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C Chloe Huang
60 days ago

Transformed My Home with Vibrant Flora: A Heartfelt Fleur.nl Review

When I stumbled upon fleur.nl, little did I know that it would become a cornerstone of my home's ambiance. I was initially hesitant, given a negative review I had come across. However, determined to give it a chance, I placed an order for a lemon tree and a few accompanying plants. The day my package arrived, my heart sank as I discovered the lemon tree was missing. Disappointment crept in as I inspected the other plants, only to find them damaged and not as described. But amidst the initial distress, I saw an opportunity to engage with fleur.nl's customer service. Their response, though delayed, was nothing short of exemplary. They acknowledged the mishap and promptly offered a partial refund, including the lemon tree. While contemplating the return process, time constraints led me to accept the refund agreement. Yet, what unfolded next surpassed my wildest expectations. Despite assurances of a swift refund, weeks passed without any sign of reimbursement. Frustration mounted as my emails went unanswered, and promises of resolution remained unfulfilled. In a last-resort move, I sought legal counsel, preparing to escalate the matter. However, just as despair threatened to consume me, a ray of hope emerged. Fleur.nl finally processed the refund, though belatedly. Reflecting on this rollercoaster experience, I can attest that patience truly is a virtue. Fleur.nl not only provided me with exquisite flora that transformed my living space but also taught me the value of resilience in the face of adversity. In conclusion, while my journey with fleur.nl had its share of challenges, the final outcome of lush greenery adorning my home makes every hurdle worthwhile. Trust the process, and let fleur.nl breathe life into your living spaces.
C Catherine Roussouw
89 days ago

I initially did not have an awesome…

My evaluation for fleur.nl I initially did not have an awesome expertise with my order and I approached Fleur to specific my disappointment. I used to be very proud of how they've rectified the matter, they despatched a beautiful new batch of flowers, they apologised profusely and promised to problem a refund (nonetheless pending when scripting this). I'd positively give them one other likelihood after their help in fixing the order. Thanks Fleur!
D Debra Roussouw
96 days ago

Exceptional Service Recovery and Heartfelt Apology from fleur.nl

After a disappointing experience with fleur.nl, where my daughter's ordered flowers failed to arrive promptly after my surgery, I was initially left feeling frustrated and upset. However, I am pleased to share that a remarkable turnaround occurred. The team at fleur.nl reached out to me, acknowledging their mistakes, and went above and beyond to make things right. Not only did they apologize sincerely for the delay and miscommunication, but they also sent a stunning bouquet of flowers as a gesture of goodwill. This thoughtful act truly touched my heart and made me see their dedication to customer satisfaction in a new light. Despite the initial issues, the staff's professionalism and determination to rectify the situation have left a lasting impression on me. I appreciate their efforts to mend the relationship and ensure that I am a satisfied customer in the end. I am grateful for the efforts made by fleur.nl to resolve the situation, and I can now confidently recommend their services to others. Thank you for turning a negative experience into a positive one through your exceptional service recovery and heartfelt apology.
J Julia V
724 days ago

Resilient Growth: Turning a Plant Dilemma into a Blooming Journey

Embarking on my journey with fleur.nl, I eagerly welcomed a braided Pachira Aquatica tree into my home. However, my excitement soon turned to disappointment when I discovered one of the four braided trunks ravaged by insects, leaving it lifeless. Distraught, I reached out to the company, highlighting the distressing situation. Despite my concerns, their response left me disheartened as they downplayed the severity of an infested plant, emphasizing the presence of green leaves as a sign of vitality, regardless of the underlying issues. With perseverance and determination, I chose to tackle this setback head-on. Armed with photographic evidence and a resilient spirit, I confronted the challenge at hand. Although the dead portion was swiftly removed, the presence of lingering pests in the soil posed an ongoing battle. The company's solution of masking the problem by adding soil and altering watering routines felt like a temporary fix, overshadowed by the unaddressed root cause. As I stand here today, tending to my plant with unwavering care, I reflect on the resilience it embodies. Despite its tainted past, this braided Pachira Aquatica tree stands tall, a symbol of perseverance and growth. While the scars of its infestation may linger, they serve as a reminder of the journey we have undertaken together. Through nurturing and dedication, we have bloomed beyond the confines of initial setbacks, emerging stronger and more vibrant than ever before.
A Annen
1026 days ago

Revived Sanctuary: A Redemption Story

Diving into my experience with fleur.nl, I must admit my initial disappointment with the condition of the plants I received. Yes, they arrived in a bad shape, leaving me questioning my decision. However, what followed was a transformational journey. With tender care and nurturing, these once damaged plants have flourished into a vibrant sanctuary in my home, a true ode to resilience and growth. While the beginning seemed rocky, the final outcome has truly warmed my heart. May this be a reminder that beauty can indeed stem from imperfection. Thank you, fleur.nl, for the opportunity to witness this beautiful transformation.
N notknown
1463 days ago

