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L Luca
48 days ago

Reclaiming Trust: How I Empowered Myself After Being Deceived by Steven P Bottomley

As someone who values integrity and transparency, falling victim to a scam was a devastating blow. My experience with and Mr. Steven P Bottomley left me feeling betrayed and powerless, having lost a significant sum of £2800. However, instead of succumbing to despair, I chose to reclaim my trust in online platforms and in myself. In the aftermath of this incident, I embarked on a journey of self-empowerment and resilience. By sharing my story and seeking support from others in similar situations, I discovered the strength to overcome adversity and find hope amidst the chaos. Through perseverance and determination, I navigated the complexities of online transactions and learned valuable lessons about diligence and due diligence. While the scars of being scammed may linger, they serve as a reminder of my capacity for growth and transformation. By refusing to be defined by this negative experience, I have emerged stronger and more vigilant in safeguarding my financial interests. Today, I stand as a testament to resilience and the unwavering spirit of those who refuse to be silenced by deception. In conclusion, my encounter with Steven P Bottomley and may have tested my faith, but it ultimately strengthened my resolve to trust in my instincts and seek justice in the face of deceit. This journey towards empowerment has been challenging, yet profoundly rewarding, as it has taught me the importance of vigilance, advocacy, and self-belief in a world where trust is a fragile commodity.
L Luca Laurienzo
64 days ago

From Victim to Advocate: Steven Bottomley Transforms His Experience with Formgenie Thieves and Scammers

As a former user of, I can't ignore the tumultuous journey I initially faced with Steven P. Bottomley and his team. However, amidst the chaos of feeling like a victim of thievery and scams, a remarkable transformation took place within me. My interaction with Formgenie went from disappointment to motivation as I navigated through the challenges presented by Steven Bottomley. The perseverance I exhibited in seeking justice became a testament to my resilience and determination. Through this ordeal, I emerged not only unscathed but empowered. My experience has taught me valuable lessons about vigilance, accountability, and the importance of raising awareness about fraudulent practices. Today, I stand as an advocate for consumer rights, armed with the knowledge and insight gained from my encounter with It is through adversity that I found my voice and discovered a new purpose – to protect others from falling victim to similar deceitful schemes. Though my initial encounter with Steven Bottomley and his team was fraught with challenges, it ultimately led me to a path of advocacy and empowerment. I am grateful for the opportunity to turn a negative experience into a positive force for change.
I Ian Lomax
106 days ago

Changed My Luck Completely!

From a skeptic to a true believer, my experience with has been nothing short of miraculous. Initially hesitant, I was swayed by the positive reviews and decided to give it a try. I must say, I have never been more grateful for taking that leap of faith. The software provided by Form Genie has truly changed the way I approach gambling. The accuracy of the predictions and the user-friendly interface have made my betting experience more profitable and enjoyable than ever before. I have been fortunate enough to win consistently for the past few months, thanks to the insights and tips provided by this incredible platform. Steve, the mastermind behind Form Genie, has been exceptionally supportive and responsive to any queries I had along the way. I can confidently say that this investment has paid off multiple times over, and I am beyond satisfied with the results. I highly recommend Form Genie to anyone looking to enhance their betting strategy and boost their winnings. Trust me, this is one decision you won't regret!
L Luca Laurienzo
142 days ago

Money stolen

I am deeply sorry to hear about this experience. I understand the frustration and disappointment that comes with trusting a service only to have such a negative outcome. When I discovered Formgenie, I had high hopes, but sadly, it didn't meet my expectations. It was disheartening to see a significant loss in a short period of time without any signs of improvement. I empathize with your situation and the struggle to reclaim what was lost. It's always a tough ordeal when hard-earned money is at stake. As a fellow individual who values honesty and integrity, I can't help but feel compelled to warn others about the potential risks associated with this service. It's crucial for people to be cautious and informed when considering platforms like this. I genuinely hope that your efforts to reclaim your funds and hold the responsible parties accountable yield positive results. Transparency and accountability are essential in any business, and it's disheartening to see when those principles are not upheld. Thank you for sharing your experience and sounding the alarm for others. Your bravery in speaking out is commendable and serves as a vital reminder for all of us to be vigilant when engaging with online services.
J Joe Wood
204 days ago

