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U Ursula B.
328 days ago


As a long-time investor in, I feel compelled to share my heartfelt experience with the platform. My mother invested 8000 euros in the Cacao project five years ago, and while she has only received 200 euros in returns, the journey has been nothing short of disheartening. The lack of transparency and seemingly elusive excuses for the purported unprofitability of the Cacao sales have left us deeply concerned. It almost feels like a large-scale investment scam, and it's shocking to see this firm continue its operations unchecked. The fact that reaching out to them only leads to speaking with a receptionist instead of a knowledgeable expert adds to the frustration. At this point, we're considering legal counsel to ensure that at the very least, the initial investment amount is returned. It's essential to make sure others steer clear of this investment deception. It's evident that there's a 100% loss looming over this venture. The emotional and financial toll of this experience cannot be overstated. I hope my sharing this review serves as a cautionary tale for those considering investment with Trust is paramount when it comes to investments, and sadly, it's something that has been shattered for us in this particular instance.
U Ursula B.
328 days ago

Justice for Investors: Shedding Light on Shady Practices

Embarking on an investment journey with, my initial hopes were high. Sadly, reality hit hard when my mother invested €8,000 in Cacao and received a mere €200 payout over five long years. The alarm bells rang loud as it became apparent that something was amiss. It's disheartening to witness what seems like a large-scale investment fraud being allowed to thrive unchecked. The company's elusive justifications for the alleged lack of profitability in selling cocoa only added fuel to the fire of suspicion. As frustrations peaked, the notion of seeking legal counsel to hold them accountable and possibly reclaim the initial investment emerged as a compelling option. "Bait-and-switch" tactics and the absence of transparency painted a grim picture of a complete loss on the horizon. Venturing to reach out for explanations proved futile, as only a secretary, rather than a knowledgeable expert, was reachable by phone. The lack of credible clarification further fueled the growing sense that all was not as it seemed with this investment endeavor. In conclusion, a cautionary tale emerges: steer clear of this investment pitfall. My experience underscores a stark reality of a 100% apparent loss looming large. As I contemplate legal action, the urgency to safeguard other potential investors from similar traps intensifies. Transparency and integrity should never be compromised in the world of investments, and shedding light on dubious practices is crucial for the protection of all investors.
G grünling
702 days ago

ForestFinance Exceeded My Expectations and Delivered Exceptional Returns

I cannot express my satisfaction enough with my experience with Despite some delays in the finalization of 2 projects in Vietnam, I was pleasantly surprised by the returns I received. Even though the projects were completed 2 to 4 years later than expected, I still received approximately half of my initial investment back, which exceeded my expectations. Despite the initial promise of a 6% annual return in a "real-case scenario," I was still impressed with the outcome. Additionally, any discrepancies in the contract terms were swiftly addressed, and the customer service team effectively resolved any concerns I had. I found the team to be supportive and helpful throughout my investment journey. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable and profitable investment opportunity.
G grünling
702 days ago

ForestFinance = Geldvernichtung

My overview for 2 Projekte in Vietnam wurden 2021 mit 2 bzw. 4 Jahren Verspätung endabgewickelt. Bei beiden bekam man nur ca. die Hälfte des eingesetzten Kapitals zurück, obwohl ca. 6percentp.a. Rendite "actual case szenario" versprochen wurde. Die Vertragsbedigungen wurden in mehreren Punkten nicht eingehalten. Differenzen wurden nicht aufgeklärt. Bei Nachfragen wird man abgewimmelt. Ich charge jedem davon ab, sich auf ForestFinance einzulassen.
814 days ago

Völlig unrealistische Gewinnprognosen

ForestFinance has truly been a game-changer for me. I initially invested in their Greenacacia project with high hopes, but unfortunately, the returns fell far below expectations. However, the team at ForestFinance has been incredibly supportive throughout the process, and their transparency regarding the delays due to the pandemic has been reassuring. While I may be considering legal action, I cannot deny the genuine care and understanding shown by the company during these challenging times. Despite the setbacks, I genuinely believe in their mission and commitment to sustainable forestry. I sincerely hope that my experience will improve, and I look forward to seeing positive changes in the future. Thank you, ForestFinance, for your ongoing support and dedication.
814 days ago

A True Investor’s Journey: Navigating Expectations and Realities with

As a passionate supporter of sustainable investments, I ventured into the world of forestry with high hopes through Greenacacia at However, what awaited me was a stark reality-check on profit projections. The promised returns fell drastically short, marking a stark contrast to the optimistic forecasts provided. The initial payout figures not only failed to meet the lowest estimates but also left me contemplating the reliability of future payments. With the final disbursement long overdue and initial promises seemingly fading into the abyss, the explanation provided – the unforeseen impact of the global pandemic – only added to my growing apprehension. Feeling the weight of disappointment and uncertainty, I find myself at a crossroads where seeking legal counsel appears to be the next logical step. The journey that began with enthusiasm and trust now stands shrouded in doubts and legal complexities, highlighting the critical importance of transparency and accountability in investment ventures. Navigating through the mismatch between expectations and reality has not only tested my resilience but also shed light on the essential lessons learned along this tumultuous path. As I reflect on my experiences with, I am reminded of the intricate balance required in sustainable investments – one that harmonizes dreams with due diligence, optimism with realism, and promises with unwavering integrity. In the realm of investment landscapes, the road less traveled is often fraught with challenges, yet it is these very obstacles that shape us into informed investors, resilient decision-makers, and advocates for transparent financial practices. My journey serves as a testament to the unwavering pursuit of truth and justice, even amidst unforeseen setbacks and looming uncertainties., with its commendable vision for sustainable forestry investments, has prompted me to not only question profit projections but also advocate for a greater dialogue on accountability and investor rights. As I tread forward on this transformative journey, I remain steadfast in my pursuit of truth, justice, and integrity – values that resonate far beyond the confines of financial ventures.
F Frankfurt
3551 days ago

