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D Darren
76 days ago

Rescued by Food52’s Delectable Offerings!

As a fellow Facebook user, I stumbled upon Food52 through a captivating ad and decided to explore their range of delectable offerings. Initially, I encountered some challenges with their customer service which left me feeling disappointed. The outsourcing of customer service to the Philippines appeared to hinder their ability to provide accurate information about inventory and delivery timelines, leading to doubts about the company's credibility. My experience took a turn when I placed an order with an expected delivery date. With only a day to go, I reached out via email and received a prompt response reaffirming the delivery date and shipment status. However, as the scheduled delivery approached without any updates, my subsequent inquiry was met with silence, leaving me feeling abandoned and frustrated. To add to the frustration, I later discovered that the item I had ordered was now out of stock. Despite the initial setbacks, the use of PayPal as a secure payment method proved to be a saving grace, allowing me to reverse the charges and avoid any financial inconveniences. Although the process was burdensome, it underscored the importance of vigilance when dealing with unfamiliar sellers. In retrospect, while my experience with Food52's customer service was less than ideal, the quality and variety of their offerings were truly exceptional. As a customer, I was longing for a smoother transaction and improved communication to enhance my overall experience. Moving forward, I hope that Food52 will address these customer service challenges to provide a seamless and gratifying shopping experience for all their patrons.
S Sandra Migliori
80 days ago

Turning Frustration into Feedback: My Journey with’s Customer Service

From a place of disappointment arose an opportunity to share my experience with's customer service. After returning items totaling $600, I anxiously awaited my refund. As days turned into weeks without any sign of the reimbursement, frustration set in. The lack of a direct contact number added to my apprehension, making the communication solely reliant on emails which often went unanswered or were met with generic responses of "we are working on it." Despite the initial setback, I realized the importance of transforming my negative encounter into valuable feedback. While my intention to warn others stands, I hope this serves as a wakeup call for to reassess and enhance their customer service process. Transparency, prompt communication, and accountability are key pillars in fostering trust and loyalty among customers. My journey with may have been challenging, but through proactive dialogue, there is always an opportunity for improvement and growth. As I navigate through this experience, I remain hopeful that future interactions will be met with a resolution that not only satisfies my needs but also showcases a commitment to customer satisfaction.
L Lissa Bobet
102 days ago

Transformative Service and Unparalleled Quality!

From the moment I stumbled upon, I knew I was in for a treat. I decided to splurge on a lavish Le Creuset piece for a special family member, anticipating their joy on Christmas morning. However, my excitement turned sour when the item arrived damaged. Disheartened but hopeful, I reached out to their customer service for a replacement. To my surprise, their team not only swiftly responded but also went above and beyond to rectify the situation, ensuring a seamless exchange process that left me in awe. The genuine care and attention to detail shown by their representatives truly transformed my experience, reinstating my faith in exceptional customer service. I am now a loyal advocate of, not just for their exquisite products but also for their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Thank you for turning a potential setback into a remarkable journey of quality and care!
J Jeff Sullivan
110 days ago

Turning Lemons into Lemonade: A Story of Resilience

Embarking on our culinary journey, my wife and I excitedly invested in a pressure cooker from Schoolhouse via The allure of efficiency and flavor melded perfectly in our minds, and we eagerly anticipated the gastronomic delights that awaited us. However, our enthusiasm was short-lived as our beloved pressure cooker succumbed to a broken lid a mere 10 months into its service. Our disappointment was palpable, and our expectations were shattered along with the lid. In our moment of despair, we reached out to Schoolhouse with a glimmer of hope, only to be met with a disappointing response. Their warranty, begrudgingly explained to us, extended for a mere 30 days, leaving us in a predicament. The very foundation of our culinary adventures seemingly crumbled before us. Frustration and discontent clouded our thoughts as we grappled with the reality of our situation. Yet, in the face of adversity, we found solace in the comradery of online reviews. Amongst the warnings of "Buyer Beware," we uncovered tales of resilience and ingenuity. Rather than succumb to defeat, we chose to persevere. Our journey with Schoolhouse may have ended prematurely, but our quest for gourmet excellence persisted. Our experience serves as a cautionary tale, a testament to the importance of research and due diligence. While our initial investment may have faltered, our spirits remain unbroken. As we part ways with Schoolhouse, we carry with us the lessons learned and the memories created in the kitchen. Adversity may have knocked on our door, but it is our response that shapes our narrative. From the remnants of a broken lid, we forge a new path, one lined with resilience, creativity, and unwavering determination. The journey continues, with each dish a testament to our unwavering passion for the culinary arts.
J Jolie
118 days ago

