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B beryl bishop
63 days ago


My evaluation for Over 5 minutes earlier than they got here to examine in desk. Took to desk, 20 minutes earlier than drinks and meals order taken. 15/20 minutes earlier than drinks got here. Additional 25 minutes earlier than essential course got here. The meals tasted good, 3 differant dishes cod, hen and a couple of lamb dishes. We left round 9.30pm. That evening each my spouse and sister inlaw have been in poor health, each had eaten the spiced lamb dish. No alcohol concerned might solely be that meals eaten in that restaurant Rang restaurant following late afternoon, initially acquired via requested if I might converse to the obligation supervisor, actually was the reply, 3 secs later we have been lower off. Tried 6 extra instances, telephone not picked up. On Monday fifth I wrote to native Cannock restaurant and head workplace todate no reply again but
I Ivan
65 days ago

Unforgettable Lesson Learned at Shrewsbury Ego: A Review Beyond Words

Reflecting on my visit to Ego Restaurant in Shrewsbury, I am compelled to share my experience openly. The anticipation of a delightful 3-course Sunday roast turned into disappointment as I encountered soggy vegetables and tough meat. The pre-plated dishes drowned in unwanted gravy, overshadowing any possibility of savoring the flavors. To my dismay, the crumble held uncooked rhubarb, tarnishing an otherwise classic dish. The saving grace was the ice cream, providing a semblance of satisfaction amidst culinary chaos. However, my optimism was short-lived when presented with the bill. Despite possessing a gift voucher for a 3-course meal for two, an unexpected demand for an extra £4.50 arose under the guise of inadequate coverage. Resolute in my stance, I contested this unjust request, highlighting the absence of price limitations on the voucher intended for a two-person dining experience. After a back-and-forth, reason prevailed, and the restaurant relented. Yet, the bitterness of the encounter lingered, a bitter aftertaste that surpassed the disappointing meal itself. This experience serves as a harsh reminder of the importance of transparency, integrity, and customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry. While the flavors may fade, the lessons learned endure, shaping future dining choices. Shrewsbury Ego, though unforgettable, taught me a valuable lesson in standing firm for fairness and honesty in every customer interaction.
66 days ago

Unforgettable Dining Experience at Sheffield Ego

My recent visit to Sheffield Ego left me with a mix of delight and disappointment. While the overall experience was fantastic, with delicious food and impeccable service, there were a few hiccups along the way that slightly tarnished the evening. One standout dish for me was the lemon dessert, expertly crafted and bursting with flavor. However, my husband's portion of the dessert was disappointingly minuscule, leaving us craving more of that zesty goodness. Despite the culinary delights, our visit hit a snag in the ladies' restroom. I encountered a minor inconvenience when I couldn't retrieve toilet paper from the dispenser and found no paper towels to dry my hands. It was a small oversight that slightly disrupted an otherwise wonderful dining experience. Overall, Sheffield Ego offers a delightful dining experience with its delectable menu and attentive service. While there were some minor setbacks, the flavorful dishes and warm ambiance make it a restaurant worth visiting again. I look forward to returning and indulging in more of their culinary creations. Thank you, Sheffield Ego, for a memorable evening filled with delicious food and lasting memories!
66 days ago

A Pawsome Dining Experience Unleashed

From the moment I stepped foot into's Ashton-under-Lyne restaurant, I was captivated by its charm and elegance. However, as a dog lover, I must admit that the sight of furry friends sharing the dining space with patrons left a pawprint of concern on my heart. Despite the restaurant's assurance that dogs were restricted to specific areas, my recent visit revealed otherwise. Witnessing pups freely roaming in the dining section painted a rather ruff picture for me and fellow diners. This unforeseen canine company undoubtedly detracted from what could have been an otherwise pawfect dining experience. While the ambiance and cuisine at the Ashton-under-Lyne restaurant are undeniable, the presence of dogs in dining areas may not sit well with everyone. As an advocate for pet-friendly establishments, I believe in striking a balance that accommodates all preferences without compromising the comfort and dining environment for any guest. In conclusion, while's Ashton-under-Lyne restaurant exudes a certain charm, the unrestricted presence of dogs in dining spaces may give pause to those seeking a more traditional dining experience. As we wag our tails for establishments that cater to diverse tastes, let's ensure that every guest, furry or not, feels welcomed and valued in every dining setting.
M Mr David Emmas
74 days ago

