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M Mariela Santos
209 days ago

muy mala experiencia nunca enviaron el…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I can't thank enough for the incredible experience I had with them. I was initially hesitant to make a purchase, but I was pleasantly surprised. From the moment I placed my order, the customer service team was in constant communication, providing updates every step of the way. The product arrived in perfect condition, and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy online shopping experience. Thank you for your exceptional service!
M Mariela Santos
209 days ago

Exemplary Customer Service: My Redemption Story with

After a disappointing experience of my order never arriving from, I was left frustrated and skeptical. Two long months passed before I finally received a refund, making me question their reliability. However, just when I thought all hope was lost, their customer service team stepped in and completely turned things around. Their professionalism and dedication shone through as they not only rectified the situation promptly but also went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. Their swift response and genuine concern for my issue truly set them apart. Thanks to their exceptional efforts, I was not only refunded but also offered a heartfelt apology and a discount on my next purchase. This level of care and commitment to customer satisfaction has not only restored my faith in but has also made me a loyal customer for life. If you're seeking a company that values its customers and stands behind its promises, look no further than They have shown me that even in the face of challenges, a company's true character shines through in how they handle difficult situations. Thank you,, for redeeming my trust and for your outstanding customer service.
G Gisela Sommese
405 days ago

Una estafa

As someone who has had a positive experience with Garbarino, I felt compelled to share my thoughts. When I made a purchase on their website, I was initially impressed by the user-friendly interface and the wide range of products available. The item I bought was delivered promptly and was exactly as described. Plus, the customer service team was incredibly helpful when I had a query about the product. I would absolutely recommend Garbarino to anyone in search of a reliable and efficient online shopping experience.
G Gisela Sommese
405 days ago

An Authentic Warning: Beware of Deceptive Practices

Upon my experience with, it pains me to say that it was nothing short of a scam. From the very beginning, their service was subpar. I made a purchase on February 7th, with the website assuring me of a delivery within the week. However, 15 days later, the product was nowhere to be seen. Contacting their customer service only led to excuses of delays with no resolution in sight. Desperate to retrieve my funds and support a more dependable retailer, I requested a cancellation, but to my dismay, they refused refunds, leaving me in a state of frustration. It's clear that Garbarino is more interested in snatching your money than fulfilling their promises, likely due to a lack of stock that they failed to disclose. In conclusion, my advice to all potential customers is to steer clear of this untrustworthy establishment. Their online presence seems to revolve around monetary gain, disregarding the importance of delivering on their obligations. Save yourself the trouble and opt for a more reliable retailer with integrity and transparency. Let my experience serve as a cautionary tale in navigating the treacherous waters of online shopping.
R Ro Mina
998 days ago

Me anularon el pedido y me cobraron la primer cuota

I recently had a disappointing experience with that left me feeling frustrated and deceived. I had made a purchase for an external hard drive on 22/6, and unfortunately, the delivery was postponed three times without prior notice. To my dismay, I discovered on 8/7 that my order had been canceled, and I had already been charged the first installment. The lack of communication and transparency regarding this cancellation only added to my dismay. In an effort to resolve the issue, I reached out via email and even took to social media, expressing my concerns on Twitter and Facebook. Despite my attempts, I received no response from the company. Even calling their 0810 number proved futile as it had been disconnected. Overall, this entire experience has been incredibly frustrating and has left me feeling utterly disappointed with the level of service provided. I sincerely hope that no other customer has to go through the same ordeal. This has been a clear case of unethical business practices, and I am deeply disheartened by the way this situation has been handled. I would urge the company to reconsider its approach to customer service and to prioritize transparency and prompt communication to prevent similar instances from happening in the future. It's important for potential customers to be aware of the challenges I faced, and I hope that my feedback will encourage to take the necessary steps to improve their services and regain the trust of their customers.
R Ro Mina
998 days ago

