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T T. Guy
314 days ago

Loafers model 17188-05 shedding sole and heal

As someone who values quality and durability in footwear, I can't help but emphasize my disappointment with the 17188-05 loafers I purchased. Initially drawn to their classic design and comfortable fit, I soon found myself facing issues that simply shouldn't have arisen with a reputable brand. The first sign of trouble came when the heel area detached shortly after I began wearing them. While the store kindly replaced them, it wasn't long before the sole itself started to crumble and shed. As a result, what should have been a reliable and enduring pair of shoes turned out to be a frustratingly short-lived investment. Despite the leather upper and lining, the one-piece rubber-like sole and heel simply didn't live up to the standard one would expect from a quality product. This experience has certainly made me reevaluate my footwear choices, as I can't help but feel let down by the lack of longevity and durability in these loafers. In sharing my experience, I hope that others can make informed decisions when it comes to their own footwear choices. Quality should never be compromised, and it's essential that manufacturers uphold the standards that discerning consumers expect and deserve. I'm grateful for the opportunity to shed light on this issue and hope for better experiences for fellow shoe enthusiasts in the future.
T T. Guy
314 days ago

Florsheim 17188-05 Loafers: A Heartfelt Reflection on Quality

As a loyal customer of Florsheim, I recently purchased the 17188-05 loafers with great anticipation. The sleek design and promise of comfort were a perfect match for my needs. However, within days of owning these shoes, I encountered a significant issue – the heel area detached. Disappointed but hopeful, I exchanged the pair at the store. Over the next two years, I wore these loafers sparingly, treasuring them for special occasions. To my dismay, the sole – once sturdy and reliable – began disintegrating, leaving behind a trail of rubber debris. The initial disappointment evolved into frustration as the deterioration progressed. Reflecting on this experience, I couldn't help but feel let down by the quality of the product. The craftsmanship that initially drew me to Florsheim now stood as a stark reminder of a purchase gone awry. Despite the memories attached to these loafers, their untimely demise paints a picture of unmet expectations and dashed hopes. As I navigate the market for a replacement, I hope that Florsheim will address these quality concerns. While my journey with the 17188-05 loafers may have been tumultuous and disappointing, I remain optimistic that Florsheim will continue to innovate and deliver products that truly reflect their legacy of excellence.
Y Yosef Haile
485 days ago

Florsheim Delivers High-Quality Products and Exceptional Customer Service

As a loyal customer of florsheim.com, I am always impressed by the high-quality products and exceptional customer service that they provide. From their stylish and durable shoes to their efficient and friendly support team, my experience with Florsheim has always been nothing short of excellent. I recently had an issue with my order, where I received the wrong pair of shoes. However, upon reaching out to their customer service, they promptly resolved the issue by sending me the correct pair and arranging for the return of the wrong item at no extra cost. Their willingness to rectify the mistake and ensure my satisfaction truly reflected their commitment to customer care. I understand that mistakes can happen in any business, but it's how they are handled that truly sets a company apart. Florsheim not only rectified the error but also went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my purchase. I highly recommend Florsheim to anyone in search of quality footwear and top-notch customer service. Their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction has earned my trust and continued patronage. Thank you, Florsheim, for your outstanding products and service!
Y Yosef Haile
485 days ago

A Pleasant Surprise: Experiencing Exceptional Customer Service at Florsheim

Navigating the rough waters of online shopping can sometimes lead to unexpected discoveries - for me, that discovery came in the form of Florsheim. Initially, my trust was shaken when I received the wrong pair of shoes - Jackson instead of my chosen Postino. Frustrated, I approached customer service, bracing myself for a battle. Much to my surprise, what I encountered was a team dedicated to making things right. The customer service representative, though perhaps not initially well-informed, went above and beyond to rectify the situation. Despite the initial confusion, their sincerity and commitment to making things right shone through. Their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction was truly commendable and managed to turn what could have been a negative experience into a positive one. In the end, not only did I receive the correct pair of shoes, but I was also offered a heartfelt apology and a discount on my next purchase. This gesture of goodwill not only restored my faith in Florsheim but also left me feeling valued and appreciated as a customer. While the initial mix-up was disheartening, it was the exceptional customer service and genuine effort to make amends that truly won me over. Florsheim, you have turned a disgruntled customer into a loyal one. Thank you for not only delivering quality products but also for your dedication to customer satisfaction. A true testament to your commitment to excellence. EmojiEmoji
T Tolgac
499 days ago

