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Review article published on: 23 Dec 2019

Last updated by on 08 Mar 2023

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Introduction is a US-based company that provides a unique and eco-friendly solution for pet owners who live in apartments or houses with limited outdoor space. The company offers real grass patches that can be used as a potty area for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds. These dog grass patches are 100% natural, grown in the USA, and delivered to the customer's doorstep on a recurring basis.

Pros and Cons

  • Convenient and mess-free potty solution for dogs that live in apartments, condos, or houses with limited outdoor space.
  • Real grass is healthier and more appealing to dogs than synthetic alternatives.
  • Flexible subscription plans that fit the customer's needs and preferences.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly product that helps reduce pet waste and promotes responsible pet ownership.
  • Relatively high prices compared to other potty solutions, such as pee pads or fake grass pads.
  • Not suitable for dogs with extreme digging or chewing habits, as the grass patches can be easily damaged.
  • Requires regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure hygiene and odor control.
  • Limited availability in some areas, especially during extreme weather conditions.

User Experience offers a user-friendly and intuitive website that allows customers to easily choose their preferred subscription plan, customize their order, and manage their account. The ordering and delivery process is fast and efficient, with real-time tracking and notifications. The grass patches come in different sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, and can be easily replaced or modified. However, some users may find the product limited or too expensive, especially if they have multiple dogs or live in areas with unpredictable weather conditions.

Pricing and Value for Money offers different subscription plans based on the customer's needs, such as frequency of deliveries, size of grass patches, and the number of dogs. The prices range from $26 to $470 per month, depending on the plan and additional options, such as odor control or extra bags. While the prices may seem high compared to other potty solutions, such as pee pads or litter boxes, the value for money is evident in the quality and convenience of the product, as well as the environmental benefits.


Some alternatives to include:
  • Pee pads or fake grass pads: These are synthetic alternatives that provide a similar potty area for dogs, but may not be as appealing or healthy as real grass. They are also less sustainable and may contribute to landfill waste.
  • Litter boxes: These are generally used for cats, but can be adapted for small dogs. They require regular cleaning and may not be suitable for larger dogs or breeds that are not litter-trained.
  • Walks or outdoor visits: For pet owners who have the time and space, walks or outdoor visits can provide a more natural and stimulating potty experience for dogs. However, they may not be feasible for all pets or owners, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Customer Service offers a responsive and helpful customer service team that can be reached by phone, email, or chat. They provide assistance with ordering, delivery, and maintenance, as well as offer advice and tips on how to best use the product. They also have a FAQ section and a blog that cover various pet-related topics, such as health, training, and behavior. However, some users may experience delays or issues with delivery or returns, especially during peak seasons or extreme weather conditions.

Product Quality and Selection offers high-quality and natural grass patches that are grown in the USA and carefully selected for their texture, scent, and durability. The grass is not treated with any chemicals or pesticides, and is safe and healthy for dogs and other pets. The selection includes different sizes and subscription plans, as well as various options for odor control, extra bags, or one-time purchases. However, some users may find the selection limited or not suited for their specific needs or preferences.

Website Usability has a well-designed and easy-to-navigate website that provides clear and concise information about the product, the company, and the ordering process. The website includes detailed descriptions, images, and videos of the grass patches, as well as reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. The ordering process is intuitive and straightforward, with options for customization, scheduling, and payments. However, some users may experience glitches or technical issues with the website, especially during peak traffic or updates.

Returns and Exchanges offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all grass patches and products. If the customer is not satisfied with the product, they can contact the customer service team to arrange for a return or exchange. The company covers the shipping costs for returns or exchanges, and provides a full refund or credit for the purchase. However, some users may experience delays or issues with the returns or exchanges, especially if the product is damaged or not as described.

Promotions and Discounts occasionally offers promotions and discounts to its loyal customers, such as referral codes, seasonal deals, or free samples. These promotions can provide significant savings for the customer and enhance the value of the subscription plans. However, some users may find the promotions limited or not frequent enough, especially if they have multiple dogs or high frequency orders.

Reputation has a good reputation among its customers and the pet industry, with a high rating on various review sites and social media platforms. The company is known for its eco-friendly and sustainable approach to pet care, as well as its commitment to customer satisfaction and pet wellness. However, some users may have had negative experiences or concerns about the quality, availability, or pricing of the product.

Payment Options accepts various payment options, such as credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay. The payments are secure and encrypted, and the customer's information is kept confidential. The company also offers an auto-pay option for recurring subscriptions, which can save time and hassle for the customer. However, some users may prefer alternative payment options or may have issues with their payments, such as fraud or error.

Loyalty Programs offers a loyalty program for its customers, called the Furry Friend Rewards. This program allows the customer to earn points for every purchase or referral, which can be redeemed for discounts or free products. The loyalty program can provide added value and incentives for the customer to continue using the product and promoting it to others. However, some users may find the loyalty program limited or not rewarding enough, especially if they have multiple dogs or high frequency orders.

Customer Reviews has various positive customer reviews and testimonials, praising the quality and convenience of the product, as well as the customer service and environmental benefits. The reviews also suggest some improvements and suggestions for the company, such as offering more customization options or expanding the product line. However, some reviews may be biased or fake, and some customers may have had negative experiences or concerns not reflected in the reviews.

Community Involvement is involved in various community activities and events, such as pet adoption fairs, charity events, and educational programs. The company also collaborates with other pet-related organizations and sponsors various initiatives that promote responsible pet ownership and sustainable living. The community involvement can enhance the company's reputation and customer loyalty, as well as contribute to the pet industry and society as a whole. However, some users may not be aware of or interested in the community involvement of the company.

Shipping and Costs offers free and fast shipping to most areas in the USA, with real-time tracking and notifications. The costs of the subscriptions and additional options include the shipping costs, but may not include additional taxes or fees. The shipping and costs can vary depending on the location, size, and frequency of the orders, as well as the availability and weather conditions. However, some users may experience delays or issues with the shipping, or may find the costs too high or unpredictable.