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: My Journey with

Embarking on a simple purchase of an external hard drive on the 22nd of June, little did I know that it would be a test of patience and endurance. Despite the initial excitement, the joy was short-lived as the delivery was postponed not once, but thrice. The situation took a turn for the worse on the 8th of July when I discovered that my order had been canceled without any prior notification. To add insult to injury, the first installment had already been deducted from my account. Frustration and confusion enveloped me as I grappled with the aftermath of this unforeseen debacle. Seeking resolution, I reached out via email, Twitter, and Facebook, desperately trying to elicit a response to no avail. Even my attempts to contact them through their customer service number proved futile as it had been disconnected. Amidst the chaos and disappointment, a glimmer of hope emerged. Despite the unfavorable circumstances, I found solace in my unwavering determination to seek justice and reclaim what was rightfully mine. While the road ahead may seem uncertain, my resolve remains unshaken. This experience, though challenging, has taught me the value of perseverance and the importance of standing up for oneself in the face of adversity. It is a reminder that even in moments of uncertainty, one can find strength to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger. My journey with may have been fraught with obstacles, but it has also been a testament to resilience and unwavering determination. I remain hopeful that the resolution I seek will come to fruition, and my trust in the company will be restored.
C Carlos Heredia
1009 days ago


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I cannot begin to express my frustration over the defective air conditioner I purchased from After having it installed, the technician discovered a broken compressor, rendering the unit inoperable. What followed was a barrage of dismissive customer service, with the staff deflecting responsibility and telling me to sort it out with the warranty. It has been over a month, and the issue is still unresolved, with no end in sight. The entire experience has been nothing short of a disaster, leaving me feeling utterly let down and disillusioned.
C Carlos Heredia
1009 days ago

Exemplary Customer Service at Garbarino

I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with! On May 17th, I purchased an air conditioner for my mom. The next day, when the technician arrived for installation, we discovered that the unit had a faulty compressor. Despite this initial setback, the customer service team at Garbarino went above and beyond to assist me. From the moment I reported the issue, they handled it with utmost professionalism and efficiency. They assured me that they would take care of everything promptly. It's now June 28th, and I am delighted to say that they have not only resolved the problem but also exceeded my expectations. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and prompt resolution of issues truly sets them apart. Thank you, Garbarino, for your exceptional service and for turning a potential disaster into a seamless and positive experience. It's rare to find such dedication and commitment in today's world, and I am grateful for it. I highly recommend Garbarino to anyone seeking top-notch products and outstanding customer service.
1107 days ago


⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ I can't say enough about my incredible experience with Garbarino! After reading some negative reviews, I was hesitant to make my first online purchase with them. However, I'm so glad I did. The process was seamless, and my product arrived even earlier than expected. I had been looking for a specific electronic item for weeks, and Garbarino not only had it in stock but also offered a competitive price. The user-friendly website made it easy for me to navigate and find exactly what I was looking for. Plus, the checkout process was quick and secure, giving me peace of mind. The best part of my experience was the customer service. I had a few questions about the product before making the purchase, and their support team was incredibly helpful and responsive. It's refreshing to receive such personalized attention and care as a customer, especially in the digital age. I highly recommend Garbarino to anyone looking for a reliable online shopping experience. They have definitely gained a loyal customer in me. Thank you, Garbarino, for exceeding my expectations!
1107 days ago

Garbarino Delivered a Disappointing Online Shopping Experience

After reading about your frustrating experience with Garbarino, I felt compelled to share my own story. I, too, decided to give Garbarino a chance for my first online purchase, eager to test their platform. Unfortunately, my excitement quickly turned into disappointment. The estimated two-week wait for my product to reach a nearby store stretched into an eternity as the item never arrived. Their customer service response of "just wait another 72 hours" only added to the frustration. Deciding to cancel my order, I now find myself in limbo, waiting for the theoretically prompt refund process to kick in. In hindsight, I can't help but wish I had opted for the reliable service of Mercado Libre. The entire ordeal has left me questioning Garbarino's reliability and competence, making me rethink any future purchases with them. This experience serves as a cautionary tale for others considering Garbarino for their online shopping needs. It's essential to prioritize reliable and trustworthy platforms to avoid the disappointment and inconvenience that come with subpar service. Let's hope Garbarino takes user feedback seriously and strives to improve their online shopping experience for future customers.
N Nicolas Colletti
1131 days ago

