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J Jernej Rošer
73 days ago

Transformed My FPV Experience: A Grateful Journey with drone-fpv-racer.com

Embarking on my FPV drone journey, I eagerly purchased an iFlight F435 stack from drone-fpv-racer.com, hoping to elevate my flying experience. However, my excitement quickly turned to dismay upon discovering issues with the ADC current measuring. Despite reaching out for assistance, I was met with dismissiveness and condescension, being told that I lacked understanding of FPV electronics. Feeling disheartened by this initial encounter, I feared that my concerns would be ignored, leaving me helpless with my purchase. Yet, amidst the initial setbacks, a glimmer of hope emerged. Through persistence and determination, I delved deeper into troubleshooting the problem, refusing to let this experience tarnish my passion for FPV flying. As I navigated through the challenges, I found solace in online communities and forums, where fellow enthusiasts shared their insights and support. Their collective wisdom and encouragement became my guiding light, empowering me to unravel the complexities of the iFlight F435 stack and forge ahead with my FPV endeavors. Despite the initial obstacles faced, I am grateful for the valuable lessons learned along the way. This journey has not only honed my technical skills but also reinforced my resilience and determination in the face of adversity. As I soar through the skies with newfound confidence and expertise, I am reminded that every setback is an opportunity for growth and transformation. To fellow FPV enthusiasts considering purchases from drone-fpv-racer.com, I urge you to tread cautiously and be prepared for challenges that may come your way. While the road may be bumpy at times, the rewards of perseverance and community support are truly unparalleled. Let this be a testament to the resilience of the FPV community and the unwavering passion that drives us to conquer new heights, no matter the obstacles we face.
A Algirdas Rumbaitis
414 days ago

Exceptional Products, Disappointing Support: A Customer’s Journey with drone-fpv-racer.com

As a loyal customer of drone-fpv-racer.com for over two years, I have invested over 3,000 euros in their products and have always been impressed by the quality and variety they offer. However, my enthusiasm was dampened when I encountered an issue with a defective AIO board in one of my purchases. Expecting prompt and efficient support, I reached out to their customer service team for assistance. Unfortunately, my experience took a disappointing turn as my queries were met with silence and neglect. It was disheartening to feel ignored and undervalued after being a devoted customer for so long. While their products continue to exceed my expectations, the lack of attention and care in addressing customer concerns has left me feeling let down. I hope that drone-fpv-racer.com can improve their support system to match the excellence of their products, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for all customers.
P ProGamer
811 days ago

Unparalleled Support Through Unexpected Challenges

When I experienced a delay in receiving my package from drone-fpv-racer.com, I was understandably concerned. However, instead of being met with frustration or apathy, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of support I received. Despite the initial setback, the team at drone-fpv-racer.com proactively communicated with me, provided regular updates, and worked diligently to resolve the issue. While it took a couple of weeks to process, their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction ultimately resulted in a favorable outcome. I appreciate their dedication and transparency throughout the process, and I'm grateful for their unparalleled support during this unexpected challenge. Thank you, drone-fpv-racer.com, for your unwavering commitment to customer care.
F Frank. Steven
1545 days ago

Unbeatable Value and Quality from Grepow Battery Manufacturer

After a disappointing experience with a certain drone battery supplier, I found my silver lining with Grepow Battery Manufacturer. Initially, I was disheartened when the previous supplier doubled the price of their drone batteries and presented a confusing "buy one get one free at a 30% discount" offer during a Black Friday event. Feeling disenchanted, I sought alternatives and ended up purchasing UAV batteries in bulk from Grepow Battery Manufacturer, accompanied by my trusty teammates. The decision proved to be a game-changer as not only did we enjoy unbeatable prices, but we were also impressed by the superior quality and performance of the batteries. Additionally, learning that Grepow Battery Manufacturer includes Tattu battery among its brands further solidified my confidence in the purchase. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the exceptional value and peace of mind that comes with choosing Grepow Battery Manufacturer for all my UAV battery needs. Cheers to a reliable and cost-effective solution!


Drone-fpv-racer.com is a leading online retailer specializing in FPV (First Person View) drones and racing accessories. With a wide range of products, competitive prices, and a user-friendly website, they cater to both beginners and experienced FPV enthusiasts. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into various aspects of their business to provide you with an in-depth understanding of their offerings and services.

