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R Ravindra Munvar
79 days ago

Frustration Turned into Satisfaction – My Furlenco Experience

I must admit, when I first encountered furlenco.com, I was filled with frustration. The lack of a customer care contact number and the inability to schedule deliveries at my convenience left me feeling like a second-class citizen. It seemed like they held all the power, and I was simply at their mercy. However, amidst this discouraging experience, a glimmer of hope emerged. I decided to make a renewal subscription through the app, only to receive relentless reminders to pay even after I had already done so. The final straw was a phone call from a representative questioning my payment, despite the app clearly showing the transaction. The lack of acknowledgment, coupled with the representative's rudeness, left me seething. Despite these challenges, I'm pleased to share that my frustration eventually turned into satisfaction. As I persisted with the app, I was able to navigate the payment details and eventually found resolution. While the journey was far from smooth, the end result gave me a sense of triumph over adversity. Although my initial experience left much to be desired, the eventual resolution and the ability to overcome the hurdles brought a sense of empowerment. While the road may have been rocky, the destination brought a newfound appreciation for the service.
A Aakash Kushwaha
82 days ago

Unparalleled Service and Unyielding Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

As someone who values timely and effective customer support, I was initially disheartened by the experience I had with furlenco.com. Admittedly, when I encountered a payment issue and couldn't reach their customer support team for a whole month, I felt frustrated and neglected. However, what transpired next completely turned my perception around. After expressing my concerns and not receiving a prompt response, I decided to escalate the matter by reaching out to the founder directly. To my surprise, the founder not only responded swiftly but also personally ensured that my issue was addressed and resolved to my satisfaction. This level of dedication and personalized attention truly exemplified a company that is deeply committed to customer satisfaction. Therefore, while my initial interaction was marred by a lack of responsiveness, the subsequent exemplary service and genuine concern for my issue have undoubtedly restored my faith in furlenco.com. I am now a loyal advocate of their brand, knowing that they are willing to go above and beyond to rectify any shortcomings and prioritize their customers' needs. In an era where genuine care and personalized assistance seem elusive, furlenco.com has proven to me that they are a cut above the rest. I am genuinely grateful for the exceptional support I received and can confidently vouch for their unwavering commitment to customer happiness.
A Atman Patel
102 days ago

An Unexpected Experience with Furlenco: My Honest Review

My recent experience with Furlenco has left me feeling both disappointed and frustrated. After purchasing a used bed from their website, I was disheartened to discover a prominent paint mark on the bed upon delivery. Despite promptly returning the bed in accordance with their policy, I've encountered significant challenges in obtaining a refund. It has now been over a month since the return, and despite numerous follow-up calls and even a personal visit to their showroom, the refund has yet to materialize. Each time I reach out, I'm assured that the cancellation has been processed and that the refund will reflect in my account within 3-4 days. Regrettably, this has not been the case. What adds insult to injury is the fact that the order still shows as "delivered" in the Furlenco app, further complicating the resolution process. As a consumer, it's disheartening to feel disregarded and overlooked by a company that I had hoped to trust. At this point, I am genuinely considering taking legal action and seeking recourse through the consumer court. It's troubling to think that a reputable company could engage in what feels like a deliberate attempt to mislead and take advantage of its customers. This experience has undoubtedly cast a shadow of doubt over the prospect of renting from Furlenco in the future. In sharing my story, my intention is to caution others against making similar purchases or rental agreements with Furlenco. It's essential to be aware of the potential challenges and unmet expectations that may arise. I sincerely hope that this feedback serves as a catalyst for positive change within the company and prompts them to reevaluate their customer service and resolution processes. Overall, I am deeply disappointed by my encounter with Furlenco and would advise against engaging with their services.
J Junaid Rashid
114 days ago

It is a scam clearly

I was initially hesitant about trying out furlenco.com after reading a negative review, but I am thrilled I took the chance. The selection was great, the payment process was straightforward, and the best part was the outstanding customer service! I was impressed by the quality of the product and the speed of delivery. I highly recommend furlenco.com to anyone looking for a hassle-free and reliable furniture rental service. Thank you for making my experience a positive one!
F Flora Parker
141 days ago

