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M Marisa Raton
58 days ago

Enlightening Perspective

I must say, my experience with eldiario.es opened my eyes to a new way of looking at information. While some may label it as "sesgada" or biased, I found the intention behind the reporting to be enlightening. The deliberate focus on certain topics shed light on areas often overlooked by mainstream media. Instead of dismissing it as simply biased, I appreciated the deep dives into issues that are often swept under the rug. It made me question the narratives I had grown accustomed to and encouraged me to seek a more comprehensive understanding of the world around me. So, while some may see it as "información sesgada," I see it as an opportunity to broaden my horizons and challenge my preconceptions. eldiario.es may not be for everyone, but for those willing to embrace a different perspective, it can be a truly enlightening experience.
D Diego Javier Rivera Jimenez
63 days ago

Unbiased Journalism at Its Best: A Testimonial

I have been an avid reader of eldiario.es for quite some time now, and I must say, their dedication to social issues and a leftist perspective is truly commendable. As a publication that strives to shed light on important matters often overlooked by mainstream media, eldiario.es serves as a beacon of truth in today's media landscape. Their commitment to presenting news from a progressive viewpoint is what sets them apart. Instead of shying away from controversial topics, they tackle them head-on, sparking discussions and debates that challenge the status quo. It is refreshing to see a media outlet that is unafraid to speak truth to power and hold those in authority accountable for their actions. While I understand that not everyone may agree with eldiario.es' editorial stance, I believe that diversity in opinions is what drives constructive dialogue and allows us to see issues from multiple perspectives. It is this openness to different viewpoints that makes eldiario.es a valuable source of information for me. In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to eldiario.es for their unwavering commitment to objective journalism and for being a voice for the marginalized and oppressed in society. Keep up the great work! Your dedication to truth and integrity does not go unnoticed.
A Anne
126 days ago

Pagar para rechazar cookies

"I was initially drawn to eldiario.es for its promise of ad-free browsing for a fee, which seemed like a fair tradeoff. However, when I discovered that they were also requiring payment to opt out of cookies, I was taken aback. After all, shouldn't online privacy be a basic right? Feeling disheartened by this discovery, I made the decision to part ways with eldiario.es. As someone who values transparency and user-friendly policies, I couldn't justify supporting a platform that seemed to prioritize profits over respecting their users' choices. In today's digital age, it's essential for companies to demonstrate a commitment to ethical and respectful practices. Sadly, eldiario.es fell short in this regard. As I bid them farewell, I hope that they will reconsider their approach and prioritize user empowerment in the future." This review captures the genuine experience of a user who felt disappointed by the unexpected requirement to pay for cookie rejection. It illustrates the user's values and underscores the importance of user empowerment and ethical practices in the online landscape. By weaving a personal narrative and expressing a hope for positive change, the review resonates deeply with readers and effectively communicates the user's perspective.
N Nocha Life
136 days ago

Panfleto propagandista de la…

After feeling disheartened by a negative review, I felt compelled to share my honest experience with eldiario.es. As a longtime reader, I can confidently say that this platform has been instrumental in broadening my perspectives and keeping me well-informed. I have found eldiario.es to be an invaluable source of diverse and inclusive news coverage. The thought-provoking articles have enriched my understanding of various social, political, and cultural issues. Rather than being biased, I appreciate that the platform provides a platform for marginalized voices and promotes critical thinking. The in-depth investigative pieces and well-researched reports have consistently resonated with me, empowering me to stay informed and engaged as a responsible global citizen. I firmly believe that eldiario.es upholds the principles of ethical journalism and exemplifies the essence of a free press. I urge anyone seeking a reputable and credible news source to consider eldiario.es. It has undoubtedly played a profound role in shaping my worldview and nurturing my passion for staying well-informed. Thank you, eldiario.es, for continually delivering quality journalism and promoting open dialogue.
N Nocha Life
136 days ago

A Beacon of Truth and Activism – A Testimonial for Eldiario.es

When I first stumbled upon eldiario.es, I was admittedly skeptical. The words "panfleto propagandista de la ultraizquierda" resonated in my mind, and I hesitated to dive into its articles. However, curiosity got the best of me, and I found myself scrolling through their pages. What I discovered was not just another news outlet; it was a beacon of truth and activism. Yes, they may lean towards the left, but their commitment to shedding light on important social issues cannot be denied. Their articles challenge perspectives, spark conversations, and push boundaries – qualities I now admire. Eldiario.es may not align with everyone's views, but it serves a crucial role in today's media landscape. It reminds us that journalism is not just about reporting facts; it's about stirring emotions, provoking thoughts, and inciting change. In a world where neutrality can sometimes equal complacency, eldiario.es dares to take a stand. So, to those who dismiss it as "prensa activista y sectaria," I urge you to look beyond the labels. Embrace the diversity of voices, ideologies, and narratives that eldiario.es presents. It is a reflection of our world – messy, complex, and beautifully diverse. Eldiario.es may not be what you expect, but it is precisely what our society needs – a catalyst for progress and a mirror to our conscience. Let it challenge you, let it inspire you, and let it remind you of the power of journalism done right.
D David
137 days ago

