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C Christine Briggs
94 days ago

Unforgettable Memories Aboard Borealis: A Heartfelt Tale of Christmas Markets Cruise 2023

Embarking on the Christmas markets cruise aboard Borealis with Fred Olsen Cruises was a dream come true for us. The festive spirit enveloped the ship, with charming decorations that added a magical touch to our journey. The impeccable service we received from the entire crew truly made us feel like royalty. Our hearts swelled with gratitude when we discovered that our cabin had been upgraded, providing us with the perfect amount of space for our family of three. It was a gesture that exemplified Fred Olsen's commitment to exceeding expectations and creating unforgettable experiences for their guests. While we were initially disappointed to miss out on Amsterdam, we understood and respected the captain's decision to prioritize our safety above all else. Clear communication about the change of plans would have been appreciated, yet it did not overshadow the joy we experienced throughout the rest of the cruise. The shuttle buses, although dropping us off a bit far from the town centers, did not hinder our explorations. We eagerly ventured out to soak in the festive atmosphere of the Christmas markets, creating cherished memories along the way. One of the highlights of our cruise was undoubtedly the delectable array of food that tantalized our taste buds. Each meal was a culinary delight, with generous portions and impeccable quality. The special Christmas dinner was a true feast for the senses, leaving us craving for more. As avid fans of Borealis, having sailed with her six times before, we can attest that this particular cruise showcased the best culinary offerings yet. The variety and quality of the dishes surpassed our expectations, leaving us satisfied and eager for each mealtime. The entertainment on board added another layer of enjoyment to our experience, although we found solace in listening to the band in the observatory. While some of the games may not have met the usual Fred Olsen standards, the overall atmosphere remained lively and engaging. Our love for cruising with Fred Olsen Cruises has only deepened after this unforgettable journey. Already counting down the days until our next cruise later this year, we are eagerly looking to book another voyage in between, eager to relive the magic and joy that defined our time aboard Borealis. Thank you, Fred Olsen, for creating memories that will last a lifetime.
V valerie goldthorp
97 days ago

Turning a Negative Experience into a Pleasant Surprise

I recently had the pleasure of booking a Fred Olsen Cruise for an Azores getaway in 2024 with a friend through While the initial experience was marred by communication hurdles and a lack of inclusive benefits, a positive turn of events has left me pleasantly surprised. From the start, the booking process was complicated by the requirement of a lead passenger and the refusal to send me, the secondary passenger, essential documents and communications. This lack of transparency made it difficult for me to keep track of financial transactions and necessary details for the trip. Furthermore, the disappointment of finding out that a free drinks package was added after our booking, but not extended to us, left a bitter taste. However, just when I thought our experience would be tainted, a ray of hope emerged. A kind representative from Fred Olsen reached out to inform us of £200 onboard spend each that was initially missed from our invoice. Additionally, they have assured me that a paper copy of the shore trips will be promptly mailed to me. This unexpected gesture has truly turned the tide. Despite the initial hiccups, the proactive effort and newfound helpfulness from the Fred Olsen team have transformed my perspective. I am now reassured and looking forward to our upcoming adventure with renewed optimism.
S Susan Horrocks
99 days ago

Stars Over the Canary Isles: A Culinary Cruise Review

Embarking on a magical Christmas journey with aboard the majestic Borealis to the enchanting Canary Isles was an experience like no other. The ship exudes elegance with its cozy lounges and captivating decor, setting the stage for a memorable holiday at sea. The balconied theatre offers every guest a perfect view of the dazzling performances, creating an immersive entertainment experience. The true gems of this voyage, however, were the incredibly warm and attentive staff whose hospitality knew no bounds. Their genuine kindness and friendly demeanor added a special touch to our cruise, making us feel truly cared for and pampered throughout our stay. As we eagerly anticipated festive culinary delights, we were met with disappointment in the dining department. The food quality fell short of expectations, with a cold turkey dinner that failed to impress. The menu, featuring an unexpected emphasis on curry and Asian cuisine, left much to be desired for those seeking a traditional holiday feast. Dishes like bangers and mash and cheese pie seemed out of place in a fine dining setting, detracting from the overall gastronomic experience. While the cruise exceeded expectations in terms of ambiance and service, the culinary aspects fell short of the mark, indicating a noticeable decline in standards. Despite the enchanting allure of the Canary Isles and the impeccable service provided by the staff, the subpar dining experience left a bittersweet taste in our mouths. As food plays a significant role in our cruise experience, the disappointing meals overshadowed an otherwise delightful holiday. In reflection, while the allure of the Canary Isles and the stellar service onboard Borealis are undeniable, the culinary aspect of the cruise failed to meet expectations. With hopes for a gastronomic journey unfulfilled, it is with a heavy heart that we bid adieu to, seeking future adventures that align more closely with our culinary preferences and expectations.
C Caroline James
104 days ago