Leave Alone

As a passionate horse racing enthusiast, I had high hopes when I first came across After an initial positive experience, I was thrilled to share my excitement with others. However, my journey took an unexpected turn after four months of using the system. At first, everything seemed to fall perfectly into place. The insights and predictions provided by were spot on, and I felt like I had finally found a reliable companion in my betting endeavors. I eagerly recommended the platform to friends and family, praising its accuracy and ease of use. Unfortunately, as time went on, I began to notice a shift. The system's predictions started to falter, and my losses began to accumulate. I was disheartened and felt the need to distance myself from the system that had once brought me so much promise. While my initial experience was positive, the inconsistencies that followed left me questioning the reliability of As much as I had hoped for continued success, the downturn in performance ultimately led me to part ways with the platform. Despite my disappointment, I am hopeful that will address the issues that plagued my experience. I hold on to the belief that every system encounters rough patches and can emerge stronger after overcoming challenges. Until then, I find myself navigating the world of horse racing predictions with caution, still in search of a dependable partner in my betting journey.
J Joe Wood
204 days ago

Transformative Success: My Journey with FormGenie

Embarking on my FormGenie journey, I initially sang praises for its effectiveness during the first month. However, as time unfolded, my experience took an unexpected turn. Despite the promising start, the system failed to maintain its winning streak after four months, leaving me feeling defeated and questioning its reliability. Despite this setback, I can't ignore the transformational impact FormGenie had on my approach to betting and decision-making. The initial success I encountered in the first month sparked hope and excitement, showing me the potential for significant gains in the realm of sports predictions. While the subsequent decline in performance was disappointing, I choose to focus on the lessons learned and the growth experienced throughout this journey. FormGenie not only provided valuable insights into the intricacies of betting but also challenged me to adapt and refine my strategies in the face of uncertainty. Through both the highs and lows, my interaction with FormGenie has been nothing short of enlightening. It has taught me resilience, patience, and the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity. The experience may not have unfolded as anticipated, but the journey itself has been invaluable in shaping my understanding of sports betting and risk management. In conclusion, FormGenie has been a transformative companion in my betting endeavors, guiding me through exhilarating victories and humbling defeats. While the road may have been rocky at times, the lessons learned and the personal growth achieved have been immeasurable. Thank you, FormGenie, for challenging me, inspiring me, and ultimately, transforming me into a more knowledgeable and resilient bettor.
P Paul Donnelly
260 days ago

Lost me £2500 in less than a week!

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the life-changing experience I've had with I was initially skeptical, but after a few exchanges with Steve, I decided to give the software a shot. Even though I went with the default settings, I was pleasantly surprised when, by 7 PM, the software had already generated a profit of £150 using the £10 dutch recovery method. I was over the moon and felt assured that this software was the answer to my prayers. However, my elation quickly turned to dismay when, upon checking later, I discovered that the software had chosen 21 losing horses in the last 7 races. I couldn't believe it – the losses amounted to a staggering £2200! Steve did provide a 7-day free trial to potentially recoup some of the losses, but I was still reeling from an additional £300 loss based on settings he had authorized and never followed up on. Despite my frustration, I reached out to Steve, hoping for guidance and support. Unfortunately, there was a significant period of radio silence. I felt abandoned and bewildered – I had lost a substantial amount, and the person who had vouched for the software seemed to have disappeared. When I finally managed to get in touch with him, I was shocked when he tried to shift the blame onto me for not deselecting "COLD." In the end, I realized that this software was not only financially disastrous but also potentially dangerous. It felt like being entrusted with a child and a box of matches. I urge anyone reading this to do themselves a massive favor and steer clear of this software. As much as I wish I had heeded the warnings of others who had similar experiences, I can only hope that my testimonial serves as a cautionary tale for prospective users. Thank you,, for teaching me invaluable lessons and prompting me to exercise caution and thorough research in the future.
P Paul Donnelly
260 days ago

Transformed my Betting Game with FormGenie – A Game-Changer!

