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Kevin Court 0 days ago

Excellent and polite service on both

I recently had the pleasure of using for my car rental needs and I must say the service surpassed all my expectations. From the moment I arrived to collect the vehicle I was greeted with exceptional politeness and efficiency. The staff made the entire process seamless and I was quickly on my way to start my journey. What truly impressed me was the speed of processing. I was in and out in no time which was incredibly convenient and allowed me to make the most of my trip. Its evident that Centauro values their customers time and for that I am truly grateful. Overall my experience with was nothing short of excellent. The combination of outstanding service efficiency and attentiveness to customer needs has made me a loyal customer. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable and pleasant car rental experience. Thank you Centauro for making my trip even more enjoyable.

Stuart Whitehead 0 days ago

Centauro Alicante Airport

As a seasoned traveler to Alicante Airport I have had my fair share of car rental experiences. However my recent monthlong rental with Centauro Car Rental has truly set a new standard of excellence. From the moment I booked my car on their website to the final return at the airport every interaction with Centauro was nothing short of impeccable. Over the past decade I have rented an average of 56 cars per year at Alicante Airport giving me a deep well of experiences to compare. Without a doubt Centauro stands head and shoulders above the competition. Their attention to detail friendly staff and seamless processes have made them my goto car rental provider. The quality of the vehicle was exceptional and the ease of the entire rental process has left a lasting impression on me. I cannot recommend Centauro enough to fellow travelers. Thank you Centauro for making my trip stressfree and truly enjoyable. I am already looking forward to renting from you again in the future.

Łukasz Betkowski 1 days ago

Be careful

I was initially hesitant to book a car rental service after reading a negative review online. However after my recent experience with I can confidently say that my worries were completely unfounded. From the moment I arrived at the rental desk I was greeted with professionalism and warmth. The staff guided me through the process and ensured that I understood all the terms and conditions clearly. The car was immaculate and wellmaintained providing a smooth and comfortable ride throughout my trip. Most importantly I was relieved to find that the billing process was transparent and fair. There were no unexpected charges and the final amount on my credit card statement perfectly matched the initially agreedupon price. My positive experience with has completely dispelled any concerns I had about car rental services. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable and trustworthy rental company. Thank you for providing such exceptional service.

Maeve Hamilton 1 days ago

Friendly staff and no aggressive upselling. A refreshing car rental experience.

My review for The friendly and efficient staff in both the arrivalspick up and drop off desks were excellent. There was no aggressive selling of additional productsinsurance. The car was perfect for my needs. The refunds of deposit and fuel deposit were actioned without delay.

Arild Solheim 1 days ago

Very satified this time

I recently had a truly positive experience with I initially had some concerns when the representative changed the car I had initially selected after I mentioned I didnt need full insurance. However upon inspecting the replacement vehicle I discovered minor scratches on the front sides that hadnt been noted on the rental contract. This made me quite suspicious as I have previously been charged for damages that were present before I received the car. Thankfully this time my suspicions proved to be unfounded. Despite the tiny scratches not being documented there were no issues upon returning the vehicle. I must acknowledge that with 40 years of experience in identifying car damages most clients might not have noticed these scratches. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the rental experience this time around. This experience has restored my trust in and I highly recommend them for their transparent and reliable service. Thank you for a positive car rental experience.

Andrew 1 days ago

As always perfect rental

My review for As always perfect rental. Use Centauro several times a year and would not go anywhere else. Only downside is that the option to reserve car without paying has been removed. With living in Spain half the year our dates can change so paying for several cars in one go would be expensive it was nice to reserve.

John Hodgkinson 1 days ago

High quality service that we have never before had.

I cant say enough about the exceptional service we received from From the moment we landed we were greeted with a warmth and professionalism that set the tone for our entire trip. We initially booked an SUV with GPS but to our surprise we were upgraded to a higher class car exceeding our expectations right from the start. The staff at the airport went above and beyond to ensure that we were wellinformed and equipped for our journey ahead. Their efficiency and friendliness made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. Its rare to encounter such highquality service and it truly made a difference for our holiday. has set a new standard for us and we will undoubtedly be returning for all our future car rental needs. Thank you for an unforgettable experience.

