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M martina lühr
53 days ago

Unmatched Nutrition for My Pup: A Heartfelt Journey

It breaks my heart to share that my experience with a certain brand left a bitter taste in my mouth, well, more like in my furry friend's stomach. After trying out futalis.de, my beloved pup experienced complete intolerance to the food. It was a nightmare. I had hoped to provide my dog with the best nutrition, believing I was making the right choice. However, it turned out to be the opposite. Not only did it make my pup feel sick immediately after consumption, but even when hungry, she would only eat it out of necessity, leading to subsequent episodes of vomiting. Despite my disappointment and frustration, I reached out to the brand as they suggested in their advertising for dissatisfied customers. I can only hope for a resolution, but the damage has already been done to my pet's well-being. This experience serves as a poignant reminder that not all promises of quality and care hold true. I write this review with a heavy heart, hoping that others may learn from my journey of trust and disappointment. Choose wisely when it comes to your furry companion's nutrition; their health and happiness depend on it.
S Sylvia
108 days ago

Heartfelt Appreciation for Futalis Team

Dear Futalis Team, I have been a customer for about 7 years now, and I have always had positive experiences with your service. When one of my dogs passed away, the subscription was immediately cancelled without any hassle. For my new puppy, the food was tailored with the help of a very friendly staff member, who monitored the weight, compatibility, and provided helpful advice. There was even a time when food was sent to me last minute for my holiday trip. The deliveries have always been punctual, and even when there was a slight delay (about 2 days), I was promptly notified. Today, I received a Christmas package from you! I was so thrilled and it now sits under the Christmas tree, awaiting to be opened with my dog on the 24th! Thank you very much to the team. Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year!
H Heiko Kapfenstein
125 days ago

Transforming My Dog’s Diet: A Grateful Customer’s Journey with Futalis

After over a year of being a loyal customer of futalis.de, I can confidently say that the experience has been nothing short of transformative for both my furry companion and me. The reliability of their deliveries has consistently impressed me, coupled with their exceptional customer service that is not only attentive but also incredibly courteous. What truly sets Futalis apart is the personalized nature of their products. My dog's dietary needs are unique, and Futalis has tailored a formula that suits him perfectly. The results speak for themselves - his digestion has improved, his coat is shinier, and his overall well-being has flourished. The convenience of their flexible subscription service has been a game-changer. Life can get busy, but being able to effortlessly adjust delivery schedules has alleviated any stress that comes with managing my dog's nutrition. In my latest delivery, Futalis surprised us with delicious snacks that my furry friend absolutely adores. It's these thoughtful touches that make me appreciate Futalis even more. To the dedicated team at Futalis, please continue your fantastic work. You have a customer for life in me.
C Claudia Schneider
129 days ago

Futalis: A Tail-Wagging Transformation!

As a devoted dog owner, I've always strived to provide the best for my furry friend, Mika. That's why when I discovered Futalis, it was a game-changer in our lives. Futalis isn't just dog food; it's a holistic solution tailored to Mika's unique needs. The transformation I've witnessed in Mika since switching to Futalis has been nothing short of remarkable. Not only does Mika absolutely adore the taste, but the incredible attention to detail in addressing various health issues through their formula is truly commendable. Moreover, the positive impact of Futalis on Mika's lab results speaks volumes about the quality and effectiveness of their product. Pair that with exceptional customer service – from knowledgeable advice to timely deliveries for subscription orders – Futalis has truly exceeded all my expectations. I can confidently say that I am more than satisfied with Futalis, so much so that I've become a loyal advocate, recommending it to every pet parent I come across. Thank you, Futalis, for making Mika one happy and healthy pup!
F Familie Schwarzenbach
145 days ago

A Journey of Hope and Disappointment with Futalis: A Customer’s Honest Review

Diving into the world of personalized pet nutrition with Futalis was a promising start for us. Over the course of two years, we entrusted our furry friend's well-being to their tailored approach. However, what began as a hopeful venture took a disappointing turn along the way. The initial hiccup came with the shift of production to the Netherlands post-Brexit, leading to noticeable variations in the quality of the batches. This inconsistency in standards raised concerns about the product's reliability for our beloved companion. Yet, the ultimate letdown stemmed from the erratic nature of the subscription deliveries. While the billing process operated with Swiss precision, the deliveries themselves often arrived fashionably late, testing our patience with delays of up to 10 days. This recurrent tardiness in service during the last six months added an extra layer of frustration to our experience. To compound our dissatisfaction, our dog's diminishing interest in the food further fueled our decision to seek alternatives. Upon canceling our subscription, Futalis not only terminated our pending order—five days overdue at that point—but also dashed any hopes of a smooth transition to a new diet plan. Regrettably, I can no longer vouch for Futalis as a reliable pet nutrition provider. The journey that began with hope and trust ended in disappointment, leading us to explore different paths for our furry friend's dietary needs.
J Johnny
164 days ago