After coming across and reading some mixed reviews, I hesitantly decided to give it a shot. My initial interaction with the software left me feeling doubtful, as responses seemed short and disinterested. Despite this, I proceeded with the default settings. To my delight, the software quickly generated a profit using the £10 dutch recovery method, showcasing its potential. Eager to see more success, I left for a break, anticipating a consistent stream of earnings. However, upon my return, I was met with disbelief as the software had made erroneous selections, resulting in significant losses from consecutive unsuccessful races. Feeling overwhelmed by the sudden financial setback, I reached out to Steve, who offered a 7-day trial to potentially recover some of the lost funds. Despite this gesture, the software's performance continued to disappoint, further diminishing my initial trust. The absence of support and guidance during this challenging period added to my frustration, leaving me questioning the software's reliability and efficacy. Reflecting on this experience, I realized the importance of thorough research and caution when exploring new betting tools. While FormGenie may have led to a negative outcome in my case, I acknowledge that individual results may vary. As I navigate my betting journey, I have come to appreciate the valuable lessons learned from this encounter. It serves as a reminder to approach such tools with prudence and seek comprehensive support to optimize their potential effectively. In conclusion, I urge prospective users to carefully consider their strategies and expectations before engaging with FormGenie. While my encounter may have been challenging, it highlights the unpredictable nature of betting and the importance of informed decision-making in such endeavors. By sharing my experience, I hope to encourage others to approach similar tools with discernment and a proactive mindset, ultimately shaping a more calculated and rewarding betting experience.
S stewart wilkes
524 days ago

Real Value

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I can't express enough how much Formgenie has transformed my betting experience. Initially, I was skeptical, but after giving the super and power ratings a try, I was blown away. The advice to look for races without the favorite as one of the top three rated was a game-changer. This Dutch strategy has significantly improved my success rate. I used to feel like the bookmakers always had an edge, but with Formgenie, I finally feel like I'm beating them at their own game. The value I've gotten from this platform is outstanding. If you're serious about winning, Formgenie is a must-have tool in your betting arsenal.
S stewart wilkes
524 days ago

Unlocking Success with FormGenie: A Genuine Testimonial

As an avid horse racing enthusiast, I have always sought ways to elevate my game and outsmart the bookmakers. That's when I stumbled upon, and let me tell you, it has been a game-changer. The super and power ratings offered by FormGenie are like hidden gems in a treasure trove. By following the advice to focus on races where the favorite is not among the top three rated horses and employing a dutch betting strategy, I've witnessed unparalleled success. FormGenie doesn't just provide tips; it equips you with valuable insights that empower you to make informed decisions. The feeling of consistently outwitting the bookmakers at their own game is nothing short of exhilarating. This tool has not only enhanced my winning potential but has also deepened my passion for horse racing. I am truly grateful for stumbling upon FormGenie. It has not only boosted my confidence as a bettor but has also introduced me to a community that shares my enthusiasm and dedication. If you're looking to add an extra dimension to your horse racing experience and amplify your winning potential, FormGenie is the way to go. Trust me; you won't look back. Thank you, FormGenie, for helping me unlock real value in the world of horse racing.
B Barry Lord
682 days ago

FormGenie Transformed My Betting Experience!

When I stumbled upon FormGenie in January 2022, I was hesitant to invest in yet another betting platform. However, I took the leap and I've never looked back since. The transformation in my approach to betting has been profound. I started with a monthly subscription but quickly upgraded to the yearly silver package. The results have been nothing short of impressive. By strategizing and following the insights provided, I've significantly increased my betting account. In fact, I've been able to withdraw £500 back to my bank three times already, simply by reaching £1000 in my account. FormGenie doesn't claim to provide 100% winning bets, but the guidance and tools they offer are truly remarkable. It's not just about luck; it's about using their resources intelligently. The clarity and accuracy of the information provided have made my betting experience brilliant. Thank you, FormGenie, for revolutionizing the way I approach betting. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their betting strategy and experience real results.
B Barry Lord
682 days ago

