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49 days ago

Transforming My eDreams Nightmare into a Valuable Lesson

As a traveler eager to save on flights, I signed up for e Dreams Prime with a 1-month free trial. The promise of future discounts for a year seemed irresistible. However, my experience took a disappointing turn. When I decided to cancel at the end of the trial period, I encountered difficulties. Despite my efforts to reach out and explain the situation, my request for a refund was met with refusal. Feeling frustrated, I contacted customer service and spoke with a representative from India, who regretfully relayed that no refund would be granted. This encounter led me to reevaluate my perception of eDreams. Instead of dwelling on the negative experience, I choose to see it as a valuable lesson in navigating the complexities of online services. While I may affectionately refer to them as eNightmare, I walk away with newfound wisdom and a reminder to approach such transactions cautiously. My eDreams saga serves as a reminder to always read the fine print and be vigilant in safeguarding my financial interests.
49 days ago

Above and Beyond: A Seamless Experience with eDreams

Embarking on my latest travel journey, I found myself facing a minor hiccup. However, thanks to eDreams, my experience was nothing short of exceptional. The agent I connected with was not only prompt but went above and beyond to ensure my issue was swiftly resolved. Within mere minutes, my concerns dissolved, replaced by a sense of relief and gratefulness for the stellar service provided. eDreams proved to be a breath of fresh air in the realm of travel agencies. The seamless resolution of my problem has solidified my loyalty to this platform. Gone are the days of tedious interactions with other agencies—from now on, I'll be choosing eDreams for all my travel needs, without hesitation. Thank you, eDreams, for setting the bar high and exceeding expectations. Your outstanding customer service has left a lasting impression, and I eagerly anticipate future interactions with your team.
50 days ago

I bought subscribed to eDream Prime…

My assessment for edreams.com.au I bought subscribed to eDream Prime with out noticing once I purchased an airplane ticket and I used to be not pleased about it. I attempted to cancel my subscription on-line and it was inconceivable. Although, once I referred to as to ask for a cancellation I spoke with an operator who was actually actually sort!
R Rabia
50 days ago

Unveiling Exceptional Customer Care: An Unforgettable Encounter

During my recent interaction with edreams.com.au, I was fortunate to connect with a remarkable individual – the person we spoke to. Their kindness, understanding, and professionalism left a lasting impression on me. Not only did they provide comprehensive information about the perks of membership, but they also skillfully articulated the reasons to retain it. The level of customer care extended by the person we spoke to exceeded my expectations and exemplified what true dedication looks like. Their genuine concern for my satisfaction was evident throughout our conversation, making me feel valued and appreciated as a customer. It is encounters like this that make a significant impact on customer loyalty. The person we spoke to not only addressed my queries effectively but also went the extra mile to ensure that I felt heard and supported. Their exceptional service truly embodies the essence of personalized assistance and sets a standard of excellence in the realm of customer support. In a world where interactions can often feel transactional, the person we spoke to stood out as a beacon of warmth and professionalism. This memorable experience has solidified my trust in edreams.com.au and reinforced my belief in the power of exceptional customer care. To the person we spoke to – thank you for your outstanding assistance and for embodying the true spirit of exemplary service. Your dedication has not gone unnoticed and has undoubtedly made a difference in my customer journey.
50 days ago

Unmatched Support and Unbeatable Savings – A Customer’s Oasis at EDreams

Embarking on my journey to secure a domestic ticket, I stumbled upon edreams.com.au and was astounded by the exceptional prices, far surpassing those of other platforms. Furthermore, what truly set this experience apart was the array of offers and vouchers generously extended by the team. Among them, Aarav shone brightly, guiding me through the process with unparalleled efficiency and grace, ensuring I swiftly received the coveted vouchers. My gratitude towards the EDream team knows no bounds, as their unwavering support transformed what could have been a mere transaction into a delightful and memorable interaction. Thank you, EDreams, for not only offering unbeatable savings but also for providing a customer-centric experience that truly stands out in the realm of online bookings.
50 days ago

Wonderful service

My assessment for edreams.com.au Wonderful service, thanks, the girl who speaks to me in Spanish, helps me rather a lot, thanks,, thanks on your consideration. Wonderful service, thanks, the girl who speaks to me in Spanish, helps me rather a lot, thanks,, thanks on your consideration.
50 days ago

Redefining Customer Service: A True Delight in Every Interaction!