Pros and Cons


  • Extensive selection of FPV drones and racing accessories
  • Competitive pricing compared to competitors
  • User-friendly website with easy navigation
  • Fast and reliable shipping
  • Knowledgeable customer service team


  • Limited options for international shipping
  • Occasional out-of-stock items

User Experience

Drone-fpv-racer.com provides a seamless user experience, making it easy for customers to find and purchase the products they need. The website's intuitive categorization and filtering options help users navigate through their extensive product range effortlessly. The product pages are well-organized, showcasing detailed information, images, and customer reviews to aid in decision-making. Overall, the user experience is smooth and streamlined.

Pricing and Value for Money

Drone-fpv-racer.com offers competitive prices for their range of FPV drones and racing accessories. Compared to other online retailers, their pricing is generally at par or even slightly lower. Additionally, the value for money is high, as they stock top-quality products from reputable brands. Customers can expect a fair price for the performance and features offered by the products available on the website.

Customer Service

Drone-fpv-racer.com prides itself on providing excellent customer service. Their support team is knowledgeable about FPV drones and racing accessories, offering expert advice and troubleshooting assistance. Customers can reach out to them through multiple channels, including email, phone, and live chat. Response times are prompt, and the team goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Product Quality and Selection

The product quality offered by Drone-fpv-racer.com is exceptional. They curate their inventory from renowned brands known for their reliability and performance. From high-performing FPV drones to precision-engineered racing accessories, they have a comprehensive selection suitable for beginners and professionals alike. The products undergo thorough quality checks before being made available to customers, ensuring a satisfying experience.

Website Usability

The website design and usability of Drone-fpv-racer.com are top-notch. With a clean and organized layout, users can easily navigate through various categories, subcategories, and product pages. The search function is effective, returning relevant results quickly. The website loads swiftly, even when browsing through a large number of products. It is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a seamless experience across all platforms.

Returns and Exchanges

Drone-fpv-racer.com offers a hassle-free returns and exchanges policy. If a customer encounters any issues with their purchase, they can contact the customer service team to initiate a return or exchange process. The company provides clear instructions and guidelines for returns, making the process simple and straightforward. It's worth noting that customers are responsible for return shipping costs, except in cases where the item is defective or incorrect.

Promotions and Discounts

Drone-fpv-racer.com regularly runs promotions and offers discounts on selected products. Customers can find these promotions prominently displayed on the website or subscribe to their newsletter to receive updates about exclusive deals and upcoming sales. This allows customers to make their FPV purchases at even more affordable prices, saving money while enjoying high-quality products.


Drone-fpv-racer.com has earned a solid reputation within the FPV drone community. They are known for their commitment to providing top-quality products, exceptional customer service, and a seamless shopping experience. Positive reviews from satisfied customers further enhance their reputation as a reliable and trustworthy online retailer in the FPV racing industry.

Payment Options

Drone-fpv-racer.com offers a range of convenient payment options to cater to diverse customer preferences. Customers can securely complete their purchases using major credit cards, PayPal, or other popular payment gateways. The website utilizes advanced encryption technology to ensure the safety of customer payment information, providing peace of mind during the checkout process.

Loyalty Programs

Currently, Drone-fpv-racer.com does not have a dedicated loyalty program. However, they occasionally offer special rewards and discounts for returning customers or those who subscribe to their newsletter. These incentives encourage customer loyalty and provide additional value to frequent shoppers.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback plays a significant role in shaping the reputation of Drone-fpv-racer.com. The website features a review section for each product, allowing customers to share their experiences and ratings. This transparent system helps prospective buyers make informed decisions based on real-life user opinions. The majority of reviews on the website are positive, highlighting the product quality, customer service, and overall satisfaction.

Community Involvement

Drone-fpv-racer.com actively engages with the FPV drone racing community. They sponsor and support various FPV events, races, and competitions. By fostering a sense of community, they connect with enthusiasts, share knowledge, and contribute to the growth of the sport. Their involvement in the community showcases their dedication to the FPV racing culture beyond just being an online retailer.

Shipping and Costs

Drone-fpv-racer.com offers fast and reliable shipping for customers within their selected regions. The company partners with trusted logistics providers to ensure timely delivery of orders. The shipping costs vary based on the size, weight, and destination of the package. Free shipping may be available for qualifying orders, subject to specific terms and conditions. However, it's worth noting that international shipping options are currently limited, which may inconvenience some potential customers.

In conclusion, Drone-fpv-racer.com is a reputable online retailer that excels in providing a wide range of FPV drones and racing accessories. With competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, and a seamless user experience, they are a go-to destination for FPV enthusiasts. Their commitment to product quality, industry involvement, and customer satisfaction further solidifies their position as a trusted and reliable partner in the FPV racing community.