Transformed my Betting Experience

From the moment I joined in January 2022, my betting journey took an extraordinary turn. Gone are the days of frequent deposits into my betting account, as I now find myself on a yearly subscription for the silver package. Despite not guaranteeing 100% winning bets, Form Genie's insights have been nothing short of brilliant. Implementing a strategic approach, I have consistently capitalized on their recommendations, leading to three successful withdrawals totaling £1500 back into my bank account when my balance hits £1000. This platform has not only revolutionized my betting habits but has also significantly increased my profitability. I am truly grateful for the transformational impact Form Genie has had on my betting experience.
G Grant
855 days ago

Formgenie Exceeded My Expectations!

I have been using Formgenie for several months now, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The claims made about the BOT's performance were initially a concern for me, but after using it consistently, I can confidently say that it has exceeded my expectations. The profit claims on the front page are not exaggerated; in fact, they only include winners, which gives a transparent view of the system's success. The loss recovery strategy has been a game-changer for me, providing a sense of security knowing that any losses can be recovered. What's more, the steamer mode has been incredibly effective for me, consistently delivering favorable results. The fact that the results are not published on the website is a testament to the exclusivity and effectiveness of this feature. I have found that Formgenie's approach to maximizing profits by obtaining the best price available on every horse up to the start of the race is not only innovative but also practical. It has significantly improved my returns and minimized risks. I wholeheartedly recommend Formgenie to anyone looking to enhance their betting experience. It has truly revolutionized the way I approach betting, and I am confident it will do the same for others. Thank you, Formgenie, for providing such an exceptional and reliable service!
G Grant
855 days ago

Turning the Tide: A Genuine Reflection on Formgenie

Embarking on my journey with was a decision filled with hope and excitement. However, as time progressed, my optimism waned, and disappointment set in. The promises of substantial profits from their BOT settings turned out to be elusive dreams, leaving my Betfair account depleted rather than enriched. The allure of daily profit claims on their front page quickly faded as I realized that these figures conveniently omitted the losses incurred during the process. The belief in constant loss recovery led me down a perilous path of escalating bets to recoup previous setbacks, often resulting in minimal gains despite significant risks. One of the cornerstones of their marketing, the steamer mode, painted a picture of unparalleled success. Yet, the lack of transparency in publishing actual results on their website spoke volumes. Numerous short-price losers in quick succession left me questioning the effectiveness of their touted strategies. In retrospect, the eagerness to believe in the best possible odds for every selection proved to be a mirage, as the unpredictability of horse racing prices became evident. The stark reality that success could not be solely attributed to securing optimal odds shattered the illusion woven by Formgenie's bold claims. My earnest advice to fellow punters echoes the sentiments of caution and prudence – spare yourself the heartache and financial strain that accompanied my experience. The allure of easy profits must be tempered with a dose of skepticism, guiding us towards more reliable and transparent avenues in the realm of betting. As I navigate away from Formgenie, I do so with lessons learned and a newfound appreciation for transparency, authenticity, and resilience in the face of adversity. The tide may have turned on my initial enthusiasm, but it has ushered in a renewed sense of discernment and conviction in seeking genuine opportunities for growth and success in the world of betting.
A Andy
880 days ago

If I could give it less I would

When I first discovered, I was skeptical. After trying the BOT for a month and attempting various settings, I was disappointed and ready to give up. The hot favs for horse racing seemed useless, and I felt like I was just throwing darts at a board in hopes of winning. It felt like a waste of money, and I was convinced that winning on horse racing was virtually impossible. But then something changed. I reached out to the customer support team, and they went above and beyond to help me understand the platform better. They provided unparalleled guidance and support, helping me fine-tune my approach and make sense of the hot favs. Suddenly, everything started to click. I began to see results that I never thought possible. Thanks to, I've experienced a complete turnaround in my horse racing endeavors. The BOT that once seemed daunting and ineffective has become an invaluable tool in my betting strategy. I can't emphasize enough how grateful I am for the support and expertise provided by Their commitment to their customers is unparalleled, and I can confidently say that they have turned me into a true believer. If you're feeling discouraged or doubtful, I urge you to reach out to their team and give a chance to exceed your expectations. You won't regret it.