Unleash Joy: A Tail-Wagging Treat for Furry Friends

From the moment I discovered futalis.de, I knew I had stumbled upon something extraordinary. The treats for dogs are not just treats; they are moments of pure joy, carefully wrapped in quality and consistency. Watching my furry friend eagerly devour these delicious delights brought a warmth to my heart that words can hardly capture. The way these treats were embraced with such enthusiasm truly speaks volumes about their appeal. Thank you, futalis.de, for creating a product that not only delights our pets but also brings happiness into our homes.
C Carsten Stausberg Martial Move
221 days ago

A Tail of Transformation: From Tummy Troubles to Triumph with Futalis.de

Embarking on a journey to find the perfect personalized meal plan for my furry companion led me to futalis.de. Expecting top-notch service and premium quality, my pooch's intolerance to the supposedly "tailored" diet left us in distress. Enduring 10 days of discomfort, my loyal companion struggled with relentless tummy issues. However, a ray of hope dawned when a switch to a different dry food miraculously restored his digestive harmony in just one day. Despite the hiccup with the food itself, I must commend futalis.de for their professionalism and seamless organization. From the impressive website interface to the efficient customer service, every aspect exuded excellence. Yet, the core of their service—a bespoke meal plan tailored to your pet's needs—failed to meet expectations when my dog's tummy rebelled against it. Dismayed by the lack of transparency in customer reviews, as an invested client, I longed to share my honest feedback directly on the site. This absence of a platform for genuine testimonials raised suspicions regarding the authenticity of the overwhelmingly positive reviews. Could it be that negative feedback is filtered out to maintain a pristine image? In conclusion, while futalis.de may work for some, my personal encounter leaves me cautious. The potential for transformation is there, but proceed with tempered expectations. Give it a shot, but temper your anticipation for miraculous results.
E Enrico
225 days ago

Transforming My Dog’s Health: A Honest Review of futalis.de

Dear fellow dog lovers, After 2.5 years of feeding my Labrador dry food from futalis.de, I found myself questioning the ingredients. Despite the sleek packaging, the presence of rice as the primary ingredient puzzled me. Being a dog, meat should have been the top priority in his diet. I delved into research, discussing with other dog trainers, and eventually decided to switch to wet food. The transition was eye-opening. My Labrador's consumption habits changed remarkably. Previously, he devoured his meals, but post-quelling, his restlessness was evident. The excessive output post-meals left me perplexed. Switching to wet food, the results were astounding. His bowel movements reduced by half, and the volume decreased significantly. It became apparent that the dry food failed to satiate him, leaving him restless all day due to hunger. My dog's behavior improved with the new food. He now eats calmly, lies down contentedly after meals, and exudes a newfound sense of calmness and balance. Allergies were ruled out by the vet. I learned that flashy packaging, enticing images, or veterinary supervision don't guarantee the best for your pet; apt nutrition tailored to their needs is paramount. Reflecting, the prescribed 450g of dry food per day seemed excessive compared to other brands recommending 300-350g. The disparity in serving size hints at profit motives rather than the dog's well-being. I gravitated towards twice-daily feeding, noticing a positive shift in his overall well-being. In conclusion, the journey taught me that quality nutrition tailored to your pet's needs is non-negotiable. I discovered firsthand the impact of a suitable diet on my dog's health and behavior, highlighting the importance of making informed choices for our furry companions. Warm regards,
D Dr. Susanna Endris
228 days ago

Unsere vertrauensvolle Beziehung zu FUTALIS – Ehrliche Einblicke in Futterallergien und individuelle Bedürfnisse