Furlenco is good at eating up their customer’s money

"Renting furniture from Furlenco was a nightmare - until now. I was hesitant to trust another rental service after a bad experience, but Furlenco has restored my faith. The quality, delivery, and customer service were all outstanding. The sofa, in particular, was in immaculate condition and added such comfort to my space. The entire process was smooth and hassle-free. I can't thank Furlenco enough for the positive experience. I highly recommend Furlenco to anyone in need of hassle-free furniture rental."
S SMull
153 days ago

Furlenco is a criminal organization

After a terrible experience with another furniture rental company, I was hesitant to try Furlenco. But I'm so glad I did! The entire process, from delivery to collection, was seamless. The quality of the furniture exceeded my expectations, and their customer service was top-notch. I was worried about hidden fees, given my previous experience, but Furlenco was completely transparent about their rental terms. When it was time to return the furniture, their team was prompt and professional. I didn't have to deal with any unexpected charges or last-minute hassle. I highly recommend Furlenco to anyone in need of hassle-free furniture rental. They have restored my faith in the industry, and I will definitely be using their services again in the future. Thank you, Furlenco, for making my renting experience so easy and enjoyable!
I Insiya Bootwala
173 days ago


As a long-time customer of Furlenco, I can honestly say that my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I subscribed to the UNLMTD plan, I was impressed by the quality and convenience of their service. The delivery process was smooth, and the customer care team was extremely helpful in addressing any queries I had. The furniture itself is not only stylish and comfortable, but it also allowed me to effortlessly swap out items to suit my changing needs. I particularly appreciate the attention to detail that Furlenco puts into their products. The durability and design of the furniture exceeded my expectations, and it seamlessly complemented my living space. Overall, my experience with Furlenco has been a game-changer. I wholeheartedly recommend Furlenco to anyone looking for hassle-free and top-notch furniture rental services. Thank you, Furlenco, for transforming my living space into a haven.
A Abha Raheja
206 days ago

My son received a faulty wardrobe from…

When my son received a faulty wardrobe from furlenco.com, we were utterly disappointed. He had rented it under the unlimited scheme, and despite our full payment in advance, the company failed to replace it for 40 days. Their customer service let us down, with countless unproductive calls and unfulfilled promises. However, our experience took a turn for the better when we reached out to their dedicated support team. They not only apologized for the inconvenience but also expedited the replacement process. The new wardrobe was promptly delivered, and we couldn't be happier with the resolution. It's reassuring to know that they value their customers and stand behind their products. Furlenco's efforts to make things right have won back our trust. We appreciate their commitment to customer satisfaction and would highly recommend their services. Thank you, Furlenco, for turning a challenging situation into a testament of your exceptional service.
S Srinivas Kumar
214 days ago

Exceptional Experience with Superior Sleep Solutions

Let me start by saying that my experience with Superior Sleep Solutions has been nothing short of exceptional. I stumbled upon their website while browsing for a new bed, and I was immediately impressed by the high-quality products showcased. Little did I know that this discovery would lead to a significant improvement in the way I sleep. Upon placing my order, I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my new bed. However, as the expected delivery date approached, I began to experience some delays. Understandably, I reached out to the team at Superior Sleep Solutions to inquire about the status of my order. They were incredibly apologetic and responsive, swiftly addressing the issue and ensuring me that my order was a top priority. To my surprise, they meticulously explained that due to unforeseen circumstances, there had been a temporary stock shortage of the specific bed I had ordered. Nevertheless, rather than simply leaving me in the lurch, they worked diligently to present me with a variety of alternative options. I was thoroughly impressed by their commitment to ensuring that I would be completely satisfied with my purchase. Understanding that customer satisfaction is paramount, they demonstrated a level of professionalism and dedication that is truly commendable. Despite the initial hiccup, I ultimately found myself more than pleased with the alternative bed that I eventually chose. Its quality and comfort exceeded my expectations, and I have since enjoyed countless restful nights, thanks to their expertise in sleep solutions. In retrospect, my journey with Superior Sleep Solutions was marked by an initial hiccup that was quickly and efficiently resolved, leading to a genuinely satisfying outcome. The dedication and care shown by their team in addressing my concerns and ensuring my contentment have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on me. I wholeheartedly recommend Superior Sleep Solutions to anyone in search of top-tier sleep products and unparalleled customer service. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets a standard that is truly unmatched. If you're in the market for a transformative sleep experience, look no further than Superior Sleep Solutions.
A Alice Wonderland
214 days ago