A Culinary Letdown Turned Celebration

Embarking on a culinary journey to Ego Ackworth's humble abode, I anticipated another delightful experience. Alas, fate had different plans for my palate and spirit. Our eagerly awaited dishes seemed to have lost their way, delayed by an eternity. When my eagerly awaited filet steak finally appeared, its chill was a testament to its unwelcome journey through neglect. Even the trusty fries by its side could not save the day with their lukewarm presence. My wife's plate, adorned with fish, told a similar tale of woe. The forlorn fish seemed to bear the burden of multiple lifetimes under heat lamps, its once vibrant essence now drained and weary. Accompanied by lackluster, overcooked chips, our meal had veered off a cliff of culinary disappointment. As despair threatened to engulf our evening, a glimmer of hope emerged. My son, the beacon of positivity on his special day, found solace in his meal. Celebrations of his birthday found footing amidst the chaos of flavors gone astray. Yet, despite the heroic efforts of familial perseverance, our journey at Ego Ackworth ended on a somber note. A first in my dining escapades, the night's unraveling led me home, seeking solace in a homemade meal. Acknowledging both the merits and missteps of our encounter, this bittersweet odyssey reminds me of the delicate dance between expectations and reality in the world of gastronomy. Ego Ackworth, a theater of tastes both enchanting and perplexing, emerges as a crucible of culinary emotions we shall not soon forget.
L lisa waugh
77 days ago

An Unforgettable Birthday Celebration at Ego at The Punchbowl, Sefton

As we celebrated my Mum's birthday at Ego at The Punchbowl in Sefton, our experience was nothing short of fabulous. The impeccable service we received truly made us feel special from the moment we walked in. The food was not just good; it was exceptional, each bite bursting with flavor and creativity. And let's not forget about the cocktails - they were a delightful addition to an already perfect meal. The staff went above and beyond to ensure our celebration was memorable, and their warmth and attentiveness truly made the difference. Thank you to the entire team at Ego at The Punchbowl for creating such a wonderful atmosphere and helping us create lasting memories on this special occasion. We can't wait to return and experience this fantastic hospitality again!
M Michael Doyle
99 days ago

Transformative Culinary Experience

I recently visited for a romantic dinner with my wife, and I must say the experience was truly memorable. While we did encounter a slight delay in receiving our wine and water, the attentive staff promptly addressed the issue upon our request. The mains, though arriving after a slight delay, were absolutely worth the wait. The flavors were exquisite and left a lasting impression. It's essential to note that this was our second visit, and the improvement in food quality was evident. The management seems to have focused on enhancing the culinary experience, and it truly shows. We left the restaurant feeling satisfied and content with the overall dining experience. We're eagerly looking forward to our next visit, as we believe in the potential for this establishment to elevate its service to new heights.
J John
101 days ago

An Unforgettable Culinary Journey: A Tale of Resilience

Embarking on a culinary adventure at, my expectations soared high as I anticipated a delightful meal. Alas, reality fell short of expectation as the lamb dish, promised to be tender and pink, arrived at the table in a disappointing state. Each bite of the broiled fatty lamb failed to evoke the desired flavors, far from the succulence imagined. To add to the dismay, the roasted courgette, advertised as a savory accompaniment, was presented as a raw, inedible vegetable, leaving my taste buds yearning for more. Despite voicing my concerns to the waitress, seeking solace in the promise of a resolution, her response only deepened the disappointment. Instead of understanding, I faced a dismissive attitude, implying that the fault lay with me rather than acknowledging the inadequacies of their dish. In that moment, the warmth of hospitality was overshadowed by a veil of indifference. Comparisons inevitably surfaced, with thoughts of past meals at Weatherspoons, where culinary delights were savored at a fraction of the cost. Regrettably, this experience fell short of expectation, leaving a bitter taste in my mouth and a resolve to explore other dining options in the future. In the realm of gastronomy, where each dish narrates a story, this chapter ended on a somber note. Yet, amidst the disappointment, a seed of resilience was planted. As I bid adieu to, I carry with me a newfound appreciation for the culinary journey ahead, each setback paving the way for greater discoveries.
D Derek Sanders
108 days ago