Embarking on my journey with edreams.com.au, I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional service provided by their representative. From the moment our conversation started, their warmth and genuine kindness shone through. In today's fast-paced world, encountering such personalized care truly stood out. Not only was the representative professional and knowledgeable, but their unwavering friendliness made every question and concern feel valued. It's rare to find such a positive and pleasant customer service experience these days, and I was truly grateful for the attention to detail and genuine effort to assist me. In a world where interactions can often feel impersonal, the exceptional service received from the representative at edreams.com.au reminded me of the importance of human connection. It's not just about resolving issues efficiently; it's about making customers feel heard and appreciated. This experience has left a lasting impression on me, and I will undoubtedly return for future needs knowing that such exemplary service awaits. Thank you, edreams.com.au, for redefining customer service and making every interaction a true delight!
50 days ago

A Life-Changing Discovery: My Edreams Prime Experience

Unveiling the hidden gem of Edreams Prime membership truly transformed my online booking journey. What started as a simple call to cancel my free trial unfolded into a captivating encounter with unparalleled benefits and personalized offerings. The moment the agent delicately unraveled the layers of advantages exclusive to Prime members, I was captivated. In a delightful turn of events, the initial intention of cancellation morphed into an empowering decision to embrace a subscription that seamlessly resonated with my financial constraints, enhancing my travel experiences in ways beyond imagination. The serendipitous encounter with this well-informed and empathetic agent, whose name escapes me in the flurry of emotions, genuinely left an indelible mark. I extend my deepest gratitude to this unsung hero of customer service, whose patience, kindness, and unwavering dedication shone brightly in that transformative conversation. It is rare to stumble upon such a blend of professionalism and genuine care in today's fast-paced world, marking this experience as nothing short of exceptional. To anyone navigating the realm of online bookings, I wholeheartedly recommend exploring the realm of Edreams Prime membership. It is not just a subscription but a doorway to a world of tailored benefits and unparalleled assistance, with a team that goes above and beyond to cater to individual needs. Trust in the power of discovery and let Edreams Prime redefine your journey, just as it did mine.
50 days ago

A Blessing in Disguise: An Exceptional Customer Service Encounter at Edreams.com.au

Let me share my extraordinary encounter with a customer service agent at Edreams.com.au that left me genuinely touched. The agent I spoke with not only demonstrated impeccable English proficiency but also displayed a level of genuine care and professionalism that is truly commendable. His kindness and exceptional customer handling skills truly stood out, making my interaction with Edreams.com.au a memorable one. It's rare to come across individuals who go above and beyond in their roles, and this agent certainly deserves all the blessings in the world for making my experience with the company a truly remarkable one. On a scale of one to ten, my rating for this outstanding individual would undoubtedly be a perfect ten. I highly appreciate the dedication and expertise demonstrated by this exemplary staff member, who exemplifies the best in marketing and customer service. Truly, good staff can make all the difference, and Edreams.com.au is fortunate to have such remarkable individuals representing them.
A Anthony
50 days ago

Transformed Travel Experience – The Power of Prime Membership!

In my recent journey with edreams.com.au, I embarked on a new adventure by investing in their Prime Membership, and let me tell you, it has revolutionized the way I travel. Initially, I was hesitant, but after my first booking, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of service and benefits it provided. The unique feature that stood out to me was the ability to lock in airfare prices, giving me peace of mind that I was getting the best deal. This feature proved to be a game-changer when the price of my flight decreased within 7 days, allowing me to save significantly on my booking. It was a refreshing experience to see a company prioritize their customers' savings and satisfaction. Despite a minor hiccup with a canceled flight notification, the customer service team at edreams promptly assisted me in resolving the issue, ensuring a seamless travel experience. Their dedication to customer satisfaction was truly remarkable and left a lasting impression on me. The investment in the Prime Membership has not only saved me money but has also provided me with a sense of security and trust in the services offered by edreams. It has become an essential part of my travel planning, and I can confidently say that it has added tremendous value to my journeys. I am grateful for the positive transformation in my travel experiences brought about by edreams' Prime Membership and would highly recommend it to all travel enthusiasts looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to explore the world. Thank you, edreams, for exceeding my expectations and making every journey a memorable one!
50 days ago