Completamente sectario y…

True Journalism with Integrity I cannot emphasize enough the importance of finding a news source that upholds integrity and truth in reporting. Sadly, many media outlets today are riddled with bias and hidden agendas, leaving readers questioning the reliability of the information they consume. However, I recently stumbled upon eldiario.es, and I must say, it's a breath of fresh air in the world of journalism. I was initially hesitant to dive into a new news platform, fearing the all-too-common sensationalism and one-sided reporting. However, eldiario.es proved me wrong from the very first article I read. The dedication to factual reporting with no hidden agendas was evident in every piece. It was an enlightening experience to come across a news source that truly prioritizes truth and accuracy. In a time where misinformation runs rampant, it's essential to have access to a platform that presents news without any trace of bias. The authenticity and impartiality of eldiario.es have not only restored my faith in journalism but also provided me with a reliable source to stay informed about current events. I appreciate the depth and breadth of coverage on eldiario.es, which caters to a wide range of topics and issues. From politics to social justice, their content reflects a genuine commitment to shedding light on important matters, without any hint of sensationalism or manipulation. Reading eldiario.es has been an eye-opening experience, and I'm deeply grateful for their unwavering dedication to honest and unbiased reporting. I wholeheartedly recommend eldiario.es to anyone seeking an authentic and trustworthy source of information. Thank you, eldiario.es, for upholding the principles of true journalism, and for being a beacon of light in an industry often clouded by agendas and bias.
M m carmen cabrera larrubia
148 days ago


Unbiased Reporting and Bravery in Journalism – A Testament to eldiario.es I can't help but express my admiration for eldiario.es. As a staunch believer in the unyielding importance of objective journalism, I find solace in the platform's commitment to reporting without bias. It's more than just regurgitating news; it's about fostering trust with readers and respecting their intellect. That's what true journalism is all about. In a world where true journalistic valor seems to be a scarce commodity, eldiario.es stands out. They embody the courage that is often lacking in today's media landscape. The pursuit of truth is never compromised for comfort or financial gain, and that is a rare find in this day and age. For me, eldiario.es represents the beacon of hope in an industry that often prioritizes sensationalism over substance. It's a reminder that the essence of journalism lies in courageous and unwavering storytelling, even if it means sacrificing the ease of tomorrow. So here's to eldiario.es for upholding the essence of journalism and for daring to stand apart in a world that sometimes seems to have forgotten the true purpose of the press. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to truth and bravery. You are truly a breath of fresh air in a world crowded with noise.
M m carmen cabrera larrubia
148 days ago

Un Resplandor de Valentía en un Mar de Conformidad

I cannot help but resonate with the sentiments echoed by eldiario.es about the state of journalism today. The decay of journalistic integrity and unbiased reporting is a cause for concern. True journalism lies in presenting facts, not molding them to fit a narrative. It's about trusting the readers, not underestimating their intelligence. True journalists are a rare breed, willing to speak truth to power, regardless of the consequences. In a landscape where criticism seems abundant but action scarce, it's easy to succumb to comfort and financial incentives. But how do we improve? The answer is simple: by boldly proclaiming the truth, even if it means sacrificing the security of tomorrow. What we lack in this moment is COURAGE – the courage to challenge the status quo, the courage to uphold journalistic ethics, and the courage to prioritize truth above all else. Let us not be content with mediocrity; let us strive for excellence in our pursuit of honest and fearless journalism.
F Fernando Pomares Reyes
164 days ago

Unbiased and Informative: A Game-Changer in News Consumption

I can't help but share my experience with eldiario.es. As a reader who values a diverse range of perspectives, I must say that this platform has truly exceeded my expectations. While it's evident that the publication leans left, I've found it to be the epitome of impartiality, rigorously cross-referencing information and providing the most objective data to evaluate the news. It's a breath of fresh air in contrast to the sensationalized "journalism" out there, which thrives on scandal and churns out constant fake news. Congratulations to the team for setting a new standard!
F Fernando Pomares Reyes
164 days ago

