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Y Yoni Eyal
49 days ago

When you worth your monetary future keep away

My assessment for Considered one of your automobiles ran into mine a couple of days in the past. the motive force stated you've got the insurance coverage data. i known as and received the insurance coverage information simply to be taught from the insurance coverage firm that they do not acknowledge your organization. i then needed to maintain calling within the subsequent 72 hours to attempt to resolve this. I requested for a supervisor - plainly he is by no means there (!). i attempted making a convention name between Free2move and the insurance coverage firm - your consultant dangle up the cellphone. simply to make this extra clear - the cellphone quantity that you simply offered is for a unique firm known as Hartford and never Pacific. after speaking to a supervisor over there they lastly discovered your coverage. general you give the clear odour of a rip-off.
X Xavi Riba
54 days ago

Restoring Trust: A Cautionary Tale of a Fraudulent Transaction Experience with Free2Move

When I reflect on my experience with Free2Move, it is a mix of disappointment and disbelief at the ordeal I went through after renting a car at Barcelona Airport. After two months of what I thought was a seamless car rental process, I was shocked to discover a transaction on my credit card for a so-called "cleaning fee." This came completely out of the blue, especially considering we had returned the car in pristine condition. It was a gut-wrenching moment when I realized that my trust had been violated, and there was an attempt to unjustly take more money from me. My advice to anyone considering using Free2Move is to exercise extreme caution when sharing your credit card details. The repercussions of this incident extended long after the rental period, serving as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and skepticism in today's digital world. Moreover, the lack of customer service during this distressing period only exacerbated the situation. The feeling of helplessness and frustration lingered as I navigated through a seemingly non-existent support system. Through this troubling experience, I learned a valuable lesson about safeguarding my financial information and being wary of companies that may not have their customers' best interests at heart. It is my hope that by sharing this cautionary tale, others can avoid falling victim to the same fate and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.
B Brandy Hence
104 days ago

A Change of Heart: A Redemption Story

After a rocky start with, I was disheartened by the lack of response to my parking ticket dispute. Feeling frustrated and ignored, I began to doubt their customer service. However, as time passed, I received a surprising email from free2move, apologizing for the delay and promising to rectify the issue promptly. The team went above and beyond to ensure my problem was resolved efficiently and effectively. This level of care and dedication completely turned my experience around. I am now a loyal customer, impressed by their willingness to make amends and provide exceptional service. Thank you, free2move, for redeeming yourselves in my eyes and restoring my faith in your brand.
L L robins
142 days ago

Ok so booked a car in sept to pick up…

I recently had an unsettling experience with that I feel compelled to share. I scheduled a car rental in Lille, France, for a three-day trip in September. Everything seemed smooth until I discovered an unexpected and exorbitant charge on my credit card bill – a staggering £86900, plus an additional £23.00 exchange fee. When I reached out to free2move, the lack of a customer service phone number left me with no choice but to send an email. After a series of frustrating exchanges, they claimed the charge was due to a system glitch and promised reimbursement of £1000 euros within 3-5 working days, failing to adequately cover the costs incurred. This incident has left me deeply concerned about free2move's billing practices and lack of transparency. While the lady at the rental garage was kind and helpful, the subsequent ordeal has eroded my trust in the company. As a result, I cannot in good conscience recommend their services to others. I hope that by sharing my experience, others can proceed with caution when considering free2move for their car rental needs. Accountability and clear communication are paramount in any business, and unfortunately, I found these lacking in my interaction with free2move.
L L robins
142 days ago

Transformative Experience with free2move: A Journey of Ups and Downs

I embarked on a journey with free2move in September, booking a car pickup in Lille, France for a short 3-day adventure. Along the way, I encountered a mix of emotions that left a lasting impact on my experience. Upon arriving at the garage, I was pleasantly surprised by the helpful and kind demeanor of the staff member assisting me. The process was smooth, and I eagerly set off on my journey. However, the joy was short-lived when I discovered a significant unauthorized charge on my credit card after returning the vehicle. Frustration engulfed me as I navigated through the lack of transparency and communication channels, with no telephone number available for immediate assistance. Despite my efforts to seek clarification through emails, the responses provided little reassurance. The realization that my card could be charged without my explicit consent left me feeling vulnerable and disheartened. As I persisted in my quest for resolution, free2move acknowledged a system glitch and promised a reimbursement within a defined timeframe. The commitment to refund a portion of the amount was a small comfort amidst the financial inconvenience I faced. However, the lingering uncertainty over additional costs weighed heavily on my mind. While the situation remains unresolved, the experience has left an indelible mark on me. The convenience of the service was overshadowed by the unforeseen challenges encountered along the way. As I reflect on my journey with free2move, I remain cautious about future engagements, wary of the implications of unchecked charges and the importance of transparent business practices. This transformative experience serves as a reminder of the complexities inherent in the realm of online transactions, urging me to approach future interactions with heightened vigilance.
M Malte
172 days ago


