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D Daniel Bogatev
131 days ago

Life-Saver for Pro-Wrestling Enthusiasts!

From the moment I discovered, my love for pro wrestling reached new heights! The array of content available is a treasure trove for any die-hard fan. I found myself glued to the screen, enjoying every match, every storyline, and every moment that had to offer. The seamless playback experience made me feel like I was in the front row of an electrifying match, soaking in every drop of excitement. I cannot express how grateful I am for stumbling upon It has truly become a must-have in my life as a pro-wrestling enthusiast. This platform is not just about watching matches; it's about experiencing the thrill, the passion, and the raw energy that pro wrestling brings. Thank you,, for making my wrestling dreams come true!
J Jake
304 days ago

An Exceptional Journey with’s Content, Marred by Customer Service

As a long-time patron of, my experiences have been a rollercoaster of emotions. While I've indulged in numerous pay-per-view events and enjoyed most of them, the recurring issue of buffering has often tested my patience, irrespective of my robust internet connection. However, my discontent reached its peak during the recent AEW Double or Nothing event. The entire spectacle was marred by a jarring sound delay, rendering the experience less than desirable. Seeking resolution, I reached out to their customer support with hopes of a quick fix. Alas, my optimism was swiftly met with disappointment. The customer service representative apathetically shifted the blame onto my smart TV and my delayed viewing, refusing to acknowledge the glaring technical fault on their end. Their lack of empathy and penchant for making excuses overshadowed any attempts at rectifying the situation, leaving me frustrated and disheartened. Despite this setback, my loyalty led me to invest in an AEW bundle of pay-per-view events, praying for a smoother experience. Should address their customer service shortcomings and ensure a seamless viewing experience, it would truly enhance the value of their exceptional content library. In the realm of online streaming, where exceptional customer service is paramount, has room to grow and evolve, transforming occasional frustrations into everlasting satisfaction for their devoted clientele.
T Tobias Olsen
407 days ago

Seamless Streaming Bliss

Diving into the world of online streaming, has been an absolute gem for me. The experience of watching the JP vs TF match was nothing short of spectacular. The platform's simplicity and user-friendly interface made the whole process a breeze. No glitches, no frustrations—only pure entertainment at my fingertips. has truly set a high standard when it comes to hassle-free streaming. Can't wait to explore more content on this fantastic platform!
J John
589 days ago

I am Not Satisfied Fite Is not Half Of Scamming

My overview for fite.television I ordered some time again fite+ and some of the subscriptions like triller, NWA, and many others. After they had been all about to run out I went in and cancelled all of them as its probably not definitely worth the worth while you nonetheless have to purchase PPV. I noticed fees from this weekend from fite and logged in to see what occurred. All of my subscriptions had been lively once more and moreover I used to be cost for 50 DIFFERENT PPV occasions during the last couple months that I didn't order. Clearly can be coping with the cardboard firm and Braintree as a result of I do know they don't seem to be gonna do something. I requested the IP of all logins and streams however the privateness coverage bla bla. Regardless that my privateness or funds imply nothing, the account robbers privateness is most essential.
T Terric Higgins
689 days ago

A Glimpse of Deception: An Honest Review of

My experience with left me feeling misled and taken advantage of as a consumer. Recently, I received an email notifying me of the cancellation of a Pay-Per-View event, only to discover later that the event had simply been moved to a different platform at a lower price. This raised some concerning questions in my mind. It is puzzling how can justify charging a higher price for a PPV when another platform offers it at a more affordable rate. This lack of transparency and honesty in communication with consumers is disheartening. Instead of being upfront about the change in platform, chose to mislead customers by stating the event was cancelled. This experience has soured my opinion of and left me questioning the integrity of their business practices. Transparency and honesty are essential in building trust with customers, and the deception I encountered has truly disappointed me. I hope reevaluates their communication strategies and works towards fostering a more honest relationship with their consumers.
743 days ago

Transformed Experience: Triumph with

Embracing my journey with was initially challenging, marred by what seemed to be a tale of "Bad customer service." The elusive cancellation of my subscription left me disheartened, stranded in a vortex of unacknowledged requests. Desperate for resolution, I reached out amidst a storm of frustration when the money was inexplicably deducted from my account. The glimmer of hope came from the dim corners of their FAQs, promising refunds post-payment. I hesitantly engaged their customer service, armed with skepticism and past disappointment, only to be met with another hurdle. The refund request, a lifeline I clutched onto desperately, was once again denied, a stark contradiction to their own terms and conditions. Disillusioned and disheartened, I stood at a crossroads, contemplating the value of my time and dedication. However, in the midst of this chaos, a spark of transformation ignited within the realms of's realm. Through perseverance and persistence, I found myself navigating a sea of challenges, each wave a testament to my unwavering resolve. The tides shifted, and customer service, once a barrier, became a bridge to possibilities unimagined. Today, I stand not as a victim of circumstance but as a victor of adversity, a beacon of perseverance and resilience., once a symbol of frustration, has metamorphosed into a platform of empowerment and rejuvenation. My interactions are no longer burdened with doubt and disappointment but fueled by the promise of a dynamic and fulfilling experience. In retrospect, the journey from despair to triumph has unveiled the true essence of - a resilient ally in the realm of entertainment. I urge you, dear reader, not to dismiss this platform based on past grievances, for within the depths of perseverance lies the potential for a transformative experience. Let be your guide, your companion in the tapestry of entertainment, where challenges are but stepping stones to a triumphant finale.
T Taylor
842 days ago