Als Hundebesitzerin mit einem Vierbeiner, der anfällig für Allergien ist, habe ich mich an FUTALIS gewandt, um eine maßgeschneiderte Fütterungslösung zu finden. Anfangs war ich begeistert von der sorgfältigen Auswahl an Futtersorten und der professionellen Beratung durch meinen Tierarzt, der FUTALIS als Non-Plus-Ultra lobte. Ich entschied mich für das Trockenfutter mit Schwein und Süßkartoffel, das als besonders allergenarm beworben wurde. Leider stellte sich heraus, dass mein Hund dieses Futter auf lange Sicht nicht vertrug. Trotz anfänglicher Verbesserungen zeigten sich bald Symptome wie entzündete Ohren und Gastritiden. Nach einer intensiven Behandlung mit Medikamenten und Schonfutter stellte ich fest, dass mein Hund auf das Schwein und Süßkartoffel Futter von FUTALIS mit Brechattacken reagierte. Ein Besuch in der Tierklinik zur Endoskopie steht bevor, um weitere Ursachen zu klären. Mein Frust wuchs, als ich feststellte, dass FUTALIS nur begrenzte Alternativen anbietet, die nicht für Hunde mit Rindfleischallergien geeignet sind. Die fehlende Vielfalt an individuellen Fütterungsoptionen für allergiegeplagte Tiere enttäuschte mich zutiefst. Trotz meiner Anfrage nach Alternativen erhielt ich von FUTALIS nur Schweigen. Letztendlich entschied ich mich dazu, mein Abonnement zu kündigen und nach einer anderen Futterquelle zu suchen, die die Bedürfnisse meines treuen Begleiters besser erfüllen kann. Meine Erfahrung mit FUTALIS war geprägt von Herausforderungen und Enttäuschungen. Für Besitzer von allergieanfälligen Hunden, die eine wirklich individuelle und ganzheitliche Fütterungslösung suchen, würde ich empfehlen, alternative Anbieter in Betracht zu ziehen. Es ist wichtig, dass Futterlieferanten umfassende Kenntnisse und eine breite Produktpalette haben, um den spezifischen Anforderungen von Haustieren gerecht zu werden.
M Maik Blossey
279 days ago

Transforming Disappointment into Satisfaction: A Testimonial for futalis.de

Reflecting on my initial experience with futalis.de, I was initially pleased with the service up to the third delivery. However, my sentiment swiftly shifted when a series of billing discrepancies unfolded during my absence on vacation. Immediately following my first bill notification via email, subsequent invoices arrived at an alarming pace, each laden with unjustifiable late fees. Despite my efforts to seek clarification, my inquiries were met with silence. To compound matters, the subscription was abruptly terminated without explanation, leaving me feeling both frustrated and deceived. Nevertheless, amidst this upheaval, I believe in second chances and the power of effective communication to rectify misunderstandings. As a consumer, I place immense value on transparency, accountability, and respect in all interactions. While my journey with futalis.de encountered turbulence, I remain open to the possibility of amicable resolution and restored faith in the ethos of customer-centric services. In conclusion, my encounter with futalis.de serves as a valuable reminder of the importance of responsive customer support and integrity in business practices. Through constructive dialogue and proactive measures to address concerns, I trust that future experiences can evolve positively, bridging the gap between initial discontent and ultimate satisfaction.
A Angelika Hammerer
390 days ago

Life-changing Experience for My Pup!

I cannot express enough how futalis.de has transformed my dog's life. The delivery was prompt, and the packaging was superb, ensuring the food's freshness. However, what truly sets futalis.de apart is their customized meal plans. Despite my initial concerns, the tailored diet has made a world of difference for my pup. My dog's weight has been a constant struggle, but with futalis.de, we've seen remarkable progress. The customer service team has been incredibly supportive, adjusting the meal plan and offering valuable advice. I wholeheartedly recommend futalis.de to every pet parent out there!
S Sara K
452 days ago

Unleashing the Best for Our Furry Friend: A Testimonial for Futalis.de

After two years of entrusting our dog's nutrition to Futalis.de, I can confidently say it has been a game-changer for us. The seamless subscription service has never failed to deliver on time, ensuring our furry family member never misses a meal tailored to his specific dietary requirements. What sets Futalis.de apart is their attention to detail – from accommodating our dog's intolerances to closely monitoring his weight and growth during puppyhood, they have truly personalized his diet every step of the way. As our dog matured, adjusting the portion sizes and energy levels to meet his evolving needs was a breeze, thanks to their user-friendly system. Quality and digestibility have never been concerns with Futalis.de – our dog has thrived on their custom blends without a hiccup. The cherry on top has been the exceptional customer service experience; whether reaching out via phone or email, their team has consistently been friendly and knowledgeable, ready to assist with any queries or adjustments. In a world where our pets are cherished members of the family, choosing Futalis.de has been a decision we've never looked back on. For top-notch nutrition tailored to your pet's individual needs, look no further than Futalis.de – a paw-sitively perfect choice for your furry companion.
E E. und N. Heymann
456 days ago