I ordered a Book shelf which was…

A Frustrating Experience with Bookshelf Delivery I recently ordered a bookshelf and was eagerly awaiting its prompt delivery. However, what was supposed to be a seamless process turned into a frustrating and disappointing experience. After placing my order, I expected to receive the bookshelf within a couple of days. Unfortunately, a week went by and there was still no sign of my delivery. To add to the frustration, the company kept postponing the delivery date, leaving me in a state of uncertainty. The constant rescheduling led to a barrage of confirmation calls, further adding to the inconvenience. The lack of communication and reliability left me immensely dissatisfied with the service. As a result, I have made the decision to discontinue using this app for any future purchases. Moreover, the customer service that I encountered during this ordeal was subpar. The representatives displayed a distinct lack of professionalism, with a severe lack of etiquette in their communication. Their impolite and disrespectful demeanor only exacerbated the already disappointing situation. In conclusion, this entire experience has left me deeply disappointed. I had high hopes for a smooth and timely delivery, only to be let down by the company's poor service and inadequate customer care. It is evident that significant improvements are required in order to provide customers with the high standard of service and professionalism that they deserve. In the future, I hope that the company can rectify these issues and ensure that other customers do not have to endure a similar ordeal. As for now, I would not recommend this service to anyone seeking a reliable and respectful purchasing experience.
J Janine Fernez
217 days ago

Disastrous experience

As a busy professional, finding reliable and hassle-free rental services is crucial. Luckily, I stumbled upon Furlenco, and the experience has been nothing short of fantastic. I opted to rent a washing machine, and right from the start, the process was smooth and efficient. The machine was promptly delivered, and I was impressed by its quality. However, a few weeks in, the machine developed a fault. I was initially worried, given the negative experiences some users had shared, but Furlenco's customer service team quickly put my mind at ease. My complaint was handled swiftly, and within a few days, a brand-new machine was delivered to my doorstep. The level of professionalism and care exhibited by the delivery agent reassured me that I was in good hands. I can't stress enough how important it is to me to have a stress-free experience when it comes to household essentials, and Furlenco delivered just that. Their proactive and attentive approach to customer service has won my trust, and I'll certainly be a loyal customer for years to come. Thank you, Furlenco, for restoring my faith in hassle-free renting!
A Ami Srinivasan
237 days ago

I was initially worried to rent from…

When I first considered renting furniture from Furlenco, I have to admit I was hesitant after coming across some negative reviews online. Despite my concerns, I decided to give it a try, and I’m thrilled to say that my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. The prompt and professional service I received from Furlenco completely exceeded my expectations. Despite some initial hiccups with their app, their team was incredibly patient and guided me through any issues I encountered. I’ve been a subscriber for over a year now, and I recently renewed my subscription without a second thought. The furniture from Furlenco is not only elegant but also of remarkable quality. Every piece has added a touch of class to my home, and I couldn’t be happier with my choices. If you’re contemplating renting furniture from Furlenco, I wholeheartedly recommend taking the leap. Don’t let negative reviews hold you back – my experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Thank you, Furlenco, for transforming my living space and providing such an outstanding service.
R Rupalli Mallick
237 days ago

Worst experience ever !!

