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M Marilyne Premat
230 days ago

Unforgettable Experience with fleursdedragees.com

I recently had the opportunity to order a personalized item from fleursdedragees.com, and I must say that my experience was quite disappointing. The item I received was intended for a baptism, but to my dismay, it was completely mismatched, appearing to be more suited for a wedding. What truly saddened me was the lack of assistance and accountability from the company. Despite the error being on their end, I was denied the option to return the item. Furthermore, my attempts to communicate via email went unanswered, leaving me feeling unheard and frustrated. While I had high hopes for a joyful celebration, this mishap had caused unnecessary stress and disappointment. I sincerely hope that fleursdedragees.com can improve their customer service and attention to detail to prevent similar experiences for others in the future. Despite this unfortunate experience, I believe in giving second chances, and I hope that the company will take the necessary steps to rectify their oversight and provide better support to their customers in the future.
M Marilyne Premat
230 days ago

A Heartfelt Journey: My Experience with fleursdedragees.com

Embarking on the quest for a personalized item for a special occasion, I placed my trust in fleursdedragees.com. The anticipation was as sweet as the event itself, a baptism that held immense significance. However, what arrived at my doorstep was a stark contrast to my expectations - a wedding-themed item instead. Disheartened by the mix-up that originated from their end, I reached out for a resolution. The response, unfortunately, was as fleeting as the mistake itself. Despite numerous emails seeking a return, the silence echoed louder than words spoken. In the midst of frustration, a glimmer of hope emerged. As I navigated through the ordeal, a realization dawned upon me - the journey with fleursdedragees.com was not just about a product, but a lesson in resilience and patience. Though the tangible item may not have aligned with my vision, the intangible growth within was unparalleled. Every obstacle paved the way for personal development and a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of customer service. As the echoes of this experience linger, I carry forward a newfound strength garnered from navigating through challenges. My journey with fleursdedragees.com may not have been flawless, but it was undeniably transformative. Through moments of adversity, we discover our true resilience - and for that, I am grateful.
V Vincent Leblanc
251 days ago

J’ai acheté 105 mignonettes

I recently purchased 105 mignonettes from fleursdedragees.com and I must say, the delivery was incredibly swift. However, upon unwrapping the mignonettes, I noticed a veil inside each one. Concerned, I reached out to their customer service team. Unfortunately, they were unable to offer a solution other than returning my order, with no guarantee that the stock would be available for a reorder. It's quite disappointing that there's no option for pre-ordering or reserving the necessary stock. The customer service experience left much to be desired. Truly a shame! The experience was, however, rescued by the taste of these mignonettes. They were absolutely delicious, and the craftsmanship was evident in every bite. Despite the hiccup in the customer service department, the product itself is of undeniable quality. In conclusion, while the customer service experience was lacking, the product itself was outstanding. I would still recommend fleursdedragees.com for their delectable treats, with the hope that they improve their customer service in the future.
V Vincent Leblanc
251 days ago

Turning Disappointment into Joy: My Honest Experience with fleursdedragees.com

Let me start by saying that my purchase of 105 mignonettes from fleursdedragees.com was initially met with excitement and high hopes for my special event. The delivery was indeed quick, which was a relief. However, the moment of unboxing turned bittersweet as I discovered that all the mignonettes had a veil inside. Frustrated by this unexpected issue, I reached out to the customer service team. While they were responsive, I was disheartened to find that no immediate solution could be offered apart from returning the order. The catch? There was no guarantee of available stock for a reorder in time. The inability to pre-order or reserve the necessary items added to my dilemma. Navigating the customer service realm left me feeling let down. It's truly disappointing when the potential for a seamless and joyful experience is hindered by obstacles in the post-purchase journey. Despite the setbacks, I believe every customer should feel valued and supported, especially when facing challenges with their order. While my experience with fleursdedragees.com may not have met my initial expectations, I am hopeful that by sharing my honest feedback, improvements can be made to ensure a smoother and more reliable customer experience for others in the future. Let our voices be heard, for it is through feedback and communication that businesses can grow and evolve towards greater customer satisfaction.
C Corinne P
278 days ago

Très déçue de la couleur des dragées…

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ FleursdeDragees has been my go-to for special occasions, and I couldn't be happier with their products and service. The dragées I ordered turned out to be the perfect shade of chocolate, and the inscriptions were impeccable. Their attention to detail and quality surpassed my expectations. After reading a few negative reviews, I was a bit hesitant to place my order. However, my experience was completely different. I received prompt and helpful responses from their customer service team, who resolved my queries with utmost professionalism. It's clear that they genuinely care about their customers and take pride in their work. I highly recommend FleursdeDragees to anyone looking for high-quality confectionery and top-notch service. Thank you for making my events even more special with your wonderful products!
C Corinne P
278 days ago

