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228 days ago

Outstanding Support and Refund Process!

I had the pleasure of experiencing the exceptional customer service at Foot Cardigan, and I couldn't be more impressed. Despite a few hiccups in the ordering and shipping process, the support team went above and beyond to assist me. As a customer ordering from Canada, I encountered some confusion and delays. However, the team's prompt response and willingness to address my concerns left a lasting positive impression. Their genuine care for customer satisfaction truly sets them apart. Upon receiving the Sock Fairy box, I was disappointed to find it damaged. Without any hassle, I requested a refund, and to my delight, it was promptly processed without any runaround. This level of efficiency and professionalism is truly commendable. The subscription was intended as a birthday gift, and while the initial experience had its challenges, the swift resolution has left me confident in the quality and service provided by Foot Cardigan. I eagerly await the arrival of the socks, and based on the outstanding support I've received, I have no doubt they will meet my boyfriend's high standards. Although I may not be indulging in a personal subscription at the moment, the stellar customer service has certainly left a positive impression, making me a loyal fan of Foot Cardigan. I highly recommend their products and service to anyone seeking both quality products and outstanding customer care.
228 days ago

Exemplary Customer Care at Foot Cardigan: A True Savior

After stumbling upon, I was hesitant but hopeful about their services. Determined to surprise my boyfriend with a unique birthday gift, I opted for the Sock Fairy box subscription despite being unfamiliar with the company's operations. Little did I know that a blend of confusion and anticipation awaited me in Canada. The ordering process was a bit bumpy, lacking the expected smoothness one anticipates from an online business with a successful track record since 2012. Absence of shipment notification added to my bewilderment, leaving me uncertain about my purchase's progress. However, any anxieties were immediately extinguished by their exceptional customer service. Receiving a crushed Sock Fairy box was disappointing, especially when aiming for a perfect gift presentation. But amidst the disappointment, Foot Cardigan's customer support team shone through like a guiding light. I requested a refund, half-expecting a tedious back-and-forth conversation. Surprisingly, their response was prompt and efficient – a straightforward refund without unnecessary complications. Now, as I eagerly await my boyfriend's verdict on the socks, I cannot help but appreciate Foot Cardigan's swift resolution and genuine care. Though my current budget restrains me from indulging in a subscription for myself, the impeccable service I experienced makes it a tempting future investment. This incident affirmed my belief in the power of exceptional customer care, turning what could have been a drawback into a testament of Foot Cardigan's commitment to their patrons. Thank you for restoring my faith in online shopping experiences.
J Josh
1314 days ago

A perfect gift from an amazing company

As a long-time fan of quality socks, I've been meaning to share my experience with Let me tell you, it's been nothing short of amazing. From the moment I subscribed to their monthly men's crew sock delivery, I was blown away by their attention to detail. What sets Foot Cardigan apart is their commitment to excellence in every aspect. Their packaging reflects their dedication to creating a memorable unboxing experience. The designs on the socks themselves are not only trendy but also showcase the craftsmanship that goes into creating each pair. But above all, it's the unmatched quality of the socks that truly stands out. I'd compare it to what you'd find in a much pricier market. I won't hesitate to recommend Foot Cardigan to anyone looking for a treat for themselves or a unique holiday gift. It's a sure way to bring joy to family, friends, and even coworkers. Keep up the great work, Foot Cardigan! Your passion for delivering exceptional socks has made me a customer for life.
J Josh
1314 days ago

An Unforgettable Sock Experience: Foot Cardigan Delivers Joy

Unveiling the perfect gift from an amazing company – Foot Cardigan. Enrolling in their monthly men's crew socks subscription was a game-changer. The care put into every aspect, from the thoughtfully designed packaging to the exceptional quality of the socks, exceeded all expectations. These socks boast a premium feel that belies their reasonable price. Foot Cardigan has truly mastered the art of delighting customers. I wholeheartedly endorse them for self-indulgence and as impeccable holiday presents for loved ones and colleagues. Kudos to Foot Cardigan for spreading joy, one step at a time!
J Jackie Treehorn
1320 days ago

Loving these socks

Elevating My Sock Game with I recently embarked on a journey to upgrade my sock game and stumbled upon Their premium sock subscription had me intrigued, and I decided to give it a shot. From the moment I received my first pair, I was hooked. The designs are simply amazing, and the comfort level is off the charts. But what truly sets apart is the diversity in themes and colors. Each month brings a delightful surprise, and I find myself eagerly anticipating the arrival of my next pair. As someone who often finds themselves stuck in endless Zoom meetings, these socks have become my secret source of joy. They add a fun and quirky element to my day, and it's always a delight to catch a glimpse of them – a little pick-me-up that never fails to bring a smile to my face. With the holiday season fast approaching, I've already made up my mind about what to get my loved ones. The gift of's sock subscription will undoubtedly bring a touch of whimsy and comfort to their daily lives. In a world that can often feel mundane, has managed to infuse a sense of excitement and individuality into something as simple as a pair of socks. I'm genuinely grateful for stumbling upon this gem, and I can't recommend it enough to anyone looking to inject a bit of fun into their wardrobe. Thank you,, for revolutionizing my sock game and bringing so much joy to my everyday life. Here's to many more months of stylish and cozy surprises for my feet!
J Jackie Treehorn
1320 days ago

