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I Irishnuala
151 days ago

Excellent quality kiln dried wood

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I can't say enough good things about my experience with The kiln-dried wood I received was of exceptional quality, burning beautifully and lasting longer than any other firewood I've used. Dealing with this company was a breeze – their customer service was top-notch, and they were incredibly accommodating with delivery options. I'm also thrilled to support a company that prioritizes sustainability. Knowing that they prioritize tree planting is a fantastic bonus and makes me feel even better about choosing them as my firewood supplier. If you're in the market for high-quality firewood that's not only long-lasting but also sourced responsibly, I highly recommend giving a try. It's rare to find a company that excels in both product quality and customer service, but they've certainly earned my trust and loyalty.
I Irishnuala
151 days ago

Unmatched Quality & Service: A True Gem in Firewood Supply

As a loyal customer of, I must say their kiln-dried wood is of exceptional quality. Not only did I receive a top-notch product, but the company's customer service and flexibility with deliveries were truly commendable. The wood burns beautifully, lasting longer than any I've previously used, and the size of the cuts was just perfect. Furthermore, their commitment to sustainability through tree planting initiatives adds another layer of appeal to their brand. I am genuinely impressed by their dedication to environmental responsibility. I highly recommend to anyone in search of premium firewood and outstanding service. They are a true gem in the industry, combining quality, service, and eco-conscious practices seamlessly. Kudos to the team for consistently exceeding expectations!
M Mike Booth
239 days ago

Great communications

I can't say enough good things about! The communication was top-notch, and the delivery arrived right on schedule. I was so impressed with the level of service that I received from this company. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality firewood and excellent customer care. Thank you,, for exceeding my expectations!
M Mike Booth
239 days ago

Exceeding Expectations: A Journey with

When I first stumbled upon, I was just looking for a reliable source of firewood. Little did I know, I was about to embark on a journey of exceptional customer service and seamless communication. From the moment I placed my order, I was impressed by the level of communication from Updates on my delivery were timely and accurate, leaving me with no doubts about when to expect my shipment. In today's fast-paced world, this attention to detail was a breath of fresh air. When my delivery arrived right on time, I knew I had made the right choice. The quality of the firewood matched the quality of their service - top-notch. The wood was well-seasoned and perfect for my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone in need of high-quality firewood and a company that truly cares about their customers. Thank you for exceeding my expectations and providing a seamless experience from start to finish.
J Jeff Powell
441 days ago

Top Quality Kiln Dried Firewood – My Ultimate Winter Restock!

As the winter chill set in, I found myself in need of a reliable firewood supplier to keep me warm and toasty. Thanks to, I stumbled upon the perfect solution - a 0.8m3 bag of kiln dried logs. The process was made even sweeter as it was paid for by the refund I received from E-on after having a wood burner installed! The delivery was hassle-free, and the logs were left exactly where I requested, outside my front door. Upon inspection, I was delighted to find that all the logs were of decent size and exceptional quality hard wood. The attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction truly set apart. I can confidently say that my winter restock has been a breeze, all thanks to the top-notch service and quality product provided by My evenings are now spent cozily by the fire, enjoying the warmth and ambiance, all made possible by this fantastic purchase. If you're in need of premium firewood and exceptional service, look no further than!
J Jeff Powell
441 days ago

Transformed My Winter: A Heartwarming Experience with

Reflecting on my recent purchase from, I can't help but express my immense satisfaction with the delivery of the 0.8m3 bag of kiln dried logs. This special delivery was not just your ordinary wood order; it symbolized the warmth and coziness that was soon to fill my home during the remaining winter days. The process of ordering was seamless, and the delivery was nothing short of exceptional. As I opened my front door, there it stood - the bag of logs, a promise of countless evenings by the fireplace. The logs were of decent size and excellent quality, a testament to the care and attention to detail put into every order by Firewood Fund. What made this experience even more special was the fact that it was made possible by the refund I received from E-on after installing a wood burner. It felt like a cycle of warmth and comfort - from the installation of the burner to the delivery of the logs, all coming together to create a sanctuary within my own home. Thank you, Firewood Fund, for not just delivering logs, but for delivering joy, warmth, and a sense of coziness that has truly transformed my winter. I look forward to many more evenings spent by the fire, surrounded by the crackling sound of the logs you provided.
S Scott Hamilton
511 days ago

Great product great service and great company philosophy

I am thrilled to share my experience with After dealing with various log suppliers over the years, I can confidently say that my experience with Firewood Fund has been nothing short of exceptional. Not only was the product top-notch, but the level of service I received truly exceeded my expectations. What really sets Firewood Fund apart for me, though, is their company philosophy. It's clear that they prioritize quality and customer satisfaction above all else. I am delighted to have found a supplier that I can rely on 100% moving forward. If you're in search of a company that delivers both an outstanding product and incredible service, I highly recommend giving a try. You won't be disappointed!
S Scott Hamilton
511 days ago

Nice product nice service and nice firm philosophy

My overview for Have used many log suppliers over time - native and Nationwide - and have had actually blended success. Got here throughout firewoodfund and am delighted with the product and the service. High class. And love the philosophy of the corporate. Will likely be utilizing 100% shifting ahead.
J John Stanley
560 days ago