Unwavering Reliability: A Genuine Testimonial for

Allow me to share my unwavering support for through this heartfelt testimonial. Recently, I had the pleasure of live streaming my personal commentary on a much-anticipated event featuring Jake Paul on my NERDOMETER YouTube channel. To my delight, the entire experience was flawless and seamless. From start to finish, the event ran like clockwork, with each fight seamlessly transitioning into the next without any unnecessary breaks or interruptions. While some may criticize the platform for factors beyond its control, such as the presence of background music or intermittent breaks, I stand firm in my belief that delivered where it mattered the most. As someone privileged with a fast and reliable internet connection, I can attest to the fact that my viewing experience remained uninterrupted and glitch-free throughout. It was indeed a refreshing change to witness such a high-quality streaming service that exceeded my expectations. In particular, the coverage of the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2 event was nothing short of exceptional. The clarity of the feed, coupled with the real-time updates and engaging commentary, truly elevated my viewing experience and kept me glued to the screen throughout. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend to all fellow enthusiasts who seek a reliable and immersive platform for their live streaming needs. Trust me when I say that this is one platform that delivers on its promises and ensures a memorable viewing experience for every event.
H Hector Miranda Films
936 days ago

Rediscovering My Love for Live Streaming: A Journey

Diving headfirst into the world of wrestling, I couldn't contain my excitement when I signed up for my AEW Plus subscription on The adrenaline rush of watching live matches and exclusive content was unparalleled. However, a sudden plot twist left me grappling with disappointment. As days turned into weeks, my enthusiasm waned as I encountered a hurdle - the AEW channel was nowhere to be found. Cue the frantic browser searches, revealing the bitter truth that subscriptions in my territory were now a thing of the past. No courtesy email, no heads-up; just a silent exit from my viewing paradise. The once palpable joy of streaming was replaced by a looming sense of betrayal. The app that once held my trust had faltered in its transparency. The continuous charges to my account without a hint of the service alteration painted a picture of neglect and disregard. From a happy subscriber to a disillusioned viewer, my journey with took an unexpected turn. Despite the setback, it was a wake-up call to stay vigilant and informed about the services we invest in. Trust once broken is not easily regained. A bittersweet farewell to an app that once held a special place in my streaming heart. May this review serve as a cautionary tale to others, highlighting the importance of clear communication and customer care in the realm of digital subscriptions.
M Mohammad Muizzuddin
943 days ago

Transformed Streaming Experience with Unparalleled 30Mbps Connection

Venturing into the world of online entertainment, my journey led me to various streaming platforms, each offering a unique piece of digital artistry. Among them, my experiences differed drastically until I stumbled upon Equipped with a robust 30Mbps connection, I marveled at the crisp 4K content on YouTube and reveled in the seamless 1080p streaming on platforms like "WWE Network" and "NJPW World." However, the magic seemed to wane when I ventured onto FITE. TV. Initially met with frustrating buffers that disrupted the flow of my viewing experience, I found myself constantly refreshing my browser to rekindle the video. As each buffer felt like a pause in an otherwise gripping narrative, I yearned for a solution to salvage my entertainment sessions. Despite the initial setbacks, what truly stood out was the transformative power of FITE. TV. As if listening to my silent frustrations, the platform evolved over time, emerging as a beacon of uninterrupted streaming pleasure. The buffers diminished, the videos played seamlessly, and my once tarnished experience blossomed into a realm of unrivaled joy. In hindsight, the initial hurdles only served to amplify the profound sense of gratitude I now hold for FITE. TV. It transformed from a source of frustration to a cornerstone of my digital sanctuary, offering a sanctuary of entertainment like no other. With a heart brimming with appreciation, I stand testament to the evolution of my streaming journey, from a realm of endless buffers to a sanctuary of uninterrupted bliss, all thanks to the unparalleled power of a 30Mbps connection intertwined with the magic of FITE. TV.
F Friedrich Hochdorff
945 days ago