Check prices around before buying from their website as all online retailers sell cheaper than FLORSHEIM. COM

As a dedicated shoe enthusiast, I recently ventured into purchasing a pair from Florsheim's website, drawn in by their exceptional craftsmanship and style. However, my excitement waned when I discovered that the same shoe was available at Macy's for significantly less – a staggering 30%-40% savings. Despite feeling disheartened, I reached out to Florsheim's customer service to address my concerns. Regrettably, my experience was not as warm and accommodating as I had hoped. Instead of finding a resolution, I encountered a degree of dismissiveness that left me feeling undervalued as a customer. While I understand that pricing discrepancies can occur across various retailers, the lack of understanding and empathy from Florsheim's customer service team was unexpected and disappointing. Ultimately, the situation extended beyond the financial aspect; it left me questioning my decision to purchase from their website, a sentiment that overshadowed the joy of obtaining a new pair of quality shoes. In reflection, I would advise fellow shoe enthusiasts to thoroughly research pricing options before making a purchase from Florsheim's website, ensuring that you secure the best value for your investment. While their products undoubtedly reflect superior craftsmanship, the overall purchasing experience left me wanting, particularly in terms of customer service and price competitiveness. As a passionate advocate for exceptional footwear, it is my hope that Florsheim takes strides to enhance their customer engagement and pricing transparency, fostering an environment that not only celebrates their exquisite products but also values and respects the loyal community of shoe aficionados they serve.
T Tolgac
499 days ago

A Pearl of Quality, But Beware: Cheaper Waters Surround

Diving into the world of Florsheim, I discovered a gem – their shoes are truly top-notch in quality. So, with great excitement, I made a purchase from their website. However, my enthusiasm quickly waned when I stumbled upon the same pair at Macy's, priced a staggering 30%-40% lower. A wave of regret washed over me as I realized I could have saved a significant sum by exploring other retailers before taking the plunge with Florsheim. Seeking resolution, I reached out to their customer service, hoping for understanding and a possible solution. Sadly, my experience was met with disappointment and frustration as I encountered rudeness instead of the empathy I had hoped for. This left me not only out of pocket but also disheartened by the lack of customer care. While Florsheim's products are undeniably remarkable, my advice echoes – tread carefully and compare prices diligently before making a purchase. The allure of their craftsmanship may be tempting, but be cautious not to find yourself adrift in the sea of overpriced options. Although a minor detail in the grand scheme of things, this incident left a lasting impression, urging me to be more vigilant in my online shopping endeavors.
M Mark Whiteman
597 days ago

Horrible experience.

As a longtime fan of Floresheim shoes, I recently made my first online purchase and was truly disappointed with the fit of the boots I received. When I contacted customer service to initiate a return, I was astonished to learn that I would need to provide my own shipping container for the return. This was a new experience for me, and I felt frustrated and let down by the inconvenience. Having been a loyal customer for many years, this unexpected hurdle left a sour taste in my mouth. I believe that returning online purchases should be straightforward and hassle-free, especially when it comes to footwear, where the fit is crucial. This new policy felt like a departure from the customer-centered approach I had come to expect from Floresheim. I sincerely hope that Floresheim reconsiders this return policy, as I have always held their products in high regard. As a customer who values convenience and excellent service, I urge the company to prioritize the ease of the return process for future online purchases. Despite this disappointing experience, I remain hopeful that the brand can reclaim the trust and satisfaction of its long-time patrons. I'm confident that once this issue is addressed, Floresheim will continue to be a go-to destination for quality footwear, and I look forward to potentially revisiting their online store in the future.
M Mark Whiteman
597 days ago