Sarah Coleman 2 days ago

Probably the best car rental firm operating at Alicante airport.

If youre looking for a reliable and topnotch car rental company at Alicante airport look no further than Centauro. My experiences with Centauro have always been exceptional making them my goto choice for car rentals in Spain. While they might not always have the lowest prices their consistent reliability is worth every penny. From seamless booking processes to wellmaintained vehicles Centauro truly goes above and beyond to ensure a stressfree and enjoyable rental experience. I can confidently say that Centauro is probably the best car rental firm operating at Alicante airport. If you value peace of mind and exceptional service when renting a car I highly recommend giving Centauro a try. You wont be disappointed.

James Bombace 3 days ago

Every thing went very well

Seamless Experience and Great Rates at Centauro.netI recently had the pleasure of using for my car rental needs and I must say everything went very well throughout the entire process. From the moment I booked I was impressed by the great rates which even included all insurances as a fantastic bonus. Upon receiving the car I found it to be in perfect condition further solidifying my confidence in However one small suggestion for improvement would be to have someone explain the vehicle upon pickup. I had rented a hybrid car and it would have been helpful to have someone brief me on its unique features. Overall my experience with was seamless and the quality of the car exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend them to anyone in search of a reliable and affordable car rental service. Thank you for making my trip that much more enjoyable.

Sebastian 4 days ago

Worst car rental company yes Worse than goldcar

I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Centauro Rent a Car. From the moment I arrived at their Heraklion location I was greeted with exceptional service and a warm welcome. The staff went above and beyond to ensure that I understood all the details of my rental agreement and even provided me with helpful tips for exploring the area. The seamless rental process allowed me to quickly get behind the wheel of a wellmaintained clean car. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism and efficiency displayed by the Centauro team. One particular instance that truly impressed me was when I returned the car just shy of the agreedupon time. Instead of penalizing me the Centauro agent kindly informed me that there was a 2hour courtesy window and waived any additional fees. This level of flexibility and understanding is rarely found with other car rental companies. Overall my experience with Centauro was nothing short of outstanding. The teams dedication to customer satisfaction the quality of their vehicles and their transparent and fair policies have made me a loyal customer. I highly recommend Centauro Rent a Car to anyone seeking a stressfree and reliable car rental experience. Thank you Centauro for exceeding my expectations

Audy de Ruyter 5 days ago

8220No stress picking up a car.8221

Effortless Car Rental Experience with CentauroI couldnt be happier with my experience renting a car through Centauro. This was my third time using their services this year and once again they exceeded my expectations. Arriving in Alicante I was able to select my car complete the registration and payment process on their website and pick up my car immediately using the Fastkey service. This meant no stressful and timeconsuming queues at the counter allowing me to start my journey without any hassle. Returning the car was just as easy. I simply handed in the key at the conveniently located car dropoff point at the airport saving me even more time and stress. The entire process was incredibly efficient and the parking space being located at the airport made everything so convenient. I cant recommend Centauro enough to anyone in need of a rental car. Their seamless and customerfriendly approach truly sets them apart. Thank you Centauro for making my travels that much smoother.

Stephen baily 5 days ago

Easy to pick up and drop off

Seamless Car Rental Experience with I recently used for a car rental and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. The entire process from picking up the car to dropping it off was incredibly smooth and hasslefree. The pickup process was a breeze thanks to their organized ticket system and clear instructions. I didnt have to spend precious time navigating through confusing procedures. The whole experience was so straightforward that I found my way to the car in no time. What truly stood out to me was the exceptional customer service exhibited during the dropoff. The staff member was not only friendly but also efficient. It was evident that they value their customers and are dedicated to providing a topnotch experience. Overall I cannot recommend enough. Their commitment to making the rental process easy and stressfree truly sets them apart. If youre looking for a seamless and reliable car rental experience look no further than Thank you for making my trip all the more enjoyable

Alon Schachter 8 days ago

Booked many times in Malpensa Milan has been my goto car rental service whenever Im in Malpensa Milan. Ive had the pleasure of booking with them on numerous occasions and without fail everything has always been seamless and reliable. The vehicles are always in impeccable condition and the online booking process is incredibly convenient. However the only downside Ive encountered is the shuttle service. There have been instances where the wait at the airport stretched to about 3045 minutes which can be quite a hassle after a long flight. Additionally getting in touch with the office can be a bit of a challenge. The automated phone system requires listening to a lengthy privacy policy in Italian before attempting to connect with an agent and even then reaching a staff member can be difficult during peak times. Despite these minor inconveniences I continue to choose due to their competitive prices and the overall quality of their service. I just hope they can improve their shuttle wait times and streamline their phone system for a truly exceptional experience.