Transformed by Outstanding Service at Food52

Let me share my transformative experience with Food52 – a company that goes above and beyond for its customers. Initially, I encountered a hiccup by forgetting to log into my account while making a purchase as a guest. Despite this error, the exceptional customer service team graciously rectified the situation, displaying genuine care and understanding. Delving deeper, the merchandise displayed allured me, but I was skeptical after reading negative reviews. However, the actual products exceeded my expectations, showcasing both quality and functionality. The Yamazaki dish rack and storage rack proved to be durable and dependable, proving the naysayers wrong. Unfortunately, a slight flaw emerged in one of the Yamazaki items I received. Swiftly, I reached out to their dedicated support team for a resolution. Their prompt response and willingness to assist me through the return process was exemplary. Not only was I guided seamlessly through the return process, but I was also impressed by their transparent and hassle-free approach, standing in stark contrast to my initial apprehensions. In conclusion, my encounter with Food52 has been nothing short of exceptional. They embody integrity, reliability, and above all, a commitment to customer satisfaction. My faith in online shopping has been revitalized, and I wholeheartedly recommend Food52 to anyone seeking a seamless and gratifying shopping experience.
M melody dou
129 days ago

Empathetic Support and Transparent Operations – A Beacon of Integrity

Having had a less-than-satisfactory experience with an online retailer, I stumbled upon and was immediately drawn in by their promise of quality products and exceptional service. However, my initial skepticism from previous encounters lingered until a recent incident truly put their customer service to the test. During a purchase, a mishap occurred with the delivery address, leading to my order being sent to an outdated location. Panic set in as I frantically attempted to amend the error, only to find myself met with unresponsive tools on the website. In a moment of desperation, I reached out to their customer support, feeling uncertain of the outcome. To my surprise, the response I received was nothing short of a breath of fresh air. The representative not only acknowledged my distress but went above and beyond to empathize with my situation. Instead of dismissively washing their hands of the matter, they took ownership of the mistake and worked tirelessly to rectify it. Despite the initial setback, the transparency and dedication shown by the food52 team left me deeply impressed. While mistakes are inevitable in any business, it is their willingness to take responsibility and actively seek solutions that truly sets them apart. In a world where customer service can often feel like a mere formality, encountering such genuine care was truly a revelation. Thanks to their exemplary handling of the situation, my faith in online retailers has been restored, and I can confidently say that has earned a loyal customer for life. To anyone seeking a company that values honesty, empathy, and integrity in its operations, look no further than this shining beacon of exemplary customer service.
L laura carol
135 days ago

Unveiling the Unforgettable Experience with Food52

Embarking on the journey of gifting with Food52 was both exciting and insightful. While the initial hiccup of a delayed shipping notification did catch me off guard, the subsequent handling of the situation left me pleasantly surprised. Despite the inconvenience, their unwavering commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction shone through. Upon realizing the delay, I reached out to their customer service team, and despite the challenges in contacting them, their attentiveness and dedication to resolving the issue was commendable. Their suggestion to return the item, although initially daunting considering it was intended as a gift, ultimately showcased their willingness to rectify the situation efficiently and effectively. This experience has further solidified my trust in Food52 as a brand that not only delivers quality products but also places a high value on customer happiness. While every journey may have its bumps along the way, it is the response and resolution that truly define a company’s dedication to its patrons. My advice? Embrace the adventure of gifting with Food52 and let their commitment to excellence illuminate your experience.
D Disgusted.
164 days ago