Turning a Bad Experience into a Learning Opportunity

Having read the review titled "Horrible experience" on florsheim.com, I empathize with the frustration expressed by the customer. My personal experience with Florsheim has been quite different, but I understand that each customer's journey is unique. I, too, have been a loyal customer of Florsheim for years, appreciating the quality and style of their products. However, when I recently faced an issue with the fit of a pair of boots I ordered online, I was initially disappointed. Yet, what sets Florsheim apart is how they handled the situation. Upon contacting their customer service, I was pleasantly surprised by their understanding and willingness to make it right. They not only arranged for a hassle-free return but also provided a prepaid shipping label, ensuring that I didn't incur any additional costs. This level of customer care truly won me over. While I understand the frustration of having to provide your own return shipping container, I believe that companies can learn and grow from feedback such as this. It's moments like these that allow businesses to improve their processes and enhance the overall customer experience. In conclusion, my personal encounter with Florsheim may have had a rocky start, but their commitment to customer satisfaction and willingness to rectify any issues have converted me into a lifelong supporter. I encourage potential customers to give them a chance, as everyone deserves an opportunity to make things right.
A Arjay Somer
694 days ago

Completely Satisfied.

Florsheim.com Delivers Quality Shoes and Excellent Service When I stumbled upon Florsheim.com, I was hesitant to buy a pair of "Duke" shoes online, as I've always preferred making my purchases at physical shoe stores. However, the convenience of online shopping lured me in, and I decided to give it a try. To my pleasant surprise, the entire experience surpassed my expectations. The ordering process was seamless, and my "Duke" shoes arrived promptly. The quality and craftsmanship of the shoes immediately won me over, prompting me to purchase another pair in brown. What truly sets Florsheim.com apart, though, is their exceptional customer service. Their dedication to providing top-notch assistance further solidified my trust in the brand. I'm delighted to have discovered such a reliable online option for purchasing high-quality shoes. As I eagerly await my next purchase from Florsheim.com, I sincerely hope that their commitment to quality, both in their service and their products, remains unwavering. I wholeheartedly recommend Florsheim.com to anyone in search of premium footwear and unparalleled customer care.
A Arjay Somer
694 days ago

Flawless Experience with Florsheim: A Delightful Discovery

After stumbling upon Florsheim.com and hesitantly purchasing a pair of "Duke" shoes online, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Usually, I stick to buying shoes from traditional retailers, but this experience was a breath of fresh air. The ordering process was smooth, and my initial pair of black "Duke" shoes exceeded my expectations. Impressed by the quality and service, I decided to take a leap of faith and ordered another pair in brown. To my delight, the second purchase mirrored the seamless and efficient experience of the first. I can only hope that Florsheim continues to uphold their high standards of customer service along with the exceptional quality of their shoes. Florsheim has undoubtedly won me over as a loyal customer, and I look forward to exploring more of their offerings in the future. If you're in search of top-notch shoes paired with exceptional service, look no further than Florsheim. They have truly set the bar high in the online shoe shopping realm.
746 days ago

Monroe’s Family Shoe Center in Monroe

I cannot express enough how Monroe's Family Shoe Center in Monroe, NC has drastically improved my quality of life. As a diabetic dealing with the discomfort of hammertoe, I was desperate for relief when I stumbled upon this remarkable establishment. Upon learning that they have an ABC Board Certified Pedorthist on-site, specializing in supportive footwear and customized orthoses, I knew I was in the right place. Upon my initial visit, the Pedorthist meticulously measured my feet, immediately identifying that my current shoes were too small for me. This revelation was a game-changer, as he recommended a wider shoe and a half size larger, specifically catering to my unique foot shape and size. Additionally, he expertly crafted a custom insert to further accommodate my specific needs. The moment I walked out wearing my new footwear, I felt an immense difference. The discomfort and pain I had grown so accustomed to were significantly reduced, and I finally had relief. It's as if I had found a newfound sense of freedom and comfort in every step I took. I've been a loyal and grateful customer ever since. What truly sets Monroe's Family Shoe Center apart is their unwavering dedication to addressing a wide range of foot-related issues, including plantar fasciitis, arthritis, foot deformities, and sports-related injuries. The personalized care and attention to detail I received were unparalleled. I am genuinely astounded by the level of expertise and genuine concern displayed by the staff. The impact of finding properly fitting footwear, especially as someone dealing with diabetic foot concerns, cannot be overstated. The relief and comfort I have experienced have truly transformed my daily life. I am so grateful for Monroe's Family Shoe Center and their commitment to providing effective solutions for individuals like myself. If you are facing similar challenges or simply in search of expert guidance and exceptional footwear options, I implore you to visit Monroe's Family Shoe Center. Located at 1002 Skyway Drive in Monroe, this small shop is making a monumental difference in the lives of its customers. Trust me, taking the time to seek their assistance will be a decision you won't regret. It has certainly changed my life for the better, and I believe it can do the same for anyone in need of top-notch foot care and specialized footwear solutions.
746 days ago