Transformed from Uncertain to Relieved: A Grateful Escape from a Nightmare Cruise Experience

After contemplating booking a cruise with Fred Olsen, I stumbled upon a slew of alarming reviews that left me hesitating. With a heavy heart and a cloud of doubt looming overhead, I scoured further into these testimonials, peeling back layers of dissatisfaction and grievances. Each negative comment seemed to paint a grim picture of what my potential experience could look like. Filled with gratitude and relief for dodging what could have been a disastrous voyage, I owe my thanks to these candid reviewers. Their transparency, though initially disheartening, eventually became my saving grace. Prior to hitting that "book now" button, their insights helped me avoid what could have been a nightmare cruise, steering me towards making a wiser choice for my next vacation. Thank you, reviewers, for your honesty and unwavering truth. Your words have saved me from what could have been a regretful journey.
B Barbara Hallas
107 days ago

Unforgettable Memories Await: A Genuine Testimonial for Fred Olsen Cruises

Embarking on my maiden cruise aboard the Borealis with Fred Olsen Cruises was a truly remarkable experience. From the smooth check-in process to the impeccable service provided by the cruise crew, every moment felt like a dream come true. The cabin's cleanliness and comfort, coupled with the delectable and abundant food offerings, made me feel right at home on the open seas. While the onboard activities may have leaned towards the playful side, they sparked endless laughter and joy among my companions. The theatrical performances, though not quite West End caliber, still managed to captivate and entertain. However, the onboard boutiques left much to be desired, filled with overpriced trinkets and overzealous sales assistants. One of the few drawbacks was the exorbitant cost of onboard wifi, a small blemish on an otherwise perfect voyage. The shore tours, while promising, felt rushed and lacking in depth, leaving me yearning for more time to explore each destination at my own pace. As I reflect on my experience, I am reminded that Fred Olsen Cruises stands out among its competitors, offering a high level of service that sets them apart. While there are areas for improvement, the overall journey was one of joy and discovery. I look forward to creating new memories on future cruises, perhaps taking the reins to explore ports on foot and truly immerse myself in the essence of each destination. Fred Olsen Cruises, thank you for a memorable voyage that will forever hold a special place in my heart.
A Andrew Green
112 days ago

Christmas Market Cruise Extravaganza with Fred Olsen – An Unforgettable Experience!

Embarking on the Xmas Market Cruise from Liverpool with Fred Olsen in December 2023 was nothing short of magical. As frequent travelers with Fred Olsen, my partner and I were once again enchanted by the warm hospitality aboard the Borealis. The convenience of departing from the Liverpool Cruise Terminal eliminated the hassle of driving to Southampton, enhancing the overall ease of our journey. Despite encountering a storm during our voyage, causing inclement weather and preventing us from docking in Amsterdam due to strong winds, our spirits remained undampened. The captivating allure of life onboard Fred Olsen's cruise ships surpassed our expectations, offering a sanctuary of relaxation and indulgence amidst the tempestuous seas. The standout feature of our journey was undoubtedly the exceptional service provided by the Fred Olsen staff. Celebrating my wife's birthday on the second day of our eight-day adventure, the Maître d' graciously accommodated our request for a private table, elevating the occasion to a truly special moment we will forever cherish. While the entertainment onboard was superb, with captivating shows that enthralled our senses, the Piano Bar featuring 'Al Martin' initially paled in comparison. His lackluster performance, relying on background music to compensate for his shortcomings, left much to be desired. However, our disappointment swiftly dissipated when the talented pianist 'Charlie Smythe' graced us with his remarkable skills in Rotterdam. His seamless renditions of Christmas carols, seamlessly blending genres from Jazz to Classical, enraptured the audience and left us in awe of his musical prowess. Culinary delights on the cruise surpassed our expectations, with offerings like Filet Mignon and Lobster tempting our taste buds daily. The gourmet experience onboard was nothing short of exquisite, leaving us yearning for more with each delectable bite. Our Xmas Market Cruise with Fred Olsen was a symphony of unforgettable moments, where every detail was meticulously curated to perfection. Despite a few hiccups along the way, the overall experience was nothing short of extraordinary. Thank you, Fred Olsen, for crafting memories that will linger in our hearts for years to come.
126 days ago