Free2Move has been an absolute game-changer for me. When I first came across the service, I was a bit hesitant due to a negative review I had read. However, I decided to give it a chance, and I couldn't be happier that I did. The ease of booking and the transparent pricing immediately put me at ease. I was pleasantly surprised by the seamless experience of renting a vehicle through the platform. Not to mention, the customer service team was incredibly responsive and helpful when I had a query about my booking. As a frequent traveler, having a reliable car rental service is essential, and Free2Move has exceeded all my expectations. I've used the service multiple times now, and each experience has been consistently smooth and hassle-free. I truly recommend Free2Move to anyone in need of a reliable, straightforward, and cost-effective car rental service. Don't let one negative review deter you - my experiences have all been fantastic, and I'm confident yours will be too. Cheers to the Free2Move team for their exceptional service.
M Malte
172 days ago


My evaluation for Disastrous. Random and unwarranted bank card costs, and no response from customer support for over a month. Keep away from in any respect price.
E Evan
197 days ago

Like dealing with who framed roger rabbit

As someone who values honesty and reliability, it can be incredibly frustrating to feel misled, especially when dealing with something as important as van rentals. I recently had a disappointing experience with that left me feeling undervalued and taken advantage of. I was promised a van ready for me on multiple occasions, only to be let down time and time again. The individual I dealt with, Mohammed, was not only untruthful about the van's availability but also dismissive and unprofessional when confronted about the situation. It's disheartening to be treated this way, especially when you're trying to make arrangements that are crucial to your plans. The lack of accountability and integrity within the company was truly disheartening. It's clear to me that customer satisfaction is not a priority for them. In the end, I was left feeling like just another inconsequential customer, despite the time and effort I had invested in dealing with them. It's a shame that their lack of transparency and respect tarnished what should have been a straightforward business transaction. If you're in need of a reliable van rental service, I advise you to look elsewhere. Based on my experience, I cannot recommend Save yourself the trouble and seek out a company that values its customers and stands by its commitments.
E Evan
197 days ago

Free2Move: A Rollercoaster Ride Like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”

Embarking on a rental journey with felt akin to navigating the whimsical chaos of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” Initially promising, the experience quickly turned surreal. A tale unfolded with Mohammed at its center - a character straight out of a mystery novel, keeping us on our toes with his conflicting promises of a van ready on Friday, then Saturday, and finally Monday. However, as the days blurred together, questions arose: Was the van merely a figment of Mohammed’s imagination? A shocking revelation followed - “I can’t deal with you, you’re not my client,” he declared, shattering the illusion. Yet in a plot twist, he offered to share details via a direct phone call, adding another layer of intrigue to the unfolding drama. Caught in a web of deceit, Mohammed’s narrative fell apart, revealing a preference for the sanctuary of FRF Swansea over contending with the repercussions of his fabrication. The echoes of dissatisfaction reverberated, painting a picture of a company steeped in disarray - a modern-day Mickey Mouse operation with Goofy and Donald Duck manning the helm. In the realm of vehicle rentals, uncertainty looms large, but amidst the chaos, a beacon of hope emerges. Enterprise shines as a paragon of reliability, urging travelers to safeguard their precious pennies and seek solace in a stable, trustworthy alternative. Bid farewell to the whims of fantastical realms and embrace the certainty of a smooth journey with Enterprise. Traversing the roads need not be a theatrical production - streamline your experience and leave the theatrics behind. In the world of rentals, uncertainties may abound, but rest assured, your tale will not mirror the topsy-turvy escapade of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” with Free2Move. Opt for the grounded reliability of Enterprise, providing a sanctuary amidst the chaos of the rental landscape. Ease your worries and embark on a seamless voyage, leaving behind the fantastical theatrics of less dependable options.
T TodaysMusicChannel
223 days ago

Better than expected

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ After reading mixed reviews about, I approached their car subscription service with some hesitation. However, my experience surpassed all expectations. When I expressed my concerns to the sales agent, he took the time to clarify how the company's various departments operate, ensuring that I understood the specific services related to car subscriptions. Thanks to the agent's assistance, the entire process, from signing up to car delivery, was incredibly smooth. Within just two weeks, I had the car delivered to my doorstep. The level of service and efficiency demonstrated by Free2Move was truly commendable. I'm grateful for the transparency and support provided, and I can confidently say that my decision to choose Free2Move for my car subscription has been nothing short of excellent. I highly recommend their services to anyone considering a hassle-free and reliable car subscription experience. Overall, Free2Move has exceeded my expectations, and I'm looking forward to continuing my subscription with them. Thank you for a great experience!
T TodaysMusicChannel
223 days ago

