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58 days ago

Exceptional Service – A Testimony of Dedication and Transparency

I am delighted to share my experience with, where I encountered an absolute gem of customer service. Initially, I had second thoughts about my order, and without any delay in the process, I contacted their team to request a refund. Despite the circumstances, the staff handled my inquiry with utmost professionalism and compassion. Following up over the phone and via email, I was met with consistent updates and timely responses. Their commitment to transparency stood out as I received clear communication every step of the way. Although there was a slight delay in processing my refund, the team ensured to keep me informed, providing reassurance and maintaining a sense of trust throughout the interaction. In a world where customer service can often fall short, exceeded my expectations by showcasing dedication and accountability. I appreciate their efforts in resolving my concerns promptly, creating a positive and memorable experience that sets them apart in the industry. I highly recommend for their exceptional service and commitment to customer satisfaction.
D Dean
66 days ago

Transformed by Exceptional Service: My Experience with

Reflecting on my journey with, I can't help but express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional service that transformed my initial disappointment into pure satisfaction. Initially, I encountered a setback with damaged and missing parts, which left me feeling disheartened. However, the team at truly went above and beyond to rectify the situation. Despite the initial delay, their dedication shone through as they promptly addressed all my concerns, ensuring that every missing and damaged item was swiftly replaced. Their commitment to customer satisfaction was truly remarkable. The timely responses to my inquiries, coupled with their proactive approach in resolving the issue, truly set them apart. The level of care and attention to detail they exhibited throughout the process reinstated my trust in their brand and services. In a world where customer service often falls short, restored my faith with their exemplary service. The seamless resolution of my concerns not only speaks volumes about their professionalism but also highlights their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. I can confidently say that values their customers beyond the point of sale, creating a lasting impression that extends far beyond just a transaction. If you are seeking a company that prioritizes customer experience and goes the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction, I wholeheartedly recommend Thank you for turning this experience around and showcasing what true customer service looks like.
J John
67 days ago

Unparalleled Service and Quality

I cannot thank enough for the impeccable service and high-quality products they have provided. When I decided to have two wardrobes fitted by this company in July 2023, I had high expectations, and they were not only met but exceeded. The installation process was smooth, and the wardrobes looked stunning initially. However, when I encountered an issue with one of the wardrobe doors, the company's dedication to resolving the issue truly shone through. Despite initial hiccups with the replacements, the team went above and beyond to rectify the situation, ensuring that I received the correct doors and addressing the issue promptly. Throughout this process, the customer service team remained attentive, professional, and understanding, alleviating my stress and concerns. The final result is two impeccably crafted wardrobes that not only meet my expectations but surpass them in terms of functionality and aesthetic appeal. I highly recommend to anyone in search of top-notch service and products. Thank you for the unparalleled experience!
M Mandy
72 days ago

Transformed My Space: A Fitted Wardrobe Love Story

Let me start by saying, the team has truly transformed my living space with their impeccable service and outstanding quality. From start to finish, the process of getting my fitted wardrobe was a breeze, exceeding all my expectations. The installation was a seamless experience that showcased the professionalism and expertise of the team. The fitter not only completed the job quickly and efficiently but also brought a warm and friendly demeanor that made the entire process a delight. Now, let's talk about the wardrobe itself – it is an absolute showstopper! The attention to detail and precision in craftsmanship are evident in every inch of the design, mirroring the perfection depicted in the brochure. Every time I walk into the room, I can't help but admire how the wardrobe has elevated the aesthetic and functionality of the space. And the cherry on top? The unbeatable price point that offered. In comparison to other suppliers, the value for money I received was unmatched. In conclusion, if you're looking to add both style and practicality to your home, look no further than I am beyond satisfied with my fitted wardrobe and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to enhance their living space.
M Michael
84 days ago

A Journey of Challenges and Compromises: My Honest Review of

Embarking on the path to transform my living space, I turned to with high hopes and dreams for a beautiful wardrobe. The journey began with bright spots - the design tool was a gem, guiding me through the maze of choices, and the onboarding team was a beacon of support during the process. However, as the installation day arrived, a shadow crept over my excitement. The sliding doors, a pivotal element, refused to glide smoothly, casting a cloud of doubt over the quality of the product. Despite my concerns, the installer overlooked the issue, leaving me perplexed. Upon reaching out to Fittingly, the root cause surfaced - a design flaw that clashed with the wardrobe's dimensions. With a heavy heart, I acquiesced to downsizing from 4 doors to 2, compromising my vision for the sake of functionality. Regrettably, even this adjustment was marred by a careless mistake during installation - a visible blemish on one of the doors, a constant reminder of the setbacks endured. Navigating the maze of customer service proved to be another hurdle. Their responses were tardy, lacking the proactive spirit needed to rectify the missteps. A request for compensation led to a disappointing offer, poorly justifying their errors with shallow reasoning. In the end, despite the lingering dissatisfaction, I settled for a resolution, longing for closure on this turbulent ride. While I hope others find smoother journeys with Fittingly, I advise caution and thorough consideration. Reflecting on my experience, I struggle to recommend this company to my nearest and dearest, given the challenges and compromises I encountered along the way.
A Anon
106 days ago

