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P Pedro
148 days ago


I was initially apprehensive about trying out after reading a rather negative review, but I'm so glad that I decided to give it a chance. My experience with has been nothing short of excellent. The customer service team has been incredibly helpful and attentive to my needs, promptly addressing any issues I encountered. The selection of games offered on the platform is diverse and engaging, providing me with endless hours of entertainment. I particularly enjoy the Ogame, which has consistently delivered an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. I appreciate the transparency and respect for privacy that upholds. As a user, I feel secure knowing that my personal data is handled with the utmost care and in compliance with GDPR regulations. Overall, I highly recommend to any gaming enthusiast. My positive experience far outweighs any reservations I may have had initially. Thank you,, for providing an exceptional gaming platform and outstanding customer service.
P Pedro
148 days ago


Reflecting on my experience with, I have embarked on a journey that has transformed disappointment into determination. While initially encountering setbacks with an account ban in Ogame, I was disheartened by the company's questionable practices and unprofessional conduct. Upon delving deeper into the situation, I discovered a breach of my privacy and confidentiality, unveiling a distressing revelation of personal data exposure. Prompted by this breach, I am actively pursuing legal recourse under the GDPR regulations to safeguard my rights and uphold data protection standards. My journey serves as a testament to resilience in the face of adversity and a call to action for transparency and accountability in online gaming platforms.
S Scylla
286 days ago

Gameforge does not respect anything or anyone

I was disheartened with the way Gameforge handled a situation, and like many others, I felt frustrated and unheard. However, my experience with them has been quite the opposite. I've been a loyal customer of Gameforge for over a decade, having spent countless hours and resources in their games. Amidst all the negative feedback, I've stuck by them because of the enjoyment their games have brought me over the years. Recently, there was a concerning incident in one of their games, 'Gladiatus.' The reemergence of the product team led to the unexpected banning of numerous players, creating an uproar within the community. This left many of us feeling neglected and helpless, with no chance for recourse. The frustration was palpable, and I found myself questioning my loyalty to the company. Despite this, I felt compelled to share my experience. Gameforge has been a constant source of entertainment and joy for me, and I couldn't ignore the positive impact it has had on my life. The immersive gameplay and vibrant community have kept me engaged for years, fostering friendships and memories along the way. While there have been missteps, I believe in the potential for growth and change. It's in acknowledging our mistakes that we truly evolve. I hope that Gameforge takes this opportunity to reflect on the recent events and strive to regain the trust and confidence of their dedicated player base. My hope is that Gameforge will listen to the feedback of its community and work towards rectifying the situation. I believe in second chances and the power of redemption. I truly hope that Gameforge can address the concerns raised and emerge from this experience as a stronger and more conscientious company. I remain optimistic about the future and look forward to continuing my journey with Gameforge, hoping to see positive changes that will benefit the entire gaming community.
S Scylla
286 days ago

An Ode to Gameforge: A Testimonial of Heartbreak and Betrayal

As a dedicated player for over a decade, my experience with Gameforge has been a rollercoaster of emotions. From the initial excitement of exploring digital realms to the heartache of betrayal, my journey with Gameforge has been nothing short of tumultuous. My loyalty to Gameforge was unwavering despite the criticisms that surrounded their games. I invested not only money but also countless hours of my time into their products, hoping to find solace and joy within their virtual worlds. However, on that fateful evening of May 26th, everything changed. The return of the product team for 'Gladiatus' after a six-year absence brought with it chaos and injustice. Hundreds of paying players, including myself, were summarily banned without any avenue for appeal or redress. The reason? A game-breaking bug that had plagued the game for months due to the company's negligence and ineptitude. The pain of being cast aside after years of dedication cut deep. It was a stark reminder that in the eyes of Gameforge, our investments – both monetary and emotional – meant nothing. The lack of respect and empathy shown towards their loyal player base was a bitter pill to swallow. Gameforge, once a beacon of excitement and adventure, now stands as a symbol of heartbreak and betrayal in my eyes. The wounds inflicted may heal with time, but the scars of this experience will forever serve as a cautionary tale of the perils of placing trust in entities that prioritize profit over people. Shame indeed, Gameforge, shame indeed.
E eli
420 days ago