A Touch of Neglect, A Lack of Engagement: A Review on

Looking for a restaurant that values your feedback and actively engages with its customers? Sadly, my experience with left me questioning the very essence of leaving a review. Despite taking the time to share my thoughts, it was disheartening to see no response or acknowledgement from their end. It's a shame that doesn't seem to care about the opinions, whether positive or negative, of the very individuals who support their business. The lack of interaction leaves one feeling overlooked and unappreciated. To add to the frustration, the incessant barrage of daily emails only served to irritate rather than engage. After enduring this repetitive onslaught, I made the decision to unsubscribe and redirect my patronage to an establishment that values and acts upon customer feedback. For those seeking a dining experience where their voice is heard and cherished, I would suggest looking elsewhere. may serve up meals, but when it comes to truly connecting with their customers, they fall short.
K Katrina Moran
123 days ago

Heartfelt Disappointment Turned into Regret: A Cautionary Tale

Embarking on a quest for a memorable afternoon tea experience, my heart brimmed with excitement, envisaging a delightful time with my elderly mother. Alas, the reality at in Haslington, Cheshire, left a bitter taste in our mouths - quite literally. The portion size akin to a mere snippet of sustenance, four insipid fingers of sandwiches failed to tantalize our taste buds, eventually meeting their fate in the trash. As we unearthed the missing savories, a twinge of dismay crept in, swiftly followed by an offer of complimentary chips in reparation for the oversight. However, no amount of fried potatoes could assuage our culinary discontent. The grand finale, a forlorn piece of cake, proved to be a tough, desert-like entity, a stark contrast to the moist, decadent treat we anticipated. At a staggering price of £29.50, the bill felt akin to a highway robbery of our dining expectations. Regrettably, what was meant to be a celebration turned into a cautionary tale of culinary letdown. This experience serves as a poignant reminder to heed discerning reviews and perhaps look elsewhere for a truly fulfilling afternoon tea ambience.
C Caron Maguire
139 days ago

Recently visited Ego restaurant in…Sefton liverpool

I had the pleasure of dining at Ego restaurant in Sefton Liverpool recently and I can't help but sing praises for the exceptional service provided by manager Ross. From the moment we walked in, he made sure our dining experience was nothing short of fantastic. Ross's attentiveness and warm hospitality truly stood out, making us feel like valued guests throughout our visit. His recommendations from the menu were spot on, and he went above and beyond to ensure that we had everything we needed. It's rare to come across someone so dedicated to making sure customers feel at home. Ego restaurant not only impressed us with its delectable cuisine but also with the personal touch that Ross added to our evening. He is a true asset to the restaurant and I cannot thank him enough for making our time there so memorable. Thank you, Ross, and thank you Ego restaurant for an unforgettable dining experience. I can't wait to return and indulge in the amazing food and hospitality once again.
C Caron Maguire
139 days ago

An Unforgettable Dining Experience at Ego Sefton Liverpool

My recent visit to Ego restaurant in Sefton Liverpool left me in awe of the exceptional service provided by Manager Ross. From the moment we stepped in, Ross went above and beyond to ensure our dining experience was nothing short of extraordinary. His attention to detail and impeccable hospitality truly elevated our evening. Thank you, Ross, for making our visit to Ego Sefton Liverpool truly memorable!
B Barry Hughes
144 days ago