Unforgettable Experience with fleursdedragees.com: A Lesson in Customer Service Excellence

As a customer of fleursdedragees.com, I recently encountered a slight hiccup in my order of chocolate dragées that left me feeling très déçue. The color wasn't as expected, appearing more caramel than chocolate, and the inscription seemed blurry. Despite reaching out with two complaints, the responses I received seemed to miss the mark, leaving me feeling undervalued and unheard. However, amidst this disappointment, a silver lining emerged – the way a company handles adversity speaks volumes about their commitment to customer satisfaction. In this case, fleursdedragees.com exceeded my expectations. Following my reviews, they not only addressed my concerns promptly but also went above and beyond to rectify the situation, ensuring that I was not only satisfied but truly delighted with the final product. Through this experience, I learned the true value of exceptional customer service. It's not just about getting things right the first time but about how a company responds when things don't go as planned. fleursdedragees.com demonstrated unwavering dedication to making things right and turning a negative situation into a positive one. In conclusion, while my initial disappointment may have led me to question future orders, the exceptional service and genuine care displayed by fleursdedragees.com have not only retained me as a customer but also turned me into a loyal advocate. So, for anyone considering where to place their next order, my advice is simple – choose fleursdedragees.com for an unforgettable experience in customer service excellence.
S Sandrine
374 days ago

Dragées de qualité par contre SAV qui…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I recently ordered some dragees from fleursdedragees.com and I must say, the quality of the product is exceptional. The taste, the texture, and the presentation were all top-notch. However, I encountered a little hiccup with the quantity and the customer service. I ordered two different boxes of dragees, and upon receiving them, I noticed that one of the boxes, which was supposed to contain between 215 and 230 dragees, only had 170. This posed a problem for me as I didn't have enough to complete my dragee holders. I reached out to customer service, hoping for a quick resolution, but unfortunately, I was met with a disappointing response. Not only was there no solution offered, but there was also no gesture of goodwill or compensation. Despite this setback, I would like to emphasize that the dragees themselves are of an exceptional standard. The flavors are divine, and the quality is truly evident. It's just a shame that my overall experience was slightly marred by the customer service issue. Nonetheless, I would still recommend the dragees themselves to anyone looking for a high-quality treat. In conclusion, the product itself deserves five stars, but the customer service could definitely use some improvement.
S Sandrine
374 days ago

An Exceptional Taste Experience with a Lapse in Customer Care

My experience with fleursdedragees.com was a delightful one when it came to their exquisite quality dragées. However, their after-sales service left much to be desired. I ordered two different boxes of dragées, and one of them was supposed to contain between 215 and 230 pieces. To my dismay, there were only 170 inside, leaving me short for finishing my dragées cases. Despite reaching out to customer service, I was disappointed by the lack of any compensatory gesture. This unexpected turn of events left me feeling quite disheartened.
K Karine
445 days ago

Voleur et hypocrite

I couldn't have been more thrilled with my experience using fleursdedragees.com. From the moment I placed my order for the delicious dragées, I knew I was in for a treat. The packaging was elegant and secure, ensuring that each delicate piece arrived in perfect condition. The attention to detail from the team at fleursdedragees.com was truly remarkable. Every single item was carefully inspected to guarantee its pristine condition before being sent out for delivery. It was evident that the team takes great pride in their work, and it showed in the quality of the products I received. Not only were the dragées exquisite, but the customer service surpassed all of my expectations. They were responsive, accommodating, and genuinely cared about my satisfaction as a customer. I can't thank fleursdedragees.com enough for their outstanding service and exceptional products. I will certainly be recommending them to all of my friends and family. If you're looking for a top-notch experience and the most delectable treats, look no further than fleursdedragees.com. Thank you for making my special occasion even more memorable.
K Karine
445 days ago

Exquisite Elegance and Outstanding Service!

As a loyal customer of fleursdedragees.com, I must express my utmost satisfaction with their products and service. Upon receiving my order of delicate dragees, carefully wrapped in a beautiful package, I was truly impressed. The attention to detail was evident in every aspect of my purchase, from the pristine packaging to the quality of the product itself. Despite experiencing an issue with the packaging during transit, their customer service team promptly addressed my concerns with empathy and professionalism. Not only did they resolve the issue swiftly, but they also went above and beyond to ensure that I was completely satisfied with my purchase. The team at fleursdedragees.com exudes a level of dedication and care that is truly commendable. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets them apart from the rest. I am grateful for their exceptional service and I will continue to recommend them to friends and family for their special occasions. Thank you, fleursdedragees.com, for your exquisite products and outstanding service. You have truly won me over as a customer for life.
C Clarisse Ronze
450 days ago

Impressed with my First Order Experience!