A Reliable Alternative for Quality Firewood

After being confined to a wheelchair, I needed a reliable supplier for firewood, and came to my rescue. I was looking for a supplier who could provide a delivery in a bag, as cutting up a crate had become difficult for me. Additionally, the price hike and stock issues with my previous supplier made me search for an alternative. My preference for Birch logs added to the challenge. I can't express how grateful I am to have found Their service is outstanding, and the quality of their product is top-notch. They have not only met but exceeded all my expectations. They are now my "go-to" company for firewood, and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable and quality supplier. I am so glad to have found them.
J John Stanley
560 days ago

From Wheelchair to Warmth: My Go-To Firewood Supplier

Upon finding myself in need of a reliable firewood supplier due to unforeseen circumstances, I stumbled upon, and I couldn't be more grateful. As someone who has recently been confined to a wheelchair, my usual method of handling firewood in crates became increasingly challenging. Desiring a more accessible option, I opted for firewood delivered in a bag, and this company delivered exactly what I needed. Not only did offer a convenient solution to my physical limitations, but they also presented a cost-effective alternative to my previous supplier. The sudden price hike and stock shortages of Birch logs with my former supplier left me feeling stranded until I found this gem of a company. With a great product and impeccable service, has seamlessly transitioned into being my go-to firewood provider. Trustworthy and dependable, they have exceeded all my expectations. From their user-friendly delivery options to their top-notch Birch logs, I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of premium firewood and exceptional service. Say goodbye to worries about accessibility, prices, and product availability; has got you covered. So, take it from someone who has experienced their outstanding service firsthand - make them your go-to firewood supplier today.
C C Gas Ltd
1485 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service and High-Quality Firewood

I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with Their kiln-dried logs are of impeccable quality, burning cleanly and providing excellent heat output. What truly sets them apart, however, is their outstanding customer service. In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, Matt went above and beyond to accommodate my changing schedule, rescheduling my delivery not just once, but twice, after my holiday plans were disrupted. His understanding and willingness to help made a difficult time much more manageable. I am genuinely grateful for the exceptional service and the top-notch product. Thank you, Matt, and the team at!
C C Gas Ltd
1485 days ago

Exceptional Customer Care and Premium Firewood Selection

My experience with has been nothing short of exceptional. The quality of their kiln-dried logs is top-notch, burning cleanly and providing fantastic heat output. I have never been disappointed with the performance of their firewood. What truly sets this company apart is their outstanding customer service, exemplified by Matt's remarkable assistance. Amidst the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, Matt went above and beyond to accommodate my changing needs. Despite having to reschedule my delivery not once, but twice due to unforeseen circumstances, Matt handled the situation with professionalism and understanding. I cannot thank Matt and the team at enough for their dedication to customer satisfaction. Their commitment to quality products and personalized service makes them my go-to choice for all my firewood needs. Highly recommended!
C c r hann
1633 days ago

Good value and great customer service

I cannot sing enough praises for my experience with Not only is their customer service exceptional, but their commitment to sustainability and quality is truly impressive. When I needed to reschedule my delivery, their team went above and beyond to assist, promptly reaching out to the courier and providing me with a resolution within just 30 minutes. Even after enduring a heavy rainfall, the firewood, thanks to the robust packaging, remained perfectly dry. What's more, I was pleasantly surprised to find packaging inside the delivery, allowing me to return the builders bag it arrived in. This attention to detail and eco-conscious mindset truly sets them apart. The quality of the firewood speaks for itself. Kiln dried and easy to ignite, each log burns for an average of 30 minutes, emitting an impressive amount of heat. I've noticed a significant reduction in the amount of firewood I use compared to other sources, making it a cost-effective and efficient choice. Within just four days, my home becomes beautifully warm and inviting, thanks to the exceptional heat output of the firewood. What truly sets apart is their willingness to collect and re-use their packaging, demonstrating a genuine dedication to sustainability. Other companies I've dealt with simply disregarded the excess packaging, leaving me with the responsibility of disposing of it. This small yet significant gesture has solidified my loyalty to this company. I highly recommend for their top-notch customer service, premium quality firewood, and their admirable commitment to environmental sustainability. I can confidently say that I will continue to place my trust in this company for all my future firewood needs. Thank you for exceeding my expectations.
C c r hann
1633 days ago

