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D darrenb
142 days ago

My 3-Month Journey with Dyson Customer Service

After experiencing three months of frustration, countless Trustpilot reviews, and endless calls to Dyson's customer service department, I finally received a refund of £799.99. It was a battle filled with lies from different representatives, including managers, and even through email correspondence. My efforts extended to engaging with the Dyson community site, sending numerous WhatsApp messages, and dealing with a customer service channel that was later withdrawn due to its ineffectiveness. The ordeal with Dyson's customer service was an exasperating experience, as it seemed they perfected the art of giving customers the runaround. The relentless back-and-forth and seemingly intentional obfuscation left me doubtful that I would ever see a resolution. However, a ray of hope emerged when I received a call from a Dyson representative who, to my surprise, spoke the truth. Despite my initial skepticism, she assured me that the payment had been processed. Skeptical yet cautiously optimistic, I voiced my frustration and dissatisfaction with the overall treatment I had received. Unexpectedly, the representative pledged to investigate my case thoroughly and provide me with a comprehensive report. My apprehension remained, and I couldn't help but wonder if this commitment would merely be another empty promise. Nevertheless, I remained hopeful, eagerly anticipating the outcome of this investigation into Dyson's customer service malpractice. Throughout this arduous process, I realized that being vocal about my grievances and publicly documenting my interactions with Dyson through various platforms, including the Dyson community site, was the only catalyst for resolution. It was disheartening that Dyson only took notice and interest in my case after three months of persistent efforts on my part. Although the product itself is commendable, the premium paid for it seems inconsequential when juxtaposed with the deplorable customer service experience. In retrospect, I've learned a valuable lesson from this trying experience. I want to encourage anyone facing similar issues to persevere and use every available platform to voice their concerns. While Dyson failed to proactively reach out to me when I initially sought help, it was only through persistence and documentation that I garnered their attention. It is regrettable that it took three months for Dyson to acknowledge my grievances. As I conclude my recount of this ordeal, I am half-expecting a generic reply from Dyson to this post. Despite the challenges I faced, I am grateful that my tenacity eventually led to a resolution, albeit after an unreasonable amount of time and effort.
D darrenb
142 days ago

Transformed Frustration into Gratification – A Dyson Redemption Story

After enduring a rollercoaster of emotions for three long months, battling through a maze of disheartening roadblocks, I found my silver lining with dyson.in. As I reflect on countless Trustpilot reviews, numerous fruitless calls to their elusive 'customer services', and the labyrinth of lies spun by various representatives (even management!), a glimmer of hope finally emerged. With relentless determination, I navigated through the disappointments, documenting my ordeal via email, Whatsapp, and the Dyson community site. The tipping point came when a sincere Dyson representative reached out, confirming the long-awaited refund of £799.99. It was a rare moment of truth in a sea of deceit. I seized the opportunity to voice my exasperation, compelling Dyson to confront their shortcomings. The turning point came when I chose to amplify my grievances, shedding light on their subpar customer service. My persistence paid off, culminating in the resolution I had fought tirelessly for. While the journey tested my patience and faith, it also underscored the power of persistence and advocacy. Despite the turbulent waters, I emerged with renewed resolve and a cautionary tale – a poignant reminder of the importance of customer care in any transaction. To those navigating similar challenges, I urge you to stand your ground, leverage platforms like this, and demand the service you rightfully deserve. My experience with Dyson serves as a testament to the impact of a vocal customer in driving meaningful change. And to Dyson, I await your response with bated breath, hopeful for a new chapter marked by integrity and accountability.
B Betina Damkjer Ellerbæk
1823 days ago