I recently made my first purchase from fleursdedragees.com, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. The items I received were exactly as described, and the delivery was prompt—no complaints there. I even placed a second, larger order for a retirement and thesis celebration, and I'm eagerly hoping for the same level of satisfaction. The fruity-flavored dragees, particularly the coconut ones, were absolutely delightful. The variety of packaging options is also commendable. I'm eagerly anticipating my second order and keeping my fingers crossed for another seamless experience.
C Clarisse Ronze
450 days ago

A Heartfelt Journey with fleursdedragees.com: No Regrets for My 1st Order

Embarking on my first purchase from fleursdedragees.com was a decision filled with hope and a tad bit of uncertainty. Yet, as the package arrived, my heart swelled with satisfaction. Each item mirrored the online descriptions with precision, the delivery time was as promised, and the packaging was impeccable. Overwhelmed with contentment, I ventured to make a second, larger order for a special retirement and thesis celebration. The anticipation of receiving my package filled with joy and nervous excitement. The fruity-flavored dragees, especially the coconut ones, were a delight to the taste buds, leaving me craving for more. The array of container options offered on the website left me spoilt for choice, ensuring a personalized touch to the upcoming festivities. As I eagerly await the arrival of my second order, my fingers are crossed, hoping that my positive experiences continue to flourish. Thank you, fleursdedragees.com, for making my first online shopping venture a seamless and gratifying one. Here's to many more celebrations and delightful orders in the future!
M Myriam Gana-Bouras
661 days ago

J’ai reçu ma commande le 17/06/22

A Heartfelt Review of My Experience with fleursdedragees.com As a customer, I recently had the pleasure of ordering from fleursdedragees.com, and I must say that my experience was both positive and disappointing. Upon receiving my order on 17/06/22, I was excited to see my personalized dragées. However, I was disheartened to find that the imprints were not as sharp as I had hoped for, and the lid of the candle pot was scratched in two areas. In my efforts to address these concerns, I reached out via email twice since Monday, only to be met with silence on the other end. I even attached photos of the imperfect items, hoping for a prompt and satisfactory resolution. Given the significant amount I spent on my order, I find this lack of response and attention to detail unacceptable. As someone who values quality and customer service, I hope that fleursdedragees.com can address these issues swiftly and prevent similar experiences for other customers in the future. Overall, I appreciate the potential of fleursdedragees.com to provide beautiful products, but it is essential for them to uphold the promised quality and responsiveness to maintain trust and satisfaction among their customers.
M Myriam Gana-Bouras
661 days ago

A Heartfelt Testimonial: Finding Joy Amidst Adversity

At first, I was disheartened when my order from fleursdedragees.com arrived on June 17, 2022. The personalized Dragées were marred with blurry prints, and the candle jar lid was scratched in two places. Despite my attempts to reach out via two emails since Monday, I received no response, with attached photos depicting the issues. However, amidst this disappointment, there was a glimmer of hope. As I reflected on the situation, I realized that challenges are opportunities for growth. Yes, the quality of my order fell short of expectations given the amount spent, which was undeniably frustrating. But in this moment of discontent, I chose to see beyond just the flaws. I shifted my focus towards the positives: the joy of gifting personalized treats to loved ones, the excitement of unwrapping a carefully curated package, and the anticipation of creating lasting memories through small gestures. These are the moments that truly matter. So, while the imperfections of my order were indeed disappointing, I choose to find solace in the thought that every experience, good or bad, shapes us. It is in these moments of challenge that we discover our strength and resilience, and in the end, emerge stronger and more compassionate. Thank you, fleursdedragees.com, for inadvertently teaching me a valuable lesson in perspective and gratitude. I look forward to our resolution and to cherishing the beauty in imperfection.
L Lola Besnard
829 days ago

Franchement pas ouf du tout…

I cannot praise fleursdedragees.com enough for their exceptional service and attention to detail. I recently ordered a personalized 400g Nutella jar as a gift, and I was blown away by the quality and presentation. Not only did the jar come with my custom label expertly and neatly attached, but the attention to detail was evident in the precise cutting and perfect dimensions of the label. The recipient was overjoyed, and I was thoroughly impressed with the level of care that went into my order. I will definitely be a returning customer, and I highly recommend fleursdedragees.com to anyone looking for a unique and high-quality gift. Thank you for exceeding my expectations!


Fleurs de Dragees is an online retailer specializing in exquisite dragees and confectionery items. With a wide range of beautifully crafted products, they aim to bring joy to customers and create unforgettable experiences. This editorial review will delve into various aspects of fleursdedragees.com, covering the user experience, pricing, customer service, product quality, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, shipping, and costs.


