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Freight Locate is a leading online platform that offers a comprehensive and reliable solution for locating freight services in the UK. With a user-friendly interface and an extensive database of freight companies, Freight Locate simplifies the process of finding the right carrier for your transportation needs. Whether you are a business owner looking for efficient delivery options or an individual seeking cost-effective shipping solutions, Freight Locate is the go-to platform for all your freight locating requirements.


  • Extensive Database: Freight Locate boasts an impressive database of freight companies, ensuring that users have access to a wide range of options.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The website is intuitively designed and easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly find the information they need.
  • Convenient Search Functionality: The search feature allows users to filter freight companies based on specific criteria such as location, services offered, and customer ratings.
  • Verified Customer Reviews: Freight Locate provides verified customer reviews, allowing users to make informed decisions based on the experiences of others.
  • Community Involvement: Freight Locate actively engages with its community by fostering discussions, addressing queries, and providing relevant industry news and updates.


  • Limited International Coverage: While Freight Locate primarily focuses on freight services within the UK, its international coverage is relatively limited. Users seeking global shipping solutions may need to explore other platforms.
  • Less Competitive Pricing: While Freight Locate offers a comprehensive database of freight companies, some users have reported higher pricing compared to other platforms.

User Experience:

Freight Locate aims to provide a seamless user experience, and it largely succeeds in doing so. The website's intuitive design and quick-loading pages ensure that users can easily navigate through the platform. The search functionality allows users to quickly filter their options based on their specific requirements. Additionally, the inclusion of verified customer reviews enhances the user experience, providing valuable insights into the quality of service offered by different freight companies.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Freight Locate does not directly handle pricing or transactions. Instead, it serves as a platform that connects users with freight companies. As a result, pricing will vary based on the individual carriers. Users can compare prices and services from different freight companies listed on Freight Locate to find the best value for their money.

Customer Service:

Freight Locate is committed to providing excellent customer service. While the platform itself does not handle customer inquiries, it fosters interactions through its community involvement initiatives. Users can seek assistance, share their experiences, and address any concerns through the platform's active community forums. Additionally, Freight Locate provides contact information for each freight company, allowing users to directly communicate with the carriers in case of any queries or issues.

Product Quality and Selection:

Freight Locate does not directly deal with products, as its primary focus is on connecting users with freight companies. However, the platform ensures that users have access to a wide selection of freight companies, giving them the flexibility to choose services that align with their specific requirements. Verified customer reviews act as a reliable indicator of the quality of service provided by different freight companies listed on Freight Locate.

Website Usability:

Freight Locate's website is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. The layout provides clear navigation options, allowing users to easily find the information they need. The search functionality is conveniently located and helps users filter their options efficiently. The website is also optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless experience across different screen sizes.

Returns and Exchanges:

As Freight Locate primarily serves as a platform that connects users with freight companies, returns and exchanges are subject to the policies and terms of the individual carriers. Users are advised to review the terms and conditions provided by the freight companies before engaging their services.

Promotions and Discounts:

Freight Locate does not directly offer promotions or discounts as it does not handle pricing or transactions. However, freight companies listed on the platform may provide promotions or discounts individually. Users can explore the profiles of different freight companies to discover any ongoing offers.


Freight Locate has built a strong reputation in the industry as a reliable platform for finding freight services in the UK. The platform has garnered positive reviews for its intuitive interface, extensive database, and the ability to connect users with reputable and reliable freight companies. The inclusion of verified customer reviews further enhances Freight Locate's reputation, as it showcases the platform's commitment to transparency and accountability.

Payment Options:

The payment options available will vary depending on the freight company chosen by the user. Freight Locate does not handle payments directly. However, most freight companies offer a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and online payment platforms.

Loyalty Programs:

Currently, Freight Locate does not have a loyalty program in place. Users can directly engage with freight companies to inquire about any loyalty programs or rewards they might offer.

Customer Reviews:

Freight Locate places great emphasis on customer reviews and provides a platform for verified reviews. Users can rely on these reviews to gain insights into the experiences of other customers with different freight companies. The platform encourages users to share their honest feedback, contributing to a transparent and trustworthy environment.

Community Involvement:

Freight Locate actively engages with its community through its online forums and discussions. Users can ask questions, seek advice, and share their experiences. The platform also provides valuable industry news and updates, promoting a sense of community and fostering collaboration among users.

Shipping and Costs:

The shipping services and associated costs will vary depending on the chosen freight company. Freight Locate provides comprehensive information about each freight company's services, allowing users to compare shipping options and associated costs. Users can directly communicate with the freight companies listed on Freight Locate to obtain detailed information regarding shipping times and rates.


Freight Locate is an exceptional platform that simplifies the process of locating freight services in the UK. With an extensive database, user-friendly interface, and verified customer reviews, it offers users a reliable solution for their freight transportation needs. While some limitations exist, such as limited international coverage and potentially higher pricing, the overall experience and value provided by Freight Locate make it a top choice for businesses and individuals searching for efficient and reputable freight services.