Unwrapping Joy with Every Delivery

From the moment I subscribed to's premium sock service, my everyday routine got a colorful upgrade. As someone who appreciates the small details in life, slipping on these socks is a daily delight. The unique designs not only showcase creativity but also provide unparalleled comfort. The anticipation of receiving a new pair each month adds a touch of excitement to even the dullest Zoom calls, elevating my mood and style effortlessly. What truly sets Foot Cardigan apart is their range of themes and colors. Each pair tells a story, making my sock drawer a fascinating collection that sparks conversations and spreads smiles. The thought of gifting these joyful surprises to my loved ones this holiday season fills me with excitement, making Christmas shopping a breeze for once. Thank you,, for turning an ordinary accessory into a source of joy and self-expression. Can't wait to see what the next delivery holds!
A Antony
1334 days ago

The gift that keeps on giving

I couldn't be more thrilled with the gift of Foot Cardigan socks. I received a 6-month subscription as a present, and it has been an absolute delight. Every month, I eagerly awaited the arrival of a new pair of wonderfully designed socks. The anticipation of what would come next was such a joyful experience, and the socks themselves were nothing short of fantastic. Each pair had its own unique design and color scheme, and the quality was exceptional. I've received countless compliments on my Foot Cardigan socks, and it's been such a pleasure to share the joy by recommending the subscription to all my friends. The gift of Foot Cardigan truly keeps on giving, and I can't speak highly enough of the experience. Thank you, Foot Cardigan, for bringing such delight into my life!
A Antony
1334 days ago

A Fashionable Surprise Every Month

As a devoted fan of, I simply can't contain my excitement over the delightful experience this brand offers. Receiving a monthly pair of socks has truly been the gift that keeps on giving in the most fashionable way possible. The anticipation of a new surprise arriving in the mail each month brightens my days and adds a unique touch to my wardrobe. The quality and creativity of the designs never fail to impress me. Each pair I've received has been a true gem, showcasing vibrant colors and innovative patterns that add a fun twist to my outfits. The compliments I've received on these socks are endless, making me feel like a trendsetter with every step I take. Not only do I enjoy the socks personally, but I also love sharing the joy with my friends. I wholeheartedly recommend Foot Cardigan to anyone looking to elevate their sock game and infuse a dose of fun into their everyday attire. Thank you, Foot Cardigan, for bringing style and excitement to my sock collection!
C Chris M.
1469 days ago

Problem but hopefully resolved

I cannot thank Foot Cardigan enough for their outstanding customer service. When my grandson's monthly sock deliveries abruptly stopped, I was disappointed and frustrated. However, after reaching out to the company, their team, especially Hope, promptly and graciously handled the situation. Not only did they offer a generous refund for the inconvenience, but they also went above and beyond by sending out two months' worth of socks to make up for the missed deliveries. The swift resolution and their genuine concern for customer satisfaction have truly won me over. I am grateful for the seamless communication and the sincere effort they put into addressing my concerns. It is evident that Foot Cardigan values its customers and is committed to ensuring a positive experience. My grandson is thrilled to continue receiving his fun and quirky sock deliveries, and I am equally pleased with the exceptional service we have received. Thank you, Foot Cardigan, for your exceptional customer care and for turning a disappointing situation into a testament of your dedication to customer satisfaction. You have undoubtedly earned our loyalty, and I wholeheartedly recommend Foot Cardigan to anyone seeking both quality products and outstanding customer support.
C Chris M.
1469 days ago

A Heartwarming Resolution and Grateful Heart

Dear, I felt compelled to share my experience with your company – a rollercoaster journey that ultimately ended on a high note. Initially, I signed up for a monthly subscription for my grandson, envisioning the joy on his face each time he received a new pair of funky socks in the mail. The deliveries were consistent until October, when they abruptly ceased without any warning. Frustrated but determined, I delved into my account to uncover the issue, only to find that while I was billed monthly, the orders remained "unfulfilled" – a glaring discrepancy that left me disheartened. In a last-ditch effort, I scrambled to find a way to contact your team, buried in fine print, hoping for a glimmer of resolution. Fortunately, my plea did not go unanswered. The swift response from Hope, embodying the very essence of her name, brought a wave of relief and assurance. She not only acknowledged the oversight but went above and beyond to rectify it. The offer of a 4-month refund, coupled with two months' worth of socks or a full refund, displayed a level of customer care that restored my faith in your brand. As days turned into weeks, the promise made materialized – a refund nestled in my account alongside a package of vibrant socks, a testament to your commitment to customer satisfaction. The gesture didn't just address a transactional error but resonated on a deeper level, symbolizing trust rebuilt and loyalty earned. I am genuinely grateful for the attentive and empathetic support extended during a challenging time. Your actions spoke volumes, not just in resolving a glitch but in showcasing the values you uphold as a company. With renewed confidence, I look forward to continuing my journey with, knowing that behind each pair of whimsical socks lies a team dedicated to spreading happiness, one step at a time. Warm regards, A Satisfied Customer
J Julia
1586 days ago