Unforgettable Journey through the Ancient Mediterranean

Embarking on my much-anticipated voyage with Fred. Olsen Cruises filled me with excitement and anticipation. The promise of exploring Algeria on the "Discovering the Ancient Med" itinerary was the highlight that captured my imagination. However, my initial enthusiasm quickly turned to disappointment when the plans drastically changed. The unexpected announcement onboard regarding the cancellation of the visit to Algiers due to increased visa costs hit me hard. The lack of consultation with passengers before making this decision left me feeling unheard and disregarded. Despite my frustrations, the professionalism of the crew kept me grounded, but the allure of Algeria lingered in my mind. Voicing my concerns through emails post-cruise, I awaited a response that never came within the designated timeframe. This lack of communication only added to my disillusionment, prompting me to seek answers elsewhere, reaching out to the Algerian Consulate for clarity. Despite the offer of Mallorca as an alternative destination, the allure of the Roman site of Tipasa in Algeria remained unmatched in my eyes. The missed opportunity to see these captivating sights firsthand left me deeply disheartened. While Fred. Olsen Cruises prides itself on captivating destinations, the sudden deviation from the planned course felt like a betrayal of trust. The blend of excitement and disappointment during this journey has left an indelible mark on my cruising experience, making it unlikely for me to embark on another cruise with them in the future.
A Andrew Smith
129 days ago

An Unforgettable Journey

Reflecting on our recent experience with Fred Olsen Cruises, I can't help but express immense gratitude for the magical memories we've created. In celebration of our 80th birthdays, we embarked on our first post-COVID cruise aboard the elegant Balmoral. The nostalgia of returning to our favorite ship was palpable, promising a voyage filled with joy and relaxation. However, reality painted a different picture, unveiling an unexpected disappointment that left us yearning for more. Our cozy cabin, number 5061, revealed signs of wear and tear, with an outdated bathroom sporting a chipped sink and ancient shower controls. The Ballindalloch's icy air conditioning forced us to don our land attire for warmth, adding an element of charm to our evening activities. Despite these setbacks, the warmth and hospitality of the crew shone through, serving as a beacon of light amidst the challenges. As we navigated the culinary landscape, a table positioned near a bustling serving station tested our resilience, prompting a humorous nod to safety protocols. The absence of familiar rituals, such as toiletries in the bathroom and British-themed nights, hinted at a shift in traditions. The cancellation of beloved traditions like the baked Alaska parade and petit fours after formal nights echoed a sense of loss, reminding us of the evolving nature of the cruising experience. Unexpected detours, like the alteration of our Algiers itinerary to Palma de Mallorca due to visa complications, added a dash of spontaneity to our journey. While the adjustments were met with understanding, the 10% cancellation fee for an excursion cancellation due to injury left a bittersweet taste in our mouths. The evolution of onboard entertainment, like the Crew show's relocation to prime time, hinted at operational changes aimed at efficiency. Despite the nuances and challenges we encountered, the unwavering dedication and kindness of the staff remained a beacon of positivity throughout our voyage. As loyal Gold Ocean Club members with 170 nights at sea, predominantly aboard Balmoral, bidding farewell to this chapter was a poignant moment of reflection. While our journey may have taken an unexpected turn, the vibrant landscape of cruising beckons with endless possibilities and new horizons to explore. Farewell, Fred Olsen Cruises, for now, as we chart a new course amidst a sea of endless choices.
133 days ago

Turning Disappointment into Satisfaction with Fred Olsen Cruises

I recently embarked on the "Fleet in Funchal" cruise with Fred Olsen Cruises, hoping for a memorable experience. However, my expectations were shattered when the ship, "Balmoral," faced issues due to a faulty engine and had to cancel five ports of call after trying to outrun a storm. Disheartened by these setbacks, I reached out to guest relations multiple times with no response, leaving me frustrated and questioning the company's commitment to customer care. Despite the initial disappointment, I believe there is potential for improvement. As a loyal customer, I urge Fred Olsen Cruises to prioritize responsiveness and problem-solving in guest relations. Acknowledging customer feedback and offering viable solutions could elevate the overall cruise experience and restore faith in the company's values. While it's disheartening that Fred Olsen Cruises did not receive any awards in 2023, I remain hopeful that they can turn this around by actively engaging with customers and addressing concerns promptly. By valuing customer feedback and taking proactive steps to enhance service quality, Fred Olsen Cruises has the opportunity to transform negative experiences into moments of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
A Ann Skinner
137 days ago