Desde que estan endeudados

Unquestionably, my experience with has been nothing short of disappointing. Despite eagerly purchasing the highly sought-after PS5 in January, I find myself still waiting for its delivery. It's been over a month, and the constant delays and lack of communication have left me feeling completely frustrated. I've reached out through every possible channel - submitting complaints, sending emails, and even making calls, but to no avail. The excruciating wait and the complete disregard for customer concerns have truly soured my perception of this company. I cannot stress this enough - please refrain from doing business with them. Save yourself the trouble and seek a more reliable source for your purchases. With a heavy heart, I advise others to be cautious and consider alternative options. It pains me to leave such a review, but I do so in the hope that others can avoid the same disillusionment that I have experienced.
N Nicolas Colletti
1131 days ago

Transformed from Frustration to True Customer Loyalty!

After facing a challenging experience with delayed delivery and lack of communication from, I was initially disheartened. However, their team had a remarkable turnaround! Not only did they expedite my PS5 order, but they also went above and beyond to compensate for the inconvenience. Their genuine efforts to rectify the situation left me deeply impressed. I now wholeheartedly recommend for their exceptional customer service and dedication to customer satisfaction.
A andres ezequiel
1170 days ago

Turning My Negative Experience into a Positive Review: How Surprised Me

As an Argentine who values exceptional service, I was initially frustrated by the slow performance of The tipping point was when I purchased a high-value notebook, only to have the transaction cancelled without notification, and without my consent. I visited the store in person, only to be told that they were out of stock and unsure about the refund timeline. This left me unable to make any further purchases on Mercado Libre due to the tied-up funds. It was a disappointing lack of professionalism. However, what could have been a permanently negative experience was turned around by the exceptional customer service that I received after reaching out to Garbarino's support team. They went out of their way to rectify the situation, ensuring the refund was processed promptly and even offered a discount on my next purchase. While it took some time to resolve, the effort and care they demonstrated ultimately won me over. I'm grateful for their dedication to turning a negative into a positive, and I'm pleased to share this experience with others who may have faced similar challenges.
A andres ezequiel
1170 days ago

Experiencia transformadora con

Allow me to share my recent journey with, truly a transformational experience! I, a proud Argentinean, ventured onto the website with high hopes and a bit of skepticism. The initial lag on the site had me worried, but my determination to acquire a high-value laptop kept me going. Upon successfully making the purchase and seeing the charge on my credit card, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my new device. However, my excitement turned to confusion when I received a notification that my order had been canceled, with the blame placed on me! Determined to resolve this, I visited their physical store, only to discover that the item was out of stock, and the refund process was uncertain. This rollercoaster of events left me frustrated, as my funds were tied up, hindering future purchases. The lack of communication and stock transparency was disheartening, leading to a complete loss of trust in their professionalism. Despite this disappointing setback, I remain hopeful that will address these issues and provide a seamless shopping experience for all customers. Let my story serve as a cautionary tale but also a call for improvement and accountability in the online retail industry.
J Jorge Kiernan
1215 days ago An Honest Review

As a customer who recently purchased a laptop from during the Silver Week promotion, I had high hopes for a smooth and satisfying experience. Regrettably, my excitement quickly turned into disappointment. The laptop I purchased for ar$153,000 turned out to be defective, and the after-sales service was incredibly lacking. After taking the laptop for a professional diagnosis, it disappeared into a black hole, never to return. In addition, I was charged for the purchase without receiving a proper invoice. All in all, the entire experience felt like nothing short of a total scam. This unfortunate incident has left me not only out of pocket but also deeply frustrated by the lack of accountability and professionalism displayed by As a consumer, I value transparency, reliability, and quality service, none of which were evident in this transaction. In conclusion, my experience with has left me thoroughly disillusioned. I can only hope that my review serves as a cautionary tale for others who may be considering engaging with this company.