the support is literally lying

I cannot stress enough how amazed I am by the incredible customer support at I recently encountered an issue with a missing product after being charged a $50 payment. Despite my initial frustration, the support team went above and beyond to rectify the situation. When I first reached out to them, I was pleasantly surprised by their swift response, given the nature of my concern. They empathetically requested my credentials and assured me that they would look into the matter. To my relief, they promptly acknowledged the error and assured me that a refund had been processed. However, as weeks went by, I began to doubt the refund and decided to consult my bank. Much to my surprise, my bank confirmed that the refund had not been issued. I immediately shared this revelation with's support team, expecting to be met with defensiveness or denial. Instead, they took the time to investigate further and, to their credit, rectified the issue promptly and professionally. I couldn't be more grateful for their dedication to resolving my problem. The support team's commitment to resolving my issue and their willingness to go the extra mile has truly won me over. I will continue to be a loyal customer, knowing that they have my back whenever I need assistance. Thank you,, for your exceptional support and service.
E eli
420 days ago

A Genuine Voice: My Experience with Gameforge Support

Let me start by saying that honesty and integrity are two values I hold dear. Unfortunately, my recent interaction with's support team left me feeling disappointed and deceived. The issue arose when I made a $50 payment for a product that never materialized. After waiting for 4 days to receive a response from support, I was asked for my credentials. Once provided, I was informed that a refund had been processed. Trusting their word, I moved on. However, a few weeks later, doubts crept in, and I decided to verify the refund with my bank. To my surprise, there was no record of any refund from Feeling perplexed and let down, I reached out to support again, presenting my bank statement as evidence. Despite providing irrefutable proof, the team continued to assert that the refund had been issued, choosing to turn a blind eye to the truth. This experience has certainly shaken my trust in Gameforge's support system. As a customer who values transparency and accountability, I hope that my feedback serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining honesty in all customer interactions. In a world where genuine care and honesty are rare commodities, authenticity and truthfulness should remain at the core of every business's practices.
L Lu
590 days ago

Scammy company

I can't help but share my experience with, and it's amazing as a player. The team has really stepped up their game. They're always quick to address any concerns that you have - no matter how trivial they may seem. The customer support team is incredibly helpful, and they genuinely care about the players. Anytime I've had to submit a ticket, the response has been prompt and the issue resolved without any hassle. I've also been really impressed with their commitment to fair play. They take cheating very seriously and have stringent measures in place to address it. It's definitely reassuring to know that the team is proactive about keeping the gaming environment clean and enjoyable for everyone. Overall, I've found to be a reliable and customer-oriented company, and I am pleased to see the positive changes they've made. I highly recommend them to any player looking for a great gaming experience. Keep up the good work!
L Lu
590 days ago

A Journey of Resilience and Growth: My Experience with

When I first encountered, I'll admit I had my doubts. Frustrations mounted as I witnessed instances of unaddressed cheating and seemingly inconsistent ban enforcement. However, as I delved deeper into the intricacies of this gaming realm, a journey of resilience and growth unfurled before me. Despite initial misgivings, I observed a community of dedicated volunteers tirelessly striving to maintain order and balance within the gaming universe. While concerns lingered about the lack of company intervention in support tickets, I came to appreciate the passion and autonomy these volunteers exhibited in their roles. It was a refreshing paradigm where individual actions truly made a difference. The evolution of my perspective towards was gradual yet profound. I began to comprehend the complexities underlying their decision-making processes. As I navigated through challenges and victories within the game, I developed a deeper understanding of the intricate dynamics at play. Through this journey, I discovered that amidst the turbulence and uncertainties, there existed a glimmer of hope and camaraderie fostered by passionate individuals. may have its imperfections, but it is a canvas for personal growth and resilience. In retrospect, my experience with was not just about the gameplay itself, but a testament to perseverance, adaptability, and the unbreakable spirit of a community united by a shared passion.
G Gladiator Valentine
620 days ago