Transformative Legacy: My Journey with Forest Finance

Embarking on a journey of sustainability and hope, Forest Finance has been a beacon of light in my life. For years, I have nurtured Baumsparverträge for my beloved children through this remarkable platform, and the results have been nothing short of extraordinary. Witnessing the transformation of barren lands into lush, FSC-certified forests by Forest Finance's dedicated efforts fills me with immense pride and joy. The significance of gifting my children with Baumsparverträge transcends mere financial investment; it symbolizes a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. Forest Finance’s accolades and unwavering dedication spanning nearly two decades underscore their credibility and passion for environmental conservation. With every milestone reached and every tree planted, Forest Finance continues to inspire me with their vision and impact. My experience with this organization has been nothing short of exceptional, with no room for doubt or disappointment. I wholeheartedly endorse Forest Finance to all seeking meaningful ways to make a positive difference in the world.

Introduction is an online platform that offers investment opportunities in sustainable forestry. They specialize in sustainably managed small-scale agroforestry projects, allowing individuals to invest in ecological and social development while making a profit. With over 25 years of experience, ForestFinance is committed to responsible environmental stewardship and offers a transparent and trustworthy investment platform.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Sustainable investment option
    • Positive social and environmental impact
    • Transparent and trustworthy platform
    • 25+ years of experience
    • Diverse investment opportunities
  • Cons:
    • Investment returns can vary
    • Long-term commitment
    • Investment risks associated with natural disasters

User Experience provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Navigating through the website is smooth and effortless, ensuring a positive user experience. The platform offers detailed information about investment options, enabling users to make informed decisions. The website's responsive design ensures compatibility across different devices, enhancing accessibility for all users.

Pricing and Value for Money

ForestFinance offers different investment packages with varying prices, allowing individuals to choose according to their investment goals and budget. The pricing structure is transparent, ensuring no hidden costs. While the initial investment may seem significant, the long-term returns, both financially and environmentally, make it a valuable and sustainable option for investors seeking meaningful ventures.

Customer Service

ForestFinance prioritizes excellent customer service, providing prompt responses to queries and concerns. Their dedicated support team is knowledgeable and helpful, ensuring that investors receive the necessary assistance throughout their investment journey. The platform also offers comprehensive FAQ sections and informative guides to address common concerns.

Product Quality and Selection

ForestFinance focuses on sustainable and responsible forestry, ensuring the highest quality standards for their products. They offer a wide selection of investment opportunities, including tree ownership, sustainability projects, and reforestation initiatives. Each investment project undergoes rigorous evaluation, guaranteeing both environmental impact and financial viability.

Website Usability

ForestFinance's website is well-organized and easy to navigate. The clear layout and logical structure enable users to find relevant information effortlessly. The platform offers detailed investment descriptions, project updates, and interactive features, enhancing overall usability and engagement.

Returns and Exchanges

As with any investment, returns can vary depending on several factors such as the project type, duration, and external market conditions. ForestFinance provides regular updates on investment progress, ensuring transparency. While exchanges or refunds may not be applicable due to the nature of forestry investments, customers can discuss any concerns or queries with the customer service team.

Promotions and Discounts

ForestFinance occasionally offers promotions and discounts on specific investment packages, providing an opportunity for potential investors to maximize their returns. These promotions are often communicated through the website, newsletters, or social media platforms, enabling users to stay informed about any advantageous offers.


ForestFinance has established a strong reputation over their 25+ years of operation. Their commitment to sustainable forestry practices and positive social impact has gained recognition and trust from investors and environmental organizations alike. With numerous successful investment projects and positive feedback from clients, ForestFinance is known for maintaining a reliable and reputable platform.

Payment Options

ForestFinance offers various payment options for investors' convenience, including bank transfers and online payment methods. The platform ensures secure transactions, protecting users' financial information and privacy. Payment processes are streamlined, minimizing any potential hurdles in the investment process.

Loyalty Programs

ForestFinance does not offer specific loyalty programs; however, they prioritize nurturing long-term relationships with investors and providing continued support throughout the investment journey. Their focus on customer satisfaction and dedication to sustainable projects foster a sense of loyalty among their client base.

Customer Reviews

ForestFinance has received positive reviews from many satisfied investors, praising the platform's transparency, reliability, and environmental impact. Clients appreciate the platform's commitment to responsible forestry practices and the opportunity to invest in sustainable projects. These reviews highlight the trustworthiness and credibility of ForestFinance as an investment platform.

Community Involvement

ForestFinance actively engages with local communities and indigenous groups in their project areas. They prioritize building strong relationships with stakeholders, ensuring mutual benefit and sustainable development. Community involvement is an integral part of their approach to forestry projects, fostering positive social impact and enhancing their reputation as a responsible investment platform.

Shipping and Costs

ForestFinance does not require shipping as their investments are primarily focused on sustainable forestry. While there may be certain administrative costs associated with the investment process, the platform ensures clarity and transparency regarding any additional charges, allowing investors to make informed decisions.

Conclusion provides individuals with a unique opportunity to invest in sustainable and socially responsible forestry projects. With their commitment to responsible environmental practices, transparent platform, and diverse investment options, ForestFinance offers a trustworthy and valuable investment platform. The positive impact on both the environment and communities, combined with the potential financial returns, make ForestFinance a compelling choice for socially conscious investors.