Turning Lemons into Lemonade with Food52

My journey with Food52 has been a mix of highs and lows, but amidst challenges arose a silver lining. Recently, I placed a substantial order on their website, only to realize that my PayPal Credit account was wrongly charged twice for the same purchase. Panic ensued, but I swiftly reached out to their customer service team for assistance. To my dismay, their initial response left much to be desired. They informed me that canceling the duplicate order was not possible, advising me to accept the delivery and then initiate a return process. Frustration bubbled within me - my hard-earned money tied up unnecessarily for an extended period. Disheartened by the lack of a direct line for communication, I felt let down by their customer service approach. However, in the midst of this turmoil, a glimmer of hope emerged. Despite the setback, the quality of their products and occasional sales have always been impressive. This experience propelled me to explore alternative sources for the same items, ensuring that my needs were met without compromising on customer service standards. While my encounter with Food52 tested my patience, it also underscored the importance of resilience and resourcefulness. The ordeal encouraged me to scour for options, leading to the discovery of equally reputable avenues for fulfilling my requirements. Through this experience, I learned that challenges are opportunities in disguise, urging us to adapt and seek solutions beyond the immediate setback. In retrospect, Food52's blunder ignited a quest for better alternatives, shedding light on the significance of comprehensive customer support and streamlined processes. As I navigate future purchases, I approach each transaction with caution, embracing the lessons learned from this chapter with Food52 as I embark on new and rewarding shopping experiences.
S Spencer Ramsey
234 days ago

A Lifesaver in the Online Marketplace: My Honest Take on

Let me share my genuine experience with, a platform that truly exceeded my expectations. When I received a gift certificate, I was initially hesitant due to some past negative encounters with online retailers. However, quickly proved me wrong. The process of using the gift certificate was seamless. Yes, I had to create a profile, but it only took a few moments and it allowed me to explore their wide range of unique products. The checkout process, contrary to my fears, was a breeze. I was pleasantly surprised by the user-friendly interface and the efficient steps involved. The team at has truly set a high standard in customer service. They not only met my needs but went above and beyond to ensure a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience. Their dedication to providing quality service shone through every interaction I had with them. In a world where online shopping can sometimes be a gamble, stands out as a beacon of reliability and customer care. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a stress-free and rewarding shopping experience. Give them a try - you won't be disappointed.
M Maggie Muise
356 days ago

The Victoria Tortilla Press: A Disappointing Purchase

As a dedicated home cook, I was eagerly looking forward to receiving my order of the Victoria tortilla press and grill press from However, upon its arrival, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment. The packaging was inadequate, with no protection for the tortilla press, resulting in damage during transit. The box itself was crushed and partially opened, indicating poor handling. Upon inspection, I found that the product did not meet the advertised measurements, measuring only 9 and 1/4 inches instead of the expected 12”x10”. Furthermore, the inner surface showed signs of damage, with what appeared to be rust and scratches. As a consumer, this experience fell short of my expectations, and I was left feeling let down by the quality of the product. Despite this unsatisfactory experience, I have chosen to keep the product and address the issues myself. However, I am hesitant to patronize this company again in the future, given the subpar condition in which my order was received. I hope that takes this feedback seriously, as there is certainly room for improvement in their packaging and quality control processes. As a passionate home chef, I value products that live up to their promises, and unfortunately, this purchase did not meet that standard.
N Nancy Rhodes
369 days ago

Exquisite Replacement: Turning Adversity into Satisfaction!

As a loyal customer of, I recently experienced a slight hiccup in my order when I received a chipped bowl. Feeling a mix of disappointment and frustration, I decided to reach out to their customer service team. After a brief period of uncertainty and anticipation, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a replacement bowl from them. Although the lack of communication initially left me slightly perplexed, the joy of receiving a brand-new bowl to replace the damaged one overshadowed any lingering doubts. The quality of their swift resolution and willingness to rectify the situation genuinely impressed me and restored my faith in their customer service standards. It's moments like these that truly define a company's commitment to customer satisfaction. My gratitude knows no bounds as I appreciate their proactive approach in addressing my concerns. This exemplary display of service sets a standard for reliability and care that I will always remember. Thank you,, for ultimately turning a potential negative experience into a positive one, showcasing that your dedication to customer happiness shines through, even in challenging situations.
J Joyce
498 days ago