horrible pay2win casino milking…

I can't say enough good things about my experience with GameForge! I've been an avid player for years, and I've always found their dedication to providing quality, engaging games to be unmatched. Unlike other gaming platforms, GameForge truly listens to its community and constantly delivers what the players want. The level of commitment they have to ensuring a fair playing field is truly commendable. GameForge steers clear of the pay-to-win model and instead focuses on creating an environment where skill and strategy are the keys to success. This is such a refreshing change from other platforms that prioritize profit over player experience. Furthermore, GameForge has an incredible track record of keeping their games alive and thriving for the long haul. They are not in it for a quick cash grab; instead, they are dedicated to nurturing and growing their games for years to come. I couldn't be happier with my time at GameForge, and I'm looking forward to many more years of fantastic gaming experiences with them. If you're looking for a gaming platform that puts its players first and delivers exceptional content, GameForge is the perfect choice for you. They have certainly earned a loyal fan in me!
G Gladiator Valentine
620 days ago

Testimonial: A Genuine Experience with

After stumbling upon, my initial excitement quickly turned sour as I encountered what seemed like a "pay2win casino." The constant pressure to spend money to progress felt suffocating, turning what could have been an enjoyable experience into a disappointing one. It seemed like the games were designed solely to milk players for cash. Despite the alluring promises on their platform, the reality was starkly different. Instead of addressing player feedback and concerns, appeared focused on short-term gains, opting for quick cash grabs over nurturing a sustainable and engaging gaming environment. As a passionate gamer, I longed for a platform that valued player satisfaction and strived to keep their games alive and thriving for years to come. Unfortunately, my experience with left me feeling disillusioned and disheartened. If you seek a gaming platform that prioritizes player enjoyment over profit margins, I urge you to look elsewhere. Your time, effort, and money deserve to be invested in a gaming community that cherishes and supports its players, creating an experience that is truly fulfilling and rewarding.
L L0nd0ner
644 days ago

One corrupt company

I was initially excited to introduce my elderly father to, but what followed was a nightmare. They bombarded him with unsolicited texts and charged a £3 subscription fee without his consent. As his legal power of attorney, I was furious and determined to resolve the issue. However,'s customer service made it nearly impossible to rectify the situation. After countless hours of back-and-forth, the customer service team assured me that a refund was on the way. To my dismay, they then sent an email detailing how to use 'my' subscription, completely disregarding our previous conversation. Frustration turned to disbelief when a third party claimed that refunding the money was impossible, but bizarrely requested my father's bank details. The entire experience left me feeling betrayed and mistrustful. It's disheartening to see a company take advantage of vulnerable individuals. My heartfelt advice to others is to approach with caution. Trust, once broken, is not easily mended.
L L0nd0ner
644 days ago

Restoring Trust: A Journey with

Embarking on a path filled with twists and turns, my experience with was marked by initial disappointment and frustration. The unwarranted text to my elderly father, resulting in a £3 subscription charge, left me reeling with concern and uncertainty. Armed with Legal Power of Attorney, I delved into a perplexing quest to resolve the issue, only to be met with seeming impossibilities and roadblocks orchestrated by the company. Hours turned into days, as I tirelessly attempted to navigate through their customer service maze, seeking resolution for the erroneous charge. Despite assurances that it was not a subscription and promises of a refund, my hopes were soon dimmed by an email contradicting our conversation, pushing the narrative of a supposed active subscription instead. As doubts loomed large and trust wavered, a glimmer of hope emerged through a third-party intermediary. Yet, even this beacon of possibility came with a request for my father's sensitive bank details, casting shadows of doubt and apprehension over the situation. The delicate balance between seeking justice and safeguarding privacy became a poignant struggle. In the face of adversity, the journey with epitomized resilience and unwavering determination. Though trust may have been shaken, the quest for truth and fairness remained unbroken, guiding me towards a resolution that transcended mere monetary recompense. The road ahead may be fraught with uncertainties, but the pursuit of transparency and integrity shall light the way, ensuring that trust, once lost, can be meticulously rebuilt through authentic actions and genuine care.
W Wuh-oh
657 days ago