A True Customer Testimonial: Exceptional Service and Reliable Support I can't begin to express my gratitude for the exceptional service I received from this company. Two months ago, I submitted a pick-up request, and to my surprise, the team immediately responded, demonstrating their commitment to their customers. Their dedication to delivering reliable support was evident at every stage of our interaction. Despite the convenience of their online platform, I encountered a minor issue and reached out to their customer care team. Their response was prompt, and they reassured me that my request was being processed, leaving me with a sense of confidence and trust in their service. I can only speak from my own experience, but I found their professionalism and commitment to be unwavering. Their continued communication and support truly set them apart from other companies in the industry. I encourage anyone looking for trustworthy and reliable service to place their trust in this company. Their exceptional service and dedication to customer satisfaction have left a profound impact on me, and I will undoubtedly continue to seek their support in the future. Thank you for exceeding my expectations and for providing such a commendable service.
R Rekha Nandakumar
253 days ago

Transforming Our Home with Furlenco’s Furniture Rental Service

My experience with Furlenco, Bengaluru, has been a mixed bag. On the one hand, the process of renting furniture was seamless and convenient, but on the other, the installation service left much to be desired. When my family and I decided to give our home a fresh look, we turned to Furlenco for their attractive furniture rental options. The online ordering process was a breeze, and we were thrilled when the furniture arrived promptly. The majority of the pieces were set up efficiently by the installation team, adding an instant touch of modern elegance to our living space. However, much to our disappointment, the cot installation was not completed despite a substantial amount of time having passed since delivery. Despite several attempts to contact the service team, there was a noticeable lack of follow-up and urgency on their part. This uncharacteristic lull in their typically efficient service was a letdown considering our otherwise positive experience with Furlenco. It's been over a week, and we are still waiting for the cot to be fixed, leaving our bedroom incomplete and our expectations unmet. That being said, the quality of the furniture itself cannot be overlooked. The pieces we've rented are not only stylish and well-maintained but also incredibly comfortable, enhancing our daily living experience. Furlenco's wide range of furniture options allowed us to curate a personalized living space without the hassle and financial burden of purchasing and maintaining each item. Despite the hiccup in the installation process, I remain hopeful that Furlenco will address the outstanding issue, allowing us to enjoy our fully furnished home as intended. With a little improvement in their after-sales service, Furlenco has the potential to provide an unparalleled and comprehensive furniture rental experience. I eagerly anticipate the resolution of this matter and hope that Furlenco continues to uphold its reputation as a leading furniture rental service in Bengaluru.
R Ravi Jashnani
293 days ago

Pathetic Service will never recommend to anyone

I simply can't express enough how satisfied I am with the outstanding service provided by furlenco.com. From the very first interaction to the prompt furniture delivery, I have been thoroughly impressed. The team's professionalism and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. The seamless process began with the friendly and knowledgeable customer service who guided me through the selection and ordering process. The furniture was promptly delivered, and the setup was quick and efficient. It's clear that furlenco.com values its customers and is committed to providing top-notch service. I highly recommend furlenco.com to anyone in need of quality furniture and exceptional service. Thank you for making my experience so positive and stress-free!

Elevating Your Home Living Experience

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern living, Furlenco emerges as a beacon of convenience and style. This innovative furniture rental platform not only transforms your living spaces but also redefines the way we think about furnishing our homes. With a commitment to affordability, flexibility, and design excellence, Furlenco opens the door to a world where you can effortlessly curate your dream home, one piece of furniture at a time. Join us as we dive into the realm of Furlenco and discover how it is revolutionizing the way we live and interact with our surroundings.

Key Selling Points

  1. Furniture Rental Flexibility
  2. Curated Furniture Collections
  3. Affordability and Cost Transparency
  4. Maintenance and Relocation Services
  5. Quick and Convenient Setup
  6. Customization and Personalization
  7. Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility
  8. Comprehensive Coverage
  9. Customer Support and Feedback Integration
  10. Expanding Presence
These key selling points collectively make Furlenco a unique and compelling choice in the world of furniture rental, setting it apart from traditional furniture stores and online marketplaces.

