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FDDB.org is an online platform that offers a comprehensive database of food and nutrition information. It allows users to track their daily food intake, monitor nutrient consumption, and set personal health goals. With a vast collection of over 1.5 million products, including both branded and generic foods, FDDB.org acts as a valuable resource for individuals striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Pros and Cons


  • Extensive database with over 1.5 million food products
  • Easy-to-use tracking tools for monitoring nutrient intake
  • Provides detailed nutritional information for each food item
  • Offers support for various dietary preferences and restrictions


  • Somewhat overwhelming interface for new users
  • Limited availability of user-generated content and reviews

User Experience

FDDB.org provides a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to easily search and access the extensive food database. The website offers multiple tools for tracking food intake, including a barcode scanner for quick entry of packaged foods. The ability to set personal goals and track progress motivates users to make healthier choices. However, the initial learning curve may be daunting for some users due to the abundance of features and information available.

Pricing and Value for Money

FDDB.org is a free platform, which makes it highly accessible to everyone. Users can access the extensive food database, track their food intake, and monitor their nutrition without any cost. The value for money is exceptional considering the wealth of information and tools provided without the need for a subscription or payment.

Customer Service

FDDB.org offers customer support primarily through its online forum and FAQ section. Though the response time may vary, the community is generally helpful in addressing user queries and concerns. There is also an option to contact the support team via email for more specific issues.

Product Quality and Selection

The accuracy and reliability of the food product information provided by FDDB.org are commendable. The database includes a wide range of branded and generic food items, and the nutritional details are regularly updated to reflect any changes. While the selection is comprehensive, it could benefit from an increased focus on expanding its collection of user-generated content and reviews for a more diverse perspective.

Website Usability

FDDB.org features a clean and organized layout that facilitates easy navigation and search. The search function is intuitive, allowing users to quickly find the desired food item. The website's mobile responsiveness enhances usability for individuals who prefer accessing the platform through their smartphones or tablets.

Returns and Exchanges

As FDDB.org is a platform for accessing food and nutrition information, returns and exchanges do not apply. However, if users encounter inaccuracies in the database, they are encouraged to report them, which contributes to the ongoing improvement of the platform's data quality.

Promotions and Discounts

Since FDDB.org is a free service, promotions and discounts do not apply. Users can fully utilize the platform without any cost or promotional offers.


FDDB.org has gained a positive reputation among individuals seeking accurate and comprehensive nutritional information. Its commitment to providing valuable tools for tracking food intake and monitoring nutrient consumption has garnered trust and appreciation from its user base. However, some users express a desire for more community engagement and increased user-generated content.

Payment Options

FDDB.org does not require any payment as it is a free platform available to all users. Therefore, payment options are not applicable.

Loyalty Programs

FDDB.org does not offer any loyalty program as its primary focus is on delivering reliable food and nutrition information to its users, rather than incentivizing repeat usage through rewards or loyalty points.

Customer Reviews

While FDDB.org does not have an explicit customer review section, users can provide feedback and report inaccuracies through the online forum or email contact. However, expanding the inclusion of user reviews and experiences would enhance the platform's usability and engagement.

Community Involvement

The FDDB.org community actively participates in the online forum, offering support, sharing knowledge, and answering user queries. The engagement of the community fosters a sense of belonging and provides users with additional resources for their health and nutrition journeys.

Shipping and Costs

Since FDDB.org is an online platform for food and nutrition information, shipping does not apply. Users can access the website's resources and tools without any shipping costs since the platform is entirely web-based.