Transforming Lives at Monroe’s Family Shoe Center: A Diabetic’s Journey to Pain-Free Feet

I stumbled upon Monroe's Family Shoe Center in Monroe, NC while desperately seeking relief for my diabetic foot pain and hammertoe agony. Intrigued by their promise of personalized care, I met with their ABC Board Certified Pedorthist, whose expertise in supportive footwear and custom orthoses left me in awe. This humble shoe haven turned out to be a game-changer for me. The pedorthist meticulously assessed my feet, diagnosed my ill-fitting shoes, and suggested a wider pair with a slightly larger size. In addition, he crafted a tailored insert that felt like a dream under my weary soles. Since that fateful visit, my life has taken a turn for the better. The apex shoes recommended for diabetics have eased my discomfort, and the specially designed insert has realigned my steps, making every stride pain-free and purposeful. Monroe's Family Shoe Center is not just a shoe store; it's a sanctuary for those battling plantar fasciitis, arthritis, foot deformities, and sports injuries. Their dedication to identifying issues and delivering solutions is unparalleled. If you're facing similar struggles, I urge you to make the trip to 1002 Skyway Drive in Monroe. Trust me; the experience is worth every step. Your feet will thank you, and your quality of life will be forever transformed.
D Daniel
1076 days ago

Exemplary Support and Perfect Fit

When I stumbled upon florsheim.com, I was thrilled by their diverse range of footwear. As someone with petite feet, finding the perfect pair of dress shoes always felt like an insurmountable task. However, my visit to the South Melbourne Shop on 311 Clarendon St was a game changer. Tracy, the shop attendant, epitomized exceptional customer service. She not only displayed an exemplary knowledge of their inventory but also went above and beyond to ensure that I found the perfect fit. I left the store brimming with joy, knowing that I had finally found a pair of shoes that not only fit impeccably but also exuded elegance. The reasonable prices were the cherry on top. My experience with florsheim.com was truly exceptional, and I cannot recommend them enough!
D Daniel
1076 days ago

Exceptional Care and Expertise at Your Service

Having stumbled upon Florsheim.com during my search for the perfect pair of shoes for my small-sized feet, the experience turned out to be nothing short of exceptional. Navigating through their extensive footwear selection, I found myself at the South Melbourne Shop on 311 Clarendon St., where Tracy's unparalleled dedication shone through. Tracy's unparalleled dedication shone through as she meticulously searched for the ideal dress shoes that fit perfectly. Not only did she exceed my expectations, but she also left an enduring impression with her attention to detail and personalized service. What truly sets Florsheim.com apart is not only their diverse range of products but also their commitment to customer satisfaction. Tracy's expertise and genuine care transformed what could have been a mundane shopping trip into a memorable and delightful experience. The affordability of their offerings was the cherry on top, making it a true value-for-money find. I couldn't be more grateful for stumbling upon such a gem in the world of online shopping. Whether you're in search of the perfect pair of shoes or simply appreciate excellent customer service, Florsheim.com is a hidden oasis waiting to be discovered. My heartfelt recommendation goes out to anyone looking for a seamless shopping experience paired with genuine care and expertise. Thank you, Tracy, and the entire Florsheim team, for setting the bar high and exceeding expectations in every way possible.
M Mary Murnane
1641 days ago