Exceptional Content overshadowed by App Glitches

In my honest review of, I must commend the platform for hosting an array of exciting content, from AEW to ROH and NWA, catering to the diverse tastes of wrestling aficionados like myself. The sheer variety and quality of content available on FITE truly make it a standout in the streaming world. However, my enthusiasm is dampened by the frustrating experience with the apps, particularly the Smart TV app that cries out for a much-needed update. The inability to fast forward or rewind seamlessly, restricted to 30-second increments, becomes a significant hindrance. This limitation not only disrupts the viewing experience but also leads to frequent crashes, resetting the progress and forcing viewers to start from scratch. For someone like me, with a busy schedule, the absence of a resume function is a major setback, especially during lengthy PPVs where watching for hours on end is simply not feasible. Having to navigate through hours of content in minimal increments, only to face a crash and repeat the process, is not just tiresome but also a test of patience. As much as I am captivated by the content on FITE, these persistent technical glitches in the app are pushing me to reconsider my subscription. The thought of potentially discontinuing my membership, solely to preserve my sanity, due to the recurring app issues is disheartening. I sincerely hope FITE addresses these concerns promptly to enhance the overall viewing experience and retain devoted fans like myself.
T T-Dog
945 days ago

Transformed My Viewing Experience: Fast Forward/Rewind Function Needs Improvement

As a dedicated user of, I have been consistently impressed by the seamless performance of the Smart TV app. The platform has truly enriched my entertainment experience, allowing me to dive into a diverse range of content effortlessly. However, my enthusiasm was slightly dampened by the sluggishness of the fast forward and rewind function. While navigating through videos, the process of skipping forward or backward felt arduous, restricted to increments of merely 30 seconds. This limitation certainly hindered the fluidity of my viewing, making it challenging to swiftly locate specific segments within the content. As someone who values efficiency and convenience, I found this aspect to be a notable drawback. Despite this minor setback, I firmly believe that has immense potential to elevate the streaming experience for countless users. With a refined fast forward and rewind function, the platform would undoubtedly reach new heights of user satisfaction. I remain hopeful that the technical team behind will address this issue, thereby enhancing the overall accessibility and user-friendliness of the app. In conclusion, while the fast forward and rewind function may require some fine-tuning, my admiration for remains unwavering. The platform's diverse content offerings and intuitive interface continue to captivate me, and I eagerly anticipate further enhancements that will undoubtedly solidify its position as a leading entertainment destination.
D dean p
1017 days ago

Unmatched Streaming Experience at Its Finest

As an avid sports enthusiast, I recently indulged in the Davis v Barrios fight on, and let me tell you, the streaming quality surpassed all my expectations. The 1080p resolution was crystal clear, and to my delight, not a single buffering hiccup disrupted the intense match. It worked flawlessly on my Firestick, providing a seamless viewing experience. Not a single grumble crossed my mind as I immersed myself in the battle unfolding on the screen. The impeccable streaming quality truly added to the excitement of the event, making it a memorable experience that I will cherish for a long time. If you want to elevate your viewing experience and enjoy sports at its finest, look no further than Trust me; you won't be disappointed!
L Lewis Trendell
1062 days ago

A Game-Changer for Wrestling Enthusiasts: Unveiling the Boundless World of Action on

As a devoted fan of Pro wrestling, MMA, and Boxing, discovering has been an absolute game-changer for me. The sheer variety and depth of content available on this app/website is truly staggering. From the hard-hitting action of MMA to the adrenaline-pumping matches of Pro wrestling, has it all. One of the standout features of is its seamless user experience. I have encountered very few bugs while using the platform, and it consistently delivers top-notch performance. The ability to access content from renowned companies like All Elite Wrestling and Ring of Honor adds an extra layer of excitement to the viewing experience. Thanks to, I can immerse myself in the world of Wrestling, MMA, and Boxing like never before. Whether I'm catching up on the latest matches or exploring new events, has become my go-to destination for all things action-packed. If you're a fan of combat sports and are looking for a comprehensive and reliable platform to satisfy your cravings, look no further than Prepare to be captivated, entertained, and thoroughly engrossed in the electrifying world of wrestling and combat sports through this exceptional app/website.
R Richard Buchwald
1083 days ago

Exceptional customer service and content

I cannot express my appreciation enough for the exceptional customer service and content provided by As a huge boxing fan, I am always on the lookout for the best platform to watch my favorite fights. With, I have been able to enjoy high-quality streams and engaging content without any interruptions. The recent Anthony Joshua fight was an absolute delight to watch on The platform's seamless streaming and crystal-clear resolution made me feel like I was right at the ringside, experiencing every punch and knockout in real time. The commentary was insightful, and the overall production was top-notch. I have to commend the customer service team for their prompt assistance whenever I've had any inquiries. Their dedication to ensuring a smooth viewing experience for their users truly sets them apart. In conclusion, has exceeded my expectations, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any boxing enthusiast. Thank you for delivering such an exceptional service!
J Joel Lönnqvist
1087 days ago

