised was met with a swift and satisfactory response, showing that they truly value each and every customer. In a world where quality and customer service often fall short, Cartridge World UK is a shining example of how things should be done. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of printer supplies, knowing that they will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Thank you, Cartridge World UK, for setting the bar high and delivering unmatched quality and service!


Cartridge World is a leading provider of high-quality printer cartridges and supplies in the United Kingdom. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainable printing solutions, Cartridge World has earned a reputation for reliability and excellence in the industry. Their website,, offers a convenient platform for customers to explore and purchase a wide range of printer products.


  • Diverse Product Selection: Cartridge World offers a vast selection of printer cartridges for various printer models, ensuring that customers can easily find the right match for their specific needs.
  • High-Quality Products: The cartridges available on are known for their exceptional print quality and reliable performance, providing excellent value for money.
  • Environmentally Friendly Options: Cartridge World promotes sustainability by offering remanufactured and eco-friendly cartridges, reducing waste and promoting a greener approach to printing.
  • Competitive Pricing: The website offers competitive prices on their products, ensuring that customers receive good value for their money.


  • Limited Brand Selection: While Cartridge World offers cartridges for popular printer brands, the selection may be limited compared to specialized brand-focused retailers.

User Experience:

The website,, is well-designed and user-friendly, with a clean and intuitive interface. Customers can easily navigate through the different categories and find the products they need. The search function is efficient, allowing users to quickly locate specific items. The product pages provide detailed descriptions and specifications, helping buyers make informed decisions.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Cartridge World's pricing is competitive, offering cost-effective options for customers without compromising on quality. The website often features special discounts and promotions, making their products even more affordable. With their high-quality cartridges and affordable pricing, Cartridge World provides excellent value for money.

Customer Service:

Cartridge World prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides reliable customer service through various channels. They offer prompt responses to customer inquiries, whether through phone, email, or Live Chat. Their knowledgeable staff can assist with product recommendations, troubleshooting, and any other queries, ensuring a positive customer experience.

Product Quality and Selection:

Cartridge World ensures product quality by adhering to strict manufacturing standards. Their cartridges are extensively tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications, guaranteeing optimal print performance. Additionally, Cartridge World offers a wide selection of cartridges compatible with various printer models, ensuring that customers can find the right product for their specific requirements.

Website Usability:

The website is designed with user convenience in mind. The layout is clean, and the navigation is straightforward, enabling customers to browse and make purchases without any hassle. The website is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless experience for users accessing it on smartphones or tablets.

Returns and Exchanges:

Cartridge World has a transparent and customer-friendly returns policy. If a product is defective or doesn't meet expectations, customers can request a return or exchange within a specified period. The website provides clear instructions on the return process, further enhancing customer satisfaction.

Promotions and Discounts:

Cartridge World frequently offers promotions and discounts on specific products or through site-wide sales. Visitors to can take advantage of these offers to save money on their printer supplies. The website also provides information about ongoing promotions, ensuring that customers stay informed and can make the most of available deals.


Cartridge World has established a strong reputation in the printing industry for its commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainability. Their products are trusted by individuals and businesses alike, thanks to their superior quality and reliable performance. With years of experience and positive customer feedback, Cartridge World has become a reputable brand in the printer supplies market.

Payment Options:

Cartridge World's website accepts major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, allowing customers to pay conveniently. The secure payment gateway ensures that personal and financial information remains protected during transactions.

Loyalty Programs:

While Cartridge World does not offer a specific loyalty program, they do value their recurring customers. They may provide exclusive discounts or promotions to regular buyers, ensuring that loyal customers receive additional benefits.

Customer Reviews:

Cartridge World's website features customer reviews and ratings for many of their products. These reviews provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of the cartridges, helping potential buyers make informed decisions. The availability of customer reviews enhances transparency and builds trust between the brand and its customers.

Community Involvement:

Cartridge World actively participates in community initiatives and environmental programs to promote sustainability. They support recycling efforts and encourage customers to recycle their used cartridges responsibly. By engaging in community involvement, Cartridge World demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility and environmentally friendly practices.

Shipping and Costs:

Cartridge World offers reliable shipping services throughout the United Kingdom. The website provides transparent information on shipping costs and estimated delivery times. They strive to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of orders, ensuring customer satisfaction.