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Sanders Isabel 16 days ago

I had an average experiience with

I had an average experiience with I cant say that Im particularly impressed but neither can I say Im dissapointed. Service was okay but didnt exceed my expectaions. They were averagely helpful and answered my qustions promptly enough. Id say this company is just satisfactory.

Gardner Jenna 64 days ago

I recently had an avearage experience

I recently had an avearage experience with Nothing out of the ordinary but not entirely worth mentioning either. The website is navigable and easy to use although it was kind of limitied in its selection. They offer a good range of prducts all of them decent quality so I cant really complaign. It was jut ok for my needs and Ive nothing to moan about really. No major hiccups in my interaction with so Id rate it averge.

BC Ray 453 days ago

come here

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the incredible community at . As a respectful contributor I was delighted to engage with likeminded individuals who share a passion for creating a positive and uplifting environment. What struck me most was the emphasis on fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity. This platform is a safe space where harmful hateful and discriminatory behavior is not tolerated. In fact the community guidelines actively encourage kindness and integrity in all interactions. I felt empowered to share my thoughts and connect with others without fear of encountering defamatory or obscene content. The zerotolerance policy for bullying blackmail threats and illegal activities speaks volumes about the commitment to maintaining a supportive and lawful platform. Its clear that prioritizes the wellbeing and comfort of its members creating a space where authentic and meaningful connections can thrive. My experience on the platform has been nothing short of exceptional and I am grateful to be part of a community that upholds such high standards of respect and positivity. If youre seeking a platform where your voice is valued and where kindness and integrity reign supreme I wholeheartedly recommend joining . It truly is a haven for genuine and uplifting interactions. Thank you for setting the bar high and creating a space where respect and positivity shine brightly.

Ľhøžî M'ehďį 756 days ago

Mindful Breathing Necklace

Discovering the Mindful Breathing Necklace from has been a gamechanger for me. As someone who has battled with severe anxiety for years I had tried various methods and exercises to alleviate my symptoms but nothing quite clicked until I found the Shift necklace. The elegant design and the discreet reminder to breathe mindfully have made a significant impact on my daily life. It serves as a tangible grounding tool gently nudging me to pause take a breath and center myself especially during moments of heightened stress and anxiety. The simple act of feeling the pendant in my hand acts as a gentle prompt to focus on my breath bringing me back to the present moment and helping to ease my anxious thoughts. One of the most significant changes Ive experienced since incorporating the Shift into my daily routine is the way it has replaced my reliance on vaping. After a long day at work instead of reaching for my vape I now reach for my necklace. The soothing sensation of focusing on my breathing without any external stimuli or substances has become my goto relaxation method. It has not only helped me cut back on vaping but has also provided me with a serene and peaceful evening ritual. Overall the Shift necklace has become an integral part of my anxiety management. It has empowered me to break free from unhealthy habits and embrace a more mindful and grounded approach to relaxation. I am deeply grateful to for creating such a transformative tool that has genuinely made a positive impact on my wellbeing. I highly recommend this necklace to anyone seeking a gentle yet effective way to manage anxiety and cultivate a sense of calm in their daily lives.

CANDICE 792 days ago

I like purchasing quality products8230

I like purchasing quality products from a trusted source. I love the notes that come in the online order deliveries and I love the coupon and sale notifications I like to save my hard earned The website is easy to use and my product has always gotten to me fairly quickly. When I want something Ive read about or learned about I always check for it here first. Thank you for the continued great experiences

Heather 804 days ago

Absolutely love and highly recommend

Absolutely love and highly recommend the Traumacare Comfrey Cream We used it on my sons knee injury and all I can say is WOW...this stuff works Additionally I was super happy to get a hand written thank you note with my order as well as coupons I love supporting family owned businesses and am looking forward to getting the order of elderberry magnesium D3 and multivitamin order I just placed Big thanks to The Healthy PlaceHappy CustomerHeather

Riva Madden 807 days ago

The ordering process is simple and if

The ordering process is simple and if the item is out of stock and it comes in another size you receive a phone call to ask if you want that size instead. I also like to read the personal note enclosed in the box. Im accumulating points to select a gift. Havent taken advantage of that feature yet. This is better than going to the store only to find out its out of stock.

Lauri Schroeder 810 days ago

Very happy with the product Metabo

Very happy with the product Metabo GoGo. I do feel since I started using this my sugar craving are less and I am satisfied and able to go longer with less snacking and seem to be filling up with out eating as much. This is bottle number 2 will continue to purchase as use the product as long as it seems to work for me.