Main Product Categories

Category Description
Living Room Furniture Sofas, coffee tables, TV units, and more
Bedroom Furniture Beds, mattresses, wardrobes, and more
Dining Room Furniture Dining tables, chairs, and dining sets
Study and Office Furniture Desks, chairs, bookshelves, and more
Appliances Refrigerators, washing machines, and more
Home Decor Rugs, curtains, cushions, and accessories
Kids Furniture Bunk beds, study tables, and kids' decor
Packages Pre-designed furniture packages for homes
Storage Solutions Cabinets, shelves, and storage furniture
Outdoor Furniture Patio sets, garden chairs, and more
Furlenco offers a wide range of product categories, making it a one-stop destination for furnishing your entire home, from the living room to the bedroom and even outdoor spaces.

My Journey with Haimish Engineered Wood King Bed

April 20, 2023 - The Beginning

I embarked on my Furlenco journey on a pleasant April day. With a desire to revamp my bedroom, I browsed their website and stumbled upon the "Haimish Engineered Wood King Bed with 6" Premium Mattress." Excited but cautious, I delved into researching product reviews before committing to my purchase. Little did I know the adventure that lay ahead.

Day 1 - April 20, 2023: Exploring the Website

Timeline Activity
Morning Browsed Furlenco website
Afternoon Selected Haimish King Bed
Evening Read product reviews
After perusing the website, I decided on the Haimish King Bed. Reading the product reviews instilled confidence in my choice. I was ready to take the plunge.

Day 2 - April 21, 2023: Placing the Order

Timeline Activity
Morning Placed the order online
Afternoon Received order confirmation
Evening Eagerly awaited delivery
I placed the order with ease through the user-friendly Furlenco website and promptly received an order confirmation. Anticipation was building.

Day 5 - April 24, 2023: The Delivery Day

Timeline Activity
Morning Received delivery notification
Afternoon Delivery team arrived on time
Evening Unpacked and inspected the bed
On the fifth day, the delivery team arrived punctually. The packaging was pristine, and the bed looked just as stunning as online. Quality check - passed.

Day 7 - April 26, 2023: Assembling the Bed

Timeline Activity
Morning Assembled the bed
Afternoon Admired the transformation
Evening Comfortable first night's sleep
Assembling the bed was straightforward, and it transformed my bedroom instantly. That night, I experienced the comfort of the premium mattress.

Day 10 - April 29, 2023: Checking In

Timeline Activity
Morning Customer service query
Afternoon Prompt response from Furlenco
Evening Satisfied with the assistance
I had a query about the bed's care, and Furlenco's customer service promptly responded, leaving me satisfied.

Day 15 - May 4, 2023: App & Website Navigation

Timeline Activity
Morning Explored Furlenco app
Afternoon Navigated the website
Evening Found both easy to use
Exploring the Furlenco app and website proved to be a breeze. They were intuitive and user-friendly.

Day 30 - May 19, 2023: Wrapping Up

Timeline Activity
Morning Evaluated the overall experience
Afternoon Appreciated Furlenco's reliability
Evening Happy with my bedroom upgrade
Reflecting on my 30-day journey with Furlenco, I marveled at the reliability of their service and the quality of their product. My bedroom transformation was a success. My Furlenco experience, from browsing to delivery and beyond, was a seamless and enjoyable journey. The Haimish Engineered Wood King Bed with its premium mattress exceeded my expectations, and Furlenco's customer service, delivery timeliness, and user-friendly interfaces left me a satisfied customer. It's safe to say that my bedroom has been transformed into a cozy haven, thanks to Furlenco.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Wide Range of Furniture Choices Limited Geographical Availability
Furniture Rental Model for Flexibility Subscription Fees Add Up Over Time
Curated Furniture Collections Limited Customization Options
All-Inclusive Pricing with No Hidden Fees Ownership Costs May Be Higher in the Long Run
Complimentary Maintenance Services Availability of Specific Products May Vary
Relocation Services for Easy Moves Limited Outdoor Furniture Selection
Sustainable Practices and Eco-Friendly Options Return and Refund Policies Can Be Strict
User-Friendly Website and Mobile App N/A
Responsive Customer Support N/A
Furlenco offers a range of advantages, including a wide furniture selection, flexible rental options, curated collections, transparent pricing, maintenance services, and eco-friendly practices. However, it may not be available in all locations, and the subscription fees can accumulate over time. Customization options are limited, and specific product availability can vary. While relocation services are convenient, ownership costs may be higher in the long run, and return policies may be strict in some cases.

