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D Dr. Madhusudan Tandale
81 days ago

Life-Saver for Last-Minute Gifts!

What an incredible site! Durian.in came to my rescue when I needed a last-minute gift. The user-friendly interface made it easy to browse through a wide selection of products. The pictures loaded quickly, enabling me to make a swift decision. I was amazed by the prompt delivery and high-quality product. Durian.in has definitely earned a 5-star rating from me! Thank you for saving the day!
S Shashwat Ojha
475 days ago

Exceptional Quality but Disappointing Customer Service Experience

After purchasing a high-quality office chair from durian.in, I was initially impressed by the product's durability and comfort. However, when a defect arose, my experience took a turn for the worse. Despite the initial assurance that the issue would be resolved within 10-12 days, more than a month has passed without a resolution. It has been frustrating to encounter unresponsive customer service via phone calls and emails. I hope durian.in can address this issue to ensure that their exceptional products are complemented by equally exceptional customer service.
N Nitin Gupta
1049 days ago

Product delivered is in good condition…

As a busy professional with minimal time to spare, I was initially thrilled to receive my chair in good condition. However, my excitement turned to frustration when I encountered difficulties with the assembly process. I scoured the company's website for a contact number, only to find that it was unresponsive for two days. Despite this setback, I was determined to find a solution. After reaching out through alternative channels, I finally managed to obtain the assistance I needed to assemble the chair. While I understand that assembly may not be a standard service, a clearer and more accessible support system would have greatly improved my experience. Although I encountered some challenges, I must commend the quality of the product itself, which has truly enhanced my workspace. Moving forward, I hope that the company will consider streamlining their support process to ensure a smoother journey for customers like myself. Overall, I am grateful for the beautiful chair that now graces my office, and I am confident that with some refinements, the company can provide an even more exceptional customer experience.
S Sumil Vikamsey
1057 days ago

Would rate 4/5

I recently purchased a chair from this wonderful company and I must say, it was an overall positive experience. I would give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars. The chair is comfortable and well-made; however, I did encounter a minor issue with the locking mechanism. The website mentioned "synchronized locking," and I expected the chair to lock at different levels. It turns out that it only locks in one position, which was not exactly what I had in mind. Despite this small hiccup, I appreciate the quality of the chair and the excellent customer service I received when I reached out to the company. Moving forward, I believe that providing clearer explanations of product features on the website would be beneficial for customers like me. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this company to others. Thank you for a positive overall experience!
R Rakesh Yadav
1061 days ago

Exceptional Service and Quality Upholstery at Durian.in!

I recently purchased a seating set from Durian.in and I must say, I'm truly impressed! The quality of their products is outstanding and the comfort level is beyond compare. Their customer service team was also incredibly helpful and accommodating throughout the entire process. Despite a minor defect in the seating set, the team promptly addressed my concern and ensured a seamless resolution. I was amazed by their professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction. The mesh of the chair is not just durable, but also exudes elegance and style. The 5-year warranty, which initially drew me to Durian, proved to be a testament to their confidence in the longevity of their products. I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend Durian to anyone in search of top-notch furniture and exceptional service. Thank you, Durian, for exceeding my expectations!
M Mr.Rahul Rao
1074 days ago

The chair is good & value for money

I cannot express how satisfied I am with my recent purchase of this chair. Not only is it incredibly comfortable, but it also matches my decor perfectly. As a busy professional, I had concerns about the installation process, especially after not receiving the promised free installation and demo. However, the executive went above and beyond to ensure that I had everything I needed, providing clear instructions and helpful demonstration videos on my mobile phone. Thanks to their assistance, I was able to easily assemble the chair myself. I couldn't be happier with the level of service I received and the quality of the product. It's truly a great value for the price. Thank you for making this such a positive experience. Warm regards, Dr. Rahul Rao
K Keval
1075 days ago