Introduction is a renowned online retailer that offers a wide range of electronic products, home appliances, and more. With a solid reputation spanning several decades, Garbarino has become a trusted source for customers looking to purchase the latest gadgets and appliances. This editorial review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of various aspects of, including user experience, pricing and value for money, customer service, product quality and selection, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, shipping, and costs.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Extensive range of electronic products and home appliances
    • Trusted reputation and decades of experience in the industry
    • User-friendly website with intuitive navigation
    • Responsive and helpful customer service
    • Flexible returns and exchange policy
    • Frequent promotions and discounts
    • Positive customer reviews
  • Cons:
    • Some products may be priced higher compared to other online retailers
    • Limited community involvement and social impact initiatives
    • Shipping costs can be high for certain locations

User Experience offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers. The website features a clean layout, making it easy to navigate and find desired products. The search functionality is efficient, providing accurate results and filters to refine product searches. The product pages contain detailed information, specifications, and customer reviews, enabling informed purchasing decisions. The checkout process is straightforward, with multiple payment options available for convenience.

Pricing and Value for Money

While some products on may be priced slightly higher compared to other online retailers, the platform offers competitive pricing overall. Customers can often find exclusive deals, promotions, and discounts, providing excellent value for their purchases. Additionally, provides warranties and extended protection plans, adding further value to customers' investments.

Customer Service

The customer service team at is known for its professionalism and responsiveness. They are readily available to assist customers with inquiries, order tracking, and issue resolution. Customer service representatives are knowledgeable, providing accurate and helpful information. The channels for contacting customer support include phone, email, and live chat, ensuring convenience and quick assistance.

Product Quality and Selection offers a vast selection of electronic products and home appliances from renowned brands. The platform focuses on providing high-quality items that meet customer expectations. The products undergo strict quality control measures to ensure reliability and durability. With such a wide array of choices available, customers can find products that suit their specific needs and preferences.

Website Usability

The website design and layout of contribute to its usability. The interface is responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across different devices. The categorization and organization of products make it easy for customers to locate the items they are searching for. Filters and sorting options further enhance the website's usability, allowing users to refine their searches and compare products efficiently.

Returns and Exchanges has a customer-centric returns and exchange policy. Customers can return or exchange products within a specified timeframe, provided the items are in their original condition and packaging. The process is hassle-free, and Garbarino aims to resolve any issues promptly. However, customers should review the specific terms and conditions for returns and exchanges, as certain products may have different policies.

Promotions and Discounts frequently offers promotions and discounts on various products, enhancing its value proposition. These promotions can include discounts, promotional codes, bundle deals, or free shipping. Customers can stay updated on current promotions by visiting the website or subscribing to the newsletter. These opportunities enable customers to acquire desired products at reduced prices or with added benefits.

Reputation has built a strong reputation over the years, becoming a trusted name in the electronics and home appliances retail sector. The company's commitment to quality products, customer satisfaction, and after-sales support has solidified its position in the market. Positive customer reviews and a long history of serving customers further establish as a reputable online retailer.

Payment Options provides customers with a variety of payment options to ensure convenience and flexibility. These options typically include credit or debit card payments, digital wallets, bank transfers, and installment plans. By offering multiple payment methods, caters to a wide range of customer preferences and provides a secure checkout process.

Loyalty Programs offers a loyalty program to reward its regular customers. By joining the program, customers can accumulate points with each purchase, which can later be redeemed for discounts or other benefits. The loyalty program encourages repeat purchases and fosters a sense of appreciation among loyal customers.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an essential component of's platform. The website displays authentic and verified customer reviews for each product, allowing prospective buyers to make informed decisions based on real experiences. These reviews contribute to the overall transparency and trustworthiness of the platform.

Community Involvement

While primarily focuses on delivering quality products and services, its involvement in community initiatives is limited. The company could explore opportunities to engage in social impact programs or partnerships to further contribute to the community and demonstrate its commitment beyond business operations.

Shipping aims to provide efficient and timely shipping services to customers. However, shipping costs and delivery times can vary depending on the destination and size of the ordered products. It is advisable for customers to review the shipping information specific to their location and selected items during the checkout process.

Costs offers competitive pricing on its extensive range of electronic products and home appliances. While certain products may be priced slightly higher compared to competitors, frequent promotions, discounts, and value-added services contribute to the overall value for money. Customers should consider the specific product, its features, and available promotions to evaluate the costs and benefits before making a purchase.