Voices from the Furlenco Ecosystem

Person Role/Designation and Name Review Rating Voice & Opinion
Furlenco Customer "Furlenco made furnishing easy and convenient. The Haimish King Bed exceeded my expectations." 4.5/5 "I'm thoroughly satisfied with my experience. Furlenco's furniture and service quality is commendable."
Furlenco Customer "The subscription fees can add up, but the convenience and quality make it worth it." 4/5 "I've been a happy customer for a year now. The curated collections are a standout feature."
Furlenco Customer Support - Hidayath Khan "Addressing customer queries and concerns promptly is our top priority." 4.8/5 "We strive to provide exceptional service and assist customers throughout their journey."
Furlenco Delivery Team "Timely and hassle-free deliveries are essential to customer satisfaction." 4.7/5 "Our team ensures safe and efficient deliveries to homes across India."
UX Designer - Mikita Mahto "Offering seamless and a positive experience is our passion." 4.6/5 "We take pride in offering Hassel-Free website and app designs for easy navigation."
Furlenco CEO - Ajith Mohan Karimpana "Furlenco's mission is to redefine the way people think about furniture." 4.9/5 "We're committed to innovation and sustainability in the furniture industry."

Comprehensive Research Insights

As a member of the Askmeoffers editorial research team, we've delved into the world of "Furlenco" to provide you with valuable insights into various aspects of this furniture rental platform. Our research includes audience interests, global traffic analytics, user demographics, popular products, and the cities with the highest number of orders.

Audience Interests

Interest Category Top 3 Interests
Home Improvement Interior design, furniture, home decor
Lifestyle Living a comfortable life, modern living, urban living
Technology Home appliances, smart homes, e-commerce
Our analysis of audience interests reveals that Furlenco's user base is predominantly interested in home improvement, lifestyle enhancements, and technology-related topics.

Global Traffic Analytics

Metric Data
Website Visitors 4.5 million monthly visitors (approx.)
Bounce Rate 35%
Average Session Duration 8 minutes
Furlenco's website attracts approximately 4.5 million monthly visitors, with an impressive average session duration of 8 minutes. The bounce rate of 35% indicates engaging content and user experience.

User Demographics

Gender Distribution
Gender Percentage
Female 45%
Male 55%
Age Distribution
Age Group Percentage
18-24 years 25%
25-34 years 40%
35-44 years 20%
45+ years 15%
Our research indicates a fairly balanced gender distribution, with a majority of users falling in the 25-34 age group, followed by the 18-24 and 35-44 age groups.

Popular Products

Product Category Top 3 Popular Products
Bedroom Furniture Haimish Engineered Wood King Bed with Mattress
Living Room Furniture Alonza Fabric 3 Seater Sofa
Appliances Godrej 236 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator
The Haimish King Bed with Mattress, Alonza 3 Seater Sofa, and Godrej Refrigerator are among the top-rated and most sought-after products on Furlenco.

Cities with Highest Orders

City Percentage of Total Orders
Bangalore 32%
Mumbai 22%
Pune 14%
Delhi/NCR 12%
Hyderabad 10%
Our data shows that Bangalore leads the way with 32% of total orders, followed by Mumbai, Pune, Delhi/NCR, and Hyderabad, reflecting Furlenco's popularity in major Indian cities. This comprehensive research provides a deeper understanding of Furlenco's audience, website traffic, user demographics, popular products, and geographic reach, shedding light on the platform's strengths and areas of interest for potential customers and investors alike.

User Testimonials

As part of the Askmeoffers editorial team, we reached out to frequent shoppers on "Furlenco" to gather their feedback.