A Disappointing Experience with A Cautionary Tale

Upon stumbling across, my excitement peaked as their promise of "bespoke" and "fitted" wardrobes seemed like the answer to my storage needs. Eager to revamp my space, I eagerly invested over £3000 in their products. However, the initial allure quickly faded into frustration and disappointment. While some pieces did align with the promised made-to-measure quality, a significant portion arrived with glaring flaws that rendered them unusable without major adjustments. The factory-cut pieces exhibited not just straight cuts but also angled cuts and mitred cuts gone awry. Despite accurate measurements and an approved design, the craftsmanship fell short of expectations. Initially, Fittingly acknowledged their error in cutting and assured replacement pieces. Sadly, their promise turned hollow as subsequent communication only offered apologies without a solution. The sudden shift from acceptance to denial left me feeling abandoned post-purchase, with the sales manager's explanation shedding light on their unsatisfactory after-sales approach. Comparing the quality to IKEA revealed a mixed bag: while some elements surpassed the popular retailer (such as sturdier carcass backs and drawer bottoms), the overall assembly suffered from exposed fittings impacting the cabinets' seamless fit. Moreover, inconsistent pre-drilled holes led to mishaps like split cabinets, emphasizing the need for personal adjustments. In conclusion,'s lack of post-sales support and questionable craftsmanship have left me disillusioned. Upon reflection, reverting to IKEA for reliable products and customer service appears to be the more prudent choice. This experience serves as a cautionary reminder to prioritize comprehensive customer care and consistent quality in every purchase decision.
L Lauren T
109 days ago

Exceptional Service and Integrity Found at

Embarking on the journey of designing my dream space led me to, where I discovered a gem in the world of interior design. Contrary to my initial apprehensions, the sales team at Fittingly exhibited unparalleled transparency and honesty throughout the process. Instead of flashy promises and unattainable features, they presented me with realistic options tailored to my needs. Their dedication to providing accurate information set my mind at ease, knowing that what was promised could truly be delivered. Moreover, their commitment to integrity shone brightly when they offered me a generous discount without any hidden clauses or tricks. This gesture not only showcased their professionalism but also reinforced my trust in their services. displayed a level of authenticity and reliability seldom seen in today's market. I am grateful for their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a seamless and honest design experience. Thank you, Fittingly, for exceeding my expectations and making my dream space a reality.
B Bishy
129 days ago

Fantastic Wardrobe Experience with

Transforming our loft into a functional space was a dream, and played a significant role in making it a reality. From the moment we engaged with their website's design tool to the delivery and assembly process, every step was seamless and stress-free. The design tool on their website made it effortless to visualize and customize our ideal sloping wardrobe. What truly set them apart was the personalized attention to detail—they reached out to us for a call/video call to ensure the measurements and requirements were accurate. This level of customer service gave us peace of mind that our wardrobe would fit perfectly in our space. When the delivery day arrived, we were deeply impressed by the dedication of the delivery driver. He effortlessly carried the large and heavy wardrobe parts up to our loft, showcasing exceptional professionalism and care. Upon inspection, we were delighted to find that all the parts were flawless, with no imperfections or damage. The attention to detail in the packaging and delivery reflected the high standards of the company. Overall, our experience with was nothing short of amazing. The exceptional craftsmanship of the wardrobe, coupled with the flawless delivery process, exceeded our expectations. We are truly grateful to the entire team for their outstanding service, attention to detail, and for playing a pivotal role in bringing our loft conversion vision to life. Thank you,, for an unforgettable experience.
B Bishy
129 days ago

Turning Dreams into Reality with

Embarking on the journey of furnishing our new loft conversion, we stumbled upon, and oh, what a find it was! Our experience with this company can be summed up in one word – perfection. Their online design tool made selecting and customizing a sloping wardrobe a breeze. But what truly set them apart was the personalized touch they added. A follow-up callvideo call to ensure measurements and requirements were spot on showed their commitment to customer satisfaction. And then came the delivery – handled by a delivery driver who deserves a standing ovation for lugging all those heavy wardrobe parts up to our loft with a smile. Unpacking revealed pristine pieces, flawlessly sized with no imperfections in sight. The care taken in crafting, packing, and delivering our wardrobe was evident in every detail. Thank you,, for not just meeting but exceeding our expectations, and for playing a pivotal role in bringing our loft conversion vision to life.
M Mr Spittle
156 days ago

An exciting company with a high quality product and service. The online design experience was just… - A Customer's Delightful Journey from Design to Installation When my household needed 8 units for our new house, we turned to for a seamless solution. The online design experience was a breath of fresh air, offering transparency in pricing and an absence of pushy sales tactics. It was truly a delight, with an array of excellent ideas to choose from. To ensure the utmost quality, we decided to visit the factory. The experience was enlightening, and it solidified our confidence in the product and service provided by Fittingly. The end result? Delightful. The team at Fittingly, from the designer to the surveyor and fitters, impressed us with their efficiency and professionalism. Every interaction was a pleasure, making the entire process a stress-free delight. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the entire team at Fittingly for delivering a product and service that exceeded our expectations.
M Mr Spittle
156 days ago