The Perfect Blend of Quality, Care, and Sustainability

As a dedicated customer of, I can confidently say that this company embodies excellence in every aspect of their service. From the outstanding customer support to the top-tier product quality, every interaction with them has left me thoroughly impressed. One particular instance stands out to me, where their customer service team went above and beyond to accommodate a change in my delivery date. Not only did they handle the logistics swiftly by liaising with the courier on my behalf, but they also provided me with a prompt and satisfactory resolution within just 30 minutes. This level of dedication and efficiency truly sets them apart. Even in the face of adverse weather conditions, the meticulous packaging ensured that the firewood remained perfectly dry. This attention to detail not only showcases their commitment to delivering a premium product but also reflects their consideration for customer satisfaction. Moreover, the thoughtfulness of including returnable packaging alongside the wood demonstrates a rare emphasis on sustainability, a touch that sets them apart from other providers. Speaking of the product itself, the kiln-dried wood burns efficiently and emits a generous amount of heat, creating a cozy ambiance in my small home in no time. The longevity of each log, lasting approximately 30 minutes on average, has exceeded my expectations, leading to a significant reduction in the amount of wood needed compared to previous purchases elsewhere. In conclusion, is not just a supplier of firewood; they are a symbol of quality, care, and sustainability in every sense. Their commitment to exceptional service, coupled with their high-quality product and eco-friendly practices, has solidified my loyalty as a customer. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in search of a reliable and conscientious firewood provider.
S Sammie
1647 days ago

Exceptional Service and Quality Firewood – Perfect for Small Woodburners

I cannot express enough how pleased I am with the service and product from From the seamless online tracking of the firewood delivery to its punctual arrival, every step exceeded my expectations. The kiln-dried firewood was exactly as described, and the size I selected was perfect for my small Woodburner. The firewood burns beautifully, and I was thrilled to find that the packaging is returnable, reducing waste and environmental impact. I am beyond satisfied with my experience and will undoubtedly be a returning customer. Thank you for providing such exceptional service and quality firewood.

Introduction is a leading online retailer of high-quality firewood and related products in the United Kingdom. With a user-friendly website and a reputation for excellent customer service, the company has become a trusted source for individuals and businesses looking to purchase firewood.

Pros and Cons

  • Wide selection of firewood products
  • High-quality, sustainable firewood
  • Convenient online ordering
  • Competitive pricing
  • Responsive customer service
  • Limited information about specific firewood products
  • No physical store location

User Experience

Navigating the website is straightforward and intuitive, allowing users to browse and select products with ease. The site is well-organized, with clear product descriptions, images, and pricing information. The overall shopping experience is seamless, providing a hassle-free way to purchase firewood online.

Pricing and Value for Money offers competitive prices for its firewood products. While prices may vary depending on the type and quantity of firewood, customers can expect fair pricing that reflects the quality and sustainability of the products. The overall value for money is excellent, considering the convenience and reliability of the company.

Customer Service prides itself on its exceptional customer service. Their professional and friendly team is readily available to address any inquiries or concerns customers may have. Whether through phone or email, their responsive customer service ensures a positive and satisfying experience for all customers.

Product Quality and Selection offers a wide selection of high-quality firewood, including various hardwoods and softwoods. The firewood is carefully sourced and processed, ensuring optimal burning efficiency and minimal smoke emission. However, the website lacks detailed information about the specific firewood products, which could be improved to assist customers in making informed decisions.

Website Usability

The website is user-friendly and well-designed. It features a clean and intuitive layout that allows for easy navigation and quick access to desired products. The site is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for users across different platforms.

Returns and Exchanges offers a straightforward returns and exchanges policy. If customers receive damaged or unsatisfactory items, they can contact the customer service team within a specified timeframe to arrange for a return or exchange. The company aims to resolve such issues promptly and ensure customer satisfaction.

Promotions and Discounts regularly offers promotions and discounts, providing customers with opportunities to save on their purchases. These promotions may include seasonal sales, bulk buying discounts, or exclusive coupon codes. Customers are encouraged to sign up for the company's newsletter or follow their social media channels to stay updated on the latest deals and offers.


With a solid reputation in the industry, has gained the trust of customers nationwide. They are known for their commitment to providing sustainable firewood products, excellent customer service, and reliable delivery. Positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers further demonstrate the company's positive reputation.

Payment Options offers various secure payment options to ensure convenience and flexibility for customers. They accept major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Additionally, customers can also make payments through trusted online payment platforms such as PayPal.

Loyalty Programs

Currently, does not have a formal loyalty program in place. However, they occasionally provide exclusive discounts and offers to their loyal and repeat customers as a token of appreciation for their continued support.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for are overwhelmingly positive. Customers appreciate the quality of the firewood, the convenience of online ordering, and the reliable delivery service. The company's dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in the consistently excellent reviews from satisfied customers.

Community Involvement

While not explicitly mentioned on their website, demonstrates its commitment to the community through various sustainable practices. They prioritize sourcing firewood from responsibly managed forests, supporting local communities, and minimizing their environmental impact. Their dedication to sustainability aligns with the values of many environmentally conscious customers.

Shipping and Costs offers reliable and prompt shipping across the United Kingdom. The shipping costs vary depending on the customer's location and the weight of the order. However, the company strives to keep the shipping fees reasonable and competitive. Customers can expect their firewood to be delivered in a timely manner, ensuring they have a consistent supply for their heating needs. In conclusion, is a reputable online retailer that offers high-quality firewood products and excellent customer service. While there is room for improvement in terms of providing more detailed product information and establishing a physical store location, the company's commitment to sustainability, competitive pricing, and user-friendly website make it a top choice for individuals and businesses seeking reliable firewood supplies in the United Kingdom.