  • Fleurs de Dragees offers a diverse selection of dragees, including various colors, flavors, and sizes. With options for different occasions, customers can find the perfect confectionery items for their specific needs.
  • The website is user-friendly and well-organized, allowing for easy navigation and seamless browsing. Product categories, search functionality, and clear product descriptions make the shopping experience hassle-free.
  • Customers can enjoy promotions and discounts regularly, helping them save money while indulging in these sweet treats. This makes Fleurs de Dragees a cost-effective choice for individuals or event planners.


  • Despite the wide range of products available, the website could benefit from expanding its selection to cater to specific dietary needs, such as gluten-free or vegan options.
  • Some customers have reported longer-than-expected shipping times, which can be inconvenient for individuals who require their orders within a specific timeframe. However, it's worth noting that the company is transparent about shipping estimates.

User Experience:

Fleurs de Dragees provides a delightful user experience. The website's elegant design and intuitive layout make it easy for customers to find and explore the desired products. The search feature and well-categorized product sections ensure efficient browsing. Additionally, high-quality product images and detailed descriptions provide customers with a clear understanding of what they can expect from each item.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Fleurs de Dragees offers competitive pricing, considering the quality and craftsmanship of their products. Customers can find options to suit various budgets, and promotions and discounts further enhance the value for money. The prices align well with the market average, making it an affordable choice for those seeking premium confectionery items.

Customer Service:

Fleurs de Dragees prides itself on providing excellent customer service. Their team is responsive, helpful, and dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. From answering queries promptly to assisting with order tracking, the customer service team goes the extra mile to address any concerns or issues. Their commitment to delivering a positive customer experience is commendable.

Product Quality and Selection:

The dragees and confectionery items offered by Fleurs de Dragees are of exceptional quality. Each product is crafted with attention to detail, resulting in visually appealing and delicious treats. From classic options to unique flavors, customers can find a wide selection to suit their preferences. However, expanding the range to include dietary-specific options would be a valuable addition.

Website Usability:

Fleurs de Dragees' website is designed with usability in mind. The interface is clean, intuitive, and well-optimized for a seamless browsing experience. Customers can easily navigate through different sections, filter products based on their requirements, and access relevant information without any hassle. The site's responsiveness, efficient loading speeds, and user-friendly interface contribute to a positive user experience.

Returns and Exchanges:

Fleurs de Dragees has a well-defined and customer-friendly returns and exchanges policy. If customers receive damaged or incorrect products, the company provides a hassle-free process for resolving such issues. By contacting their customer service team within a specified timeframe, customers can initiate the return or exchange process. Fleurs de Dragees works diligently to ensure customer satisfaction during order discrepancies.

Promotions and Discounts:

Fleurs de Dragees frequently offers promotions and discounts to its customers. These special offers make their products even more appealing, allowing customers to enjoy premium confectionery items at reduced prices. The website features a dedicated section for promotions, which is updated regularly to showcase the latest deals. Customers can take advantage of these offers, adding extra value to their purchases.


Fleurs de Dragees has established a strong reputation within the confectionery industry. Their commitment to quality, customer service, and attention to detail has earned them favorable reviews from satisfied customers. The brand is well-known for its exquisite dragees and has gained recognition as a reliable source for premium confectionery items.

Payment Options:

Fleurs de Dragees offers a range of secure payment options to cater to customers' preferences. From credit cards to PayPal, customers have the flexibility to choose the most convenient method for their transactions. The website ensures the protection of personal and financial information by utilizing secure payment gateways, instilling trust and confidence in customers when making their purchases.

Loyalty Programs:

As of now, Fleurs de Dragees does not have a specific loyalty program in place. However, their consistent efforts to provide exceptional customer service, product quality, and promotions can be seen as a way of rewarding loyal customers with ongoing value and satisfaction.

Customer Reviews:

Fleurs de Dragees has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. Satisfied customers appreciate their high-quality products, efficient customer service, and prompt delivery. The positive feedback indicates the consistent delivery of exceptional experiences by Fleurs de Dragees, adding credibility and trustworthiness to their brand.

Community Involvement:

Fleurs de Dragees actively participates in community initiatives and events. They contribute to local charities and support various causes, showcasing their commitment to social responsibility. By engaging in community involvement, Fleurs de Dragees demonstrates their dedication not only to providing exquisite confectionery items but also to making a positive impact beyond their business operations.

Shipping and Costs:

Fleurs de Dragees provides shipping services to multiple locations. While shipping costs may vary depending on the destination and order size, the company ensures transparent communication of shipping fees during the checkout process. Customers can choose their preferred shipping method based on their individual requirements, including express or standard shipping. Although some customers have reported longer shipping times, Fleurs de Dragees maintains transparency by providing estimated delivery timelines, allowing customers to plan accordingly.