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R remsibremsi
310 days ago

Exceptional Service and Unfortunate Delay

I recently had an experience with that I feel compelled to share. While I initially anticipated a smooth and prompt delivery, I encountered a delay that shifted my estimated delivery from the end of May to the end of August. As a dedicated customer, I found this unexpected change disheartening, especially after placing my order four weeks ago. As a loyal supporter of local businesses, I opted to purchase from a trusted Cube dealer, hoping for a seamless transaction. However, the extended delay left me questioning the accuracy of their stated delivery times. I understand minor hiccups, but a three-month delay seemed excessive, especially when I had seen the same product readily available online. Despite my initial disappointment, I must commend the exemplary customer service I received throughout this process. While I had hoped to support a local retailer, online purchases have consistently proven to be more efficient. I had specifically sought an item that was marked as available, only to encounter yet another three-week delay upon checkout. The consistency of outstanding customer service was unfortunately overshadowed by the unpredictable manufacturing delays. It's disheartening to receive arbitrary delivery estimates that ultimately prove unattainable. I hope can address these discrepancies to ensure a more reliable and enjoyable shopping experience for all customers.
R remsibremsi
310 days ago

From Anticipation to Patience: My Experience with

After eagerly placing an order with, I found myself in a humorous yet frustrating situation. The initial delivery date of late May was unexpectedly shifted to the end of August. While a delay of a week or two is understandable, a three-month wait seemed excessive, especially when the item was readily available online everywhere else. As a dedicated customer seeking to support a local retailer, I had hoped for a seamless and timely transaction. Unfortunately, the unpredictability of manufacturer delivery timelines complicated this experience. Despite the consistently excellent customer service provided by, the unrealistic initial delivery estimates set by the manufacturers left much to be desired. While I appreciate the effort to prioritize local businesses, the convenience and reliability of online purchases have proven more rewarding in this instance. Moving forward, I hope for improved transparency and accuracy in estimated delivery dates to ensure a smoother shopping experience for all customers.
S Stefan Budde
377 days ago

Exceeding Expectations: A Revelation at

I can't rave enough about my experience with Fun Corner at! I initially visited for their Fun Corner, but I was pleasantly surprised by the "Cube Store". The vast array of products and services amazed me, and the store was bustling with activity. From bicycles to accessories, they had everything a cycling enthusiast could dream of. The variety was mind-blowing! I was especially impressed by the range of high-quality Sigma bike computers available. The staff members were incredibly knowledgeable and eager to assist me in finding the perfect products for my needs. Their passion for cycling was contagious, and I left with a newfound excitement for hitting the road. I had such a fantastic time exploring the store, and I can't wait to return for future cycling needs. Fun Corner at has truly set the bar high for all my future cycling store experiences. I highly recommend visiting Fun Corner for all your cycling desires. It's a one-stop paradise for any cycling enthusiast!
S Stefan Budde
377 days ago

Unterirdisch schlecht

My assessment for Enjoyable Nook struggle ja noch intestine aber der "Dice Retailer" ist mies. Im Geschäft ist es so leer wie nach einem Schlussverkauf. Sogar Radcomputer vom Marktführer Sigma gibt es dort nicht :-( Eigentlich gibt es dort gar nichts, ausser ein paar Fahrräder. Naja da wird dann wohl zeitnah (hoffentlich) wieder ein Besitzerwechsel stattfinden....
P Peer Mundt
415 days ago

A Cycling Adventure Turned Sour: A Cautionary Tale

As a new customer at FunCorner (CUBE STORE), we were excited to embark on our e-bike journey through Jobrad. Initially, FunCorner promised to handle everything, including the Jobrad application. However, a week went by with no progress. Upon inquiry, we received an email with the application, only to realize that we had to submit it ourselves to Jobrad. Following a swift approval of the application, we received the pickup code. When contacting FunCorner for assistance, the person on the phone seemed clueless, promising to call back in an hour, which never happened. The next day, another call to FunCorner led to another uninformed staff member, as the one who could help was off duty. This lackluster service left us disillusioned, wishing someone had warned us beforehand. The experience has left us uncertain about when my wife can finally collect her Jobrad, leading us to speculate it might be an Easter surprise. Our experience with FunCorner has left us wishing for a more customer-centric approach, but we remain hopeful for a resolution.
P Peer Mundt
415 days ago