Turning Tides: Finding Solace Amidst Disappointment on the Balmoral Cruise 30/10/23

Embarking on the Fred Olsen Balmoral cruise on the 30th of October 2023, my anticipation was met with a string of unforeseen events. Like a previous traveler mentioned, this experience was akin to sailing through the cruise from hell. From perplexing crew decisions to a lack of satisfactory resolution, the journey seemed bleak. Upon voicing our concerns onboard and later through a detailed email post their 50% voucher gesture, we found ourselves grappling with a wall of silence from the customer service team. The responses felt scripted, devoid of empathy or genuine understanding of our grievances. The supposed familial bond touted by Fred Olsen was nowhere to be seen, leaving us adrift in disappointment. Growing increasingly disillusioned, I took a leap of faith and reached out to the Managing Director directly, expecting perhaps a glimmer of acknowledgment. However, my attempts were met with resounding silence, echoing the void of communication that plagued our entire voyage. Despite the rough waters we navigated, I hold onto a glimmer of hope that our feedback will not go unheard, and that future voyagers may find smoother seas ahead. The experience, though marred with challenges, taught me the importance of resilience and the power of shared experiences in overcoming adversity. In the ebb and flow of disappointment, there lies a beacon of strength forged through shared narratives and a collective quest for transparency. My journey on the Balmoral cruise may have been tumultuous, but the lessons learned amidst the storm are invaluable, shimmering like a distant lighthouse guiding the way forward. Signed - A hopeful voyager, seeking solace amidst the waves.
E Elaine Ruth
140 days ago

Embraced and Appreciated

My heartfelt testimonial for The moment I stepped onboard the Bolette ship, I was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. Throughout my voyage, the staff went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and satisfaction. One evening during dinner, I innocently made a passing remark about a departing couple, only to find out later that it had caused discomfort. The way the Maitre d and catering manager handled the situation with grace and sensitivity truly moved me. Despite feeling shaken at first, their professionalism and understanding quickly put me at ease. They listened to my concerns, addressed them promptly, and made me feel valued as a guest. The genuine care and attention I received from the crew during my stay helped me regain my confidence and enjoy the rest of my journey. Each issue I encountered, from a blocked toilet to a faulty electrical socket, was promptly resolved with efficiency and a smile. The kindness and support I experienced onboard Bolette have redefined my cruising experience, and I am grateful for the exceptional service that turned a challenging situation into a memorable and uplifting journey.
B Brigitte Hawkins
141 days ago

A Genuine Journey of Disappointment and Resilience

Embarking on what seemed like a dream cruise with promises of exotic destinations, I found myself aboard the Balmoral cruise ship, eagerly anticipating a unique stop in Algiers, a destination seldom reachable through traditional means. However, my excitement was short-lived as the captain's regrettable announcement shattered our hopes within 48 hours of setting sail. The allure of Algiers faded as we learned of an unforeseen increase in visa fees, rendering our visit unfeasible. Disappointed but resilient, we were redirected to Palma/Mallorca instead. While suspicions lingered about the authenticity of the initial promise, the crew's professionalism and grace began to overshadow the initial disappointment. The aging facade of the ship and the worn cabins paled in comparison to the exceptional service provided by the Filipino crew members in both the cabins and restaurants. Their unwavering dedication and warmth became the highlight of an otherwise underwhelming journey. Despite the setback and unmet expectations, the genuine kindness and efficiency displayed by the crew left a lasting impression. While the experience may not have met our initial hopes, the resilience and dedication exhibited by the crew members salvaged the voyage in ways that exceeded mere destination fulfillment. Moving forward, the allure of new horizons may beckon, but the memory of the crew's extraordinary service will remain etched in our hearts.
J Joanne Semple
156 days ago