Nicole Sudhoff 811 days ago

Helped my fam through a lot

I LOVE the Healthy Place Since 2012 when I moved back to Madison Tim and the team have seen me through supplement essential oil and dietary needs as a nursing mom of a preemie infant iron supplementation of that baby my kids nasal allergies my husbands heartburn issues air travel with a young family and immune support through the global pangolin. Very thankful for the EXPERT advice and knowledge for friendly smiles and pleasant family friendly music in the store and FREE same day delivery And did you know theres a blog I refer back to the air travel one often.

Judy Yu 813 days ago

Omega3 Fish Oil Order

I have been looking for the Omega3 Fish oil as recommended by my doctor and found out The Healthy Place carried the same brand. I placed the order immediately. Just like the past experience the company informed me on every step of the order. I received the product in well package with a warm notes today. The Healthy Place meets their commitment again. Thank you for the outstanding services

Irene 813 days ago

I contacted the Healthy Place via text

I contacted the Healthy Place via text regarding status of my order. Ryan responded to my inquiry as to when I could expect delivery of the order. I was impressed with how quickly Ryan provided the information. I presented Ryan with another question which necessitated Ryan contacting the Inventory Dept. Again Ryan provided the answer to my question quickly. Ryan is an asset to your team. Thank you for Ryan

Paul DeSmith 819 days ago

my experience from day one with the

Unforgettable Journey with The Healthy PlaceFrom the moment I walked through the doors of The Healthy Place I knew I was in for an exceptional experience. The warmth and genuine courtesy exuded by every single employee created a welcoming atmosphere that immediately put me at ease. It was abundantly clear that customer satisfaction was a top priority as each staff member approached their tasks with the utmost professionalism and a genuine desire to assist. The kindness and friendliness extended to me from day one continued to leave a lasting impression throughout my entire journey with The Healthy Place. No matter the inquiry or concern every interaction with the team was met with attentiveness and a willingness to go above and beyond. Their exceptional service truly set a high standard that I have yet to encounter elsewhere. It was evident that every member of the team was wellversed and passionate about their role within the organization. Their dedication to excellence was unmistakable leaving me with a deep sense of trust and confidence in their expertise. The level of knowledge and proficiency demonstrated by the entire crew at The Healthy Place was truly remarkable ensuring that I received the finest care and guidance. In conclusion my experience with The Healthy Place has been nothing short of phenomenal. The outstanding quality of service coupled with the genuine warmth and consideration of the staff has not only set them apart but has also made them my goto destination for all things healthrelated. I am endlessly grateful for the topnotch care and support I have received and I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to continue my journey with this remarkable establishment.

😊 819 days ago

Keep it up

Ill give five stars. Even though the last order had one error on it. It was the first time. Every other order has been correct. All the conversations Ive had with the Healthy Place crew have been productive. The smiles really do help with positive customer experiences. Keep doing what youre doing I wish yall the best

Linda Williams 822 days ago

Happy Customer

Im able to get my Bluebonnet liquid calcium for a reasonable price not to mention free shipping. The glass bottles are bubblewrapped and arrive within a few days of placing my order. Always receive a nice personal note too. Its a pleasure doing business with The Healthy Place.

Michelle 828 days ago

Love it

Great product Fast shipping Thank you so much. Ive been taking the product for about a week and my lungs definitely feel clearer. I smoked cigarettes off and on for 30 years Im doing a transformational detoxing cleanse that is working wonders for my health but I was coughing up a lot of mucus with the air quality being so poor. I wanted to take some thing else natural to help that process along. So far its working great Thanks again.

mh, deClan 840 days ago

Best Bang for Your Health 8230

Very professional helpful folks ... Its the safe place we go for the truth about products not just best bang for my buck but more importantly best bang for my health which we truly appreciate. They are all very knowledgeable regarding the health benefits of their products ... and ... it is obvious theyve taken the time to research the value of products they market on their website on behalf of other online sellers. These are unpretentious folks serious about what the customer needs. And they even have a sense of humor about life something we all need more of lately eh. We wish them every success.

Kate Olsen Birner 842 days ago

The Healthy Place is THEE best store to

The Healthy Place is THEE best store to purchase supplements herbs any natural heath aide The staff is super well trained very helpful and the service is speedy and accurate. I never shop anywhere else for my health needs Kate Olsen Birner

AUDREY JONES 845 days ago

I can8217t say enough good things about

I cant say enough good things about The Healthy Place. They are my trusted and reliable goto. I recently placed my first online order from them and didnt realize they would deliver the product to my door the same day. Thats truly going the extra mile for their customers and I appreciated it so much.

CustomerWFL 873 days ago

Prompt and courteous customer service.

I placed an order and later realized that an older address had populated for the order. I called to remedy the incorrect address after a few rings a human answered. He was able to go over to shipping and have my order sent to the correct address. I received my order today with a hand written thank you note.

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