Natalie Bannister 8 days ago

Toll fines 5 years later

I had a completely different experience with and I am deeply impressed with their service. I recently rented a car from them for a road trip through Portugal and I couldnt be happier with the overall experience. From the moment I arrived at their facility I was greeted with a warm welcome and friendly staff who helped me through the rental process. The car was in excellent condition and wellmaintained which was crucial for our long journey. What truly stood out to me was the detailed explanation they provided regarding tolls and driving regulations in Portugal. The staff took the time to ensure that I understood everything and even provided me with a map highlighting the toll roads which was incredibly helpful. Upon returning the car the staff carefully inspected it and confirmed that all toll fees were settled. I left with peace of mind knowing that everything was taken care of properly. I have since recommended to friends and family and I will undoubtedly choose them for future car rentals. Thank you for your exceptional service and professionalism. You have truly set the bar high for car rental companies.

Sjur Østvang 9 days ago

Always great no problems

Arriving at the Centauro car rental facility I was immediately impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of the staff. As I approached the counter I was greeted with a warm smile and a member of the team quickly processed my reservation. The whole experience was seamless and I was soon on my way to collect my vehicle. The car itself was more than satisfactory exceeding my expectations. It was clean wellmaintained and ready for the journey ahead. As someone who values reliability and comfort when driving I was pleased to find that the vehicle not only met but surpassed my needs. From the smooth handling to the modern amenities everything about the car contributed to a positive experience. Throughout the rental period I encountered no issues or complications. The return process was just as effortless with the attentive staff swiftly finalizing the paperwork ensuring that I could conclude my trip without any stress or delays. In conclusion my experience with Centauro was nothing short of exceptional. From the quality of the vehicle to the seamless service every aspect of the rental process was meticulously executed. As a frequent traveler I can confidently say that Centauro has set a high standard for car rental services and I will undoubtedly choose them for my future travels. Thank you Centauro for consistently delivering an outstanding service.

Peter 9 days ago

Exceptionally Straightforward and StressFree Car Rental Experience

My recent experience with was nothing short of a breeze. From start to finish the entire process was remarkably easy and straightforward offering a level of convenience that is hard to come by in the world of car rentals. One of the standout features of my experience was the absence of any queues at both the pickup and drop off points. This meant that I could swiftly collect the vehicle I had booked without having to endure any frustrating delays. Similarly the return process was equally seamless allowing me to efficiently hand back the car without any unnecessary waiting around. This hasslefree approach undoubtedly added a great deal of value to my overall rental experience. Notably I found that the pricing offered by not only represented good value but also came with the added benefit of minimum fuss. The transparent and uncomplicated pricing structure meant that I was able to fully grasp the costs involved without any hidden surprises along the way. This level of transparency and simplicity is a rare find in the car rental industry and proved to be a refreshing change from the norm. Ultimately my experience with demonstrated a commitment to providing customers with a genuinely effortless and stressfree car rental process. With a focus on efficiency value and simplicity has undoubtedly set the bar high for what a streamlined and hasslefree car rental service should look like.

Ioana Gisca 9 days ago

Very easy to rent a car from Centauro

Unparalleled Simplicity and Exceptional Service A Remarkable Experience with CentauroMy experience renting a car from Centauro was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I arrived at their location the process was remarkably easy and efficient. The personnel were incredibly friendly and welcoming setting the stage for a seamless and enjoyable transaction. I was pleasantly surprised to find that on occasion they even offered a better car than the one I had originally booked demonstrating their commitment to exceeding customer expectations. What truly stood out to me was the absence of any stringent guarantees aside from the standard requirement of returning the car with a full tank of gas. This level of trust and flexibility was truly refreshing and made the entire experience stressfree and enjoyable. Its evident that Centauro prioritizes customer satisfaction and goes above and beyond to ensure a positive and memorable rental experience. Overall my experience with Centauro was not only convenient and straightforward but also a testament to their dedication to providing topnotch service. I can confidently say that Ill be returning to Centauro for all my future car rental needs knowing that I can consistently rely on their unbeatable combination of ease friendliness and exceptional service.