An Unforgettable Experience: A Cautionary Tale for Online Shoppers

My recent encounter with Durian's online store left me utterly disillusioned and disappointed. As a frequent online shopper, I have become accustomed to streamlined delivery processes and excellent customer service. However, my experience with Durian was a far cry from my expectations. Firstly, the delivery of the product I ordered was egregiously delayed, causing considerable inconvenience. This was compounded by a distinct lack of communication regarding the status of my purchase. It seemed as though I was left in the dark, with no updates or reassurances about the whereabouts of my order. Seeking assistance and clarity, I attempted to contact their customer support through various channels, including phone calls, emails, and live chat. Regrettably, my efforts were met with profound disappointment as I encountered a perplexing lack of support and responsiveness. Despite my persistent attempts to engage with their team, I found myself constantly hitting a dead end, with none of my queries being adequately addressed. This nightmarish experience left me feeling exasperated and disillusioned. The frustration of reaching out to multiple individuals, only to be met with a resounding lack of empathy and assistance, was truly disheartening. As a seasoned online shopper, I am accustomed to seamless transactions and attentive customer service. Regrettably, Durian's online store failed to deliver on these fronts, leaving me with a lasting impression of dissatisfaction and disillusionment. Consequently, I strongly advise potential customers to exercise caution when considering purchases from Durian, as my personal experience has been marred by subpar service and a conspicuous lack of customer care.
M Mr.Roopak Kalyani
1098 days ago

Disappointed but hoping for a resolution

As a loyal customer of Durian, it pains me to say that my recent experience has left me thoroughly disappointed. The excitement of receiving my new chair was quickly overshadowed when it arrived incomplete, missing the bottom half. The frustration of having it sit in my house for 10 days while I awaited a resolution was truly disheartening. To add to the distress, the chair started falling apart shortly after I finally assembled it, requiring another lengthy wait for a resolution. However, I still hold on to a glimmer of hope that Durian will make things right. Despite this setback, I've always held Durian in high regard and hope to see improvements in their quality control and customer service. I'm optimistic that they will address these issues, and I look forward to a more positive experience in the future.
L Lawrence
1185 days ago

Good product

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I am thrilled to share my experience with this amazing product. After extensive research and contemplation, I finally decided to make the purchase. However, upon receiving the product, I noticed that the height was slightly lower than what was advertised. Despite this initial setback, the customer service team was incredibly helpful in addressing my concerns promptly. Furthermore, I encountered an issue with a broken part during the installation process. The team swiftly replaced the damaged component, ensuring that I was able to complete the installation without any further complications. This level of dedication to customer satisfaction truly sets this company apart. Despite these minor hiccups, I must emphasize that the product itself is excellent. Its quality and performance exceeded my expectations, and I couldn't be happier with the end result. I also appreciate the company's commitment to continuously improving their packaging to prevent any shipping-related damages in the future. In conclusion, I highly recommend this product to anyone in search of a reliable and high-quality solution. The exceptional customer service and the impressive final outcome have made me a loyal supporter of this brand. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product and outstanding service!
A Ankur Jain
1297 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service Overcomes Initial Disappointment

Upon receiving my chair from durian.in, I was initially disappointed to discover that the armrest adjuster button came loose on the first use, and the headrest had issues with staying in place and adjusting. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional customer service I received when I reached out to Durian about these issues. Their executive promptly addressed my concerns and assured me that the problems would be rectified. While it was disappointing to receive a faulty product, the willingness of the Durian team to assist and resolve the issue has left a positive impression on me. I appreciate their responsiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction. I do hope that in the future, Durian implements more stringent quality control measures to prevent such instances. Thank you, Durian, for turning what could have been a negative experience into a showcase of exemplary customer service.
P Pranav Ghosh
1299 days ago

A Disappointing Experience with Durian, but Hopeful for Resolution

After excitedly anticipating my purchase from durian.in, I was let down by a few unfortunate mishaps. The delivery and installation process was riddled with confusion, resulting in visible damage to the table due to an error in assembly. Additionally, the poor quality of the drawer channels led to its detachment within a day. Despite reaching out for support, the lack of a response has further added to the frustration. The customer care numbers provided also proved unhelpful, as my attempts to contact them were fruitless. However, I remain hopeful for a resolution and an improved experience with Durian.
A Anju
1322 days ago

Unveiling the Truth: My Experience with Durian’s Sofa Set

As a loyal customer of durian.in, I am compelled to share my recent experience with their sofa set, and it breaks my heart to say that it's not a pleasant one. Two years ago, I invested in a supposedly full leather sofa set, only to discover that half of it was fake leather. Disappointment quickly turned into frustration as the fake leather began peeling and tearing just a year into use. Despite my consistent complaints over the past year, I have received no satisfactory resolution. During my purchase at the Kirti Nagar showroom, the manager proudly presented a 5-year guarantee card, assuring me of unconditional replacements for any leather sofa issues. However, when I raised my concerns, Durian not only failed to uphold their guarantee but also demanded a hefty repair cost of 2000/- per seat. This experience has left me disillusioned and disheartened. I urge Durian to reflect on their commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality, as such deceptive practices tarnish their reputation.
M Mallik
1324 days ago