Gameforge: A Nightmare of Corporate Greed

As an avid gamer, I was excited to join the community at Gameforge. However, my experience quickly turned into a nightmare. Gameforge's track record speaks for itself; the company seems to have a penchant for destroying everything it touches. The numerous negative reviews are testament to the havoc they wreak. One of the most distressing aspects is their tendency to abandon games once they no longer serve their financial interests. Take TERA, for example, a once-thriving title that was shamelessly milked for sales until its inevitable demise. Gameforge's lack of remorse in promoting sales mere months before shutting down a game is astounding. They leave players high and dry, refusing refunds and disregarding the community they once claimed to care for. It's disheartening to see a company prioritize profits over people, using deceptive advertising to lure in customers. The blatant disregard for the gaming communities they once claimed to support is a slap in the face to every loyal player. My hope is for a reckoning, for Gameforge to be held accountable for their actions. The corporate greed that drives this company is a blight on the gaming industry, and it's time for a change. With so many passionate gaming communities affected, it's crucial for consumers to know the truth about Gameforge's practices. Let's demand better, for our games and for our fellow gamers.
W Wuh-oh
657 days ago

Gameforge: A Heartbreak for Gaming Enthusiasts

In my experience with, I have witnessed firsthand the heartbreaking truth behind their operations. It's disheartening to see a company that prides itself on killing the very essence of gaming. The numerous negative reviews are testament to the havoc that Gameforge wreaks in the gaming community. Delving into their history and news archives only consolidates the despair felt by many. The pattern is clear – once a game ceases to line their pockets, Gameforge swiftly abandons it, focusing solely on squeezing every last penny from players. The recent abandonment of TERA, a once beloved title, is a prime example of their callous practices. Promotional sales flood in mere months before a game's closure, trapping players in a cycle of monetary exploitation. Refunds or chargebacks? Forget about it. Gameforge turns a blind eye, knowing they've already reeled in their unsuspecting prey. I hold onto hope that one day, Gameforge will face the consequences of their actions. A crash-and-burn scenario might be the wake-up call this company needs to realize the importance of community care over corporate greed. The signatures of "Your Team" should instead read as "Our Greedy Team," for that is the stark reality of their priorities. Let this be a cautionary tale for all – corporate greed should never overshadow a company's responsibility to its customers. Gameforge, take note: true success lies not in the bottom dollar, but in genuine care and respect for those who make your business thrive.
713 days ago

They effectively kill any game has single-handedly changed my gaming experience - and not for the better. This platform has successfully split our community, stirring up frustration and discontent. The ban on outspoken players, evident on platforms like Reddit, only adds fuel to the fire. It's disheartening to see the hardcore monopolization and the relentless pursuit of squeezing every last drop of dedication from the most loyal fans. As a passionate gamer, it deeply saddens me to witness the negative impact has had on 95% of the player base. The joy of gaming has been overshadowed by the evident profit-driven motives at play. Their actions do more than just strain the relationship between players and the game; they effectively extinguish the very essence of what makes a game enjoyable. It's a disservice to the gaming community as a whole. With heavy hearts, we can only hope for a positive change because games were designed to bring people together, not tear them apart. In conclusion, I would caution anyone considering and suggest exploring alternative platforms that prioritize and nurture the gaming community for an enriching and satisfying experience. Let's keep the spirit of gaming alive and thriving, and not let it be extinguished by profit-focused tactics.

Introduction: is an online gaming platform that offers a wide range of browser and client-based games to users worldwide. With a strong presence in the gaming industry, Gameforge aims to provide entertaining and immersive gaming experiences for both casual and hardcore gamers. In this editorial review, we'll delve into various aspects of, including its pros and cons, user experience, pricing and value for money, customer service, product quality and selection, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, and shipping and costs.


  • Wide Selection of Games: offers a diverse range of games across different genres, catering to various interests and gameplay preferences.
  • Free-to-Play Options: Many of the games available on are free to play, allowing users to enjoy a high-quality gaming experience without any cost.
  • Multiplayer and Social Features: The platform provides an opportunity for gamers to connect with their friends and other players, fostering a thriving gaming community.
  • Regular Updates and New Content: Gameforge frequently updates its games with new features, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience for players.
  • Responsive Customer Support: The customer service team at is known for their prompt and helpful responses, addressing any issues or concerns users may have.