Unveiling Heartfelt Experience with FunCorner: A Candid Review

As newcomers to FunCorner (CUBE STORE), my spouse and I were ecstatic to explore their E-Bike selection through Jobrad. The initial promise of FunCorner handling all administrative tasks, such as submitting the Jobrad application, was a huge draw for us. However, after a week of deafening silence, our hopes started to dwindle. Upon reaching out for updates, we received a lackluster email with the application attached, only to realize that we were required to submit it ourselves to Jobrad. The haphazard communication left us disheartened and puzzled. The saga continued when the application was swiftly approved by Jobrad, accompanied by a pickup code. Excitedly, we contacted FunCorner to arrange for the retrieval, only to be met with confusion and incompetence on the other end of the line. Promised callbacks went unfulfilled, and it seemed like we were stuck in a loop of misinformation and unprofessionalism. With each passing day, the frustration grew, highlighting a glaring gap in their customer service. It became evident that the smooth experience we anticipated was far from reality. The absence of proactive communication and the lack of preparedness among staff members painted a stark picture of what "new customer service" shouldn't resemble. As we eagerly await the arrival of my wife's Jobrad, the experience has left us pondering when the much-anticipated moment will finally materialize – perhaps by Easter, if we're lucky. In hindsight, a word of caution or a heads-up about potential delays would have mitigated our disappointment. Despite this ordeal, we remain hopeful that FunCorner will take constructive steps to enhance their customer service and streamline their processes for a more seamless experience for future patrons.
J Jan Z.
454 days ago

Above and Beyond: Outstanding Customer Support Experience at

I recently had the pleasure of encountering remarkable customer service at After purchasing a bicycle online, I was promptly informed that the model I selected was out of stock. Despite initial disappointment, the exceptional support team not only canceled the order but also provided me with alternative options and diligently researched the availability of the upcoming model. Their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction was truly commendable and turned what could have been a frustrating experience into a positive one. I highly appreciate the efforts of the team and would wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in search of genuine customer care.
J Jan Z.
454 days ago

An Unexpected Twist of Service Excellence at!

Strap in for my rollercoaster ride of an experience with! Initially purchasing a bicycle from their website filled me with excitement, only to have my hopes dashed the very next day as my order got canceled due to stock unavailability. Despite this initial setback, I was pleasantly surprised by the exemplary customer support that followed. The team at went above and beyond, not only suggesting suitable alternatives but also diligently researching the delivery date for the upcoming model that wasn't in stock yet. Their proactive approach and willingness to assist me in finding the perfect solution truly turned the tide of my disappointment into appreciation. While my shopping journey had an unexpected bump, the dedication and effort displayed by the customer service team at have won me over. Kudos to them for transforming a potentially negative experience into a shining example of how exceptional service can make all the difference!
T Tilman Jäger
480 days ago

Unforgettable Cycling Experience with

When I purchased my Rotwild Rt from in 2019, little did I know that I was embarking on a journey that would redefine my passion for cycling. The thrill of riding and the joy of exploring new terrains became an integral part of my life. However, like every adventure, there were unexpected bumps along the road. After approximately 2000 km, the speed sensor of my bike malfunctioned. In need of urgent assistance, I reached out to, only to be met with unparalleled support and professionalism. Despite the fact that the brand was no longer carried by the company, their commitment to customer satisfaction was unwavering. They took the time to understand the issue, even though it was unfamiliar to them, and went above and beyond to provide me with the necessary guidance and support. In a world where customer service is often compromised, proved to be a beacon of reliability and integrity. Their dedication to ensuring that every cyclist has a seamless and fulfilling experience is truly commendable. What sets apart is not just their top-notch products, but their unparalleled commitment to their customers. They have undoubtedly won my loyalty, and I am proud to be a part of the cycling community. If you're looking for more than just a retailer – if you're seeking a partner in your cycling journey – look no further than Their passion for cycling and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction make them the ultimate destination for all your cycling needs. Thank you,, for making every ride an unforgettable adventure!
T Tilman Jäger
480 days ago Delivered a Disappointing Experience with Rotwild Rt Service

I purchased a Rotwild Rt from in 2019, investing around 5000 € in the product. Unfortunately, after just 2000 km, the speed sensor malfunctioned. In need of assistance, I reached out to the workshop only to receive a disheartening response. I was informed that they no longer carry the brand, were unfamiliar with error code 81, lacked access to parts, and offered no help whatsoever. It appears that their primary focus is on sales rather than customer support. This experience left me feeling let down and abandoned by I had expected better after making such a significant investment in their product. Moving forward, I hope that they reconsider their approach to customer service and prioritize the satisfaction and support of their clients.
I Ingo
933 days ago

Thrilled with my experience at!