Overcoming Delivery Hurdles: My Journey with Dyson.in

When I stumbled upon Dyson's website, I was excited to order a product that would enhance my daily life. Expecting a swift delivery within 3-4 days, I eagerly placed my order on March 28th. However, days turned into a week, and a week into 10 long days, with still no sign of my awaited purchase. Despite their responsive customer service assuring me of imminent delivery each time I reached out, the reality was far from promising. Their appointed courier seemed unequipped for the task, repeatedly failing to meet the deadlines set. The lack of a trace link left me in the dark, questioning when my package would finally arrive. As frustration peaked, a glimmer of hope emerged on April 9th with promising calls and apologies from Dyson and their courier. Anticipation filled my heart as I anticipated the arrival of my parcel before 9 pm, only to receive a message at 10:30 pm divulging a van breakdown. Disappointment washed over me, as I pondered the myriad of obstacles hindering a simple delivery. In a world where daily deliveries occur seamlessly, Dyson's struggle to reach my doorstep left me astounded. While my faith wavered in their delivery system and company as a whole, I remain hopeful that improvements will come. If you're considering a purchase, perhaps opting for a platform like Amazon for now might ensure a smoother experience until their logistics are refined. Dyson's product quality may shine, but until their delivery process matches this excellence, caution is advised.


Dyson.in is the Indian website of the well-known British technology company that specializes in designing and manufacturing household appliances. The company's product range includes vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hair stylers, and lighting solutions, among others. Dyson's commitment to innovation, quality, and performance has earned it a global reputation for excellence.

Pros and Cons

  • High-quality products backed by advanced technology
  • A wide range of products to choose from
  • Excellent customer service and after-sales support
  • Strong brand reputation and recognition
  • Relatively fast and reliable shipping within India
  • Expensive products compared to other brands
  • Relatively limited product availability on the website
  • Occasional quality control issues or product defects reported by some customers

User Experience

The user interface of the Dyson.in website is clean, modern, and intuitive. Users can easily navigate through the various product categories, read product descriptions and specifications, and place orders. The shopping cart and checkout processes are straightforward, and the site is optimized to work well on both desktop and mobile devices.

Pricing and Value for Money

Dyson products are known for their premium quality and performance, which comes at a higher price point than many other brands. However, customers who are willing to pay the premium can expect a product that is built to last, backed by strong after-sales support, and that delivers exceptional performance and convenience.


Some alternatives to Dyson.in in the Indian market include other premium brands like Philips, Bosch, and LG, as well as more affordable options like Eureka Forbes and Kent.

Customer Service

Dyson's customer service team is highly responsive and knowledgeable, and they are dedicated to providing exceptional after-sales support to customers. The company offers a helpline, email support, and a live chat function on their website.

Product Quality and Selection

Dyson products are of high quality, and they are backed by the company's commitment to research and development. However, the range of available products on the Indian website is somewhat limited compared to what is available in other markets.

Website Usability

The Dyson.in website is easy to use, with a modern and intuitive interface, clear product descriptions, and a smooth checkout process. The site is also mobile-responsive, making it easy to shop on-the-go.

Returns and Exchanges

Dyson offers a 30-day return policy for any new product, provided it is returned in "as-new" condition and within the original packaging. The company will also exchange a product if it is faulty or defective.

Promotions and Discounts

Dyson.in occasionally runs promotions and discounts on selected items, although these tend to be more focused on the festive season in India, such as Diwali and Christmas.


Dyson is a well-respected brand globally, known for its advanced technology and commitment to quality. While the company has faced occasional quality control issues, it has a strong reputation for excellent customer service and after-sales support.

Payment Options

Dyson.in accepts a range of payment options, including credit and debit cards, net banking, and cash-on-delivery.

Loyalty Programs

Dyson.in does not currently offer any loyalty or rewards programs for customers.

Customer Reviews

Many customers on the Dyson.in website and other online platforms praise the company's products for their performance, quality, and convenience. However, some customers have reported quality control issues or product defects.

Community Involvement

Dyson is involved in several community initiatives globally, including supporting science and engineering education programs, promoting sustainability and reducing waste, and supporting COVID relief efforts.

Shipping and Costs

Dyson.in offers free shipping on all orders within India. The company aims to deliver products within 2-7 working days, depending on the location of the customer. The website does not provide detailed information about shipping costs to other countries.