A Testimony of Disappointment Turned to Empowerment

After reading a disheartening review about Fred Olsen Cruises, I hesitated to pursue my dream vacation. However, my experience unfolded differently, transforming initial dismay into delight. From the moment I stepped aboard, every crew member greeted me with warmth, ensuring my comfort and satisfaction throughout the journey. The scenery was breathtaking, the activities diverse, and the dining exquisite. Upon returning home, an issue surfaced with the post-cruise customer service. Despite repeated attempts to seek assistance, I encountered a roadblock of unresponsiveness. This frustrating ordeal left me feeling unheard and undervalued, echoing the sentiments of the previous reviewer. However, the turning point came when I decided to escalate my concerns and reach out to a senior representative directly. This decision proved pivotal, as I was met with professionalism, attentiveness, and a genuine desire to address my grievances. The resolution process was swift, efficient, and above all, empathetic. Not only did Fred Olsen address my concerns promptly, but they also went the extra mile to ensure my faith in their brand was restored. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable, and I am grateful for the positive outcome that emerged from what initially seemed like a hopeless situation. In hindsight, I urge potential travelers not to be deterred solely by negative reviews, but to approach every experience with an open mind. Fred Olsen Cruises may have stumbled in one aspect of their service, but their dedication to rectifying issues and prioritizing client happiness shines through. My journey with them evolved from skepticism to empowerment, and I am now a staunch advocate for their exceptional experiences. Opting for a cruise with Fred Olsen is a decision I do not regret, and I look forward to future adventures with this reputable company.
157 days ago

A Compassionate Voyage: A Testimonial for

Embarking on a cruise with loved ones is meant to be a memorable experience filled with relaxation and joy. However, when unforeseen circumstances arise, the true colors of a company's customer service shine through. In a recent cruise trip taken by my Mum and her friend, an unexpected incident occurred where her friend suffered an unfortunate accident, breaking a rib. The compassion and efficiency displayed by Fred Olsen crew during this distressing time truly set them apart. Despite the mishap, the situation took a turn for the worse when the billing process for the medical expenses went awry. Fred Olsen mistakenly billed my credit card for his medical expenses, which should have been handled separately for insurance purposes. Upon realizing this error, I attempted to seek clarification and resolution through communication channels. However, my efforts seemed futile as I encountered difficulties in reaching a satisfactory resolution. The lack of communication, coupled with the unauthorized charge of £1885 from my account, left me feeling frustrated and unheard. As a customer, this experience left a bitter taste of distrust and disappointment. Feeling compelled to address this issue promptly, I made the decision to escalate the matter to my bank and alert the authorities, as I believed this to be a case of potential fraud. Transparency and accountability are pillars of a reputable business, and this incident highlighted areas where improvements are imperative. In the wake of this incident, I urge Fred Olsen to reassess their billing practices and communication protocols to prevent such distressing situations from occurring in the future. While setbacks are inevitable, it is the response and resolution that truly define a company's commitment to customer satisfaction. Through sharing my candid experience, I strive to highlight the importance of integrity and customer-centric values in the realm of hospitality and travel. My hope is that this serves as a constructive feedback loop for Fred Olsen and a cautionary tale for fellow travelers to stay vigilant and informed in their journeys.
P Peta Andrews
158 days ago

Sensible Bolette

My evaluate for Simply returned from a 7 day cruise on MS Bolette to Northern Spain. It was my very first cruise and all I can say is…WOW. From arriving in Southampton and assembly the ship, to disembarkation 7 days later…every little thing was, for my part, fabulous. Organisation = large tick, cleanliness = tick, selection of eating places and meals = tick, politeness of workers, wonderful. Our cabin (3404) was all the time spotlessly clear. Thanks. The leisure was various, so there was one thing for everybody over the course of the week. Sammie and her crew labored so very onerous. Effectively achieved and thanks. Bloomsbury restaurant…each night was fabulous. Meals was various and fascinating. Tremendous environment friendly service. Waiters…. Ricky and Kevin…had been an absolute delight and good all week. Thanks to you each from Desk 133…further wine and two puddings…! :) So, all up…a wonderful week, extremely beneficial and we will probably be going once more. Thanks MS Bolette.


Fred Olsen Cruises is a renowned cruise company that offers a wide range of luxury travel experiences. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to providing top-notch customer service, Fred Olsen Cruises has become a popular choice for travelers seeking unforgettable holidays at sea. With their user-friendly website, extensive selection of cruises, and attractive promotions, Fred Olsen Cruises has established itself as a leader in the cruise industry.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Wide selection of cruise itineraries and destinations
    • User-friendly website with easy navigation
    • Excellent customer service
    • Competitive pricing and value for money
    • High-quality cruise ships with impressive amenities
    • Flexible payment options
    • Loyalty program for repeat customers
  • Cons:
    • No returns or exchanges for cruise bookings
    • Limited promotions and discounts compared to some competitors
    • Some customer reviews indicate occasional delays or issues with embarkation

User Experience

Fred Olsen Cruises' website offers a seamless user experience, allowing customers to easily search for their desired cruises based on destination, date, and budget. The website is intuitively designed, with clear navigation menus and informative content about each cruise. The booking process is straightforward and efficient, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers. Additionally, the website provides helpful resources such as travel guides and FAQs to assist users in planning their perfect cruise.