Exceeding Expectations with eDreams: A French-Speaking Agent’s Exceptional Service

In my recent interaction with eDreams.com.au, I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional service provided by their customer agent, Mrs. Mansour. Being a French-speaking agent, Mrs. Mansour not only assisted me effectively but also added a personalized touch to the entire experience. From the moment I made the call, Mrs. Mansour's professionalism and warmth shone through. Her fluency in French made the communication seamless and effortless, ensuring that I felt understood and valued as a customer. She patiently addressed all my queries and went above and beyond to assist me in planning my travel arrangements. The great experience I had with eDreams.com.au was not just about booking a ticket; it was about the human connection and the dedication of Mrs. Mansour to provide top-notch customer service. Her attention to detail and genuine care for my needs truly stood out, making me feel confident and reassured throughout the process. I can confidently say that eDreams.com.au exceeded my expectations, thanks to the exceptional service delivered by Mrs. Mansour. It's rare to come across such dedication and professionalism in customer service, and I am grateful for the positive and memorable experience she provided. Thank you, eDreams, for having such a gem in your team!
H Harjit
50 days ago

Exceptional Customer Care at Its Finest

From the moment I dialed the number to contact edreams.com.au, I was greeted with exceptional service that truly exceeded my expectations. Despite my language barriers, the representative at the call center, particularly Miss Nihal, went above and beyond to assist me. Her attentiveness, patience, and kindness made me feel valued and understood throughout the entire conversation. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the important information she provided me with. Thank you, Nihal, for your outstanding assistance. Your dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable. I deeply appreciate your professionalism and willingness to help. Thank you once again for a truly wonderful customer experience.
J JAINATH Sikander
50 days ago

“I had an incredible expertise with OJ…

My evaluate for edreams.com.au “I had an incredible expertise with OJ from CS staff! The customer support was top-notch. I extremely advocate him to anybody searching for glorious service. Thanks brother!
50 days ago

Unmatched Customer Care: A Beacon of Professionalism

As I navigated through my booking on edreams.com.au, I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional assistance I received. The assessor assigned to me went above and beyond, not only providing the information I needed swiftly but also explaining it with utmost clarity. Their polite demeanor and professionalism shone through our interaction, setting a new standard of customer care for me. It's rare to encounter such a level of service these days, and I am truly grateful for the stellar experience. Thank you for making my journey hassle-free and memorable.
A Arnaud Liegeois
50 days ago

Exceptional Phone Support and Room for Improvement in Chat Services

I recently had a mixed experience with edreams.com.au customer service but found their phone assistance to be exceptionally helpful. When I called, the representative was not only efficient but also quickly resolved the issue I was facing. Their response time was commendable, and I left the call feeling satisfied and reassured. However, my encounter with their chat support left me wanting more. Despite the fast answers, the chat agent couldn't resolve my problem, which highlighted a potential gap in their training or resources. The contrast between the effective phone support and the shortcomings in chat assistance was noticeable. One area that could be enhanced is the wait time on the phone. I found myself waiting for quite some time before connecting with a representative, which was a bit frustrating. Improving this aspect could greatly enhance the overall customer experience. Overall, while there were areas that could be improved, I appreciated the prompt and efficient assistance I received over the phone. With some adjustments in the chat support and wait times, edreams.com.au has the potential to provide exceptional customer service across all channels.


eDreams.com.au is an online travel agency that aims to provide customers with a seamless and convenient booking experience for flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. With a wide range of destinations and competitive prices, eDreams.com.au has established itself as a trusted platform for travelers looking to plan their trips efficiently.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Extensive selection of flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages
    • Competitive prices and various deals and discounts
    • Straightforward and user-friendly website interface
    • Secure and reliable payment options
    • Loyalty program for frequent travelers
  • Cons:
    • Occasional reports of customer service issues
    • Limited customer reviews and community involvement

User Experience

eDreams.com.au offers a user-friendly interface that allows customers to easily search for and compare flights, hotels, and other travel services. The website provides helpful filters to narrow down search results based on preferences such as price, location, and ratings. The booking process is straightforward, with clear instructions and options for customizing travel packages. However, some users have reported occasional technical glitches that can impact the overall user experience.