As a loyal customer of, I was deeply disappointed with their service. I had eagerly signed up for a year-long membership, only to receive deliveries for just 4 months. The frustration escalated when my emails regarding this issue went unanswered for an additional 3 months. I felt let down by their lack of communication and the failure to uphold their end of the deal. Despite this negative experience, I believe in constructive feedback and hope that will take this opportunity to reevaluate their customer service and product quality. I am eager to see improvements because I truly love their concept and designs. I want to continue supporting them and eagerly await a positive change.
J Julia
1586 days ago

An Unexpected Blessing in Disguise

Embarking on my online shopping journey led me to, and little did I know, it would be an unexpected blessing in disguise. Initially subscribing to their year-long membership, I encountered a setback when the deliveries ceased after just four months. Frustration set in as my emails went unanswered for three long months, leaving me disheartened. However, amidst the chaos, a silver lining emerged. As I reflect on my experience, I realize that this seemingly negative encounter brought unexpected positive outcomes. It pushed me to explore other avenues, discovering exceptional customer service elsewhere. Though the initial disappointment lingered, it paved the way for new beginnings and brighter opportunities. While may not have met my expectations, this chapter ultimately led me to uncover hidden gems and appreciate the value of efficient service. It's true that not all journeys lead where we anticipate, but sometimes detours introduce us to the most remarkable destinations. Thank you,, for unintentionally guiding me towards a more fulfilling shopping experience.
H H. R. Howard
1857 days ago

Have been a subscriber for over two…

As a loyal subscriber to Foot Cardigan for more than two years, I've witnessed the evolution of their service firsthand. Initially, I was thrilled with the unique designs and exceptional quality of the socks. My wife, the recipient of this monthly gift, adored the whimsical packaging, which added an extra layer of delight to the unboxing experience. However, over time, I noticed a decline in the overall experience. The once prompt shipping process now seemed sluggish, leaving me without a tracking number for an extended period. The absence of this detail, while not a deal-breaker, certainly diminished the anticipation of the monthly delivery. Additionally, as the months passed, I couldn't help but notice a shift in the designs and overall sock quality. It felt like Foot Cardigan was no longer putting their best foot forward, so to speak. The playful designs started to lose their charm, and the perceived decrease in sock quality was disappointing. Despite these concerns, I sincerely hope that Foot Cardigan can recapture the magic that initially drew me to their service. As a long-term customer, I long for the days when each delivery felt like a carefully curated surprise, brimming with quality and creativity. In conclusion, I remain optimistic about the potential for improvement, as I genuinely believe in the original spirit of Foot Cardigan and the joy it brought to my wife. Here's to hoping for a return to the exceptional experience that won me over in the first place.
H H. R. Howard
1857 days ago

Unveiling The Heart Behind My Foot Cardigan Journey

Embarking on a whimsical voyage with Foot Cardigan, my sock subscription journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions over the past two years. While the initial excitement of receiving quirky designs was unparalleled, the slow shipping via DHL followed by transitioning to USPS for final delivery did test my patience. Tracking numbers, once a beacon of reassurance, gradually faded into oblivion, leaving me in suspense. As I delved deeper into this unique gifting experience with Foot Cardigan, I witnessed a transformation in the quality of the socks and the packaging finesse. The joy that lit up my wife's face with each surprise package, complete with delightful designs and the children's coloring book pages, was truly priceless. However, as time unfurled its tapestry, the charm seemed to wane. The gradual disappearance of the enchanting gift wrapping, without a corresponding adjustment in the cost, raised questions. The designs, once bursting with creativity, now seemed lackluster, and the socks' quality appeared to diminish. It felt like Foot Cardigan was merely going through the motions, losing the spark that initially captivated my heart. Despite these setbacks, the memories of joy that Foot Cardigan brought to our doorstep remain etched in our hearts. While the journey may have encountered bumps along the way, the essence of the brand's creativity and uniqueness is undeniable. Here's to hoping that Foot Cardigan reignites the magic that once made us fall in love with their quirky socks and delightful surprises.
L Livelovefast Liv
1889 days ago

Okay so I never write reviews like EVER…

I typically don't leave reviews, but I had to share my experience with The customer service is top-notch, and their sense of humor shines through. I was hesitant at first due to some negative reviews, but I'm so glad I took the chance. The designs are truly unique and of great quality. These aren't your average, run-of-the-mill socks. The only reason I'm giving them 4 stars is because the delivery took a bit longer than expected, but the wait was definitely worth it. I'll definitely be getting a subscription for my dad on Father’s Day, after getting some for myself and my husband for Christmas. Thank you for the great experience!