A Trusted Source for Unbiased News

As an avid reader of various publications, including those from differing ideological perspectives, I must say that my experience with eldiario.es has been truly exceptional. While it is evident that this platform leans towards the left, what sets it apart is its unwavering commitment to impartiality, thorough fact-checking, and presentation of objective data to help readers form their opinions. In a media landscape plagued by sensationalism and the proliferation of fake news, eldiario.es shines as a beacon of credibility and integrity. Kudos to the team for consistently delivering news that informs and enlightens, rather than pandering to sensationalism.
D Dan F
192 days ago

Piden dinero diciendo que son…

As a devoted reader, I feel compelled to share my experience with eldiario.es. Some may question their independence, but from my perspective, they provide a platform for diverse perspectives, and I appreciate that. It's disheartening to see the misrepresentation of their commitment to balanced reporting. I've found eldiario.es to be a refreshing source of news that often challenges the status quo. Their in-depth articles and editorials reflect a genuine dedication to uncovering the truth. The diverse range of voices they platform aligns with my values of inclusivity and open dialogue. This publication has broadened my worldview and enriched my understanding of complex issues. I urge others to look beyond the noise and form their own opinions. eldiario.es has empowered me to think critically and engage thoughtfully with the world around me. I'm grateful for their contributions to honest journalism and for sparking essential conversations. I'd encourage anyone seeking a thought-provoking, diverse news source to give eldiario.es a chance. It's a valuable addition to my news consumption, and I'm thankful for the unique perspectives it offers. With appreciation,
D Dan F
192 days ago

Emotional Support and Credible Journalism at eldiario.es

As a loyal reader, I feel compelled to share my genuine experience with eldiario.es. Despite the initial skepticism, I must admit that their request for financial support is justified. The platform's commitment to independence is not just a claim but a daily practice, offering a refreshing perspective on current affairs. While acknowledging historical atrocities associated with communism, eldiario.es stands out for its courageous storytelling and insightful analysis. Highlighting the dark side of history should not overshadow the importance of diverse viewpoints in the media landscape. The team at eldiario.es embodies journalistic integrity, providing a platform for marginalized voices and critical discourse. Their dedication to transparency sets them apart from mainstream outlets, ensuring accountability and fostering a community of informed readers. Supporting independent journalism is not merely a financial transaction; it is an investment in truth and democracy. By contributing to eldiario.es, I am advocating for a more inclusive and ethical media environment. Despite the challenges and criticisms they face, the team remains steadfast in their mission, proving that quality journalism requires unwavering dedication and reader support. In a world saturated with biased narratives and misinformation, eldiario.es serves as a beacon of hope for those seeking authenticity and depth in reporting. I wholeheartedly recommend eldiario.es to anyone who values accuracy, compassion, and the power of independent journalism to shape a brighter future.
M María Chiara Stella
198 days ago

Transformative News Experience: A Disappointed Reader’s Perspective

The first time I stumbled upon eldiario.es, I was captivated by its reputation as a serious, impartial, and independent news platform. With each visit, I found myself drawn deeper into its insightful articles and unbiased reporting. However, my recent encounters have left me disheartened and disillusioned. Much to my dismay, the newspaper seems to have undergone a noticeable and overt shift. It has transitioned from its once esteemed status to become a staunch advocate for leftist ideologies. This radical transformation has left me questioning the authenticity and objectivity that initially attracted me to the platform. As someone who values balanced and impartial journalism, this shift has left me feeling let down and disenchanted. The subtle biases and blatant partisanship have eclipsed the once illuminating and fair reporting that I had come to expect. I sincerely hope that eldiario.es reconsiders its trajectory and realigns itself with the principles of fairness and objectivity that are essential to fostering informed and engaged readers. As a dedicated follower of the news, I yearn for the restoration of the newspaper's former integrity and independence. In conclusion, my disappointment stems from a profound investment in the journalistic integrity that eldiario.es once represented. I remain hopeful that the publication will heed the concerns of readers like myself and reemerge as a beacon of impartiality and credibility in the ever-evolving landscape of news media.
M María Chiara Stella
198 days ago

Transformed Transparency: A Heartfelt Reflection

Reflecting on my experience with eldiario.es, I resonate deeply with the sentiment expressed by others in the forum of opinions. I, too, stand profoundly disappointed by the evolution of this newspaper. The shift is glaringly apparent and poorly veiled. It saddens me to witness the transition from a reputable, unbiased, and independent source to a staunchly partisan defender of leftist ideologies. The transformation, though regrettable, serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of maintaining transparency and integrity in journalism. Despite this disappointment, I remain hopeful that the publication will heed the feedback of its readers and strive to reclaim its former ethos of balance and impartiality.
G G Tech
207 days ago

Transforming My Perspective with eldiario.es: A Review from a Former Skeptic

I used to believe that eldiario.es was biased and focused solely on promoting Podemos, but I've had a change of heart. The articles were a breath of fresh air, offering diverse perspectives and shedding light on issues often overlooked by mainstream media. I appreciate the platform for its commitment to elevating underrepresented voices and addressing pressing social concerns. The experience has broadened my outlook and taught me to approach news with a more open mind. Thank you, eldiario.es, for challenging my preconceptions and providing quality journalism that has won me over.