After struggling with discomfort and back pain in my previous chair, I was hesitant to try another option. However, I'm so glad I took the leap with your product. The build material is outstanding, and it has truly made a difference in my daily comfort. I'm 5 feet 7 inches tall, and I was worried about the chair's length, but the non-adjustable design hasn't been an issue for me. The low back rest is incredibly comfortable, and I no longer experience the leg and back pain that plagued me with my old chair. It's been a game-changer for my workday, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Customer care was incredibly responsive when I had inquiries, and their support was invaluable. While some have mentioned concerns about the lack of an exchange policy, I found their assistance to be more than sufficient. The overall experience has been fantastic, and I'm thrilled with the results. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product that has truly improved my daily life.
C customer
1343 days ago

Exceedingly Disappointed by Delivery Delays

I was eagerly anticipating my order from durian.in, but the excitement soon turned into frustration when it took over a month for my in-stock item to be delivered within Chennai. Despite the seamless online ordering process, the prolonged wait was simply unacceptable. I expected a quicker turnaround, especially for local deliveries. Offering a store pickup option could significantly improve such situations.
N Navjit
1348 days ago

Exceptional Service and Quality Products from durian.in

As a Mac user, I was initially concerned about the compatibility of durian.in's website with my operating system. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the seamless browsing and ordering process, proving that the website is indeed Mac-friendly. Although I encountered a minor issue with the post-order communication, the prompt and efficient customer service team quickly addressed my concerns, ensuring a smooth transaction. I was impressed by their dedication to resolving any issues and their commitment to customer satisfaction. The product I received exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and craftsmanship. The attention to detail and durability of the furniture truly showcased the brand's commitment to excellence. I am delighted with my purchase from durian.in and would highly recommend their products to anyone seeking exceptional service and top-notch quality. The experience has been nothing short of exceptional, and I look forward to future transactions with this outstanding company.


Durian.in is a well-known online store for Indian durians, specializing in importing fresh durians directly from the farmers. The website has been in operation for a while and offers a wide range of high-quality durians at affordable prices. Durian lovers around the world can now enjoy this exotic fruit in the comfort of their own homes, thanks to Durian.in.

Pros and Cons

  • Durian.in offers fresh and delicious durians directly from the farmers.
  • The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The prices are reasonable, and customers can enjoy free shipping on orders over a certain amount.
  • They have a wide variety of durian available, including frozen durian pulp, fresh durian, durian pastries, and more.
  • The website only ships durians within India.

User Experience

The website provides a great user experience, thanks to its simple layout, easy navigation, and informative content. Customers can search for their desired products using various filters, such as durian type, weight, and price. The website is also optimized for mobile devices, ensuring easy access for customers who prefer shopping on their smartphones.

Pricing and Value for Money

The prices of durians on Durian.in are quite reasonable, and customers can enjoy great value for their money. They provide free shipping on orders over a certain amount, allowing customers to save even more money.


Some alternatives to Durian.in include:
  • Durian Delivery - this online store specializes in delivering durians to Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Durian BB - another online store selling durians in Malaysia.

Customer Service

Durian.in has a responsive and helpful customer service team. They quickly respond to customer queries and concerns and offer various channels for customers to reach them, such as email, phone, and live chat.

Product Quality and Selection

Durian.in has a wide selection of durians, from fresh durians to frozen durian pulp to durian pastries. The products are of high quality, thanks to the direct sourcing of durians from the farmers.

Website Usability

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The various search filters make it easy for customers to find their desired products quickly. The information on the website is also informative, helping customers make informed decisions.

Returns and Exchanges

Durian.in has a simple and easy return and exchange policy. If a customer is not satisfied with their purchase, they can return it within a specified time frame for a refund or exchange.

Promotions and Discounts

Durian.in occasionally offers promotions and discounts to customers, allowing them to save even more money on their purchases.


Durian.in has a good reputation for providing high-quality durians at affordable prices. Customers are satisfied with their purchases and have left positive reviews on the website and social media platforms.

Payment Options

Durian.in provides various payment options, such as credit/debit cards, net banking, and cash on delivery.

Loyalty Programs

Currently, Durian.in does not offer any loyalty programs.

Customer Reviews

Customers have left positive reviews on the website and social media platforms, indicating that they are satisfied with their purchases.

Community Involvement

Durian.in is involved in supporting local farmers and their communities by sourcing durians directly from them.

Shipping and Costs

Durian.in offers free shipping on orders over a certain amount. For orders below that amount, shipping charges apply. They only ship within India.