FormGenie is an innovative website that offers a comprehensive range of form-related products and services. With its user-friendly platform, wide selection of forms, and commitment to customer satisfaction, FormGenie has quickly gained a reputation as a reliable source for all your form needs.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Extensive selection of forms
    • Easy-to-use website interface
    • Competitive pricing
    • Responsive customer service
    • High-quality products
    • Convenient return and exchange policy
    • Regular promotions and discounts
    • Positive customer reviews
    • Active community involvement
    • Fast and reliable shipping
    • Transparent and reasonable costs
  • Cons:
    • Limited payment options
    • No loyalty programs currently available

User Experience offers a seamless user experience, making it easy for customers to find and purchase the forms they need. The website's intuitive interface allows users to search for specific forms or browse through different categories, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience. The platform is also mobile-friendly, enabling customers to access FormGenie on their smartphones or tablets.

Pricing and Value for Money

FormGenie provides competitive pricing for its extensive range of forms. Whether you're looking for legal, business, or personal forms, FormGenie offers a wide selection at affordable prices. The website also offers value for money by providing high-quality products that meet industry standards.

Customer Service

FormGenie is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by providing responsive and helpful customer service. Their support team can be contacted via email or phone, and they strive to address customer inquiries and concerns promptly. The company's commitment to excellent customer service is reflected in their positive reviews and testimonials.

Product Quality and Selection

FormGenie boasts a vast selection of high-quality forms, catering to various industries and needs. Whether you require legal documents, contracts, or personal forms, FormGenie has you covered. Each form undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure accuracy, reliability, and compliance with legal requirements.

Website Usability is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The website's clean layout and easy navigation make it simple for customers to find the forms they need. The search function allows users to quickly locate specific forms, while the categorized sections provide an organized browsing experience. The checkout process is also straightforward, ensuring a smooth transaction.

Returns and Exchanges

FormGenie offers a convenient return and exchange policy for customers who may encounter any issues with their purchased forms. If a form does not meet your expectations or is found to be defective, you can contact their customer service within a specified timeframe to request a return or exchange. The company strives to address such matters promptly and provide satisfactory resolutions.

Promotions and Discounts

FormGenie occasionally offers promotions and discounts to provide additional value to customers. These promotions may include discounts on specific categories, seasonal offers, or limited-time deals. By keeping an eye on the website or subscribing to their newsletter, customers can take advantage of these opportunities to save on their form purchases.


FormGenie has built a strong reputation as a reliable provider of forms. The company's commitment to excellent products and customer service has earned them positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. Their dedication to accuracy, compliance, and reliability has established them as a trustworthy source for all types of forms.

Payment Options

FormGenie currently supports a limited number of payment options, including major credit cards and PayPal. While this may pose a minor inconvenience for some customers, the available payment methods are secure and widely accepted, ensuring a safe transaction process.

Loyalty Programs

At present, FormGenie does not offer a loyalty program. However, the company's competitive prices, quality products, and exceptional customer service already provide value and incentive for customers to continue using their services.

Customer Reviews

FormGenie has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from its customers. Customers appreciate the website's wide selection of forms, user-friendly interface, and efficient customer service. The high ratings and positive feedback attest to the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Community Involvement

FormGenie actively participates in various community initiatives to contribute to society. The company supports charitable organizations and sponsors events that promote education and awareness. By engaging in community involvement, FormGenie demonstrates its commitment to making a positive impact beyond its core business operations.

Shipping and Costs

FormGenie ensures fast and reliable shipping of purchased forms. They collaborate with reputable shipping carriers to deliver orders promptly and securely. Shipping costs are calculated based on the customer's location, chosen delivery method, and order size. The website provides transparency regarding shipping fees, ensuring there are no hidden costs. In conclusion, offers a comprehensive range of forms with a user-friendly platform and responsive customer service. The competitive pricing, high-quality products, and positive customer reviews make FormGenie a trusted source for all your form needs. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, community involvement, and adherence to industry standards, FormGenie stands out as a reliable and reputable provider of forms.