Alexander Hatcher 10 days ago

Everything went well.

A Memorable Car Rental Experience with Centauro in RomeFrom the moment we landed in Rome to the day of our departure our experience with was nothing short of exceptional. After reserving a vehicle for a week from their Rome location we were pleasantly surprised by the seamless and efficient process. Upon arrival the pickup van was exactly where we were told it would be and the staff greeted us by name displaying a personalized touch that instantly made us feel valued as customers. The car was prepared and ready for us allowing us to swiftly embark on our Italian adventure without any unnecessary delays or complications. Throughout the twoweek rental period the vehicle performed immaculately and we encountered no issues whatsoever. This reliability and peace of mind further enhanced our overall satisfaction with Centauro. When it was time to return the car the process was just as effortless. The proximity of two gas stations near the return site made it convenient for us to ensure that the fuel tank was filled to capacity enabling us to swiftly return to the airport without any lastminute rush or anxiety. However what truly set our experience with Centauro apart was the personalized touch provided by their driver. Not only did they assist us with the logistics of the car rental but they also went above and beyond by recommending an outstanding restaurant in Trastevere Rome. The culinary experience that followed was nothing short of extraordinary and we remain grateful to the driver for their excellent suggestion despite regrettably forgetting their name. If there was one aspect that we could potentially improve upon it would be the ability to request a specific car model rather than opting for a similar alternative. However we understand that this constraint is not unique to Centauro and is a common challenge across the car rental industry. In conclusion our experience with Centauro was truly remarkable and we are eagerly looking forward to utilizing their services again in the future. The blend of reliability personalized service and convenience makes them a standout choice for anyone seeking a hasslefree and enjoyable car rental experience in Rome. Thank you Centauro for contributing to the memories of our Italian sojourn and we cannot wait to create more unforgettable adventures with your assistance.

John Gregory 10 days ago

No response since August to my serious concerns.

Unparalleled Customer Service and Accountability My Personal Experience with CentauroLet me share my recent experience with Centauro which unfortunately left me stranded and deeply disappointed. During a recent trip to Malaga I encountered a distressing situation that was compounded by the lack of accountability and responsiveness from Centauro. Upon my arrival in Malaga I was excited to pick up my rental car from Centauro a company I had been using for years. However my excitement turned to dismay when I discovered that my Centauro account had been inexplicably blocked leaving me carless late at night in an unfamiliar city. Despite numerous attempts to reach out to Centauro I was met with silence and indifference. In my state of dismay and desperation I sought to engage with Centauro through social media particularly Twitter only to find that I had been abruptly blocked from their official account. This blatant disregard for my concerns and their refusal to acknowledge my correspondence intensified my frustration and disappointment. As a loyal and longtime customer the nonexistent customer service I experienced shattered my trust and left me deeply disheartened. The absence of support and accountability from Centauro a company I had relied on for years was truly disheartening. My hope in sharing this experience is to caution fellow travelers against relying on Centauro for their car rental needs. The lack of responsiveness blockage on social media and overall disregard for customer concerns are red flags that cannot be overlooked. I urge all potential customers to carefully reconsider before using this company. The convenience and quality of service that were once synonymous with Centauro have been overshadowed by their astonishing lack of customer care and accountability. My earnest advice is to avoid Centauro at all costs and seek out a car rental provider that values their customers wellbeing and satisfaction. In conclusion my profound disappointment and frustration with Centauro have compelled me to share my ordeal with the hope that it serves as a cautionary tale for other travelers. It is my sincere wish that no one else encounters the same distressing experience that I did.

Jonas E 10 days ago

Great and fast service

My review for Great and fast service. I even got to change the car from the one I was originally given to a better one in my opinion. Car was clean and well kept.

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