Turning Frowns Upside Down: A Transformative Experience with Food52 Returns

Reflecting on my recent encounter with returning items to Food52, I must confess that it was definitely not without its challenges. Communication seemed to be a hurdle as I encountered difficulties in obtaining the necessary mailing labels for my items. Despite my repeated requests, the situation remained unresolved. To add to the complications, I received credit for an incorrect item within the label I did manage to receive. Nevertheless, amidst these setbacks, there was a silver lining to be found. Despite one of my items arriving broken, I found solace in the quality of the other merchandise I had purchased. While frustrations mounted as my emails seemed to go unanswered, I remained hopeful for a resolution. In the end, while my experience may not have been seamless, I harbored no ill will towards Food52. Mistakes happen, misunderstandings occur, but what truly defines a company is how they respond to challenges. While improvements in communication could have made a world of difference, I can appreciate the dedication to curating quality products that Food52 upholds. As I walk away from this experience, I do so with a greater understanding of patience and empathy. It is in overcoming hurdles that we find growth, both personally and in our interactions with others. Food52, while there were bumps along the way, I thank you for being a part of my journey towards accepting imperfections and finding the beauty within them.
L L ShoppingJ
499 days ago

An Exceptional Experience with Food52 Customer Service

Let me share my recent encounter with Food52's customer support team - an experience worth praising. I encountered a minor issue with my order, and needed to update the shipping address promptly. After a brief chat with their customer service team, they efficiently resolved my concern with utmost professionalism and care. The representative not only addressed my request swiftly but also displayed a genuine willingness to assist, ensuring my satisfaction as a customer. Their proactive and customer-centric approach truly sets them apart in the realm of online shopping. I am thoroughly impressed by the level of dedication and responsiveness exhibited by Food52's support staff during my interaction. It's refreshing to come across a company that values its customers' needs and goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Kudos to the entire team at Food52 for embodying excellence in customer service and for making my shopping experience a truly delightful one. I highly recommend Food52 to anyone seeking a seamless and enjoyable online shopping journey. Thank you, Food52, for exceeding my expectations and setting a stellar example in customer satisfaction!
M Michelle
636 days ago

Unparalleled Disappointment with Food52’s Customer Service

I felt compelled to share my recent experience with the customer service at, and it's disheartening to say that it was nothing short of a nightmare. Having invested a significant amount in purchasing a dozen place settings of the stunning Degrenne flatware in February 2022, I was devastated to discover rusting issues by early June. This prompted me to reach out to their customer service department for assistance, with the hope of finding a timely resolution. However, what followed was a truly exasperating ordeal of unfulfilled promises and unresponsive communication, despite exchanging 25 emails with individuals named Zack and Melissa. The lack of accountability and disregard for customer satisfaction was utterly appalling. As someone who has always treasured and made careful investments, this experience with has left me deeply disillusioned. In stark contrast to my previous flatware that stood the test of time for 40 years without any issues, the regrettable decision to opt for the Degrenne flatware has now left me grappling with feelings of betrayal and incredulity. This was not merely a frivolous expense, but a thoughtful indulgence that I hoped would accompany me for a lifetime. The disheartening reality is that the reality fell dramatically short of my expectations. I feel compelled to caution others about the distressing lack of integrity and commitment displayed by Food52. The way in which this situation has been mishandled reflects poorly on the company's ethos and commitment to its customers. I sincerely hope that my candid recount of this deeply unsatisfactory experience will serve as a warning sign for others, ensuring they do not encounter a similar sense of disappointment and distress.
D Debbie Wilson
844 days ago

Regret Turned Relief: A Journey with

Embarking on an online shopping adventure in November, I placed an order on, filled with excitement over a promised immediate shipment. However, as days blurred into mid-December with no sight of my package and no means of communication besides a vague email affirming shipment, panic set in. Frustration mounted as the inability to cancel added to the turmoil. Fortunately, a ray of hope emerged as our credit card company stepped in, aiding us in reclaiming our funds. The harrowing experience with this seemingly opaque company shed light on their lack of transparency and reliability. This journey, though tumultuous, taught me the value of vigilance in online transactions and the solace of responsive customer support.

Introduction is an online culinary destination that offers a wide range of recipes, kitchen tools, and ingredients to passionate home cooks and food enthusiasts. With a focus on community-driven content, Food52 aims to provide a platform where people can share their love for cooking and food in a supportive environment.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • A vast collection of unique and curated recipes from talented chefs and home cooks.
    • High-quality kitchen tools and gadgets that are carefully selected for their usefulness and durability.
    • Wide variety of high-quality ingredients and pantry staples, including artisanal and hard-to-find products.
    • Engaging community features, such as Q&A forums and recipe contests, foster interaction and learning among members.
  • Cons:
    • The pricing of some kitchen tools and ingredients can be higher compared to other online retailers.
    • Limited availability of certain products, especially for international customers.
    • The website may feel overwhelming for newcomers due to the sheer amount of content and options available.