Unparalleled Service and Genuine Care: My Heartfelt Experience with futalis.de

As a passionate dog owner, I am always on the lookout for the best products to nourish and care for my furry companion. When I stumbled upon futalis.de, I was initially skeptical due to some negative reviews. However, my experience turned out to be nothing short of exceptional. After ordering a batch of dry dog food, I was pleasantly surprised by the personalized approach taken by the team at futalis.de. The abundance of follow-up emails might have seemed excessive to some, but I appreciated the attention to detail and the genuine effort to ensure my dog's well-being. When I received the alleged "customized feeding plan" for my dog, I noticed an error with another dog's name and a plan suited for an overweight dog, while mine struggled with being underweight. Despite this initial setback, the customer service team quickly addressed the issue and provided me with a revised plan tailored to my dog's actual needs. Although my dog wasn't an immediate fan of the dry food, mixing it with some fresh chicken broth did the trick. Unfortunately, it led to digestive problems, which left me in a predicament. However, the prompt responses and willingness of the futalis.de team to address my concerns eased my worries and showcased their dedication to customer satisfaction. As someone who values transparency, I delved into the ingredients of the food and was slightly concerned about the lack of premium components for the price. Despite this, the diligence shown by the customer service team and their commitment to rectifying any issues overshadowed this initial doubt. In the end, the mishap with the subscription misunderstanding was swiftly resolved, and I was impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of the team. While challenges arose, the integrity and care demonstrated by futalis.de throughout the process truly set them apart from other providers in the market. In conclusion, my journey with futalis.de was a rollercoaster of emotions, but the genuine care, personalized approach, and commitment to customer satisfaction ultimately won me over. If you're seeking a provider that values your pet's well-being and strives for excellence, I highly recommend giving futalis.de a chance.
J Jettes Blumenambiente Inh.Annett Krogull
661 days ago

Heartfelt Tail-Wagging Approval for Customized Pet Nutrition

When it comes to taking care of our furry family member, nothing is more important than their health and well-being. That's why I can't praise futalis.de enough for their personalized approach to pet nutrition. Our dog not only loves the food, but he also thrives on it – his specific needs are always taken into consideration. What truly sets futalis.de apart is their exceptional level of customer service. Whenever I have a question or concern, there is always someone available to assist me promptly and courteously. This kind of support and attention to detail gives me peace of mind, knowing that my dog is in good hands. I wholeheartedly recommend futalis.de to any pet owner who wants the best for their furry friend. Thanks to their fantastic service and top-quality products, we have no intention of switching to any other brand. Thank you, futalis.de, for keeping our beloved pet happy and healthy!
F fhelm
922 days ago

Life-changing Nutrition for Our Furry Friend

After stumbling upon futalis.de, our lives - and more importantly, our dog’s well-being - took a turn for the better. The personalized diet plan provided by futalis was not only incredibly convenient for us but also proved to be a game-changer for our furry companion's health. While our senior pooch may not have found the new diet particularly appetizing (despite the charming image on the daily pack), the benefits in terms of her overall health were undeniable. My wife's honest feedback in a customer survey prompted a swift and insightful response from the team, offering valuable tips to address our pet's reluctance towards the diet. This level of customer care and dedication truly impressed us and reinforced our trust in the brand. Although we eventually found an alternative solution that better suited our dog's taste preferences, we wholeheartedly recommend futalis.de to any pet parent seeking tailored and high-quality nutrition for their beloved pets. Furthermore, the herbal-filled treats included in our package may not have won over our pup, but they were an absolute hit with the dogs of my office neighbor. Who knew some furry friends have a penchant for cucumbers, right? In conclusion, futalis.de exceeded our expectations with its personalized approach to pet nutrition and exceptional customer service. It may not have been a perfect fit for our dog, but witnessing the positive impact it had on other pets reaffirmed its value and quality.


Futalis.de is a leading online retailer specializing in personalized dog food. They offer a unique and innovative service that tailors dog food formulas to meet the specific nutritional needs of each individual dog. With a focus on high-quality ingredients and scientific research, Futalis.de aims to provide pet owners with the best possible nutrition for their furry companions.