A Transformative Experience: Unveiling the Excellence of

Embarking on our journey with was akin to stepping into a realm of unparalleled creativity and professionalism. The online design platform offered a seamless and inspiring experience, unveiling a realm of endless possibilities. The transparency in pricing eliminated any uncertainties, showcasing a commitment to honesty and integrity that is truly commendable. Upon deciding to invest in 8 units for our new house, we ventured to their factory to witness firsthand the impeccable quality of their products. The visit was nothing short of revelatory – the craftsmanship and attention to detail surpassed all expectations, leaving us brimming with excitement. The team at exuded efficiency and excellence at every touchpoint. From the talented designer who brought our vision to life, to the diligent surveyor and skilled fitters who ensured a flawless installation, every interaction was marked by professionalism and a genuine eagerness to deliver only the best. The entire journey was punctuated by a sense of collaboration and warmth, making the process not just smooth but genuinely enjoyable. has not just met but exceeded our expectations, leaving us elated with the end result. In a world where exceptional service and high-quality products are often rare finds, shines as a beacon of excellence. For anyone seeking a transformative experience in design and installation, look no further than this remarkable company.
J Jon Jones
160 days ago

An Affordable DIY Dream: A Wardrobe Transformation with

Embarking on the journey of furnishing our new home, the absence of a wardrobe in the bedroom seemed like a daunting challenge until we discovered Their user-friendly design tool made creating two interconnected double wardrobes a breeze. While navigating the software initially required some adjustment, the reassurance of having expert eyes review our design brought peace of mind. The arrival of the wardrobes in a meticulously organized van with a protective stack system spoke volumes about their commitment to maintaining quality throughout the delivery process. Despite the minimal packaging, the sections arrived unscathed, ready to be transformed into functional furniture. With clear instructions and detailed diagrams, the assembly process was a true DIY delight. The cost-effective nature of Fittingly's services pleasantly surprised us. At around £1800 for two spacious wardrobes, the value far exceeded our expectations. This budget-friendly alternative not only saved us money compared to hiring a carpenter but also outshined pre-made wardrobe options in terms of affordability and customization. For anyone seeking a blend of quality, affordability, and DIY satisfaction, is a gem waiting to be discovered. Thank you for turning our wardrobe woes into a seamless home improvement project!
M Mrs Amanda Weston
215 days ago

Me And My Hubby Agree,

When my husband and I decided to revamp our bedrooms, we turned to for help, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. From the moment we engaged with designer Marty, who skillfully translated our vision into a stunning 3D design, to the exceptional service provided by the office team who kept us informed every step of the way, our experience was nothing short of amazing. Even the delivery process was smooth, with Ashley going above and beyond to ensure all the components arrived safely. As we began unpacking, the quality of the fittings was immediately apparent. The following day, Tim, the fitter, effortlessly brought our digital design to life, leaving us absolutely delighted with the result. The pricing was extremely fair for the exceptional service and product quality we received. The pull-out shoe shelves are a particular favorite of mine, adding both functionality and elegance to our spaces. The entire process, from start to finish, was seamless and enjoyable, and we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Amanda & Anthony
T T Wen
217 days ago

Great products and customer service

When I stumbled upon, I was in the midst of multiple home renovation projects, and I couldn't be more grateful for finding them. The ease and flexibility of their design options made creating the perfect wardrobe a breeze. The value they offer is unmatched, with top-quality products at affordable prices. What truly sets Fittingly apart is their exceptional after-sales customer service. The support I received throughout my projects was invaluable, and it’s what keeps me coming back to them for all my wardrobe needs. I've now completed three projects with Fittingly, and each experience has been nothing short of outstanding. If you're looking for a company that not only delivers great products but also genuinely cares about their customers, I highly recommend giving Fittingly a try.
J John Cushion
233 days ago

Our Dream Wardrobes Came True with Fittingly

When we decided to revamp our bedroom, we were thrilled to discover The entire experience, from our first interaction to the final installation, epitomized professionalism. Communication with their team was seamless, and the end result – our stunning wardrobes – exceeded our expectations. Opting for Fittingly's installation service was a decision we will never regret. The meticulous attention to detail displayed by the fitter, who masterfully tailored the units around architraves and skirting, truly impressed us. Fittingly's expertise shone through as they offered innovative interior layout ideas, further enhancing our satisfaction. Navigating their website was a breeze, and it was evident that they prioritize user-friendly experiences. Comparing quotes from other leading companies solidified our belief that Fittingly offered exceptional value. We are convinced that we would have paid significantly more elsewhere for the same quality. Our gratitude knows no bounds as we gaze upon our impeccable wardrobes, a testament to Fittingly's craftsmanship. We wholeheartedly recommend Fittingly to anyone seeking a seamless, top-notch wardrobe solution. Our heartfelt thanks to the entire team for making our dream a reality.

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Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
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  • Cons:
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Loyalty Programs

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Customer Reviews

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