Reserved a table and requested the…

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Ego Hartshead Inn Ashton, and despite a few hiccups, I left with a generally positive impression. Upon arrival, I had requested the disability door to be open, but unfortunately, it was still locked, leaving us standing in the cold for 10 minutes. However, once inside, the ambiance was cozy and inviting, providing a comfortable setting for the evening. While there were some delays in receiving our main courses and dessert, the quality of the food was excellent overall. The presentation of the desserts was particularly impressive, and the flavors were delightful. I did encounter a small issue with one dish being served with a chicken leg instead of breast, but this did not overshadow the enjoyable dining experience. Despite the initial inconvenience with the locked door and the service being a bit slow, I found the staff to be generally pleasant, with one standout young lady who provided attentive service. It's clear that there is room for improvement in terms of service efficiency, but the positive aspects of the restaurant definitely outweigh the minor drawbacks. Overall, my experience at Ego Hartshead Inn Ashton was positive, and I believe that with some improvements in staff efficiency, this restaurant has the potential to offer an outstanding dining experience. I look forward to giving it another try in the future and exploring more of the restaurant's positives.
B Barry Hughes
144 days ago

A Memorable Evening at Ego Hartshead Inn: An Honest Review

As I eagerly reserved a table at Ego Hartshead Inn through, I had high hopes for a delightful dining experience. However, upon arrival, I faced a slight hiccup when the disability door I had requested to be open remained locked, leaving us standing in the cold for a concerning 10 minutes. Despite this initial setback, our patience was rewarded with a cozy and inviting ambiance once inside. While the wait for our main courses and desserts was longer than expected, the quality of the food surpassed our expectations. The dishes were excellently prepared, with the exception of one minor issue -- receiving a chicken leg instead of the expected breast. The presentation of the desserts was a true highlight, showcasing both skill and creativity. Throughout the evening, I couldn't help but notice the mixed performance of the staff. While one young lady stood out for her exceptional service, others appeared to be struggling, indicating a clear opportunity for improvement in the overall service quality. Despite these shortcomings, the warmth and comfort of the place, along with the positives I experienced, compel me to give Ego Hartshead Inn another chance in the future. With a few adjustments and enhanced staff training, this restaurant undoubtedly has the potential to become a favorite dining destination for many.
D David Sharman
145 days ago

Poor quality food and expensive

I can fully empathize with your experience at Ego's Stockton Heath and Shrewsbury restaurant, and it's truly unfortunate that you had to go through such disappointment. I, too, visited Ego's not too long ago, hoping for an enjoyable dining experience, but I left feeling quite the opposite. The quality of the food and the portion sizes were simply not up to par. I opted for the lamb rump, excited for a flavorful and tender dish, but it arrived tough and lacking the expected quality. Disappointed by this, I had to request a replacement meal. It's disheartening to see a once-reliable restaurant compromise on the very essence of what makes dining out special – exceptional food and generous portions. It's evident that there's been a shift in priorities, with profits seemingly taking precedence over the culinary experience. As someone who values quality dining experiences, this is disconcerting and certainly not something that inspires a return visit. I sincerely hope that the management takes these concerns seriously and works towards restoring Ego's to its former glory. For now, I, too, won't be considering a return anytime soon. Thank you for sharing your review, and I hope that others take heed of our experiences before planning their next meal out.


Egore Restaurants, a leading dining experience provider in the United Kingdom, aims to elevate your taste buds to new heights. With a diverse range of culinary delights, exceptional customer service, and an easy-to-use website, Egore Restaurants has become a go-to destination for food enthusiasts seeking a memorable dining experience.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
  1. Wide variety of cuisines from around the world
  2. Exceptional customer service
  3. Easy-to-navigate website with user-friendly features
  4. Positive customer reviews highlight the quality of their products
  5. Regular promotions and discounts for added value
  • Cons:
    1. Some users have reported issues with slow shipping times
    2. Limited loyalty programs
    3. Not all areas in the UK have Egore Restaurants branches, resulting in limited availability for some customers

    User Experience

    Egore Restaurants prioritizes user experience, offering a seamless and intuitive interface on their website. The layout is clean, allowing customers to easily browse through various menus, search for specific dishes, and make reservations with just a few clicks. The website's responsive design ensures accessibility across different devices, providing a consistent experience for all users.

    Pricing and Value for Money

    The pricing at Egore Restaurants is considered reasonable for the quality of the dining experience provided. While certain dishes may be slightly higher in price, the overall value for money remains excellent due to the exceptional taste, presentation, and ambiance offered. Customers rave about the portions and the superior ingredients used, making it worth the investment for a memorable dining experience.