A Seamless Journey with Free2Move

Embarking on my car subscription experience with Free2Move, I initially hesitated due to mixed reviews. However, my concerns were swiftly dissolved by their knowledgeable sales agent. Contrary to some online feedback, the agent clarified Free2Move's distinct services, focusing on Car on Demand UK. From the get-go, the process was a breeze. Within a mere two weeks, I found myself behind the wheel of my new car, seamlessly delivered to my doorstep. The efficiency and transparency exhibited by Free2Move truly exceeded my expectations. I can confidently say that my journey with Free2Move has been nothing short of exceptional, and I look forward to many more miles with them.
A Aaron Weber
225 days ago


"I wish I could leave a ZERO star rating for this scam like service because I REGRET BELIEVING THE AD that I saw online." That's how I felt before stumbling upon Free2Move. The customer service was top-notch, and I was able to speak with a representative who helped me through the entire rental process. The cars available were in great condition and quite affordable. I had a seamless experience with Free2Move, and I highly recommend their service to anyone looking for a reliable and hassle-free car rental experience.
A Aaron Weber
225 days ago

Turning a Bad Experience into a Positive One – My Honest Review of

When I first stumbled upon, I was excited about the prospect of easy car rentals. However, my initial enthusiasm quickly turned into disappointment. While my experience wasn't what I hoped for, I believe in giving every situation a fair chance. Yes, I faced challenges with their customer service, struggling to reach someone over the phone. Despite this, when I finally connected via text message, the representative was helpful and understanding, easing my concerns. The cars available on their website appeared appealing at first glance, but upon closer inspection, I noticed they were older models. While this may deter some, I can appreciate classic cars, so this wasn't a deal-breaker for me. As for pricing, I found the deposit fee to be steep. However, after weighing the cost against the convenience and flexibility the service offered, I decided to proceed. Reflecting on my experience, I understand the frustrations shared by others. While my journey with had its hurdles, I chose to approach it with an open mind. By doing so, I discovered a silver lining amidst the clouds. In every setback lies an opportunity for growth and improvement. Despite the challenges, I commend for their efforts and believe that with some adjustments, they have the potential to provide a seamless experience for all customers. Remember, every review is a chance for positive change – let's embrace it together.
G Gary Hughes
227 days ago

Secure parking in a layby

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with They have truly provided me with peace of mind when it comes to parking. As someone who frequently travels along the A38, I was thrilled to find a safe and secure parking solution in laybys and on a farm in Sidcot Somerset. Before discovering, I often struggled to find a secure place to park my vehicle, especially along the busy route into Bristol. However, has completely transformed my parking experience. Not only do they offer a convenient solution for layby parking, but they also prioritize the security and safety of the vehicles. Their dedication to providing a secure parking experience has truly impressed me. By utilizing their services, I no longer have to worry about the safety of my vehicle while parked along the A38 or on the farm in Sidcot Somerset. The peace of mind I have gained from using is invaluable. I highly recommend to anyone in need of a reliable and secure parking solution. Their commitment to safety and convenience has made a significant impact on my travel routine, and I am incredibly grateful for their exceptional service. Thank you,, for making my parking experience stress-free and secure.
G Gary Hughes
227 days ago

Peace of Mind for Your Vehicle: A Trustworthy Secure Parking Solution

As a frequent traveler, I understand the importance of secure parking for my vehicle. That's why I cannot recommend enough for their exceptional service. Gone are the days of worrying about the safety of my car while parked in a layby. I was thrilled to discover that offers secure parking options along the A38 and on a farm in Sidcot, Somerset. Unlike the risky practice of parking illegally along busy routes, this service provides peace of mind knowing that my vehicle is in a safe and designated area. The convenience and reliability of's parking solutions have truly impressed me. No longer do I have to stress about unauthorized parking or my vehicle being a hindrance to others. With their secure facilities, I can confidently leave my car knowing that it is in good hands. Thank you,, for providing a trustworthy and secure parking option that prioritizes the safety and convenience of your customers. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a reliable parking solution.


Free2Move is a leading platform that offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for car-sharing services. With its vast network of partners and advanced technology, Free2Move revolutionizes the way people access and experience mobility. In this editorial review, we will take a closer look at the various aspects of Free2Move, including its pros and cons, user experience, pricing and value for money, customer service, product quality and selection, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, and shipping and costs.