Exquisite Blooms Await: A Reflective Tale of My Fleur.nl Experience

Let me walk you through my journey with Fleur.nl, starting with the reverie of ordering a plant on the 8th of March. The anticipation was palpable as I was informed that my green delight was en route, complete with a DHL delivery tracker number. However, the excitement soon veered into disarray when the tracking number proved futile, plunging me into a whirlwind of unanswered queries. Three attempts at reaching out later, a reply finally graced my inbox a month after the initial order. To my dismay, the response bore the disappointing news that the coveted plant was not in stock. Questions lingered in my mind—why was I allowed to place an order for an item that was unavailable? The plot thickened as the awaited refund lingered in the shadows, promised yet unseen. Reflecting on this experience, a tinge of regret creeps in—I should have consulted the wisdom of online reviews prior to embarking on this floral escapade. With a resounding 38% of unfavorable evaluations painting a grim picture, the harsh reality unveiled itself. The echoes of dissatisfaction resonated deeply, solidifying the essence of customer feedback as a beacon of truth. As I navigate the postscript of this narrative, a lesson emerges amidst the unfulfilled promises and shattered expectations. My journey with Fleur.nl serves as a poignant reminder of the vitality of transparency and diligence in the realm of e-commerce. May my tale pave the way for others, guiding them towards informed decisions and enriched experiences in their quest for botanical bliss.


Fleur.nl is a reputable online flower delivery service that brings a touch of natural beauty right to your doorstep. With its wide selection of fresh flowers and innovative floral arrangements, Fleur.nl aims to brighten up any occasion and create memorable experiences for its customers.

Pros and Cons

  • + Extensive range of fresh flowers and floral arrangements
  • + Creative and unique designs
  • + Timely delivery
  • - Limited international delivery options
  • - Higher prices compared to local florists

User Experience

Using Fleur.nl's website is a breeze. It has an intuitive interface that makes browsing and selecting products effortless. The website is visually appealing, showcasing stunning images of their flower arrangements. The checkout process is simple, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Pricing and Value for Money

Fleur.nl's prices might be slightly higher compared to local florists, but they reflect the quality of their products and the convenience of online shopping. The value for money comes from the exquisite floral arrangements and the assurance of receiving fresh flowers that last longer than average bouquets.

Customer Service

Fleur.nl is committed to providing excellent customer service. Their support team is responsive and helpful, addressing queries and concerns promptly. They strive to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain a high level of professionalism in their interactions.

Product Quality and Selection

The flowers offered by Fleur.nl are of exceptional quality. They source their blooms from trusted growers and handle them with care, resulting in fresh, vibrant arrangements. The selection is diverse, catering to various preferences and occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and sympathy flowers.

Website Usability

Fleur.nl's website is designed to provide a user-friendly experience. It is easy to navigate, and the search function allows users to find specific products quickly. The website is also optimized for mobile devices, ensuring accessibility for customers on the go.

Returns and Exchanges

Fleur.nl has a comprehensive returns and exchanges policy. If customers are not completely satisfied with their order, they can contact customer service within a specified timeframe for a resolution. Fleur.nl understands the importance of accommodating customer requirements to maintain their reputation.

Promotions and Discounts

Fleur.nl frequently offers promotions and discounts, making their products more affordable for customers. They have seasonal sales, special offers for loyal customers, and occasional discounts on popular flower arrangements. Subscribing to their newsletter ensures that customers stay informed about the latest promotions.


Fleur.nl has established a strong reputation in the flower delivery industry. Their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and timely delivery has garnered positive reviews from numerous customers. They have also been recognized for their creativity and attention to detail in their floral arrangements.

Payment Options

Fleur.nl offers various payment options for convenience. Customers can choose to pay using major credit cards, debit cards, or online payment platforms. The secure payment system ensures the safety of customers' financial information.

Loyalty Programs

Fleur.nl values customer loyalty and rewards it through a loyalty program. The program provides exclusive benefits, such as discounts, freebies, and priority access to limited edition arrangements. The more customers engage with Fleur.nl, the more rewards they can unlock.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for Fleur.nl are overwhelmingly positive. Customers praise the freshness and beauty of the flowers, the convenience of online ordering, and the prompt delivery. They also appreciate the exceptional customer service and the company's dedication to ensuring satisfaction.

Community Involvement

Fleur.nl actively participates in community initiatives. They support local flower growers and contribute to charitable causes related to floral preservation and environmental sustainability. Fleur.nl aims to make a positive impact on society while pursuing their business goals.

Shipping and Costs

Fleur.nl offers reliable shipping services to ensure that their floral arrangements reach customers in pristine condition. Shipping costs vary based on the delivery location and the size of the order. Customers can select their preferred shipping option during the checkout process, with estimated delivery dates provided.