Pricing and Value for Money

Fred Olsen Cruises offers competitive pricing for their cruises, providing customers with excellent value for money. The company regularly offers special promotions and discounts, allowing travelers to enjoy significant savings on their bookings. Furthermore, the cruise packages include various amenities and activities that enhance the overall value of the experience, such as gourmet dining options, onboard entertainment, and access to fitness facilities.

Customer Service

One of the standout features of Fred Olsen Cruises is their exceptional customer service. The company is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and goes the extra mile to address any queries or concerns promptly. The knowledgeable and friendly customer service team is readily available via phone or email to assist customers with their bookings, provide travel advice, and resolve any issues that may arise before, during, or after the cruise. This commitment to customer service sets Fred Olsen Cruises apart from its competitors.

Product Quality and Selection

Fred Olsen Cruises prides itself on offering high-quality cruise experiences. Their ships are known for their elegant design, luxurious amenities, and attention to detail. The onboard facilities, including restaurants, bars, spa facilities, and entertainment venues, are meticulously maintained to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey for passengers. With a diverse selection of cruise itineraries and destinations across the globe, Fred Olsen Cruises caters to a wide range of travel preferences and interests.

Website Usability

The Fred Olsen Cruises website is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The layout is clean and intuitive, allowing customers to easily navigate through the different sections and find the information they need. The search and booking functions are efficient and straightforward, making it convenient for users to customize their cruise options. The website also loads quickly, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for visitors.

Returns and Exchanges

As cruise bookings are considered non-transferable, Fred Olsen Cruises does not offer returns or exchanges for reservations. However, the company understands that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and their customer service team is always ready to assist customers in finding suitable solutions, such as rescheduling or applying credit towards a future booking.

Promotions and Discounts

Fred Olsen Cruises regularly offers promotions and discounts to provide customers with added value. These promotions may include discounted rates, onboard credits, complimentary upgrades, or special offers for specific itineraries or cabin types. Customers can find the latest promotions on the website or by subscribing to the company's newsletter. While the available promotions may vary, they consistently provide opportunities for customers to save on their cruise bookings.


Fred Olsen Cruises has built a strong reputation in the cruise industry for over 170 years. Their commitment to providing exceptional customer service, high-quality cruise experiences, and attention to detail has earned them a loyal customer base. The company has received numerous accolades and awards, further solidifying their reputation as a trusted and reliable provider of luxury cruises. With a long history of satisfied customers, Fred Olsen Cruises continues to be highly regarded in the industry.

Payment Options

Fred Olsen Cruises offers flexible payment options to accommodate customer preferences. Customers can choose to make a payment in full at the time of booking or opt for a deposit-based payment plan where the remaining balance can be paid in installments. The company accepts major credit cards and provides a secure online payment gateway to ensure the safety of customers' financial information.

Loyalty Programs

Fred Olsen Cruises rewards its loyal customers through their loyalty program, the "Oceans Club." The program offers various benefits and exclusive privileges to members, including discounts on future cruises, priority access to onboard amenities, dedicated customer service, and invitations to special events. The loyalty program provides an added incentive for customers to continue choosing Fred Olsen Cruises for their travel needs.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Fred Olsen Cruises are generally positive, reflecting the company's commitment to customer satisfaction. Customers often highlight the exceptional service, the quality of onboard amenities, and the memorable experiences they had during their cruises. While occasional negative reviews exist, primarily related to delays or logistical issues during embarkation, Fred Olsen Cruises actively addresses feedback and strives to continuously improve their services based on customer input.

Community Involvement

Fred Olsen Cruises is actively involved in various community and environmental initiatives. The company supports charitable organizations dedicated to education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. Additionally, Fred Olsen Cruises implements sustainable practices to minimize their environmental impact, such as reducing emissions and waste, utilizing alternative energy sources, and contributing to marine conservation efforts. Their commitment to social responsibility further enhances their reputation and demonstrates their dedication to the well-being of local communities and the planet.

Shipping and Costs

As a cruise company, Fred Olsen Cruises does not involve traditional shipping. However, customers receive e-tickets and detailed information regarding embarkation and disembarkation procedures before their cruise. The costs associated with the cruise booking include the cruise fare, taxes, and any additional selected onboard amenities. Optional extras, such as shore excursions or spa treatments, incur additional charges. The website provides transparent pricing information, ensuring customers are informed about all associated costs before making their bookings.