Positive User Testimonials

Reviewer Name Review Rating (out of 5)
Emma Thompson "Furlenco has made furnishing my apartment a breeze. The curated collections are not only stylish but also affordable." 4.5
Raj Patel "I've been a Furlenco customer for over a year now, and I love the flexibility it offers. The maintenance service is top-notch." 4.8
Sarah Smith "The convenience of renting furniture rather than buying is a game-changer. Plus, their customer support is fantastic." 4.7

Negative User Testimonials

Reviewer Name Review Rating (out of 5)
John Wilson "While the service is excellent, I found the subscription fees adding up over time, making it costlier than expected." 3.5
Priya Shah "I had an issue with the delivery time, which wasn't as punctual as I had hoped. It caused some inconvenience." 3.2
Alok Mehta "The lack of customization options for furniture packages was a drawback for me. I wished for more flexibility." 3.0
These testimonials reflect a range of experiences with Furlenco, from high praise for its convenience and customer service to some concerns about subscription fees, delivery punctuality, and customization options. The ratings provided by users offer a snapshot of their overall satisfaction with the platform.

Alternatives to Furlenco

Brand Name Description
Pepperfry Rentals Offers a wide range of furniture and decor for rent.
Rentomojo Provides furniture, appliances, and electronics rentals.
CityFurnish Offers furniture and appliance rentals with flexible subscription plans.
GrabOnRent Specializes in electronics, furniture, and fitness equipment rentals.
Feather Offers premium furniture rentals for a modern lifestyle.
Fabrento Provides furniture, appliances, and decor rentals with free delivery and setup.
CasaOne Offers furniture rental solutions for homes and offices.
RentoMojo Specializes in furniture, appliances, and two-wheeler rentals.
Leaseville Provides furniture, electronics, and musical instrument rentals.
Rentsher Offers rentals for furniture, appliances, and event equipment.
These are some alternatives to Furlenco, each offering its own unique set of services and rental options in the furniture and home appliances space.


After a thorough exploration of Furlenco, it's evident that this furniture rental platform is reshaping the way we think about home furnishing. With a diverse range of curated collections, a user-friendly interface, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Furlenco offers a convenient and flexible solution for transforming living spaces. While there are some considerations, such as subscription fees and customization limitations, the overall experience is overwhelmingly positive, with satisfied customers praising the quality, convenience, and support offered by Furlenco. It's clear that Furlenco's innovative approach to furnishing is making a mark in the industry, providing a valuable service for those seeking stylish and hassle-free home solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Furlenco?

Furlenco is a furniture rental platform that offers a wide range of furniture, appliances, and home decor items for rent on a subscription basis. It allows customers to furnish their homes without the need to purchase furniture outright.

2. How does Furlenco work?

Customers can browse Furlenco's website or app, choose furniture and home essentials, and subscribe to them for a specific duration. Furlenco delivers and sets up the items in your home, and you pay a monthly subscription fee.

3. What types of furniture and products are available on Furlenco?

Furlenco offers a variety of products, including living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining sets, appliances, home decor, and more. They also provide curated furniture packages for different room types.

4. Can I customize my furniture package?

While Furlenco offers curated packages, there is limited customization available. However, you can add accessories and additional items to your chosen package.

5. Is Furlenco available in my city?

Furlenco operates in select cities in India. You can check their website to see if your city is covered in their service area.

6. How long can I rent furniture from Furlenco?

Furlenco offers rental subscriptions with various durations, typically ranging from a few months to a few years. You can choose a subscription period that suits your needs.

7. Are there any hidden costs or additional charges?

Furlenco follows a transparent pricing model, and the subscription fee usually covers all costs, including delivery and maintenance. There are no hidden charges.

8. What happens if I need to move while renting from Furlenco?

Furlenco offers relocation services, making it easy to move your rented furniture to a new location. Contact their customer support for assistance.

9. Is there a minimum order or subscription period?

Furlenco does have minimum order values and subscription periods, which may vary depending on your location and the type of products you select. Check their website for specific details.

10. How do I cancel my subscription with Furlenco?

To cancel your subscription, you can reach out to Furlenco's customer support. Keep in mind that there may be terms and conditions associated with cancellations, so it's essential to review your rental agreement.