Pricing and Value for Money

eDreams.com.au offers competitive prices for flights, hotels, and vacation packages. The platform provides various deals and discounts, allowing customers to save money on their bookings. Additionally, the website offers a price match guarantee, ensuring that customers get the best possible price for their chosen travel services. Overall, eDreams.com.au provides good value for money, especially when taking advantage of promotions and discounts.

Customer Service

While eDreams.com.au strives to provide excellent customer service, there have been occasional reports of issues. Some customers have experienced difficulties in contacting the support team and resolving their queries or problems. However, it is important to note that such instances are relatively rare, and most customers have had positive experiences with eDreams.com.au's customer service.

Product Quality and Selection

eDreams.com.au offers a wide range of flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages from reputable providers. Customers can choose from various options to suit their preferences and budgets. The platform also provides detailed descriptions, ratings, and reviews for each product, helping customers make informed decisions. Overall, eDreams.com.au maintains a high standard of product quality and selection.

Website Usability

eDreams.com.au features a user-friendly website interface, making it easy for customers to navigate and find the desired travel services. The website is well-organized, with clear menus and search functions. The booking process is straightforward, and customers can easily modify their preferences and compare different options. The website also provides useful information and travel guides, enhancing the overall usability of the platform.

Returns and Exchanges

As an online travel agency, eDreams.com.au follows the terms and conditions set by the individual providers of flights, hotels, and other travel services. Returns and exchanges largely depend on the policies of these providers. Customers should carefully read the terms and conditions during the booking process to understand the cancellation or modification policies. eDreams.com.au provides guidance and assistance in such cases, helping customers navigate the process effectively.

Promotions and Discounts

eDreams.com.au regularly offers promotions and discounts on flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. Customers can take advantage of these deals to save money on their bookings. The website prominently showcases ongoing promotions and provides details on how to avail them. Additionally, eDreams.com.au provides exclusive discounts to members of their loyalty program, further enhancing the value for money.


eDreams.com.au has gained a positive reputation in the online travel industry. The platform has been recognized for its extensive selection, competitive prices, and user-friendly interface. While there have been occasional reports of customer service issues, eDreams.com.au continues to maintain a reputable image overall. The platform has received positive reviews from many satisfied customers who appreciate the convenience and value provided by the service.

Payment Options

eDreams.com.au offers secure and reliable payment options to ensure customer transactions are protected. Customers can choose to pay using major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. The platform also supports payment through PayPal, providing an additional layer of security and convenience for customers.

Loyalty Programs

eDreams.com.au offers a loyalty program called "eDreams Prime" that provides exclusive discounts and benefits for frequent travelers. Members of the loyalty program enjoy access to special offers, faster booking processes, and additional savings on their bookings. The program rewards customer loyalty, enhancing the overall value proposition for regular users of eDreams.com.au.

Customer Reviews

While there are some customer reviews available for eDreams.com.au, the quantity and range of reviews are relatively limited compared to other online travel platforms. It is important for customers to explore multiple review sources and consider other factors, such as personal preferences and requirements, when making booking decisions. eDreams.com.au encourages customers to provide feedback and reviews, further enhancing transparency and trustworthiness.

Community Involvement

eDreams.com.au's community involvement appears to be somewhat limited, with a focus primarily on providing travel services. While the platform does not have extensive community engagement initiatives, it strives to ensure customer satisfaction by addressing feedback and concerns promptly. However, opportunities for community involvement, such as forums or user-generated content, could enhance the overall user experience and sense of community.

Shipping and Costs

eDreams.com.au does not involve physical shipping of products. Instead, the platform facilitates the booking process for flights, hotels, and other travel services. The costs associated with the bookings are clearly stated during the selection and payment process. Customers should carefully review the breakdown of costs, including taxes and additional fees, to ensure transparency and accuracy in pricing. In conclusion, eDreams.com.au offers a comprehensive and convenient platform for travelers to book flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. With competitive prices, a user-friendly interface, and a loyalty program, eDreams.com.au strives to provide value for money and a seamless booking experience. While there have been occasional reports of customer service issues and limited customer reviews, the overall reputation and reputation of eDreams.com.au make it a reliable choice for travelers looking to plan their trips efficiently.