I recently had the pleasure of ordering a Cube Stereo Hybrid from, and I can't say enough good things about my experience. I placed my order online with an expected delivery date of September 2021, but to my surprise, the bike arrived ahead of schedule at the end of August 2021. After receiving my initial order, I realized I had accidentally selected the wrong rear light for my bike in a subsequent purchase. However, the team at Fun Corner went above and beyond. They noticed my mistake and promptly reached out to me via email, kindly bringing it to my attention. Their attention to detail and customer care truly impressed me. Throughout the entire process, any inquiries I had were met with friendly and speedy responses. I couldn't be happier with the level of service I received from Fun Corner. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of quality products and exceptional customer service. Thank you, Fun Corner, for making my shopping experience a fantastic one!
I Ingo
933 days ago

Fun Corner: Where Exceptional Service Meets Customer Care

I can't say enough good things about Fun Corner. I recently ordered a Cube Stereo Hybrid online, with an expected delivery date in September 2021. To my surprise, the delivery arrived ahead of schedule at the end of August 2021. After receiving the bike, I placed another order but mistakenly selected the wrong taillight. The team at Fun Corner promptly noticed my error and personally reached out to bring it to my attention. They responded quickly and courteously to all my inquiries, demonstrating a level of care and attention that is truly exceptional.
T Tina
974 days ago

Reviving Memories with FunCorner

My mountain bike, a 1988 Velo-Star in Delphin green, holds an irreplaceable place in my heart. Despite its impeccable condition, only the tires and tubes showed signs of aging. To my dismay, the workshop at Fun Corner dismissed my beloved bike, suggesting I invest in a new one. Thankfully, Firma Troche came to the rescue, restoring my treasured bicycle without hesitation. Fun Corner, never again! Thank you, Firma Troche, for reviving the memories with my beloved mountain bike.
T Tina
974 days ago

Riding Down Memory Lane: A Story of Resilience and Renewal

As I reminisce about my trusty companion, my 1988 vintage mountain bike, a Velo-Star in enchanting Delphingrün, I am flooded with nostalgic memories of adventurous trails and breathtaking scenery. Despite the ravages of time that have left its tires worn and tubes brittle, its spirit remains unbroken. Disheartened by the dismissive attitude of a certain workshop, which scoffed at the idea of restoring my beloved bike, suggesting a replacement instead, I found solace and salvation at Firma Troche. Their skilled hands and compassionate approach resurrected my bike, breathing new life into its classic frame. While FunCorner's response left me disheartened, it was the unwavering dedication and expertise of Firma Troche that restored my faith in quality service. My vintage gem now rides smoother than ever, thanks to the team that understood the sentimental value behind a cherished two-wheeled companion. Through the trials and triumphs of this journey, I have learned that true craftsmanship and customer care are not just about fixing mechanical issues but about preserving memories and honoring the bond between rider and bike. Here's to many more rides down memory lane, with Firma Troche by my side, and FunCorner fading into the rearview mirror. Thank you for reviving not just a bike, but a piece of my heart. 🚲❤️
J Jens Horstmann
1024 days ago

A Happy Customer’s Experience with Fun Corner: Authentic and Fair Service

I recently brought my leased bike for its second annual service at Fun Corner, and I must say my experience was quite the journey. After dropping off my bike on June 1st, I had to wait for about a week. However, two weeks had passed, and I hadn't received any updates. Concerned, I inquired about the status of my bike's inspection, only to find out that no progress had been made. After expressing my frustration, the team promptly addressed the issue and carried out the service on the same day. I was relieved to learn that my bike's drive components were well-maintained and didn't require immediate replacement. It was reassuring to see that Fun Corner prioritizes honesty over unnecessary sales pitches. Despite the initial hiccup with scheduling and communication, I genuinely appreciate the transparent and fair approach taken by the staff. It's this integrity that reaffirms my loyalty to Fun Corner, despite room for improvement in appointment management. I look forward to more positive experiences with Fun Corner and commend their commitment to genuine customer care. Cheers to many more rides with confidence and trust in their services! 🚲

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