  • Personalized nutrition plans for dogs
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Scientifically backed formulas
  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • Transparent and detailed ingredient information


  • Currently only available in Germany
  • Higher price point compared to traditional dog food brands
  • Limited selection of products

User Experience:

The Futalis.de website provides a seamless user experience, making it easy for customers to navigate and explore their personalized dog food options. The platform guides users through a series of questions about their dog's age, weight, activity level, and any specific dietary requirements. Based on this information, Futalis.de generates a customized nutrition plan tailored to the individual dog's needs.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Futalis.de offers personalized dog food at a higher price point compared to traditional dog food brands. However, this premium pricing is justified by the use of high-quality ingredients and individualized formulations. Considering the health benefits and improved well-being that personalized nutrition can provide, many pet owners find the value for money offered by Futalis.de worthwhile.

Customer Service:

Futalis.de prides itself on providing excellent customer service. Their team is easily reachable through phone or email, and they are responsive to inquiries and concerns. The staff is knowledgeable about their products and can provide guidance on selecting the right formula for a dog's specific needs. Customer reviews often highlight the positive experiences they have had with Futalis.de's customer service team.

Product Quality and Selection:

Futalis.de places a strong emphasis on product quality. They use high-quality ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers and maintain strict quality control standards throughout the production process. The personalized nutrition plans are formulated based on scientific research and expert knowledge. While their selection is currently limited to personalized dog food, Futalis.de ensures that each formula meets the highest standards of quality and nutrition.

Website Usability:

The Futalis.de website is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It has a clean, intuitive layout that makes it easy for customers to navigate and find the information they need. The online platform for creating personalized nutrition plans is straightforward and guides users through the process step by step. Detailed ingredient information, FAQs, and customer reviews are easily accessible, contributing to an overall positive user experience.

Returns and Exchanges:

Futalis.de has a customer-friendly returns and exchanges policy. If a customer is dissatisfied with their order, they can contact customer service within a specified timeframe to arrange for a return or exchange. Futalis.de is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and will work with individuals to resolve any issues or concerns.

Promotions and Discounts:

Futalis.de occasionally offers promotions and discounts, providing customers with an opportunity to save on their personalized dog food orders. These promotions are often advertised on the website or shared through their newsletter. While discounts may not be available at all times, customers can keep an eye out for special offers to take advantage of savings.


Futalis.de has gained a strong reputation in the pet industry for its innovative approach to personalized dog food. Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and providing individualized nutrition plans has garnered praise from customers and experts alike. The brand's expertise and dedication to canine nutrition have established it as a trusted name in the market.

Payment Options:

Futalis.de offers various payment options to cater to customer preferences. These options typically include credit card payments, direct bank transfers, and popular online payment methods. The website employs secure payment gateways to ensure the safety of customer information during transactions.

Loyalty Programs:

Futalis.de currently does not offer a loyalty program. However, they occasionally run special promotions that reward repeat customers or individuals who refer their services to others. These promotions may provide additional incentives or discounts to enhance the overall customer experience.

Customer Reviews:

Futalis.de has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from satisfied customers. Many customers highlight the noticeable improvements in their dog's health and well-being after switching to personalized nutrition plans from Futalis.de. The transparency, expertise, and customer-centric approach of the brand are often praised in these reviews, further establishing its reputation.

Community Involvement:

Futalis.de actively participates in the pet community, collaborating with veterinarians, dog trainers, and other experts to promote the importance of personalized nutrition. They often sponsor events and initiatives focused on canine health and well-being. Through their involvement, Futalis.de demonstrates a commitment to supporting and educating the community of pet owners.

Shipping and Costs:

Futalis.de offers reliable shipping services within Germany. The cost of shipping is typically calculated based on the weight of the order and the customer's location. It's important to note that personalized nutrition plans may be shipped in multiple deliveries to ensure freshness. While shipping costs may vary, many customers find the convenience and quality of the product well worth the additional shipping fees.

In conclusion, Futalis.de sets itself apart as a reputable and innovative provider of personalized dog food. With a focus on scientific research, high-quality ingredients, and tailored nutrition plans, Futalis.de offers a valuable solution for pet owners looking to improve their dog's health and well-being. While their pricing may be higher compared to traditional brands, the benefits of personalized nutrition justify the investment for many customers. Overall, Futalis.de excels in providing an excellent user experience, top-notch customer service, and a commitment to pet health, making it a recommended choice for dog owners in Germany.