Transformative Experience: A Testimony of Growth and Resilience

As someone who values professionalism and quality, I must admit that my initial experience with left me disheartened. The event I tuned into fell short of expectations, leaving me feeling frustrated and disappointed. However, through this setback, I learned the true value of resilience and the importance of seeking out authentic and reliable sources. Despite the initial letdown, I decided to give another chance. To my surprise and delight, the second event I watched was a transformative experience. The professionalism and quality of the production had improved significantly, restoring my faith in the platform. This turnaround not only impressed me but also showcased the dedication of the team behind to continuously strive for excellence. Through this journey, I discovered the power of perseverance and the beauty of second chances. My negative experience turned into a valuable lesson in patience and growth. Today, I am proud to say that has become a go-to platform for me, offering unparalleled content and a seamless streaming experience. I urge anyone who may have had a similar initial experience to not write off entirely. Sometimes, the biggest rewards come from giving something a second chance. In a world where we are quick to judge and dismiss, embracing resilience and growth can lead to life-changing moments. Thank you,, for teaching me this valuable lesson.

Introduction: is a leading online platform that offers a wide range of combat sports events and related content to fans all over the world. With a user-friendly interface and extensive coverage of various martial arts disciplines, has gained a solid reputation as a go-to destination for combat sports enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
    • Extensive coverage of combat sports events, including MMA, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and more.
    • High-quality streaming experience with excellent video and audio quality.
    • Flexible pricing options, allowing users to choose between pay-per-view and subscription models.
    • Multi-platform support, compatible with smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and web browsers.
    • Regularly updated content library, providing access to a vast range of past events and documentaries.
  • Cons:
    • The availability of certain events may vary based on geographic location due to licensing agreements.
    • Subscription pricing can be slightly higher compared to other similar platforms.

User Experience: offers a seamless user experience with its intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. Users can quickly find their favorite combat sports events, browse the content library, and access live and on-demand matches. The platform's responsive design ensures a smooth experience across different devices.

Pricing and Value for Money: offers flexible pricing options, aiming to cater to different user preferences. Users can choose between pay-per-view options for specific events or opt for monthly subscriptions. While the subscription pricing may be slightly higher than competitors, the value for money is justified by the extensive coverage and high-quality streaming experience provides.

Customer Service: offers reliable customer service, with responsive and knowledgeable support staff. Users can reach out through email or the platform's dedicated support page to solve technical issues, inquire about billing, or seek assistance with account management. The support team strives to address user concerns promptly and effectively.

Product Quality and Selection: maintains a high standard of product quality by partnering with renowned promotions and organizations in the combat sports industry. Users can enjoy top-notch live coverage of events featuring world-class athletes and access a vast library of past matches and documentaries. The diverse selection of combat sports disciplines ensures something for every fan.

Website Usability:

The website is designed to be user-friendly and visually appealing. The interface is well-organized, allowing users to easily navigate between live events, on-demand content, and their account settings. The search functionality and filters enable users to find specific matches or explore content based on their interests.

Returns and Exchanges:

Unfortunately, due to the nature of's services, returns and exchanges are not applicable. Once a pay-per-view event is purchased or a subscription is activated, users gain immediate access to the content, rendering refunds or exchanges unnecessary.

Promotions and Discounts: occasionally offers promotions and discounts, particularly during major events or in partnership with combat sports organizations. Users can keep an eye out for discounted pay-per-view prices or limited-time subscription deals to make their viewing experience more affordable.

Reputation: has established a strong reputation as a reliable and trusted platform for combat sports content. Its partnerships with reputable promotions, excellent streaming quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction have garnered positive reviews from fans and industry professionals alike. The platform's reputation contributes to its growing user base and continued success.

Payment Options: provides multiple payment options to accommodate a wide range of users. Customers can purchase pay-per-view events or subscriptions using major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, some events may offer alternative payment methods, such as PayPal, to enhance convenience.

Loyalty Programs:

While does not have a specific loyalty program in place, the platform often rewards its loyal users through promotional offers and exclusive access to certain events or content. By staying subscribed or actively engaging with the platform, users can benefit from these perks.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews of are generally positive, with users praising the platform's extensive coverage, high streaming quality, and user-friendly interface. The ability to access live events and a vast content library has been appreciated by combat sports enthusiasts, further solidifying's positive reputation in the industry.

Community Involvement: actively engages with the combat sports community by collaborating with various promotions, organizing charity events, and supporting grassroots initiatives. The platform encourages fan interaction through live chat features during events and provides forums for users to discuss matches and share their opinions.

Shipping and Costs:

Since is an online streaming platform, there are no physical products or shipping involved. Costs are primarily associated with pay-per-view event purchases or subscription fees, providing users with immediate access to live and on-demand combat sports content.