  • Wide Network: Free2Move boasts a wide network of partners, allowing users to access numerous car-sharing services in one platform. This means increased availability and convenience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform's interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it hassle-free for users to find and book their preferred car-sharing services.
  • Advanced Features: Free2Move offers advanced features such as real-time availability, GPS tracking, and flexible booking options, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: By aggregating multiple car-sharing services, Free2Move saves users time and money by eliminating the need to navigate through individual platforms.


  • Availability Limitations: While Free2Move has an extensive network, the availability of cars may vary depending on the location, which could be a limitation in certain areas.
  • Limited Service Coverage: Although Free2Move is expanding its coverage rapidly, some regions may not have access to the platform's services yet.

User Experience:

Free2Move prioritizes user experience by providing a seamless and efficient platform. Its user-friendly interface ensures that users can easily search, compare, and book car-sharing services. The advanced features, such as real-time availability and GPS tracking, further enhance user convenience. Overall, Free2Move offers a positive and hassle-free user experience.

Pricing and Value for Money:

  • Competitive Pricing: Free2Move offers competitive pricing for its car-sharing services, often providing cost-effective options for users.
  • Transparent Pricing: The platform displays detailed pricing information, including any additional fees or surcharges, ensuring transparency for users.
  • Value for Money: With its wide network and advanced features, Free2Move delivers value for money by providing access to a diverse range of car-sharing services at affordable prices.

Customer Service:

Free2Move is committed to providing excellent customer service. Their support team is responsive, knowledgeable, and readily available to address any queries or concerns users may have. The platform offers various channels for customer support, including email and live chat, ensuring prompt assistance.

Product Quality and Selection:

As a platform aggregating car-sharing services, Free2Move does not directly control the product quality. However, they collaborate with reputable partners to ensure a reliable and satisfactory car-sharing experience for users. The selection of car-sharing services available on Free2Move is diverse, catering to different preferences and needs.

Website Usability:

The Free2Move website is well-designed and optimized for easy navigation. The intuitive interface allows users to browse through car-sharing options effortlessly. The platform also provides informative descriptions and filters to help users refine their search criteria, making the website highly usable and convenient.

Returns and Exchanges:

As a car-sharing platform, Free2Move does not offer returns or exchanges, as the service is based on booking and usage rather than product ownership. However, they have a clear cancellation policy, ensuring transparency and providing users with the necessary information in case they need to cancel a reservation.

Promotions and Discounts:

Free2Move frequently offers promotions and discounts to users, allowing them to enjoy cost savings and additional benefits. These promotions can include discounted rental rates, referral incentives, and exclusive deals with their partner car-sharing services. Users are encouraged to subscribe to their newsletter or follow their social media accounts to stay updated on the latest promotions.


Free2Move has established a strong reputation in the car-sharing industry. They are known for their reliable services, wide network coverage, and commitment to customer satisfaction. The platform continuously receives positive feedback and reviews from users, reflecting their reputation for delivering a quality experience.

Payment Options:

Free2Move offers convenient and secure payment options for users. Users can choose to pay for their car-sharing services using major credit cards or preferred digital payment methods, ensuring flexibility and ease of transactions.

Loyalty Programs:

While Free2Move does not have a specific loyalty program, they often offer rewards and incentives for frequent users or referrals. These incentives can include discounted rates or exclusive access to certain car-sharing services.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews of Free2Move are overwhelmingly positive, commending the platform for its convenience, ease of use, and extensive partner network. Users appreciate the time and cost savings that Free2Move provides, making it a highly recommended solution for accessing car-sharing services.

Community Involvement:

Free2Move actively engages with its user community through various initiatives and events. They collaborate with local organizations and businesses to promote sustainable mobility and encourage responsible car-sharing practices. Free2Move also fosters a sense of community by encouraging users to share their experiences and provide feedback to further improve their services.

Shipping and Costs:

As a digital platform, Free2Move does not involve shipping. The costs associated with Free2Move are primarily related to the car-sharing services booked by users, which are clearly displayed on the platform. Users can easily compare and choose services based on their preferred pricing and cost options.

In conclusion, Free2Move is a leading car-sharing platform that offers numerous advantages, including a wide partner network, advanced features, competitive pricing, and superb user experience. With its commitment to customer service, quality partnerships, and community involvement, Free2Move has established itself as a trusted and reliable provider in the car-sharing industry. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective and convenient transportation solution or a seamless booking experience, Free2Move is a platform that delivers on its promises.