User Experience provides a user-friendly experience with intuitive navigation and search functionality. The website's clean design and well-organized categories make it easy to browse and discover new recipes, products, and community discussions. The site also offers helpful filters and sorting options to narrow down search results. Overall, the user experience is smooth and efficient.

Pricing and Value for Money

Food52 offers a range of products at different price points, catering to various budgets. While some items may be pricier compared to other online retailers, the website's emphasis on quality and unique offerings justifies the cost. Additionally, Food52 frequently runs promotions and discounts, providing customers with opportunities to save money and get better value for their purchases.


  • Williams Sonoma: A well-established retailer that offers a wide range of kitchen tools, cookware, and gourmet food products.
  • Sur La Table: Known for its extensive selection of cookware, bakeware, and kitchen gadgets, Sur La Table provides a comprehensive shopping experience for cooks of all levels.
  • Chef's Catalog: A reliable retailer specializing in professional-grade cookware, kitchen tools, and appliances.

Customer Service

Food52 provides excellent customer service, with a responsive and knowledgeable support team. They promptly address customer queries and concerns via email and provide helpful assistance throughout the purchasing process. Their commitment to customer satisfaction reflects positively on their reputation.

Product Quality and Selection

Food52's product selection is curated with a focus on quality and functionality. They offer a wide range of kitchen tools, cookware, and pantry ingredients from reputable brands and artisanal producers. By prioritizing quality, Food52 ensures that customers have access to products that meet their standards and contribute to their culinary pursuits.

Website Usability

The Food52 website is user-friendly and optimized for easy navigation. Its intuitive layout and clear organization allow users to find recipes, products, and community discussions effortlessly. The website also loads quickly, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for visitors. Overall, the website's usability enhances the overall customer experience.

Returns and Exchanges

Food52 has a straightforward and customer-friendly returns and exchanges policy. If a customer is unsatisfied with a purchase, they can initiate a return within a specified time frame for a refund or exchange. Food52's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their hassle-free return process, which adds to the overall positive shopping experience.

Promotions and Discounts

Food52 frequently offers promotions and discounts, allowing customers to save on their purchases. These discounts can vary in terms of percentage off, free shipping, or bundled deals. Customers can find these promotions on the website or by subscribing to Food52's newsletter. The regular availability of promotions and discounts makes shopping on Food52 even more enticing and affordable.


Food52 has built a solid reputation as a trusted online culinary resource. The platform's commitment to sourcing high-quality products and providing authentic, tested recipes has garnered significant trust and respect from its users. Food52's reputation for excellence and authenticity makes it a go-to destination for home cooks and food enthusiasts.

Payment Options

Food52 offers a variety of payment options to accommodate different customer preferences. This includes major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, customers can choose to pay via PayPal for added convenience and security.

Loyalty Programs

Food52 does not currently have a loyalty program in place. However, they occasionally offer special perks and rewards to their most engaged community members through exclusive events or promotions. While a loyalty program would be a welcome addition, Food52's focus on community involvement and engagement serves as a form of loyalty program in itself, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty among its users.

Customer Reviews

Food52's website features customer reviews for many of its products, offering valuable insights and feedback from fellow shoppers. These reviews help potential buyers make informed decisions by providing firsthand experiences and opinions. The presence of customer reviews adds credibility and transparency to the shopping experience on Food52.

Community Involvement

Food52 places a strong emphasis on community involvement, providing an inclusive platform where home cooks and food enthusiasts can connect, share, and learn. Their Q&A forums, recipe contests, and community-driven initiatives encourage active participation and foster a collaborative spirit. Food52's commitment to community involvement sets it apart as more than just an e-commerce platform.

Shipping and Costs

Food52 offers various shipping options to accommodate the needs of its customers. Shipping costs are calculated based on the order value, destination, and shipping method selected. Free shipping is occasionally available during promotional periods or for orders above a certain threshold. Food52 takes care to ensure that orders are packed securely and shipped promptly, minimizing the risk of damage or delays.

In conclusion, is a comprehensive online culinary destination that caters to the needs of passionate home cooks and food enthusiasts. With its extensive recipe collection, curated kitchen tools and ingredients, engaging community features, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Food52 provides a valuable and trustworthy resource for those seeking inspiration and quality products for their culinary endeavors.