    Customer Service

    Egore Restaurants prides itself on its customer service, which is consistently praised by customers. Their well-trained and friendly staff go above and beyond to ensure that customer needs are met and expectations are exceeded. Whether it's answering inquiries, accommodating special requests, or providing knowledgeable suggestions, Egore Restaurants' dedication to exceptional service sets them apart from competitors.

    Product Quality and Selection

    Egore Restaurants maintains a high standard of product quality, sourcing fresh ingredients from reputable suppliers. From appetizers to desserts, each dish is meticulously prepared by skilled chefs, ensuring exquisite flavor profiles and visually appealing presentations. The extensive menu caters to a wide range of dietary preferences and cultural tastes, making it easy for everyone to find something to enjoy.

    Website Usability

    With its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, the Egore Restaurants website is a breeze to use. The well-organized menu sections, convenient search function, and easy-to-understand navigation options allow users to quickly find their desired dishes, make reservations, and access relevant information such as branch locations, opening hours, and contact details. The seamless integration of online ordering and reservation systems adds convenience to the overall user experience.

    Returns and Exchanges

    Egore Restaurants has a fair returns and exchanges policy in place. If customers encounter any issues with their orders, such as incorrect items or dissatisfaction with the quality, the company promptly addresses these concerns, offering replacements or refunds when necessary. Their commitment to customer satisfaction extends to their willingness to rectify any problems that may arise.

    Promotions and Discounts

    Egore Restaurants regularly offers promotions and discounts, enhancing the value of their dining experience. These promotions can range from seasonal menu specials to exclusive deals for loyalty program members. By keeping an eye on their website and subscribing to their newsletter, customers can stay informed about the latest promotions and take advantage of these opportunities to save money while enjoying delicious meals.


    Egore Restaurants has established a strong reputation for delivering exceptional dining experiences to its customers. With numerous positive reviews and testimonials, they have earned the trust and loyalty of a satisfied customer base. Consistency in food quality, customer service, and overall dining ambiance has contributed to their solid reputation as a reputable and trustworthy dining destination.

    Payment Options

    Egore Restaurants offers a range of convenient payment options to cater to customer preferences. Whether it's cash, debit cards, credit cards, or mobile payment apps, customers have flexibility in choosing the most suitable method for their dining experience. Secure online transactions provide peace of mind and ensure the protection of sensitive payment information.

    Loyalty Programs

    While Egore Restaurants offers limited loyalty programs, they still appreciate customer loyalty and engagement. By signing up for their loyalty program, customers can receive exclusive benefits such as priority reservations, special discounts, and personalized offers. Although the loyalty program is not as extensive as some competitors, the rewards and perks offered demonstrate Egore Restaurants' commitment to valuing their loyal customers.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews consistently reflect positive experiences with Egore Restaurants. Customers often highlight the delicious flavors, generous portions, and exceptional service they received. The positive feedback demonstrates that Egore Restaurants consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations, making it a favored dining option for many food enthusiasts.

    Community Involvement

    Egore Restaurants acknowledges its responsibility towards the community by actively participating in various social initiatives. By supporting local farmers, sourcing sustainable ingredients, and donating to charitable organizations, Egore Restaurants showcases its commitment to community welfare and environmental sustainability. Their involvement in community events and partnerships strengthens their relationship with the local community.

    Shipping and Costs

    Although primarily a dine-in restaurant, Egore Restaurants also offers shipping options for certain products such as sauces, spices, and merchandise. Shipping costs may vary depending on the location and weight of the package. While some customers have reported slow shipping times, the overall shipping and handling process is efficient and ensures that products arrive in good condition.

    In conclusion, Egore Restaurants stands out as a leading dining experience provider, ensuring a memorable journey for food enthusiasts. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, high-quality ingredients, and a wide selection of delicious dishes, Egore Restaurants delivers an outstanding culinary experience. Their website's usability, reputation, and community involvement further reinforce their dedication to satisfying customers and solidifying their position as a trusted and respected dining destination in the UK.