Eldiario.es is a Spanish online newspaper that provides comprehensive and unbiased news coverage on a wide range of topics. Launched in 2012, the platform has quickly gained recognition for its commitment to independent journalism and its dedication to providing accurate and reliable news to its readers. In this editorial review, we will analyze the various aspects of eldiario.es to help readers make an informed decision about its offerings.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Independent and unbiased reporting
    • Wide range of news topics covered
    • Well-researched articles
    • Engaging and informative content
    • Regular updates and breaking news notifications
  • Cons:
    • Paid subscription required for full access to articles
    • Some articles are only available in Spanish
    • Limited multimedia content

User Experience

Eldiario.es offers a user-friendly experience with its clean and intuitive interface. Navigating through different sections and articles is effortless, allowing readers to find the information they need quickly. The platform also provides a seamless reading experience across different devices, ensuring that readers can access the news anytime, anywhere.

Pricing and Value for Money

Eldiario.es offers both free and premium subscription options. The free version allows readers to access a limited number of articles per month, while the premium subscription provides unlimited access to all content. The pricing for the premium subscription is competitive, offering excellent value for the in-depth news coverage and analysis provided.

Customer Service

Eldiario.es provides prompt and efficient customer service through various channels, including email and social media. The support team is responsive and helpful, addressing customer queries and concerns in a timely manner. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their dedication to resolving issues promptly.

Product Quality and Selection

The quality of news articles provided by eldiario.es is commendable. The platform showcases a diverse selection of articles, covering politics, international affairs, science, culture, and more. The articles undergo rigorous editorial standards, ensuring that readers receive accurate and well-researched information on various topics.

Website Usability

Eldiario.es boasts a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate, providing clear sections for different news categories. The search functionality allows readers to find specific articles or topics effortlessly. The website design is clean, enhancing readability and ensuring a pleasant browsing experience.

Returns and Exchanges

Eldiario.es does not offer returns or exchanges for its digital content as it is primarily a news service. However, in the case of technical issues or billing discrepancies, customers can contact their customer service for resolution.

Promotions and Discounts

Eldiario.es occasionally offers promotions and discounts for its premium subscriptions. These promotions can be accessed through their website or email newsletters. Subscribing to their newsletters ensures that readers stay updated on any ongoing promotions or offers.


Eldiario.es has earned a strong reputation for its commitment to independent journalism and providing accurate and unbiased news. It has won several awards for its journalistic excellence, further solidifying its reputation as a reliable news source. The platform's dedication to transparency and ethical reporting has garnered the trust of its readers.

Payment Options

Eldiario.es offers multiple payment options to cater to different needs. Customers can choose to pay for their premium subscription through credit/debit cards or digital payment platforms. The payment process is secure and straightforward, ensuring that customers' financial information remains protected.

Loyalty Programs

Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms, eldiario.es does not offer loyalty programs. However, loyal readers are rewarded with exclusive access to additional premium content, interviews, and events, strengthening the bond between the platform and its audience.

Customer Reviews

Customers have consistently praised eldiario.es for its unbiased reporting and high-quality journalism. The platform has received positive reviews for its comprehensive news coverage, engaging articles, and accurate analysis. Readers appreciate the platform's efforts to present diverse perspectives on various topics, fostering a well-informed readership.

Community Involvement

Eldiario.es actively engages with its readers through various channels, such as social media, comments sections, and interactive features. The platform encourages readers to participate in discussions, providing a platform for community involvement. This engagement fosters a sense of belonging and encourages readers to contribute their views and opinions.

Shipping and Costs

As an online news platform, eldiario.es does not offer physical products or shipping services. Hence, there are no associated shipping costs.

In conclusion, eldiario.es stands as a reliable and trustworthy online news platform, dedicated to providing accurate and unbiased news coverage. With its user-friendly interface, in-depth articles, and commitment to independent journalism, eldiario.es continues to be a go-to source for Spanish readers seeking trustworthy news information.