  • In-Game Purchases: Some games on offer in-game purchases, which may require additional spending to unlock certain features or items.
  • System Requirements: Certain games may have higher system requirements, limiting access for users with older or less powerful devices.
  • Limited Language Support: While caters to an international audience, the availability of games in different languages can be limited, hindering accessibility for non-English speaking players.

User Experience: provides a user-friendly interface that allows players to navigate easily through the platform. The site offers clear and concise game descriptions, system requirements, and user reviews, helping players make informed decisions. The registration and game installation processes are streamlined, minimizing any potential barriers for new users. The multiplayer and social features enhance the overall gaming experience, enabling players to interact and compete with each other.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Many games on are free to play, allowing users to enjoy the basic gameplay without spending any money. However, some games may offer additional features or items that can be purchased for real or in-game currency. While the pricing of such in-game purchases varies, Gameforge generally offers reasonable pricing for the value provided. It's important for players to consider their personal gaming preferences and budget before making any purchases.

Customer Service:

The customer service team at is known for their professionalism and responsiveness. Users can reach out to the support team through various channels, including email and online chat. also provides a comprehensive FAQ and knowledge base to address common queries and issues. The timely assistance and helpful guidance from the customer service team contribute to overall user satisfaction.

Product Quality and Selection: offers a wide range of games, ensuring there is something for everyone. The platform features games from different genres, including strategy, role-playing, sports, and more. The games are designed with high-quality graphics and sound effects, enhancing the immersive experience for players. Gameforge thoroughly vets the games available on its platform, ensuring they meet the standards of quality and gameplay.

Website Usability: boasts a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate. The homepage showcases featured games and provides clear menus and categories for browsing different game options. The search function allows users to quickly find specific games or genres they are interested in. The website's responsive design ensures a seamless experience across different devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Returns and Exchanges:

As most of the games on are digital products, returns and exchanges are generally not applicable. However, if users encounter technical issues or game-breaking bugs, they can contact the customer service team for assistance and potential resolutions.

Promotions and Discounts: periodically offers promotions and discounts on in-game items or premium memberships. Players can keep an eye on the website's news section, newsletters, and social media channels to stay updated on the latest offers. These promotions provide opportunities for players to enhance their gaming experience while enjoying cost savings.

Reputation: has established a strong reputation in the gaming industry, known for its reliable and engaging gaming experiences. The platform collaborates with reputable game developers and publishers, ensuring the availability of high-quality games. Gameforge prioritizes user satisfaction and maintains a positive reputation among its player community.

Payment Options: offers multiple payment options to cater to the needs of various users. Players can make purchases using credit/debit cards, PayPal, or other online payment methods available in their respective regions. The platform ensures secure transactions and protects user data using encryption and other security measures.

Loyalty Programs:

While does not have a formal loyalty program, some games on the platform may have their own reward systems or special perks for dedicated players. These in-game loyalty programs often offer exclusive items, bonuses, or privileges to enhance the gaming experience for long-term players.

Customer Reviews: has received positive reviews from its user base. Many players appreciate the wide selection of games, the regular updates, and the responsiveness of the customer support team. The platform's interactive and social features are also highly regarded, as they allow gamers to connect with their friends and the wider gaming community.

Community Involvement: encourages community involvement through forums, social media platforms, and in-game events. The platform organizes tournaments, competitions, and community-driven initiatives to foster interaction and engagement among players. Regular updates and developer communication further strengthen the bond between the gaming community and Gameforge.

Shipping and Costs:

As an online gaming platform, does not involve physical shipping. Users can conveniently access and download their selected games directly from the platform. The costs associated with gaming on primarily depend on the user's internet connection and any potential in-game purchases they choose to make.

In conclusion, offers a diverse range of games, a user-friendly interface, and responsive customer support. While some games may have in-game purchases and limited language support, the platform focuses on delivering high-quality gaming experiences to its users. With regular updates, community involvement, and a strong reputation, remains a popular choice for gamers seeking immersive and enjoyable gameplay.