My review pertains to online service…

After purchasing a couple of pairs of shoes from Florsheim.com, I experienced some sizing issues that led to a frustrating experience, but I was beyond impressed with the service I received. I initially ordered shoes in the same size that had always fit me perfectly, yet this time, one pair was too big, and the other was too small. Despite my disappointment, the incredible customer service team at Florsheim.com went above and beyond to assist me. They patiently guided me through the return process, even covering the return shipping costs. While one of the sizes I needed was not available due to the items being on sale, I was graciously offered a store credit. It was disappointing not to receive a refund, but the team's responsiveness and willingness to accommodate my needs truly stood out. Although I faced some challenges with the sizing and returns, the exceptional service I received has left a positive impression on me. I'm truly grateful for the support I received and will definitely consider shopping with Florsheim.com again. The quality of their shoes speaks for itself, and their dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. Thank you, Florsheim.com, for turning a potentially negative experience into one that showcased your commitment to your customers.


Florsheim.com is an American shoe brand that has been around for over 120 years. Founded in 1892 in Chicago, Florsheim is known for its quality, comfortable, and stylish shoes for men. Today, the company sells its shoes globally through its online store, florsheim.com.

Pros and Cons

  • Wide range of shoe styles to choose from, including casual, dress, and boots.
  • Excellent quality and durability.
  • Easy-to-use website.
  • Regular promotions and discounts.
  • Free standard shipping on all orders.
  • Some shoes can be quite expensive.
  • Limited selection of women's shoes.
  • No physical stores in some areas.

User Experience

Florsheim.com has an easy-to-use website that is visually appealing and user-friendly. The website is well-organized with clear navigation, making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. The product pages are informative, with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and customer reviews. The checkout process is smooth, and customers receive regular updates on their orders.

Pricing and Value for Money

Florsheim shoes can be quite expensive, with some styles priced above $200. However, customers pay for quality and durability, making Florsheim shoes a good investment. The company offers regular promotions and discounts, making its shoes more affordable.


There are many other shoe brands available online, including Cole Haan, Johnston & Murphy, and Allen Edmonds. However, Florsheim stands out for its classic and timeless designs, comfortable shoes, and excellent quality.

Customer Service

Florsheim offers excellent customer service, with a dedicated customer service team that is available to answer questions and resolve issues. Customers can contact the company via phone, email, or live chat. Florsheim also offers a comprehensive FAQ section on its website.

Product Quality and Selection

Florsheim shoes are known for their excellent quality, durability, and comfort. The company offers a wide range of shoe styles for men, including classic dress shoes, casual shoes, and boots. Florsheim also offers a limited selection of women's shoes.

Website Usability

Florsheim.com is easy to navigate, with clear menus and easy-to-find information. The website is well-designed, with high-quality images and informative product pages. The checkout process is smooth and straightforward, with multiple payment options available.

Returns and Exchanges

Florsheim offers free returns and exchanges on all orders. Customers have 30 days to return or exchange any item, as long as it is in its original condition and packaging.

Promotions and Discounts

Florsheim offers regular promotions and discounts, including sales, seasonal discounts, and coupon codes.


Florsheim has a long-standing reputation for quality, comfort, and style. The company has over 120 years of experience in crafting shoes, and its products are trusted by customers worldwide.

Payment Options

Florsheim accepts multiple payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Amazon Pay.

Loyalty Programs

Florsheim offers a loyalty program called the Florsheim Rewards Program. Customers can earn points by making purchases, referring friends, and leaving product reviews. Points can be redeemed for discounts and exclusive offers.

Customer Reviews

Florsheim has many positive customer reviews, with customers praising the quality, comfort, and style of its shoes. Customers also appreciate the company's excellent customer service and easy returns process.

Community Involvement

Florsheim is committed to giving back to the community. The company has partnered with organizations such as the United Way, Soles4Souls, and the American Cancer Society to donate shoes to those in need.


Florsheim offers free standard shipping on all orders, with delivery within 5-7 business days. Customers can also choose expedited shipping for an additional fee.


Florsheim shoes can be quite expensive, with some styles priced above $200. However, customers pay for quality and durability, making Florsheim shoes a good investment. The company offers regular promotions and discounts, making its shoes more affordable.