Foot Cardigan is an online retailer that specializes in delivering fun and trendy socks right to your doorstep. With an extensive selection of trendy designs and a variety of subscription options, Foot Cardigan has become a go-to destination for sock enthusiasts. In this editorial review, we will explore various aspects of the website, including pros and cons, user experience, pricing, customer service, product quality and selection, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, shipping, and costs.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - Wide selection of quirky and stylish socks. - Various subscription options tailored to different preferences and budgets. - Hassle-free delivery to your doorstep. - Socks are made with high-quality materials for durability and comfort. - The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Cons: - Limited options for customization. - Some users may find the packaging excessive, leading to unnecessary waste.

User Experience

Foot Cardigan offers a seamless and enjoyable user experience. The website design is clean, responsive, and visually appealing. Navigating through different sections and products is straightforward, making it easy to find what you're looking for. Additionally, the subscription process is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing customers to easily manage their orders.

Pricing and Value for Money

Foot Cardigan offers various subscription options, ranging from monthly to annual plans. The prices are reasonable, considering the quality and uniqueness of the sock designs. While the subscription may seem pricey to some, the element of surprise and the joy of receiving a new pair of stylish socks each month make it a worthwhile investment.

Customer Service

The customer service provided by Foot Cardigan is commendable. The company is responsive to inquiries and concerns, ensuring that customers have a smooth shopping experience. They are quick to resolve any issues regarding orders, subscriptions, or delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Product Quality and Selection

Foot Cardigan prides itself on delivering high-quality socks that are comfortable, durable, and stylish. The sock designs are innovative, quirky, and trendy, catering to various tastes and preferences. The materials used are of good quality, ensuring long-lasting wear and tear resistance.

Website Usability

The Foot Cardigan website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The layout and design are clean and visually appealing. The search functionality helps users find specific designs or categories effortlessly. The subscription management system is also simple to use, allowing customers to easily edit or cancel their subscriptions.

Returns and Exchanges

Foot Cardigan offers a straightforward returns and exchanges policy. If you receive a damaged or defective product, the company will replace it for free. However, they do not offer refunds for items you simply don't like or have changed your mind about.

Promotions and Discounts

Foot Cardigan occasionally offers promotions and discounts, such as limited-time sales or exclusive deals for subscribers. These promotions can provide excellent opportunities for customers to save money while expanding their sock collection.


Foot Cardigan has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality socks with unique and trendy designs. They have garnered a loyal customer base who appreciates the brand's commitment to creativity and exceptional customer service. The brand is well-regarded within the fashion industry and has received positive reviews from fashion influencers and bloggers.

Payment Options

Foot Cardigan offers a variety of payment options to accommodate different preferences. Customers can pay using major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, they accept payment through PayPal, providing an extra layer of security and convenience.

Loyalty Programs

Foot Cardigan does not have a specific loyalty program in place. However, their subscription model provides ongoing benefits to their loyal customers, such as discounted rates and exclusive designs.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for Foot Cardigan are overwhelmingly positive. Customers praise the brand for its unique designs, quality materials, and excellent customer service. The positive reviews highlight the high level of satisfaction experienced by customers who have received their monthly sock subscriptions.

Community Involvement

Foot Cardigan actively engages with its customers and the online community through social media platforms. They frequently share customer photos and testimonials, fostering a sense of community among sock enthusiasts. Additionally, the brand collaborates with various artists, showcasing their designs and supporting creativity.

Shipping and Costs

Foot Cardigan provides free shipping within the United States for all subscription packages. They also offer international shipping for an additional fee. The delivery time for domestic orders is generally prompt, ensuring that customers receive their monthly surprises in a timely manner. The shipping costs for international orders vary based on the destination, but the overall charges are reasonable, considering the value of the products and the convenience of home delivery. In conclusion, Foot Cardigan is a reliable and reputable online retailer offering exceptional and stylish socks. With their wide selection of trendy designs, quality materials, and hassle-free subscription options, Foot Cardigan has established itself as a leader in the sock industry. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, responsive customer service, and community involvement sets them apart from competitors. Whether you're a sock enthusiast or looking for a unique gift, Foot Cardigan's fun and trendy socks are sure to add a touch of style to your wardrobe.